Sony STM10 Stereo Microphone priced; to launch in early April

by XB on 6th March 2014

in Accessories

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_5Sony announced the Stereo Microphone STM10 at MWC last week. This unique accessory, which is compatible with the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet, allows you to capture rich detailed audio. Sony says that the small recording device is simple to set up, fitting straight into the Xperia Z2’s 3.5mm headphone jack (5-pole audio connector).

The aluminium STM10 has a high sensitivity stereo condenser microphone with a 90° tilt function so that you can point the mic to the main sound source. It sounds like a nice accessory to have for family and party clips, although we are curious to see how much of a difference it actually makes versus the Xperia Z2 mic. The Sony STM10 Stereo Microphone will launch in early April at a price of £39.99 in the UK.

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_1

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_2

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_3

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_4

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_5

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_6

Sony Stereo Microphone STM10_7

  • Diego Mendes Fernandes

    This microphone seems good

  • Giannikosmo

    One of the best accessories Sony have ever made!!

  • Mac

    Man I just love genuine Sony accessories! Classy

  • Guest

    Oh man! Just as I finish university (college), this comes out, just my luck…

  • jonny

    sony take all my money *.*

  • sony

    nice. how about the same inside the phone ?

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Its the same mic they use in MV-1? Could save some cash by just getting the mic instead of a Z2 and The MV-1

  • hansip

    Question is, will it be compatible with previous Z series? Anyway This is Sony at the finest form. Their accessories really are drool worthy devices, just like the old times.

    Really proud when i can play music on big speaker with just tapping it on NFC logo and boom. Tapping on camera and you can shoot from it. Amazing. :)

  • Bedul

    I wonder when will Sony make a LED Flash accessory like iblazr’s
    You know,to counter Dual-LED flash in phones nowadays

  • Quark Gluon

    5-pin 3.5mm jack. First in smartphone yes?

  • Quark Gluon

    If you notice, that mic has 5-pole 3.5mm minijack for stereo input. It could be compatible with Z but with mono input, or it could be incompatible at all.

  • Aydee

    Been looking for a condenser mic too. If this one is compatible with my ZR, I’ll buy it immediately when it becomes available!

  • Yos

    Glad to see that Sony is going back to what they do best…

  • imparanoic

    z2 has twin microphones input for the active noise cancellation ( hence why the jack has five pins, same as Walkman nwz-x1050/1060), thus, this dual usage ( great for gigs, normally the DIY recordings have decent video, but poor sound recordings, this will be great for youtubers),
    with 4 k recording and quality Omni-directional microphone, this is a recording person’s dream!

  • Sumo

    This is a pretty useful add-on! Good for ghost hunti…. uh, I mean recording! LOL~ Nice one Sony!

  • Shelta

    Does it work with Xperia ZL, because Z2 and ZL both have the CTIA 3.5 mm audio jack?
    Might be very useful to me cause I’m working as a sound engineer.

  • Mac

    Support in KitKat update for Z series? Would be awesome if it could work with z1 compact.

  • Berg

    Does the ZL have a 5-pole 3.5 mm jack?

  • andrew boon

    wow ! a great device !

  • jake

    Innovation .

  • Rizky Maulana

    why not xenon ? :p

  • Tech Gospel

    I wonder if this will work with previous Xperia phones even if it’s in mono… I hope it does.

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  • Lunkz

    To much voltage…

  • xperiafan324

    But the iblazr one has a built-in battery, the 3.5 mm connector is use only for data transfer, probable reason is that they wanted to be cross compatible with ios and android ( though they could’ve easily included a lightning to usb jacket with the device ).
    So with a built-in battery, I think Sony could very easily pull-off a xenon flash accessory that plugs in to either the usb or 3.5 mm port.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I dont think so, only 4 pole jack i think :p

  • Ritwij

    With a 3.5mm jack? LOL

  • Lunkz

    Oh didn’t know that, I thought it was a concept pic.

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  • Diego Martinez

    Most pointless, you mean

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  • Tech Gospel

    But most (if not all) Xperia phones had dual mics for background noise cancellation. But the current jacks (other than the Z2) only have 4 pole connectors. Still hoping this thing works on current Z models.

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  • Divya Bharathi

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  • swedhil

    Does this sony STM10 stereo microphone support in sony xperia z

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