Sony Xperia retention rates are among the worst according to survey

by XB on 15th March 2014

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Sony loyalty WDS surveyA survey compiled by Statista for the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Sony brand had one of the worst retention rates among smartphone manufacturers in 2013. It puts the Sony retention rate at just 24%, slightly ahead of Motorola (22%) and Blackberry (21%), but significantly behind brands such as Apple (76%) and Samsung (58%). The survey was conducted in the US, UK and Australia based on 3,000 interviews.

Something about the result doesn’t seem to sit right for us. Having run Xperia fansites since 2009, we know most you Sony users a loyal bunch. We know Sony hasn’t helped themselves in certain aspects such as software updates, and it’s unfortunate that even looking back at the big update problems with the Xperia X10, Sony is still seen to be slow with updates.

We hope that 2014 means faster updates and Sony is already one of the few companies updating many of the lower-end handsets to the latest Android versions. With the breakthrough Xperia Z devices launched last year, we would expect the result to be very different this year.

So Sony Xperia owners what is your view? Do you plan to upgrade to another Xperia handset and if not what has turned your eye? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony loyalty WDS survey

Via Wall Street Journal Blog.

  • vannista

    what do expect from distorted media?

  • paulcoates

    I moved from the iPhone 4 to my Xperia T. There are a few things I miss about the iPhone (build quality more than anything) but in general I really love the Xperia T.
    Certainly software updates are a really annoying aspect and I’ll be thinking carefully when I’m due an upgrade later this year.

  • Deads

    LG is kinda high. I had an LG phone ONCE.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Been a fan since T68i days, I had T610 (which turn out the era of cameraphones), P900i (the PDA days), K750i, K800i until K850i (the evolution of cameraphones), then my first Xperia, which is Arc, then Z1, I don’t think 24% doesn’t include me on that portion.

    And silly me, I am from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, which is excluded in the survey location.

  • xPnoyStar

    Got the Xperia Z last year and I’m surprised.

    Screen isn’t that bad, but Camera & Battery performance could be better.

    So I will upgrade to a Sony handset in two years :)

  • techielover

    all this due to the software bugs which irritates users a lot bcoz even the low end hardware these days is highly capable but bugs on sony phones a big issue!!!!

  • its ok

    No complaints about Sony phones, always room to improve all aspects, owned many Sony / Ericsson devices and will buy Sony again in the future .

  • Castor

    doesn’t seem right. if what they mean with retention is a user moving to another sony device as a replacement for the old device, the sales numbers of sony does not coincide with that survey. xperia sales are increasing.does that mean many are leaving sony but many are also turning to it.

  • xperiaDROID

    Well, the reason why Sony are among the worst is because of their slow Android updates (especially the low end ones) and Sony is bad at software as well. So, I really hope they will improve in these aspects.

    I use Sony phones for two years now (Xperia P then Xperia Z), so I’m used to their design, functionality, user interface etc. so it’s hard to change from my loyal brand to another brand because I need to get used to different things, but at the same time, I can try something new. I don’t know my next phone will be from Sony or not, but if the Z2 is expensive, I will change to either HTC All New One or Oppo Find 7 or LG G3. Don’t get me wrong, Sony is still my favorite brand of all, the reason why I’m thinking of changing to another brand is because of the price (as I said, if the Z2 is expensive) and I want to try something new. So, I still love Sony even if I changed to another brand, but of course, I will come back to Sony after my next phone.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    I am one of the Sony die hard fan since Sony Ericsson K750i and keep on upgrading with only Sony devices very times and the latest I use right now is Xperia Z Ultra. I am happy with Sony and still with Sony….cheers….I love Sony because its Sony..

  • Afnan Muhammad

    Who cares about survey. IMO Sony makes the best smartphone and im always their loyal customer since Sony Ericsson era.

  • Patron Silver

    Xperia Z is a great phone! BUT what people want is 1. the latest version of AOS, and that seems to be the deciding factor when moving to another Sony. And 2. The latest phone that is in production in the world. Let’s face it, everyone has internet access, and can read a forum. Nobody wants to buy a phone that isn’t the latest and greatest for the premium price. Its like buying last years car for the same price as this years model, and not being able to buy this years model. My take on the Xperia Z: My complaint is the low volume on the speakerphone, but other than that, it does whatever I need it to do, with a decent sized screen. I don’t really need KitKat, but it would have been nice to get it when the other manufacturers rolled it out.

  • Vitali

    I Bought xperia S a year before, I was disappointed because I’ll not get more updates so I downgraded to 4.0.4 and it works better and faster than 4.1.2 .. So weird…
    But now I’m with my Tablet Z and I’m very happy with it :)

  • Battal Aljadei

    SONY should make it’s own CPU for it’s own smartphones, depending on qualcomm and other companies gonna makes SONY very slow on upgrading it’s own hardware or software, because most of the limit and delays of SONY smartphones’s caused by the CPU issues !

    besides SONY gonna have it’s Own CPU’s for it’s Smartphones, PS, TV’s, PC, Smart Watch, Camera, etc

  • skrewsony

    xperia t user here. sony treated us worse than doormats. they said 4.1 on release. took 4 months. they should have launched T in spetember, I picked the phone in october 2012, so between then and now, I am yet to see an update other than 41. (which was supposed to have been there on the phone at launch). what do you make of it ? 18 months, not even on 4.3.
    screw sony, Z maybe your new darling, but I’m not going to upgrade to another sony. the verdict is loud and clear.

  • Nicholas

    I live in Japan and have last summers flagship the Xperia A SO-04E and it is still on 4.2.2 with no signs of getting an update. This phone was pitched against the Galaxy S4 and sold extremely well. It is a great little phone but if it doesn’t at least get 4.3 then I will most likely jump ship to a Nexus device, too bad they aren’t waterproof though.

  • Mac


  • skrewsony

    trouble is that they release a couple of dozen phones a year, and dont care about most of them, except for the latest released phone. they have no concept of flagship. why will I want to invest in one ? look at s2/3/4… at least they get updates for the flagships! (for those who say samsung updates are buggy, sony is not far behind)

  • another257

    Xperia in US? I got the reason why…

  • Patron Silver

    When the Xperia Z2 rolls out on T-Mobile US, the speakerphone will be the deciding factor for me. I’ll get one if its nice and loud. Otherwise, the new HTC One may be my next phone. Or an iPhone6 if it has a 5″+ screen and is as loud as the iPhone4 I used to have. I am in the industry, so I may even get both…

  • Mac

    But u don’t get the whole new android version experience on a samsung. SONY optimize it more 2 get more out of each new android version.

  • stev21

    Xperia Z is my first Sony phone..and i really love it..very elegant..and i think i will never change brand anymore..i found sony product very classy…im from htc and i just hate it when htc doesn’t care about there costumers..i plan on buying xperia z2 once it is available here the philippines…and also got a loyal costumer from me..

  • Nicholas

    I like the Sony software for the most part, their additions are actually very useful and not overwhelming like Samsungs software. I just wish I could at least get 4.3 so I can have TRIM and Bluetooth LE.

  • skrewsony

    sometimes, maybe. but they are usually, 3 months behind samsung. a phone lasts 1.5-2 years. already my T had a 7 month waiting period. thats unacceptable. which also explains why the retention rate is low. dude, xperia fans will always defend it, but the verdict of the people says it abundantly clear.

    there’s also one thing sony doesnt do – advertize like samsung.

  • Dmitry Perets

    I am really happy with my two Sony Android devices – Xperia V and Xperia Tablet Z. But I must admit that I am happy with them based on 4.1/4.2 software from Sony. Unfortunately, this seems to change.

    First, I think Sony fired a good designer, and I wonder where he is working now. Because – excuse me – the new look of Sony’s 4.3 and KitKat is uglier than it was on 4.1-4.2. IMHO of course. But common… just look at the official picture of Tablet Z versus the official picture of Tablet Z2… Do you really like the recent changes? Where is that cool Sony style? It is turning into Nexus…

    Second, stability… So this morning I’ve almost missed my conf. call, because the phone turned off during the night (so I didn’t get the alarm). This happens on my Xperia V for a third (!!!) time since I’ve upgraded to 4.3. And I don’t remember already how many times the phone rebooted since the upgrade. This requires an urgent fix! Software stability is priority 1 for me. I am sorry if others prefer higher numbers on the “About” screen, but I am that strange guy who needs to use his phone. And not just talk about it on forums…

    So if Sony continues this way, I am really not so sure that the statistics will improve. Maybe more updates will gain some users, but the loss of stability will make the others escape. Huh… 4.3 is just terrible…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Battery is great lol, I am struggling to get a full day with the phone sometimes, sceen on time is so horrible, check other devices and they get 6-7hours of screen on time and this phone gets about 2-3 hours screen on time.

  • xPnoyStar

    Battery in Standby-mode is great, but screen on time is very poor against other handsets. I always have to carry a power bank & the dockingstation with me ;)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Balaji j

    I would like to be Sony Mobile user. Though Apple in leading place, 4s could not beat Xepria ZR.

  • Scott f

    Had Sony (Sony Ericsson) phones going back years, recently the x10, s, z and now z1, love the phones and friends of mine that have had the iPhone from the start have been impressed by the z and z1. My only concern is the number of ‘flagship’ phones Sony releases, left holding a phone which is not the companies best after just 6 month.

  • Wembbi

    Been a loyal Sony/Sony-Ericsson/Ericsson-fanboy since Ericsson GH388. So that’s almost for 20 years :)

  • ashamedofmyphone

    nope, no more sony for me. this is my last device from sony. really2 bad 4.3 os. hangs, lags, freezes all the time even when texting and browsing the web. wifi drops frequently. only small and light apps are installed, no games. even the music player lags when multi tasking chrome, text and music. poor xperia sp.

  • Mac

    I don’t say it’s okay to be so slow and I feel you, I had the acro s before I bought the z1 compact when it came out. The acro s started on 4.0.4 and the treatment as xperia S with 4.1.2 buggy as hell when it finally got released and another stupid as wait for a acceptable version. But with that in mind the acro s only got one big update. But hey ion users still on that buggy firmware huh?
    Anyway I really hope my z1 compact get what it deserves and not get forgotten straight out of box because of the z2..
    As for advertising, u right about that. And with Sony not focusing on the U.S market they will not get that much attention.

  • ashamedofmyphone

    and also turns so hot like its gona burn my hand.

  • bong007

    it´s only a survey and they asked 3000 people…maybe those 3000 people were iphone and samsung they won´t get interest for sony…I´m a sony ericsson and sony handy user and im happy for what they offer until now…..

  • DrKrFfXx

    I only buy smartphones from Sony, but most of the times I get the feeling they don’t show up with the best they could come up with.

    Xperia S had a great design, very bad construction quality, ugly yellowish screen, outdated hardware even for the time of release, so-so camera.

    Xperia T had ugly design, ok construction quality, ugly screen, ok hardware, same camera as the S.

    Xperia Z had an AMAZING design, good construction quality, ok screen, behind in hardware against other flagships of its time, tricky camera, sometimes good photos, some other times horrendous photos (due to software mostly).

    Xperia Z1 had a continuist design (good , but not with the WOW factor Z had), great construction quality, SAME old screen as the Z, latest hardware available, software not on par with the camera.

    And that’s not to mention we are always one or two Android versions behind.

    Now the Z2 looks like something else, looks top notch on every single department., well maybe except Snapdragon 805 is already available I think, vs 801. But that’s nothing.

  • Mohammed Khired

    im like one of few people in my country that recognize sony mobile product…

    it’s all sony’s fault really , they don’t reach out very well…

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    True, I’m a Sony person in all my electronics..ever since my Walkman

  • Nino

    I was very happy when I bought my Xperia V, but very saaaaad since the last 4.3 update. So, it depends on Sony’s success in repairing the broken update – and as much as I hear, they didn’n manage in doing so.

  • Roy

    Sony was the first company to get me excited about smartphones with the X10, even though I actually never got one, I waited a little and got the Arc as my first smartphone. Ever since then it’s been Sony for me, currently with the Z.
    But I wouldn’t say I’m brand loyal, instead I’m aesthetic loyal.
    The arc was the most beautiful piece of design I’d seen in a phone and IMO haven’t been bested yet, not even by Sony itself. If a different company makes an eye catching device I’ll definitely consider migrating, given that the hard specs similar with the high ends (I don’t need to have the “best” or “latest”, just good enough to run any app I might need with no lags or bugs, my Z still does it for me perfectly).

  • Sora

    I’m sure the htc one and LG G2 is still more expensive than Z1 at this point. I’d say to buy ur phone after 2 months of release whatever the brand is if you care for price.

  • Mirska

    No, Xperia S was my first and last sony most likely.

  • Stephen

    as soon as my contract is up i will deffo go , for another Z but thats 18 months away, so it will probably be the z4 or z5, i hope to see an igzo screen and less bezels by then, but im happy enough with my z1 atm

  • Really almost iPhone users don’t have any idea what they are using or buying… they just buy something from Apple !

  • Carljn

    First of all, the article and numbers are very deceptive. The retention rate has to be compared to overall market share. If retention rate is higher than market share the customers are happy. Simplified of course, but looking purely for highest retention rate is very wrong.
    Secondly, low pool and three different countries in different parts of the world.

  • boosook

    I’m part of the “loyal bunch”, but Sony made too many mistakes in the last years.
    Some phones are very good, but the majority of their phones have problems, e.g.:
    – phones with 512mb of ram like U and Sola that became barely usable with time
    – cameras that promised and din’t deliver (L, SP… even the z1/z1c)
    – bad software support for many models (phones released with old versikns of android, slow updates, too many bugs in the software)
    – batteries that are too small to last even a single day (S, P, T, V… )
    Sony phones are great, but there are some thing that really matter, especially performance and battery duration, to “common users” that are not part of the loyal bunch. With millions of phones sold, you can’t just rely on loyal users. I know many people that tried a Sony and won’t give them a second chance because of the reasons I said above. Sony must make a deep change.

  • Al

    Help costumers of sony to get a better service..I dont know for global costumers but for us in indonesia, we got a worse experience with sony service . Help us by sign this petition

  • fishy

    I was a sony fanboy, all my phones had been xperia but my recent bad encounter with Sony Mobile SG really dampened my loyalty with Sony. Sony should really work on their customer service in Singapore. When i went to Xperia stores in Singapore with a malfunctioning phone, they wont even look at my phone until I show them a proof of purchase. I’m sure Sony has excellent staff in other countries but good customer service is crucial in every country if Sony want loyal customers. :(

  • jonny

    Xperia Z2 will turn the tables

  • Peter

    I don’t know yet whether I’m going to get a Sony phone the next time, but if I don’t it will be because of the slow (or non-existent) software updates. I just love the design however.

  • Alfino Setya

    they just surveyed too many S-fanboys and ifanboys!!! But WHO CARES about the survey result!!!

  • chris

    I don’t know if I’m loyal or what. My first SE smartphone is P900. Then P1, U1, LT15, LT26and Z1. I love them all and quite sure I’ll keep on buying Sony’s phone. Sony can always produce the best looking phone on the market.

  • Gregor Zabret

    I’m Sony fan when i bought first Sony phone that was Sony Ericsson T610.

  • ???

    How exactly do they mean buy retention rates? Do they mean switching between brands or do hoping between new models within the same brand counts as well?
    If so, considering Sony is the only manufacturer to release several flagships within a year, the results shouldn’t be that surprising.

  • Martin Ambre

    SONY is waste of time
    I switched to Apple Inc., the best in market no doubts

    Sony Corporation, one of the worst in market

  • W Barros

    I plan to upgrade to another xperia handset

  • Dmitry Perets

    I don’t think it is a good idea. You will get all kinds of weird issues with apps. They will not be well-optimized for Sony’s platform, some will work slower, others will crash etc. This is the main advantage of Apple – their life is easy, because they need to optimize everything for one particular platform at a given time…

  • Sumo

    This is stupid. I’m not being bias here (even though I do support Sony), but Apple taking the 1st spot on retention is because they hardly make any new phones. While other phone manufactures are ongoing with the war, thanks to Samsung who ‘thinks’ that by bombarding the market with constant new phones per year, (LG doesn’t do it as much) that is the way to win this war. In order to retaliate Sony has no choice but to follow suit in order to compete. And getting back to Apple, sure they may have their glory with retention but they are already losing a lot of their loyal followers and losing out their so-called number one spot in the cell phone market. The Apple hype is no longer there anymore and Apple fails to realize that their strategy of “We are Apple and people ONLY love our iphone thanks to S.Jobs so one phone and we win it all” is not going to cut out no more. Ironically, the point I mentioned was similar towards Sony with their pricing strategy before. That is why they lost some of their market share with some of their other stuffs. (e.g. PS3) They eventually adjusted that part and managed to get back some favorable reviews and attention, like the PS4 did. At least they did listen and act upon.

    I do disagree we should change phones frequently and learn to appreciate what we have on hand, and sometimes I do hope phone manufactures will produce less phones per year, but on the other hand with how the market is now that isn’t sustainable anymore. Let Apple hog up the retention award all they want, Sony still has the best phones. Their designs IMO is like none other. Remember guys, phone companies aren’t the ones who are responsible for the longevity of their brands or specific items, we as consumers too have our responsibility to either keep our phones longer or to change it frequently.

    So that survey is not acceptable IMO.

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  • mosfett

    I have nothing but Xperias, Samsung, HTC, Apple, LG, none of them deliver quality as Sony does.

  • Mirrorpurple

    One half of me is telling me to go HTC, and the other half tells me to stay…

    But if Sony keeps doing the different region, different hardware thing again, imma really jump ship

  • xPnoyStar

    My family too! :D
    TV, laptops, MP3-Players, headsets, cellphones and consoles.
    In every category we buy only Sony products :)

    P.S.: Our Sony Triniton is still alive! (10-15 years)

  • xPnoyStar


  • saki

    The Survey is about 2013 retention rates. Do we need to say more than “Xperia Arc” and “Xperia S”? After all my Xperia S problems, during 2013 I only recommended Sony to people I disliked.

  • Marcin Podsiad?y

    I don’t know as now they seems to be messed up with updated as well.
    As Z1 user I feel cheated and abandoned, they promised 4.4 just after new year and it is going to be April and there is even no word over the thread… I assume 4.4 is ready but they are postponing it due to Z2 release. Waiting is even worse because the last update we received, I mean .136 is so buggy and messed up. Abandoned in such a situation?
    Moreover, we all expect to receive all Z2 goodies because:
    1. Z1 camera is identical as Z2 (almost identical processor, for sure capable of 4k and so on, proved by Lg)
    2. They had so much time to deliver it.

    Even shamesung already delivered 4.4. Sony the last again…
    And I hope Z1 will receive 4.4 faster than original Z as Z1 is newer.
    I don’t want Xperia S treatment again (received ICS as the last and after that Jelly bean as the last).

    We’ll see what will happen.
    However, can anyone explain me what is this new strategy of communucation in Sony not to say anything to its customers? Any word? Interesting… They faired their Public Relations division or what?

  • Marcin Podsiad?y

    I would add horrible warranty support…

  • Dimaz Prayoga Dua

    I’m xperia L user.. And it was great phone..there was four user too at my office.. And i plan to upgrade my phone with sony phone again..

    In my country indonesia, Sony mobile has a bad image cause the xperia care and service was terrible. Many people get their phone at service centre 4 month or more.. Or maybe some phone weren’t going back again to the user.

    If sony mobile want to make the user loyal.. They must improve the after sales around the world especially at my country like iphone did. IMO it’s so bad that great product doesn’t have a great after sales.. I hope they will improve it this year..

  • xperiaDROID

    Yes, Samsung already delivered 4.4, but almost nothing has changed, what I know is that the notification icons turned to white, and the lockscreen has changed a bit. Whereas Sony is a different story, Sony Android updates has more changes than Samsung, so I think Sony didn’t mention anything about the 4.4 update at this moment is because they don’t want people whine for the 4.4 update if the update suddenly needs to delay because of the bugs.

    Sometimes Android updates do take a bit long to roll out, if you want fast updates, get a Nexus or a Motorola.

  • xperiaDROID

    What I don’t like about Sony is their 6 months flagship cycle.

  • afzal zainal

    It just a survay….. Nothing gonna change my love with sony product…..

  • vigneshprince

    make a survey in India

  • ion

    Sony forgot about xperia ion
    they had given updation for xperia S and all
    ion firmware is still older than S’s
    I will not take any SONY phones
    Galaxy S5 > xperia z2
    Am fed up with my ion’s performance
    as well as camera and video

  • RealityCheck2013

    I will be SONY for Life :P

  • kh1

    Of course, I’m going to use Sony again. I bought Z1 because it has a Sony logo and I will buy every Sony products. I love its design and I love the name Sony.

  • sdsd

    the very first sony ericsson phone that caught my attention was the K850i, with its huge camera opening at the back. The next was the Satio, then came the Xperia Arc, and now i have the Xperia ZL, and all of them i chose entirely because of design preference. The Arc was a very obvious blunder but i accepted it because its a piece of beauty in its shape. Still using it today, though rooted and on custom ROM already.

  • assfive

    you’re really unsure of yourself if you said S5> Z2. if you said Note 3 > Z2 ,then i’d probably agree. but Z2 is hard to beat if u compare it to its competitors now, though comparing it to Z1 puts it abit on the backtrack cause they’re just 6 months apart and in those 6 months not much revolution happened in tech world.

  • mountain

    Its true, I have been using Ericsson/SE/Sony phones ever since T39i. It is not really about software updates. Heck, most consumers does not even bother about updates anyway! Samsung’s update is so discrete, unless you look at the version number, no average consumer could see a difference! However, anything before xperia z (i.e xperia S, T, V) has this horrible lag 1 year after use. This has not happend to galaxy s2 or even iphone 4. However, I have seen improvements to the xperia z/z1. I am sure if sony could keep this up, they will be back on top in a few years time.

  • mina

    actually that is not something I wont expect especially what happened with me in Egypt and the weirdest thing when I sent a complain Sony hasn’t replied as if i was nothing really that is the worst service I have ever seen and they won’t even let me have my phone repaired although I have an international warranty
    really it sucks

  • Nidou

    what’s on papers is not the same as what’s on hands

    Real life Sony always ON TOP!

  • whynot

    Hi! I own an Xperia P. For the time being this is my last sony phone after the z530i. Why should I pay this much for a phone if it is – admit it shitty. The z530i was superb. The Xperia P is below acceptable.
    They have given us JB, and? Who cares if it just there for the statistics. All forums are full of the call bug/battery drain/slowness of the system. An unoptimalized software is worse than a software with a lower version. Yes I put back ICS, but compared to the others I have a call bug on that as well (after picking up the phone I still hear it ringing, cant talk for about 3 sec, because the other one will not hear me). Luckily there is a guy called percy_g2 who ported CM for out phone. But again it is not optimalized, better than the original but still not 100% ok.
    Is this customer service? Really? Leaving the phone in an usuable state with your updates?

    Build quality is only average: the bottom part screeches sometimes in the hand, and the screen is not glued properly, it is well visible if the background is black. So what are you so proud of? Having marketing around and telling tales about wonders, never seen experience and stuff won’t help. I have eaten that once, but I don’t see how you would have the crown among all the android manufacturers.

    The Sony UI is really nice, that is what I truly miss on CM. But I can live without it.
    Not to mention their ridiculous customer service in Hungary. They have a contract with the worst repair company of the country (ranking in the top considering the number of problems in the list of the National Customer Protection Agency of Hungary)
    See you around in the nexus world.

  • Nidou

    This is what we do with Sony!

    VIVA Sony – Sony FTW

  • Abdullah Robben

    this is not true, they did this survey in US and we all know that Sony is not strong in US unlike Samsung and Apple

  • cs098

    Probably because of how bad their support is for their products in general. But now at least for xperia, I can see them changing, love that updates and bug fixes are decently fast now.

    Also sony is not as well known in the us, I bet the survey will show things differently in another country.

  • TWG

    It’s easy to find out why Sony is not as good as others: Just check out their Highend Devices:
    – Xperia Z
    – Xperia Z1
    – Xperia Z Ultra

    – Crappy speakers
    – poor Photo Led
    – Softwareproblems (WiFi Association rejected (I have this on Z1 and Z Ultra)
    – no exchangeble battery
    – etc. …

  • tiqitoq

    yeah!! sony is always on top,,, as far as bezel is concerned, sony is unbeatable!!

  • shanefalco

    Upgrade xperia u and sola to kitkat for risolve this problem. ;)

  • Bruce

    I switched from an iPhone fall of last year to the Xperia Z Ultra. I won’t be going back anytime soon. I’ve been perfectly happy with it and continue to talk about it with whoever will listen.

  • tiqitoq

    opps!!! add bezel to your list,,,

  • both apple and samsung shining here.. the rest are in the same boat :P

  • roeshak

    The survey is no surprise especially in the countries surveyed. Sony has made too many mistakes in the past and continue to do so even now. Don’t get me the wrong, the Z2 is the finest piece of kit they’ve created but there’s still an elephant in the room which is the 6 month flagship policy. Nobody apart from die hard Sony loyalists will be happy with spending big bucks on a flagship only to find themselves demoted just 6 months later. It’s very disrespectful behaviour from Sony which says the only thing they care about is profits. Nobody likes greed and Sony need to understand this. The z2 is solid enough to hold its own and that should be that but come September, it’ll get replaced by another phone. For me, it’s just as insane a policy as the old school lcd panels they insisted on for so many years.
    Sony is a very inward looking company and they need to look outwards a lot more. They’ve made moves in that direction but there’s still like I said an elephant in the room.
    For me, until they ditch this policy which benefits nobody, Song included, there’ll always be a dark shadow cast over the brand.

  • Mr.Alawi

    I love Sony phones and everyday i head to this site to check all the news about them ever since i had my Xperia Arc…currently i have HTC One and my demands got higher with Xperia Z2 i see all the things that i wanted from Sony to deliver “screen,speakers” which is really great and i want to upgrade my phone to Xperia Z2 but the only problem right now is the development for Sony devices I don’t see big teams in ROM and Theme department except for FreeXperiaTeam

    which is why i’m holding myself from going to Sony again…the easiness that i have on my HTC One updating my ROM (OTA),customizing and options that i have are a lot better then what i see in Xperia Z and Z1 community which i still hope to see it from Sony fans to do it :)

  • Mohammed Khired


    how come you compare 2011 product with 2013 product ?

    oh i forgot , you are a fanboy…

    that’s explain…

  • i miss my arc s.

  • Z1ZLIndia

    US UK nd Oz isnt the major market for SONY , FY survey :P

  • Jerry Berglund

    I think this numbers is really strange. You inform us its 3000 people who answered. It would be nice to know how many form USA, England or Australian that answered separately. I kinda get the feelings is that more from the US has answered this survey, and that kinda shows in these numbers. Why I think that is the case is because in the States Sony is not that very big, like in England or Australia. I mean that even HTC, Nokia and Blackberry is that big, despite those companies is kinda small these days. Even smaller than Sony makes me wonder if these numbers really is showing the reality. Apple and Samsung, even LG I might be able to swallow, but that nokia and HTC is before Sony, no way. Ok, 2012 might be showing in these numbers, the year that many phones seems to have been forgotten by Sony. But now it seems like the updates is coming for both XT and XV.

  • Jerry Berglund

    4 months isnt that long time. lol. It much worse for Xperia S who had to wait almost 9 months. Thats a long time. So be happy you didnt have to wait that long. :)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Xperia arc was actually a great phone in my opinion.

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    I think sony is well known in Asia…

  • Jerry Berglund

    The problem is that Samsung is doing the same thing, so Sony has to keep up, or the will loose customers. Sony sold well when XZ came, but only for those months when the phone actually were top notch. Just 2 months after Samsung came, and the sells went down for Sony. So Sony has to do like this wether we like it or not. Or they will loose market shares. But maybe its changing now. SOny and Samsung, and the rest seems to be at par now, so maýbe if Sony could release a phone that high-end so that they would need to release a new flashship model after 6 months.

  • infinity

    Updates my friends, updates…

  • Jerry Berglund

    SOny isnt the only manufacturerer who does that. Samsung do that too, and LG.

  • Anon

    Build quality is good but lack of software support/community = boring phone

  • Filipe

    Of course not! I’m a huge sony fan, all my devices are sony. But since sony refused to repair my Sony Xperia Z with the back panel unglued I won’t buy any other sony device. They also said that it Was my fault, not a manufacturing defect.

  • Jerry Berglund

    There is lots of community support for Sony phones. When it comes to stuff like that Sony are one of the best.

  • Jerry Berglund

    There is changes going on at Sony when it comes to label the phones. I mean since 2013 they started to give all their so called flagships och premiumphones that Z-marking. T and M is from 2013 the mid-range phones and it seems like E marking will be the low-end phones. Other things that seems to be changing more, is that the software is more or less the same on all devices when it comes to the interface. There is small differences between the Xperia V software and Xperia Z1 software for instance. The big differ that I can see is that its Social life in the 2013 phones and Timescape in 2012 phones. But now Sony seems to even change that. Sony now released the Social life even for their 2012 phones. So these changes is diminising. This can mean that it will be easier to update phones in the future because they do have the same software, and they only has to do some twerking to get it right .

  • Luis

    And i would add how their flagship refresh rate sucks. its way too short. As soon as i bought a tx the xperia z came out and i felt bretayed. A friend bought a Z1 on december last year and then a few months later… they anounced the z2!. This launch cycles render the latest flagship inferior just after 5 or 6 months of its launch. Im not buying xperia phones in a long time

  • Alvin

    Bought Xperia S and used for a year and 8 months. Really disappointed about the battery and camera. The buggy software and update service was also the concern because Xperia P is better than S. Although Qualcomm does not support S3 dual, Sony should at least fix the wake up problems, and roll out Stamina, Album, Movie and Socialife updates and apps.

    Due to annoying user experience, I decided to change a phone earlier and switched to iPhone. If in the future I choose Android again, I may consider HTC as they have improved a lot.

  • Luis

    if they quit launching a flagship every 5 months they could support their phones better. Like you im not buying an xperia any time soon.

  • ryq24

    Sony should concentrate on software and not hardware just like samsung. Example is A mere turn of phone to silence an incoming call is a big selling point for most buyers something samsung phones have and sony doesn’t. Sometimes it’s the small thing. Waterproof is a good start though.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    So, how much did Apple pay the survey guys?

  • Ram fickle

    Who cares? The point is the price. Even after 3 years, Apple is arrogant enough to price such a mediocre phone at such a high price.

  • Luis

    You dont understand do you?. With their refresh flagship rate of every 6 months they are telling people to screw themselves. If they could release a flagship every month they do it and say: this is the best of sony in a smartphone every single month!.This actions prove they don´t care about their customers. Wouldn´t be more logical to sell to your customers a really improved well thoughtout flagship every year instead of incremental versions ( that fix what was wrong with their last flagship ) every 6 months just to make profit?. I used to love Sony for their ui and hardware design, their image, their brand ( since sony ericsson days ) And their z line is beautiful as always but im not buying their bs anymore.

  • Karol Hruska

    You should allow to move apps from internal memory to sd or upgrade it as 16 GB is not enough at all. I have z1 and have to delete and reinstall apps when I need it as there’s not enough space… Got memory card for £80 and only thing I can use it for is music, pictures and movies. It’s a bit annoying. Otherwise all good.

  • It’s not really surprising.

    When something goes wrong Sony support and customer care is an absolute disaster – that is unless it happens very early on while you’re in your return for refund period. They’ll spout ridiculous dead pixel policies, claim damage or faults were triggered by you, do anything they can to deny you your consumer rights.

    When you buy a flagship, you get treated like a king for six months. And then a new flagship comes out and you’re swimming with the peasants begging for whatever you can get from your master. You might get an update or two in the next 18 months, but you won’t much of the new software feature benefits the new phone receives, and what you do get will be heavily watered down on the experience side.

    Apple gets it right. They understand most people get a new phone once every two years, and that there’s little point holding back updates or denying them features their phone can handle. Occasionally they do it with features like Siri, but in the main, iPhone is supported with updates for at least three years and you’ll get almost all the features the new iPhone gets in terms of software – as long as your device can handle it.

    I got my Xperia S and iPhone 4S around the same time. The iPhone 4S is my daily driver, it has the most current version of iOS and is still a great phone. The Xperia S received very few updates in its lifecycle, and those updates it did receive made the phone progressively worse each time in terms of performance and broken features.

    The Xperia S was sold 6 months ago by me. The contract that I acquired the phone on is due for a new phone in May. Do you think I’ll be getting a new Xperia phone on a 24 month contract? Hell no! I’ll wait for the next iPhone to arrive and then feel comfortable in the knowledge I know my phone will be supported for the duration of my contract (and beyond) with all the latest software updates and bug fixes.

  • roeshak

    Samsung has two flagship devices each year and they are not in direct competition with each other because they appeal to different types of consumers. The Z and Z1 were in the same category. The z1 was just an early prototype and proves that 6 months isn’t long enough to develop a new phone. Consumers are not served well by buying early prototypes. For Sony that also creates a problem because it dilutes the brand and fosters confusion amongst consumers.
    As far as a flagship phone goes, they just need to get to where all their competitors are and that’s one per year. I know they’ll eventually get there once they realize the policy is more damaging than anything else. Just hope they don’t sustain it for as long as they sustained using cheap lcd panels.

  • JTLtd

    I won’t buy a Sony Smartphone again after this SP has given me so much grief and no support whatsoever.

    Completely shocked at the lack of support from such a prestigious company as Sony.

  • Vlad

    I actually had enough of it. I believe their big and expensive phones are good, but I bought my Xperia P in December 2012 and it works really bad since then, GPS does not work well anymore since the last update and they don’t really care about this. My phone was 280 euro free of contract at that time, so it wasn’t a bargain phone. These small things should be reliable and then there are the other things that count less: better screen, gaming performance, extended battery and so on.

    I was a loyal fan of Sony, this is my 3rd Sony phone(after K300, K800). I bought a gift for my sister, a Xperia SP.

    Guess what, of course the update to 4.3 was awful. I downgraded back to 4.1.2. I like the phone, the performance, the screen, the battery but I cannot imagine how could they release on air the 4.3 update. Not everybody has time to flash devices and stuff like that. In the meantime a friend has Galaxy Advance that he has bought at approximately the same moment when I bought my Xperia P. It works flawlessly even now. Jelly Bean is awesome on his phone.

    This is what set apart other companies: reliability, utility, performance at a cheap price, good battery, not design, not FHD recording on a phone that can barely open Google Maps (hah!!). I think this year and last year phones are better indeed but I had enough. At least for the moment.

  • Peter

    For me, Sony phones began with Xperia Z. Never liked Sony Ericsson smartphones ( the only phone I liked from them was the K800i ) so Xperia line never attracted me.

    Now, after using Xperia Z for a year – i’m upgrading to Z2 ( already pre-ordered ) and I don’t think i’ll part ways with Sony for a long time, the OS is great, media apps are best on the market and the design ? Amazing.

  • Moon

    For me, warranty support is okay in Malaysia. My sister’s Xperia TX speaker got replaced without any hassle. My only complain is Sony’s strategy on a new flagship per half year. It’s ridiculous.

  • SeVeMaS

    I’m Sony fan even before de Sony Ericsson era, I tried HTC, Samsung, Nokia, among others and always come back to my “origins”. So… What survey?

  • Tangent Lin

    Laptop no longer exist :-(

  • Battal Aljadei

    i believe if SONY got in CPU manufacturing it will be up-head most of other companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Look at SONY camera sensors it has been used by many companies, Apple, Samsung, Google, and all of them using different Hardware & Software !

  • tiqitoq

    you obviously care!! LOL!

    “Apple is arrogant enough to price such a mediocre phone at such a high price”
    A typical comment from a narrow-minded fanboy who simply couldn’t afford an iPhone.

  • Batuhan Süersan

    Qx10 TimeLapse Video. First Try

  • tiqitoq

    bitternes detected. LOL!

    iPhone users are just not fond of copycats.. & they are intelligent than fandroids..

    my proof?


    How could LG beat Sony or HTC? They have only started to actually updaye their devices. Each of their devices only get one update in their life cycle. Both Sony and HTC are one of the best in terms of updates. Samsung is only higher because the mid and low end market is saturated with their devices.

  • hehe that was funny
    but u have to check it seriously
    iPhone > expensive
    android phones > cheap
    there s android phone from too low spec to something like Galaxy Note3
    so people who use android are not equal to iPhone users.
    u can find android in a village with low knowledge where they don’t have enough money to buy iPhone!!!
    It s one of google project; technology for everyone.

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  • Panzer

    Wow, great argument! Attacking the poster instead of his comment is one sure way of saying “I have no idea how to disprove his point so I’ll attack him”. There’s fewer ways to make a point seem more true than the sheer desperation of another person who resorts to attacking the person behind the point. Well done!

  • Danny

    First off, I’d been a T-Mobile USA customer since 2005. I’d been a Xperia phones since 2010.

    My first Sony Xperia phone is the Xperia x10, back in 2010. I loved the design, it was beautiful, but lack a front facing camera. I accidently damaged the usb port, I bought a Sony Xperia Neo.
    The reason I note being a T-Mobile USA customer is because while the Xperia x10 gets 3G, neo didn’t, only 2G/EDGE service. after the Neo, because of lack of High speed mobile data, I bought a T-mobile HTC Amaze 4G (HSPA+ 4G). This was the first time I
    about a year later, missing the wonderful Xperia phones, I bought the Xperia TX LT29i, for it’s HSPA+ 4G capabilities, after that, when the Xperia Z C6606 T-Mobile came out, I’d naturally bought it with installments. I recommended the Xperia SP to my sister. played with it as well.
    I then bought a Xperia L since the Xperia Z was carrier locked and I needed a phone for an upcoming overseas trip. Then I bought an Xperia M, and currently owned a Xperia Z1s T-Mobile. I’d also bought Xperia T (LT30p) and an Xperia Neo V.

    So in short.
    Xperia x10 -> Xperia Neo -> HTC Amaze 4G -> Xperia TX LT29i -> Xperia Z C6606 -> Xperia L -> Xperia M Dual -> Xperia Z1s C6916, Xperia Neo V and Xperia T LT30p.

    so yah, I guess I’m a loyal Sony customer.
    planning to buy Xperia Z2, Xperia C, Xperia T2 dual, Xperia Z Ultra and possible any other new Xperia phones I can find on eBay auction. I’d also love a Xperia Tablet, Z or Z2, both are great.

    what I love about Sony Xperia are the UI, the design and style. But Sony can and should really work on solving it’s bugs and pushing out those updates alot faster.

    Xperia T, TX, SP and Z1s all running on 4.3 JB, and they all have the same issues.

    Even with the bugs, I’d still choose Sony Xperia over Samsung or Apple.
    My friends own some Samsung owners and experience many issues. My parents have samsung phones from Samsung Intercept, Epic 4G, S2 and now the S4, and all have problems, bigger problems than my Xperias. it gets worse through age, but Xperia still works the same even after 4 years.

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  • chris_t610

    Sadly, there is every bit of truth in those figures. While I do agree that Sony has been making fantastic phones, sadly they do suck on the support side of stuff.

    Updates have become part of handsets — whether that may be low range, mid range, and high end devices. Costumers will always want their phones to be supported with the latest and greatest when it comes to updates.

    Sony has been lagging in this aspect, something that they should have been working on ever since they parted ways with Ericsson.

    Not to mention the buggy updates they release — which makes me wonder what kind of R&D Sony has.

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  • Hamza Salau

    i am loyal to no single company. if they have something i like then i have no problems buying it.

  • P9

    still be a Sony fan forever. :)
    XZ user.

  • jsantos303

    Since Japanese electronics companies laid off many of talented engineers, Samsung, LG and other Asian companies hired them. Once these Asian companies gained all of knowledge from these guys, they laid off. While Sony keeps downsizing itself, Samsung and others steal technology from Japan. Sony is dying.

  • Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadea

    Kinda makes sense that Apple is at the top since it is the ONLY one to use the iOS platform and Apple’s content services.

  • Ronan

    I switched to Nexus because of the lack of updates to Xperia’s devices

  • raymond

    I have no brand loyalty but I have purchased a couple of Sony phones because I love their design. But I find it hard to stick with the brand since they always lag when it comes to releasing (buggy) updates. And the fact that they are now probably no longer going to release a kitkat update for my XSP pretty much convinced me that I should look somewhere else for better after-sales support. I’d probably go for a Nexus or LG on my next purchase

  • spatch

    While I tend to stick with Sony hardware, I don’t think the average smartphone user (ie. NOT a Sony fanboy) cares as much what brand they use. They tend to select the phone they see their friends and colleagues using — at least, that seems to be the case here in Australia where iPhones and Galaxy Phones dominate the market.

    Choice is also greatly limted by carriers who do not carry a lot of Xperia phones, but instead stick to popular brands, so many people may drop their Xperia phone for an easily found Samsung device that has been heavily promoted by their carrier. If Sony cared about promoting their brand in Australia they might stand a better chance of retaining customers, but I have seen no sign of this in recent years. Instead I am surrounded by Samsung stores and advertising, so who can blame someone for taking the easier path.

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  • james

    only the high end phones of sony are good. sony doesnt give a f*ck about its lower end phones. releases them and forgets about them. the 1.5 year cycle is only for flagship devices. they forget about other devices within 6 months! i wish i got an s advance instead of xperia u!

  • cesar suarez

    I love Samsung! :)

  • Jaywalker

    No I won’t upgrade my Xperia. I had enough problems and not only with the upgrades. They need to change the whole philosophy about this field. Until then I’ll try other brands. Price is the only thing that reminds of Sony. We pay mostly for the name.

  • SolaSys

    I’m still a Sony and Xperia loyalist, and I might upgrade to E1 or T2 or SP, if it won’t murder my wallet. Sony has quite nonlinear price-to-hardware ratio; with my Sola costing midrange at the time but having only 512MB or ram, I do feel a bit cheated.
    I also know why the retention rate might be so low: people with Xperia phones either wanted minimalism, or complained about it. Few of my fellow Xperia users also stick with the older Sony Ericsson Xperias, complaining that modern ones aren’t as well functionally defined.

  • Boom

    Slow updates and the fact that they killed support for Xperia S after only 14 months was enough for me. So long, Sony.

  • fssfb

    What a loyal samesung fanboy!

  • Mohammed Khired

    exactly !

  • Kunal

    I have been using sony phones for 6 years now… but i feel sony hasn’t been good with their update and their software optimisation especially the camera which is sorry to say among the worst of all top brands… but i am still considering to go for G lens Xperia in near future and if that didn’t worked out fine I would have to look at other options.

    Devices owned so far
    xperia x8
    xperia sp
    xperia zl (current one)

  • ashamedofmyphone

    optimized? how can you say that when multitasking with fb, chrome, text and music already makes the phone with 1gb ram lag/freeze? you kidding right? didn’t even installed hd games. just light apps. optimized huh? :) is this the real android experience? extremly heating device that lags/freezes and wifi drops. just my humble experience from sony

  • xperiafan324

    Maybe it’s because the average sony buyers keep their phones for more than a year? The survey considers brand retention as moving from one sony smartphone to ANOTHER sony smartphone in 2013, not keeping the same one. Could be wrong though. But as the source doesn’t even provide the method used for this research, the survey doesn’t have much credence to begin with.
    Reading the comments from most people on xperiablog, I can safely say that most of the xperia users don’t do annual upgrades, plenty still have their xperia s/t/v etc.

  • roeshak

    You’re right, the Z2 is a seminal device for Sony. Indeed I believe it has the potential to do for Sony what the galaxy s2 did for Samsung. It all depends on what Sony do with it. If they throw everything including the kitchen sink at it, it could really be a runaway success. It’s a phone that’s very strong in many departments and deserves to be treated with respect and not replaced and demoted after 6 months. The Sony brand is way too diluted on the mobile side and although there may have been reasons for this in previous years, there’s no reason to repeat it this time. The 6 month cycle is just insulting to consumers because all you get from Sony in h2 is an rough sketch of what’s to come the following year. I don’t think consumers should be offered rough sketches for sale.

  • xperiafan324

    Oh! And then there’s the sample size, 3000 interviews… Seriously? That’s not even 1 % of the u.s. smartphone users, let alone accounting for the uk and australia as well.

  • ray

    I agree with most things you said. Sony phones are good overall and I myself own Xperia Ray and plan to buy Sony in the future, but Sony phones still lack certain things fro them to become “great”.
    Most people who buy a phone they don’t care about these things they just want their phone to work smoothly.
    As you mentioned Sony made mistake releasing so many Android 4 midrange phones with 512MB RAM, I dont know why they did it when Android 4 requires at least 768MB RAM for optimal performance (better yet 1GB and more). Samsung understood this, Sony did not. Sony also upgraded their 2011 line to Android 4 because that what buyers wanted. But what they failed to realize is that again what buyers say they want is not necessary always what they really want because first and foremost they want a fast phone and fort Android 4 you need 1GB RAM. If I would not be interested in RAM, CPU, Android nuances and such I would probably not buy Sony again because of this (I currently own Xperia Rat Android 4 512MB RAM) and would likely choose Samsung.
    I respect Sony as company because of what they do (create their own thing and not just copy), but they have to work out certain things.
    Other things except lack of RAM that they need to care of:
    – better camera performance. while sensor itself is good software could be improved (eg less JPEG compression). also midrange phones need to have better camera too (Sony Ericsson had better cameras on mid range phones)
    – scratch resistant screen with a factory screen protector that is not scratch resistant at all?? what is this?
    Z2 seems to improve on such things so thats great.
    if they could avoid beforementioned misunderstandings between customer expectation and reality in their midraneg too then I think brand retention rate should increase this year for Sony

  • Siberian Messenger

    I’ve read all the comments of this article.
    What I want to say is, if the brand name remains Sony Ericsson, maybe retention could be up to 30%.
    IMO many European users are still missing Xperia with Sony Ericsson and that green liquid ball.
    In addition, when talking about Sony, many’s first impression would be “Sony manufatures TVs, cameras, music players, PlayStations. Do they also manufacture mobile phones??”
    That is really different with Samsung or Apple.
    And, nowadays Sony (Mobile Communications) should really work hard on supporting the low-end phones and system updates (I really love almost all the things on Xperia and Sony, including design and UI style).
    Sometimes I feel pity for Kaz and Kuni… They really have the ability to manufacture great and premium smartphones, but they can’t control the quality of the after-sale service and software…
    People who worked in after-sale department are basically domestic, the HQ can‘t guarantee all the staff has high qualty, espacially in those developing countries which do not have a complete law to protect customers’ rights…
    And for software department, I really don’t know how those engineers works… Why they don’t keep up developing system updates or the algorithm of cameras…

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    My case: Xperia PLAY and now Xperia Z… in the future will be Xperia Z2… ;)

  • Mac

    Aight I feel you, but multitasking is not good on any device with 1gb ram. It’s a huge difference jumping to a device using 2GB ram. And android after 4.1.2 is getting very good.

  • John Lees

    I really like my Xperia Z but the very low volume from the external speaker and the well below par camera (assume it’s poor software) means I’ll be getting a new phone as soon as I can and I’d need to be convinced Sony have sorted those issues before getting another of their products. seen nothing from Sony to encourage brand loyalty. I prefer to list what I want from a phone then research which one is the best in those areas and that’s the one I’ll get, no matter which company makes it

  • Ash

    The only reason people are opting out of Sony is because Sony is really slow when it comes to providing updates. I myself have had an absolutely awful experience with my Xperia SP.

  • Karri

    I’m not “loyal” in that I’ll have little hesitation in choosing another brand if it meets my stringent requirements. I wound up with the Mikuphone because, well, waterproof Mikuphone (other contenders were Z1, Z1S wasnt out, S4, G2 and One), but the Tablet Z won my money for being the slimmest, lightest tablet and only water reistant one with stereo speakers.
    My previous device was a Samsung and indeed I was very much planning to stick to Samsung, bloat or not TouchWhiz is my favorite version of Android for its supreme functionality and inherent customizability.

    I am “loyal” to Sony just the same as any other brand. I respect their achievements and always take note of their products in hope there will be one that ticks the most boxes. I like Sony for their unique traits but also hated early Android XPERIAs for being way behind the curve. That hasn’t stopped me from carrying not one or two but 5 Sony devices with me usually now, so really, brand retention to me is completely dependent on the brand itself.

    Among Android, switching is easy. Google Accounts keep things from getting difficult and Android has drag and drop. Apple’s very high retention is due to their exclusivity, and migration apps are dependent on the new phone’s brand. Furthermore, iOS apps are forever tied to iOs devices and I will always recommend to an iPhone user to stick with the ecosystem (but casually nudge them to ‘droids of course).
    What this means is that among Android devices if you want to keeo your customers you HAVE to try harder than say Apple to keep your new (and old) devices relevant and attractive. Customers look to the past and say, for example, “Damn, Sony hasn’t given me even 4.1!!” and see that Samsung’s S2 is running 4.1 already, and this establishes their confidence in long term support. That’s just an example. Samsung’s high retention rate is in my honest opinion a truthful reflection of how they consistently deliver an excellent smartphone.

    The good news is, I can see that the Z2 is Sony properly pulling itself together unlike with the Z/Z1. They just need to trim the footprints.

  • Houman

    After not recieving the updates (Very late updates) on my Xperia Z, finally made a move and got a nexus 5, and will not look back anymore.

  • Dave

    Availability. The latest tech is nowhere to be found in the US. I had Sony phones for 10 years, now I have a Samsung. Why? No Z Ultra at T-Mo (or any other carrier for that matter), so I got a Note 3. Hard to beat $0 up front and an interest free 2 year loan through T-mo. I waited for months for the Z Ultra; only to have no US launch. There’s just no point in following their products when you have almost no chance of getting one without importing it. Carrier financing/subsidies are kind of silly to pass up for a somewhat nicer design, and often with a compromise in features.

  • johnylim

    Agree, Same here in indonesia.
    People bought a phone because many other people or their friends own these brand.
    Average people choosing a phone based by popularity, wellknown name (because massive ads), or what their friend own, not because they really know about the phone they want.

  • diolo

    Im a European user, and I have a Xperia, concreteley a sp, and lots of my friends too, because wen I bought, I thought that was a great phone atva good price.
    But Sony delayed with the updates, and when they updated to 4.3, they done very bad.
    The phone now is very very very buggi with lots of crashes, and we are not getting support.
    They changed the 4.4 from future version to under investigation, the phone now has 1 year, and 4.3 may be the last update.
    For these reasons, the sp is going to be my first and last Sony phone.

  • Siberian Messenger

    Those who truly love Sony (including me) tend to use the newest flagship of Xperia like Z, Z ultra, Z1. That’s the real experience of Sony.
    And, the more other Sony products collected, the more advantage and convenience Xperia could give, because you could enjoy the mobile contents on Bravia TVs or play music on its audio players by just one NFC touch or play games with Dualshock 3 from PlayStation.
    For the people who solely want to use a smartphone, Xperia may be not the best choice.

  • Siberian Messenger

    Maybe Sony’s (Mobile Communications) strategy is like this: to gain a huge number increase in sales volume, Sony intend to abort the support for old or low-mid-end phones earlier to persuade people to buy their newest smartphones.
    But that could ruin the brand loyalty of Xperia.

  • Nigel Webber

    I have a Z1, which I like apart from one thing – the screen scratches extremely easily. My old G/Note was perfect with zero scratches after 2 years ownership. My Z1 is covered in micro scratches after 6 months. I hate screen protectors with a passion. I doubt whether I will take another xperia unless they get rid of the stupid plastic shatter-proof sheet, and move to oliophobic-coated gorilla glass like everyone else uses.

  • safa

    you mean Sambug?

  • Deckard

    Me too..Sony person ever their Bravias, BTX300, Walkman Z, Vaio, Xperias and even their vintage HI-FI speakers..Still in pristine condition:) Lovin’ Sony!

  • Paul M

    I’m not a Sony fanboy but I have a range of their products (original cassette walkman (still working)PS3, 32″ LCD TV, Xperia Z Ultra). I’m using the xzu to write this.

    I would happy buy or upgrade to the XZU. I had a Samsung Galaxy note 2 but sold it and dumped Samsung after their insulting attitude towards buyers of the note 3. When I upgrade my wife off her HTC sensation she may get a Z1 compact.

    I think Sony are working hard to design and make great phones, are not complacent, and aren’t arrogant towards their customers. If they stay that way, I’ll be a loyal customer.

  • francesco

    Lol i updated again my Xperia V and the Audio click noise in video recording is still here, really ridiculous!!!

    Sony customer care it’s a real shame…

  • jagger_augustine

    how can I be loyal? put more technology on your products, for example I am using Xperia Z for almost a year now and I am planning to switch to Samsung S5 because it is already waterproof/dustproof as well with fingerprint technology and lots of fun stuffs. If Z2 will come with that technologies I need as well I might switch back to Sony. So I am sorry to say that if ever the S5 is already available in the Philippines then I will sell my Z and switch to S5…

  • francesco

    i had samsung devices and i’ve never had issues as with sony devices, huge bugs with camera, random reboots forced closing, other shit like that…

  • James

    I definitely want a Sony Xperia z2s I have z1s great phon quality is awesome if they get faster at updates they clearly have great product I say z2s cause I want a minimum of 32 go internal not 16gb by far it is better than any Samsung products I have owned Samsung is so cheap if I don’t buy a Sony maybe even HTC but I prefer sony

  • josesl16

    Ignoring the price aside, which is really important, of course, but otherwise, it actually doesn’t make much sense to compare between smartphones 2 years apart… But we know that the Z1 beats the 5S hands-down anyway :D

  • josesl16

    Uhh… but IPS panels consume slightly more, not less, power compared to traditional TN panels…

  • josesl16

    Apple has a built a lot of iSheeps over the years :v

  • cj

    I definitely will be staying away. The first Sony phone I have bought has been the Xperia SP and it has been terrible. I had to rush to buy something in a pinch, and have regretted it since. Super slow even just swiping from screen to screen, and full of bugs such as the screen not always turning on when you press the power button and, most annoyingly, the keyboard not working in any internet browser 90% of the time. I have the sim-free unlocked version, and yet still do not have the 4.3 update in the UK.

    I don’t know what I will be moving to, but it will take something special to bring me back to Sony.

  • cj

    Retention rate is how many people buy another Xperia after owning one, so market share means nothing.

  • Las

    No more sony for me too.Had XZR .WIfi disconnects every few minutes Problem strted when BT is connected while WIfi on then BT sate doesn’t matter….replaced 3 times.same problem .so returned and thinking Sony improved went for Z1 compact.Same problem.Bought from for warranty have to send back spending money and im sure replacement would be same from my past experience..very bad sony..

  • Micheal Archer

    I’ve been with Sony since my W810 walkman phone. I upgraded that to the X10, and my household has been with Sony since then, upgrading the X10 –> Xperia S –> Xperia Z1 and running arc –> Xperia ZL.

    Having been around for the X10 (and Xperia S) software update schedules, as well as the arc schedule, I’m not certain how Sony is going to move forward with updates, though I see KitKat coming for my Z1 “soon” from my carrier.

    Sony’s X10 update performance was awful, but the arc was reasonably well looked after. Then the Xperia S was…awful…again. With the S, Sony decided to change their focus from updating “old” flagships to providing the best services to the newest flagships and the older ones would be looked after later. Since this wasn’t the way Sony was operating when the S was new, it left a bad taste for many S owners who were anticipating software updates as quickly as Sony could produce them.

    Will I stay with Sony the next time I upgrade my hardware? I have no idea. It depends entirely on the market selection in 12-18 months. Maybe (probably not), Samsung will have a revolutionary design the exceeds that of Sony, or Sony will take their design in a new direction that holds no appeal for me personally. I truly enjoy the OmniBalance design, it strikes me as mature and sophisticated. However, their next design may be equally appealing, nobody can predict the future. Were I to upgrade tomorrow, I would stay with Sony moving up to the Z2 (for either the ZL or Z1) without hesitation.

  • Micheal Archer

    1000 individuals is a typical survey size. That said, 1000 individuals is probably not statistically reliable when there are so many options and limits on what is considered “brand loyalty”. 24% could mean they only got 4 “Sony owners in 2013” who responded and only one stayed with Sony, but the other three may have no change or be anomalous due to the small selection of total Sony responses. I can’t speak for this specific survey, but I can see the potential for flaws.

  • relaxinatc

    I’ve been using Ericsson and Sony Ericsson phones from GH 668 model to K610 or something (Nokia was going strong those days, other Finnish people used to have Nokias). T68i was a great phone, I loved it! Xperia V is my first Sony smartphone. One reason for choosing it was that it is waterproof. And I didn’t want to spend on Apple products (others in the family have iOS devices). Sorry to say, this will be my last Sony smartphone in the foreseeable future. Battery life was poor initially but I was generally quite satisfied with the phone until the 4.3 update. Battery life dropped dramatically and together with a few other peculiarities (e.g. when I answer a call, the phone switches on the loudspeaker mode) this makes the phone almost unusable. I have been waiting for further Android 4.3 9.2.A.1.199 update but don’t expect much according to the posts in the support forum. I purchased this Xperia V only about 8 months ago. However, now I have to look for another brand. Sony is not the only manufacturer offering waterproof smartphones today. So: Bye bye Sony, Good bye Sony X. Peria.

    Other Sony products have served well, TV, projector, DVD-players, HiFi-combos, PS2, PS3, etc. And the Walkman in the great old days! I do not hesitate buying Sony devices other than smartphone in the future.

  • Carljn

    I am fully aware of what retention rate is.
    Let’s say company A has 60% market share with 50% retention rate and company B has 20% market share with 30% retention rate. That means a consumer who has never owned a product of this kind is more likely to buy from company A than a consumer with experience. Whereas a customer of company B is more likely to buy again the the inexperienced.
    Even though both the retention rate and the market share of company A is higher, this means company B makes customers happier.

  • cj

    I don’t think it’s quite as cut and dry as you suggest. If there were only 2 companies, then perhaps, but given the choice available it is not simply either/or. Really, the lack of retention goes a long way to explaining low market share. Really you’re talking about public awareness which comes down far more to advertising than market share.

    What is shown is that once people purchase a Sony device, less than a quarter of them are likely to make their next purchase a Sony, whereas nearly 2/3 of Samsung users are likely to re-purchase.

    I think the iPhone can be disregarded entirely from this survey as it is not just a device, but an OS change that a consumer would have to make. That aside, it is hard to argue that Sony must be making mistakes with their products if people refuse to stick with them.

    My experience is certainly negative.

  • aniam

    Considering the woeful experience I am having with my xperia sp after the 4.3 update and zero communication from Sony I seriously doubt I will buy Sony again. They do however have the most appealing designs.

  • Shawn

    I’m open to most manufacturers have have used Apple, Sammy, Nokia, HTC and Sony in the past few years. Currently using an Z Ultra. However, I might not continue with Sony products.

    Why? I’ve just had a run of bad luck with the quality. My PS3 and PS4 aside, the Z Ultra, the CP12 case and my Smartwatch 2 have ALL had to be sent back for repair within the same period.

    Z Ultra: wouldn’t boot. Motherboard replaced. Took a month.
    CP12 case: After a few months of regular use, the case flap started to peel at the side. Replaced but they forgot to return my stylus and I had to arrange to get one sent to me.
    Smartwatch 2: Dead pixels developed on the screen. Replaced.

    So all in all, not a good track record for Sony Mobile products.

  • Mike

    I’ve have an Xperia Arc, and the experience has been so terrible, the phone such a huge piece of shit, that I’ve sworn to never buy a Sony phone again.

    I used to love Sony, I mean, I still have my old Discman from back in the day, but the horrendous Xperia Arc was enough to retroactively ruin any goodwill I had towards the company.


    Well, aside from all the constant lagging and freezing, and I do mean constant, as in EVERY TIME YOU USE IT, it frequently drops calls, and the bars will disappear in places where there is no reasonable excuse for it to happen, such as in your house, or outside, or at school, or anywhere really.

    It can even freeze on the onlock screen, or even when someone is calling you, forcing you to miss the call because it won’t let you answer it!

    There have also been many times where you might want to take a quick picture of something, but by the time the camera finally loads, the moment is long gone.

    Even texting is a hassle, where it will lag so much you can tap out entire paragraphs before the words actually appear, making it look like a ghost is writing it.

    It’s so bad that I try to use my phone as little as possible, not even for listening to music because it pisses me off so much. That’s why I have an ipod.

    Combine that with a loose charger port that makes it practically impossible to charge, and I’m definitely planning on some Office Space style revenge when I finally do get that much needed new phone.

  • Suman Pun

    I have problem like ” sd card unexceptedly removed” in sony xperia, any fucking solution?

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Habib Barbhuiya

    I absolutely agree with you. Apple is not about value for money, Its a status, a symbol that u can pay a premium. Its a harsh truth that those who cannot afford apple will speak ill of it. Apple is a class in itself.
    And fan boys please don’t be offended.

  • Habib Barbhuiya

    O really,
    ha ha ha, We buy iphones because we can afford it :)

  • Habib Barbhuiya


  • Shubham Mutreja

    i am very doubtfull because xpeia e1 is getting kitkat!!!!

  • Subramaniam Mahendthiran

    Personally I should never have switched from IPhone to Sony. I bought the Xperia Z3 in January 2014. The phone died in December 2014. Frequent frozen screens and then sudden death.
    I had just bought the Z5 few weeks ago. Not even a month and the screen froze again. SONY makes unreliable phones.

    Avoid Sony phones at all costs people. Stick with Apple or Samsung.

  • pt020

    Yes of course …. Nokia 33%

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