Xperia Z1 Compact KitKat firmware now live (14.3.A.0.681)

by XB on 19th March 2014

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Xperia Z1 Compact_KitKat_2The Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware update is now live and we have the first screenshots below. They show pictures from firmware build 14.3.A.0.681 with the 3.4 kernel. The user who has downloaded the update confirms that there is no tap to wake feature.

Update: Check out a video (in Czech) of the official firmware below. Also if you want to download the FTF firmware files then click here.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Android 4.4.2 KitKat changelog (14.3.A.0.681)

– Updated Camera application and overall tuning to improve the camera experience
– Enhanced email app
– A tweaked Status Bar and Quick Settings – More intuitive and customisable
– The same launch animation and live wallpaper as the Sony PlayStation 4 adapted across the lock and home screens
– Sony’s native app portfolio will be updated to the latest versions. This includes Messaging, MyXperia, Smart Connect, Small apps, TrackID, TrackID TV, Sony Select and Smart Social Camera
– Updated Media apps including WALKMAN, Album and Movies. Better Sony Entertainment Network & PlayMemories integration with a more intuitive UI and faster download speeds
– Stability, performance & battery improvements
– Answering machine option added in Call menu
– “Take screenshot” option returns in Power off menu
– Default SMS app can be switched to Hangouts
– Battery icon changed
– Switch between Notifications and Quick Settings from the drop down menu
– Touch block Small app included
– Calendar app updated
– Transparent status bar

Xperia Z1 Compact_KitKat_1

Xperia Z1 Compact_KitKat_2

Xperia Z1 Compact_KitKat_3

Xperia Z1 Compact_KitKat_4

Xperia Z1c_1

Xperia Z1c_2

Via XDA-developers.

  • SonyFan

    looks nice…
    but sad that there is no tap to wake…

  • sony1

    we love u sony …

  • Tap to wake CLAP CLAP CLAP tap to wake CLAP CLAP CLAP
    I discovered that feature on the G Flex, really significant :p

  • xperiaDROID

    Now since when did the G Flex has “Tap to wake by clapping”? The G Flex only has double tap to wake, just like other LG phones.

  • xperiaDROID

    I want KitKat on my Z.

  • The ‘CLAP CLAP CLAP’ was my way to say ‘I want this, listen to me Sony!’

  • Ali

    Oh seriously?! Where’s Z1 KitKat?!!!

  • Zdenda Delfín?

    yes, I see……..

  • laci_csk

    What about tap to sleep?

  • Johan Eriksson

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • xperiafan201


  • Tajhric fox

    here are reports z1 kitkat is already live..chil wtf is wrong with you

  • Mohammed Khired

    im only wanting this update for immersive mode….

  • Timbo1

    it got delayed!!!

    Just kidding. It will come, relax.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It’s TAP TAP not Clap Clap :)

  • osin17

    Coming soon. I think it will certainly be one of the last update of Z

  • ash india

    I want for low ram usage

  • xperiaDROID

    Yes, you are.

  • esniper

    see you later kitkat – Xperia Z1

  • xperiaDROID

    I think that feature will be in the Android 5.0 Lemonade update. lol

  • filo9011

    And now i can buy this phone.

  • Guest

    Does anyone else think that Sony should consider making a Z2 Compact with a 4.5″ to 4.7″ screen size. I can’t help but think that the bigger these screen sizes get >5″ they are geared more towards a niche market and not the wider market.

  • Ruub

    It is a cool feature for ppl who prefer it, but with the centered powerbutton I think that is unneccesary on a one-hand-operation device :)

  • Dmitry Perets

    4.5″ max! It should be usable with one hand. At least, for me it was the main criteria when I went for 4.3″ Xperia V. And today I would definitely take Z1 Compact, for the same reason. Anyway, the concept of making a phone with smaller screen but still with top specs is really cool!

  • leo1925

    i am still waiting, Leo from the Philippines

  • Amin

    I want Tap to Wake :(

  • Z1ZLIndia

    Tap to upgrade sure :D project ara

  • trex3112

    What about camera quality… Has it got improved?

  • suit up !

    Dear KitKat Darling,
    I do not crave for any ‘tap to wake up’ feature. I just long for you, my babe. You are my sweetie pie. You are my chum. See you soon on my Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

    Your Wellwisher

  • Mirrorpurple



  • nise

    Can anybody pls tell if the z1c can shoot slomo movie after the update like the z2?

  • sony1

    ur still alive ?? :D

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  • Killian Khoo

    Look forward to this update ~
    For My Xperia ZR ~
    In mid-Q2 ~

  • Keon Fraites

    May / June :/

  • mountain

    HK customization here for z ultra just updated to kit kat

  • jmaxim917

    Yup, I think a 4.5″ Z2 would be ideal.

  • zymo

    There are rumors that the Z2 Compact will indeed get a slightly bigger screen (4,5″ display). Q3-Q4 2014 should the timeframe we know more about it.

  • zymo

    yes, but please with less bezel.

  • mountain

    Testing Kitkat now. Works pretty fast, camera has improved in terms of noise. Reception seems slightly better, but not really sure. And heck, the have not include ART!

  • Mirrorpurple


  • Mirrorpurple

    just hope they improve X-Reality… the sharpness is just too much

  • sony1


  • M.Allen

    There no Z2 compact, but Z3 compact. We will se

  • FredrikAn

    Works great on my Z1 Compact.

  • Peyman Fatemi

    where do you leave man?

  • They want you to buy Z2. Simple as that.

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  • sony1

    XPERIA Z1 Kitkat firmware now live :D

  • Buat Komentar

    yeah, now xperia z1 compact users can smile, because they only need to wait one day after the firmware certified.
    but not for xperia m users, it has been 27 days after the certified firmware but nothing happens.

  • Z1ZLIndia

    Not showing on my c6902 same region :/

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Me too, playing games fullscreen has been my dream ever since i bought my SP! Hope it gets updated fast… If E1 can get kitkat then even M, L and SP will!

    Hoping to get it with Z series in may! fingers crossed

  • Vitali

    lol :D

  • The screen really shouldn’t be too large.
    I reckon that’s the main selling point of iPhones. Some people don’t want a huge phone, but just a smaller one that ‘works’. That’s why the iPhone is still successful in this Android era.

  • shaaz

    wen it available for z ultra

  • paul4id

    No, this isn’t true. The firmware isn’t rolling out yet. It was leaked by someone with access to Sony’s EMMA tool which is not available to the general public.

  • XPz1


  • Vadim Katznelson

    No biggie. They HAVE to keep the important new features exclusive to the upcoming Z2, otherwise the Z1 would cannibalise it. After all, the performance difference between the Z1 and Z2 is much smaller than the one from the Z to Z1, but they had to come up with a new flagship due to the way the competition behaves (2 flagships/year).

    Like the Z (which got many of the Z1’s camera features a month or so after it’s launch), the Z1 MIGHT get the new features (most notably the camera features) a month or 2 after the Z2 launch, for obvious reasons. Hardware-wise, the camera is identical, and the processor is marginally superior on the Z2, so the Z1 is capable of doing 4k recording and 120fps slow-mo. However, people don’t realise that the best improvement the Z2 got, according to a post from a few days ago on xperiablog, is the camera software optimisation, which made the Z2 camera to take much much better pictures.

    That’s what I’d like to know, if the Z1 KitKat update includes the camera software optimization.
    We NEED some sample photos from an updated Z1/Z1 Compact to see that. FINGERS CROSSED!

  • Vadim Katznelson

    “Rumors”? Source…?

  • Sand

    How much free RAM guys? :)

  • Abdul Ghani

    where did u live

  • Muhammad Furqaan Bari

    C902 India PC companion

  • Muhammad Furqaan Bari

    Now live India… Use PC companion

  • Muhammad Furqaan Bari

    C902 India Live

  • Muhammad Furqaan Bari

    here you go

  • thumble

    In Norway the update has also arrive for xz1c i just updatet my xz1c to 4.4.2 kitkat

  • xperiaz6603swe

    it is shame that tap to wake is in the digitizer on z2 so none of our phone ever gonna get the functions :-/ Bad but that’s the harge fact:-/

  • Buat Komentar

    okay but in few hours is rolling out
    check comment from XPz1

  • ZXcorr

    No 15.5MP (16:9) setting in camera?

  • Mac

    Downloading atm in Sweden using PCC! :D

  • ZXcorr

    Is there native emoji support now?

  • djno

    please bring the old sound click or at least you give option to change it.

  • Z1ZLIndia

    Ya did it after seeing ur post

  • Mac


  • Mac

    Hopefully thats true!

  • Mac

    Yes there is.

  • keith

    how about Z =(

  • Nitesh Mitra

    the calender is not syncing anymore, used to work before just fine but with the update its not working anymore if anyone is facing the same problem then let me know

  • Duncan Law

    anyone in the uk got the xperia z1 compact yet

  • Rob

    ” And heck, the have not include ART!”

    What other manufacturer does? ART is still not ready for end users, it’s still in development.

  • ShiroiTaka

    Nope still not got it :( but soon maybe :)

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  • Olav Alexander Mjelde

    I think theese are all new things, unless I didnt notice all of them before:

    * Now you can deactivate message about cellular traffic can cost money ;P
    * New pulldown meny, 1 / 2 finger modus, where 1 finger pulls down status and 2 finger pulls down quick settings (liek I was used with on the SGS4 I had before).
    * Quck access to quick launch settings (eg which buttons to display)
    * Quicker animations
    * Some new animations
    * Some animations change speed, based on how fast you trigger it
    * New battery indicator, now a 2 in 1 indicator that shows if your in stamina mode (thicker border)
    * Change which icons are shown on the status bar (maybe this is not new?)
    * New backgrounds, PS4 style
    * New boot animation, PS4 style
    * File commander APP

    * I think(?) the calendar app is different, but it might be due to kitkat?
    * Google drive app looks better than before, but it might have been updated before the OS update(?) not sure.
    * Take a picture from power menu is now possible

    Not all updates are that easy to pinpoint, since some are due to the OS and some are due to the launcher that Sony uses :-) Also when you get kitkat, some APPS do an instant update (if you have auto update on). So you will get even more features than that of KitKat and that of Sony.

    All in all, I can sum it up:
    The phone feels snappier, it looks even more clean and “flat”, it has more quick settings and smart shortcuts. Animations are faster, the phone is faster and it just looks and feels better. I’d say it feels about as much better, as it did when I went from S3 to S4. Going from S4 to Z1 was fun and I like the Z1 way much more than the S4.

    There are some few things I miss from the S4:
    * Screen on while looking at it (I thought this would come with kitkat, but I didnt find it yet?)
    * On the S4, when changing volume with the volum button – i could change other volumes too! (it worked very well and I used it a lot).
    * On te S4, I could change how intense the vibration was. The Z1 has a way too powerfull vibration motor :P
    * On the S4 I could kill all apps, by pressing an X in the app drawer

    PS. All in all I am very pleased with the update and I would not go back to the S4 ;) (even before kitkat). Before KitKat, there was no quick way to change the quick settings icons, the 1/2 finger pulldown was not active and some other stuff. So I guess the gap is closing when it comes to usability.

    I’ve never been a fan of samsungs blue/saturated cartoonish looks, also the design got a bit boring after having owned several of them. So the Z1 was a fresh move and I’ve been very happy with my tablet Z.

  • dante786

    i don’t think it’ll be last update for xperia z or zl or zr ……because this series is still a heart of sony .but if it is…….then we all know whats gonna happen to sony ………………………heart attack……………

  • starkiller306

    1. How’s the ram situation in KitKat? does it use 800-1000mb constantly or has it decreased?
    2. Does it include 4K video or any new features too the cam?
    3. Option to switch between Dalvik & ART?

  • Val

    I think they will release a Z2 Compact to think that ZR is the compact version of Z, Z1 Compact as the compact version of Z1.

  • jagannath

    After kitkat upgrade my team usage is always more than 1.3 gb

  • jagannath

    Sorry I meant ram not team

  • Jack

    does xperia z1 compact have timeshift video? If not, will there be a future upgrade which make it available on xperia z1 compact? Thank you.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    heating and sony music has stop

  • judebryan18

    Guys, yes or no? is the Z1(not compact) having a “double tap to wake up” feature with the new Kitkat version? I got confused with the other comments :(

  • demitsuru

    ukrainian alphabet missing ” ? “

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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