Xperia Z2 in low-light shootout against HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5

by XB on 27th March 2014

in Imaging, Xperia Z2

Building_Z2HTC announced its new flagship the HTC One (M8) earlier this week. Whilst some expected a higher resolution camera, HTC stuck with its Ultrapixel camera with 2.0 micron pixel size and 1/3″ sensor size. If you wanted to see some real world results against the other Android flagships including the Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 then check out the samples below. All pictures were taken in low light conditions and the full samples are available by clicking on each image.

Picture samples: Samsung Galaxy S5 (left) vs HTC One M8 (middle) vs Sony Xperia Z2 (right)

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Via ePrice.

  • Doubleyoupee

    I hate to say this.. but S5 clearly wins :S

  • Renato Laporte

    I’m not a expert at all, the S5 pics look great, and the Z2 pics have more noise, but it feels better…. The S5 pictures look the same in 100% when you apply too much “sharpening” and “noise reduction” in lightroom…. Over processed/

  • Sanyok1986

    Fucking Sony’s programmers !Go to hell with this kind of work! Sony please hire some other professionals, do something with your terrinble software for camera. Samsung and Apple are using your sensor and making far more better photos. What’s wrong with you ? Don’t you see you are losing your customers because of poor quality software ???!!!

  • Anon

    Sorry to say it but the S5 has the upper hand. Too much noise in Sony’s photos.

  • Farhad K

    Sony has lower noise as it has lower details compared with htc m8 with higher details and so much noisy result in low light conditions.
    And of course htc gives you a 4 megapixel image versus Sony’s 20.7.

  • Michael Hofmann

    S5 wins, found the right balance between sensor size and MP count, not too mention decent software too. Sony get the Bionz X processor into your phones ASAP

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    This is tragic… sony have their own high quality hardware but cannot develop the decent software to work with…

  • Stephen

    statue at end when you zoom in on hands the z2 gives a better shot

  • Anon2

    Am I the only one that prefers the Z2 camera? IMO, the S5 pics seem overprocessed and the M8 pics are overexposed, which cuts even more detail and blows out highlights. All in all a good showing for the S5 and Z2.

  • Guest

    Yes, you are the only one.

  • Jiyeon90

    the strong sharpening software on the s5 is more than obvious, it’s still better than not using one like on the z2 though.
    Also the HTC one dissapoints again..

  • Mr Smart

    HTC looks like top form tbf

  • Nidou

    I think you need to focus well! lol

    Definitely Z2 has better color and light production, also less noise than S5 and HTC M8,

    Z2 does have a little of noise, but the colors are so true and soft, HTC M8 has too much light, and S5 in some pics have grains of noise, and oversaturation..

    HTC one M8

  • JHMBB2

    I actually prefer the z2 myself. Overall, all three phones get the job done. If you want something spectacular, get DSLR or SLR

  • Nidou

    no u aren’t the only one! Z2 wins in term of color and light production.. more true colors and decent light production… not like htc one with exaggerated light and for s5 a bit oversaturation and noise in some pictures.

  • Nidou


    cuz I agree with him ;)

  • Fynjy7771

    Words “little like” on the 3rd picture from the end are better readable on Z2 than on S5. I think Superior auto mode sometimes makes a little bit noisy fotos, but you can choose manual mode and make fotos even better than on S5. Sony should correct Superior auto mode soon, i suppose.

  • flflf

    Agreed. Makes me sad :(

  • goofy

    It pains me to confess but the Z2 pictures look like absolute crap compared to the S5 photos

  • Nidou

    well, this is what you see, doesn’t mean it’s true!

    I’m convinced with my own opinion and very well satisfied whether is the opposite of yours or anyone else!

    i don’t look at the brands… i look at the pics and compare which are the best!

  • beastfighter1

    The S5’s pictures are more crisp but a bit over sharpened. The M8’s pictures are a bit over exposed from my perspective and the Z2 is a little bit on the noisy side. Overall, I would say I like the pictures from the Z2 the most.

  • sam

    Given that photos captured by these handsets will likely end up in social media, i dont get what the fuzz is all about. If you people really do care about the quality of the photo then id suggest that you start using a DSLR! These are smartphones unlike DSLRs whose only job is to shoot pictures, smartphones have something else to do besides shooting pictures! And no matter what kind of technology they squeeze in there they would never beat a DSLR.

  • WhyWai

    totally agree. I doubt those photo will ever leave the phone to bigger screen at all.

  • afzal zainal

    For sharp and detail s5 seem better but a bit over saturate and noise, for natural and better expose z2 seem better but the over noise reduction creating lossing in detail. Htc new one seem overxpose and less detail. overall all have its own advantage in certain point.

  • mrlcj

    See original post here, colours look a lot more natural on the Z2

  • shanefalco

    I prefer s5 photo…too much noises and focus problems in z2 photo. Second place go to M8.

  • BornNutz

    M8 have less noise than both of them.. but Z2 is clearer between the 2… Samsung give better colors in my opinion

    wow, M8 pics wows me

    am sure day light photos are better in Z2 but at night.. M8 is a
    winner.. almost no noise despite the fact that edges are more sharp in
    Samsung and Sony

  • Faisal Armand

    For those of you that say S5 wins needs to have your eyes checked.

    Z2 is the clear winner for me. Yes, the images are noisier but they are more detailed and natural than the S5 in terms of processing and keep in mind the Z2 uses 20.7MP mode in this shootout which is obvious that noise is present. See that fountain statue shot, Z2 outperforms S5 by a HUGE margin in terms of detail. 8MP shots will completely obliterate S5 as they are almost cpmpletely free of noise and artifacts, and still plenty of detail.

    S5 is terribly oversharpened and overprocessed (overprocessed means there is heavy sharpening and heavy noise reduction), making pixel peeping experience so yucky. There are two things that I like about the S5 though, how it handles flare, and accurate colour balance.

    M8 is horrible like M7 as usual.

  • Adi

    Z2 wins for me you should compare in daylight there the z2 wins easely

  • rexperia

    It’s so clear to me that I’m gonna buy Z2! Never crossed in my mind that I’m wanting galaxies in my life ever!

  • Tangent Lin

    If they take picture using night scene will be better.

  • Hendri

    Hello, I am not an camera expert, but from what I see, are the photos of the Z2 have more noise than the S5????

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Cm’on S5 pictures looking better than Z2 and HTC seems we have all blind fans here !!
    M using Xperia since X10 and right now holding XZ1 but seriously I think Sony has to do some serious work..

  • Christian


  • nafatha

    Xperia Z2 more natural and I prefer Z2…there’s something weird with s5 and the color in m8 is not great,,,

  • Faisal Armand

    It is interesting that people like to jeer out Z1/Z2’s camera faults more than those of any manufacturer’s

    Heck, even lumia 1020’s camera is not perfect. Like Z2, full resolution 41MP shots are grainy and have artifacts, and people don’t bash about it. Plus, 1020’s white balance is sh*t and colours are way too oversaturated. At least, Z2 got the white balance and the colours accurate.

    S4, G2, and Note 3 is great but in DAYLIGHT only. In low light all 3 phones does insanely heavy noise reduction, making detail completely obliterated thus making cartoonish effect. Detail preservation scoring can go about 85 in daylight and drops to 40 in low light, and I’ve seen no people complain about it. Z2 is grainier overall but in lowlight, the details are still intact. Detail scoring is about 95 in daylight and only drops to 70 in low light. And people sh*t on Z2’s camera all over the place.

    S5’s camera overprocessed photos and performs no better than S4 and little number of people complained about it. Z2’s camera has more natural processing approach and performs WAAAY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL XPERIA Z and soo many people complained.

    Even the Xperia Z itself which people said has a lousy camera outperforms note 3, S4, and G2 in indoors and low light conditions (Z loses in daylight only) and people still don’t appreciate it. Oh yes, I’ve done a comparison myself.

    Oh for the love of God, people is so ungrateful and extremely unfair towards sony xperia camera.

  • alzz

    i hate to admit it but overall look samsung galaxy s5 produce more sharp and better picture than z2…and htc one m8 make me disappointed with their camera process produce so many noise…z2 advantage on very wide angle in shooting mode with their lens…but still have noise..i use led monitor to compare it…overall:
    2. z2
    3. htc m8

  • guest

    for me, i’m satisfy with z2 camera quality

  • kirakira

    look at the ISOs. when sony uses higher ISOs the details suffer. we should see them shooting at similar ISOs to see their real capabilities. however, this does not hide the fact that the auto settings of the z2 appears to be incapable of taking shots that obtain great amounts of detail.

  • kirakira

    why did you take out the lg optimus pro? it actually produced better photos than z2 in low light. the processing is really commendable for a 13 MP shooter. it is able to produce crisp photos.

  • kirakira

    but the details suffer. overall, the z2 takes better photos if you don’t zoom into the actual image size. but comparisons are meant for full image sizes.

  • Naz

    The Z2 is noisier but colours seem less saturated.
    I think the S5 wins.

    But the differences are so minute that it really doesn’t matter. I buy Sony because I like the UI, build quality and design.

    Z2 camera is a lot better than the Z which I currently have. Hoping to pick up the Z1 Compact soon and I hope it performs as well as any of the phones above.

  • rygarto

    Z2 camera and processing seem to be set up for a more natural feel, but S5 handles lens flare a lot better, with Z2’s lens showing a lot of purple haze around bright lights.

  • Timbo1

    Yeah thats an unfortunate Sony thing. They make amazing hardware for professional video cameras, digital cameras, etc. but are usually plagued by either insanely difficult software or just poor software in general. The Z1 seems to be a beta test for their hardware but thankfully with each software update it has improved minus the 4.4.2 update which has sporadic start up times, sometimes fast sometimes slow.

  • Timbo1

    all of the phones details suffer, especially the bridge pictures. They all lack detail when blown up.

  • kirakira

    i disagree about the glare. because of their attempt to get rid of crosstalk, those flares don’t look natural. look at the rays, they look like some old painting. they don’t represent what the eyes really see.

  • Faisal Armand

    No offense but see the fountain statue and the playground.

    Both scenes show Z2’s superiority over S5’s.

    In the fountain statue, sony shows more detailed and cleaner image than the S5 which shows oversharpening and noise reduction artifacts in the whole statue, yuck!

    In the playground, the tinkerbell label is more readable on the Z2, than on the S5.

  • Simon

    Z2 is the best!!!

  • Nick

    I think the pictures from the Z2 were taken in auto mode and that sets its to 8mpx.That’s why there is less detail. The S5 is shooting at a constant 16mpx. If you set the Z2 to manual it will shoot at 20mpx which will solve the problem with detail.

  • Quark Gluon

    I think this comparison is more about how the phones handle low light situations in auto mode, with glimps on post-processing. Of course that’s useful for most people that always on auto. But if you want to compare the camera performance, at least set the ISO on each phone to the same value. Otherwise you don’t preach about details and noise and colors etc.

  • Quark Gluon

    Yeah. But what’s so wrong about seeing which phone has better camera? It’s phone vs phone, not phone vs DSLR.

  • Abhijit Biswas

    This is a complicated comparison! m8 and z2 show good low light capture thanks to huge pixel size but that is the only benefit of HTC one 2014… It loses in all other departments! HTC needs to increase pixels!

    S5 and Z2 re really difficult to compare, S5 has quite sharp images which easily make them look like the best but after very careful of comparison Z2 does have way more fine details and colour accuracy.. It even captures more details which S5 totally forgets to capture coz of bigger pixel size i guess! Z2 is much better than S5, only if Sony could reduce the softness and increase their sharpness, coz the softness make it look like there is a lot of noise in the image!

    Please fix that Sony!

  • Guest

    S5 – High contrast (eye candy), strong noise reduction results in watercolour effect and loss of details.
    One – Tends to overexpose the shoots (Downside is highlight clipping, upside is shadow is preserved. Details are great.
    Z2 – Unprocessed RAW picture looks. Sony didn’t put a strong denoise to fight against the luminance noise.

  • ZXcorr

    It seems that Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the best photos.

  • gt510

    totally agree with you, i like it, s5 is better, z2 is much mpixels, but it is blurred, m8 is worse.

  • Ivan Sergeev

    At S5 even crude firmware (new sensor) better color, detail and less noise
    The rest of at the final firmware is very bad, especially in HTC

  • kh1

    I am not an expert but according to what my eyes could see is that I like the pictures from Z2. I can see more colors on Z2.

  • Anyone here knows where can we see sample photos of the 15.5MP 16:9 ratio camera used in Xperia Z2?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think comparing Z2’s 8mp or 15.5mp resolution samples will tell the actual quality….. Thats what Sony does with 20mp large sensor to give better details via oversampled images…
    Whts Say ??

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  • Dexter Moregan

    I like the photo of Z2. It give more colour than S5 and M8 and It’s not have too much sharpen which good in some scene of a low-light condition like S5 or overexposed like M8

  • Mark Finney

    Nope. The Z2 shot has the most pixels of any of these samples and you can measure it at 20.6 Mpx. Despite the higher pixel count the Z2 produces less actual resolution than the S5.

  • Hisham

    My opinion regarding Cameras, Sony (Ericsson) was the best until Xperia arc, after the arc other competitors were working harder and still they’re working harder.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    XPERIA Z2 pictures have a little more noise than Galaxy S5, but what I see are more accurate colors. HTC One M8 pictures are overexposed and too much light. So I think XPERIA Z2 is a winner for a little bit over Galaxy S5. That is for night shots.

  • which means that with better software updats in the future Z2 can get some extraordinary pics

  • they can provide better software in the future which will ensure better pics since they already come with great hardware .

  • aziz al-ali

    As Sony Fan i have to admit the best camera here is S5 > M8 > our sony z2 :(

  • Colby Leong

    To be honest I went into this thinking that HTC M8 would have taken the top prize leaving Samsung and Sony to fight over second. But I was pleasantly surprised, to not only see Sony win, but show how they have improved on their lowlight shots, a problem they’ve suffered from in the Z, and had some issues in the Z1.

    If the Z2 had their Superior Auto on or if they were just shooting at the max 20MP. Because Superior Auto does a great job of detecting and knowing what it needs to calibrate the camera to. However if this was a the 20MP, which in the Z1 means you can’t select any special scene, then that’s pretty damn impressive.

  • kuyaglen

    So does the S5 and the M8 only take full resolution photos at 16:9?

  • Chris

    I love Z2’s photos! BTW, M8’s really sucks!

  • unknown13x

    Pretty close between Z2 and S5. Sony just have to minimize the compression and it will be a killer.

  • nazira

    Z2 using retail firmware or older version?

  • afzal zainal

    Yup sony and others brand can create a better software but the pattern issue will bring them to the court.

  • afzal zainal

    Havent u know the war of patern before?? Can u come out with a plan ( software ) that are not end up bringing company to the court?? Watch your words young boy…. :-)

  • P Aleksandr

    Let’s be honest: Samsung Galaxy S5 clearly wins in this comparison. Guys from Korea did awesome job and made good camera sensor and nice software. S5 have faster than Z2 auto-focus, have better camera software (manual focus, better panorama and so on) and better image quality at all.

  • honglong1976

    Why all the fuss about low light? When don’t they focus on a camera that takes photos of moving children without blurring. That will sell like hot cakes! I have an Xperia L and it’s awful. Every photo is a blur. The problem is it focuses perfect. Then you press the camera button and it refocuses. If it didn’t refocus it wouldn’t blur. Nexus camera doesn’t do this, so definitely a software issue.

  • lets be honest

    Lets be honest guys: Those phones trade blows there is no clear winner, in some cases the M8 wins in others the S5 wins, in others the Z2 wins and actually the G Pro 2 was in the comparison too (in the source/ePrice) and it won in some cases too.


    At least we can hope that in 8MP the Z2 will improve a lot because the whole design of the Z2 sensor is to be used at 8MP just like the Lumia 1020 is supposed to be used at 5MP, comparing stuff at 20MP is useless.

  • Faisal Armand

    The colour balance is overly warm on the G2 pro, I don’t like it :(

  • kirakira

    right. but the clarity is there. i just don’t really get sony’s processing. they can’t achieve what those koreans are doing. they can’t prevent all the noise from blurring the details.

    well, it could be due to the higher ISO on the z2. we’ll see how it does at ISOs similar to what the competitors are using.

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  • xperiaz6603swe

    I give a Shit about camera, its not important to me I’m only want internet, sms double speaker as z2 led lampa notifications :-D

  • Quark Gluon

    You mean you don’t give a shit?

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  • Sam Albalushi

    s5 wins

  • sony1

    z2 is much better than htc m8 and galaxy s5

  • sailor

    EXACTLY……. Fucking Sony’s programmers !Go to hell with this kind of work! Sony please hire some other professionals, do something with your terrinble software for camera. Samsung and Apple are using your sensor and making far more better photos. What’s wrong with you ? Don’t you see you are losing your customers because of poor quality software ???!!! EXACTLY……… It’s true

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  • Battal Aljadei

    Something wrong with the resolution of samsung and htc ?

    SONY’s samples: 5248px BY 3936px
    HTC’s samples: 5312px BY 2988px !
    Samsung samples: 2688px BY 1520px !? < 100% smaller than Sony? scaled down or using lower MP mode !

  • Sean

    You need to chill out and get out more. Having had the Z1 before that had awful night shots. My G2 is way better your just blind

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Hahaha yes sorry my English :-P ment that and had correct that sentence :-D

  • Sean

    Galaxy S5 is best overall the Sony has the same old blur

  • Anukul

    just a bit of more sharpening and that’s it , z2 is super , it really is …

  • solid0snake

    Wow, the Xperia Z2 is really disappointing.

    Just compare the pictures with the green Ferris wheel. While the S5 has all details, the Z2 leaves a blurry mess.

    A shame since i wanted to get the Z2. Guess i have to wait for the Z3 :(

  • Sanyok1986

    New algorithms for improving of camera quality will be a patent war ???

  • Ayman F. Herzallah


  • Joab

    While you are compairing the pictures, try looking at the meta data aswell. Different resolutions and ISO levels..

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  • Rikimaru

    Well you are not wrong, but people are often to capricious and dreamer, when new flagship come, people always hope to see the camera bring same quality as the best reflex can do… At last I prefer Z2 rendering. People should keep in mind a smartphone stay a smartphone. The quality is already good and getting better.
    And have a S5 M8 or Z2 in daily life is already a big pleasure. I guess we will need to wait again few years before to see a significant improving about phone camera.

  • Ahmed Noori

    no u are wrong htc in middle has smalest pictures

  • Ahmed Noori

    i really disappointed with z2 camera i thought it better than s5

  • Ahmed Noori

    how did you saw that

  • Mohammed Khired

    yes you are the only one….

  • Mohammed Khired

    NO NO NO….

    we saw xperia z1 samples before and we said : WOW ! really good camera!

    until we bought the z1…..-_-…..

  • afzal zainal

    Algorithms run on what?? Can it just fly thru thin air flowing thru phone lens without a software support?

  • afzal zainal

    Iam happy with my ZL…. Chill dude…low lights n noise are hard to brake… :-)

  • SkyS1gn

    I would love to see some lower res Z2 pictures but unfortunately the S5 wins in this scene…

  • mimstyle

    Ok for me S5 wins !

  • Fazal Sayeed

    This is not good comparison as these photos are.of different resolution and different iso levels so we.cannot concluded whose camera is best

  • Fazal Sayeed

    You are mad or what u cannot see the difference the resolution of z2 is much bigger than s5 one

  • Faisal Armand

    That wasn’t the case with me. Even at ISO 100, G2 is already obliterating the details in indoors. Even My Xperia Z outperforms it in terms of detail, contrast, and colour balance.

    Blind? I know 7-8 aspects that makes image quality great. Exposure, colour, contrast, details, noise, artifacts, autofocus, and flash performance.

    G2 is better than Z1? After reading that link, can you say the same?

  • Let’s hope it gets better

  • alex

    It doesn’t surprise me) Blind Fans, their eyes are in the wrong place …

  • Siberian Messenger

    Is that interesting copying and pasting others’ words again and again? Just a copycat…

  • gt510

    i belive i can fly … ;)

  • gt

    the photos of the Z2 are made with digital zoom 1, wich is not fear!
    if you dont believe it, save a photo of Z2 and see in the properties of it

  • ProWeirdo

    Z2 looks a bit worse than S5….

  • NaNaNaNa

    Hahahaha Xperia Z has a better cam than G2 in the dark ? wait youre serious let me laugh even harder HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    The funny thing is that the guy didnt even changed to 4:3 at the s5. so the real quality should be even better than that. I love sony devices and i will buy the z2 but the cam is never as good and never will be as the samsung cam. I used the ZL,T and Z and all sucked in low light performance compared to the other flagships. Except maybe htc one. that sucked even harder

  • Drake

    I think Z2 wins (I’m HTC fan!) but it doesn’t come even close to my Lumia 1020! :-)

  • Jumbo

    Samsung’s cam sucks just as much as everybody else. So laugh all you want and let me tell you this ‘why so serious?’…….

    Stop being a retard fanboy. Wait, you’re not even qualified to be dubbed as a fanboy because you can’t even make up your mind which to side. First you say you will buy the Z2 and then stomp on it…. about Samung’s cam being better. So why don’t you buy the S5 instead fanboy and stop being a hypocrite?

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  • NaNaNaNa

    i like the sony ui more than touchwiz. simple as that. and maybe because i have bought the bards tale xperia edition.

  • aligamz

    Well, to be fair, those are not low-light conditions. There are plenty of light sources around. Would love to see some photos in REAL low-light conditions.

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  • FermentedDischarge

    Another idiotic test done by a reviewer that doesn’t know how to use the manual settings on the Z2, essentially hindering it to the same (low) level as the rest of those shitty phones.

  • Ahmed Noori

    i really love sony but i must tell the truth the first picture of bridge in s5 better than z2

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  • Brad Williams

    Buggered if I know, they are all good to me. :)

  • jose

    I belive I can touch the sky…

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  • naeemh123

    In the street shot, the Z2 shows the street lamp has a purple tint/flare to it. I don’t think these images are fair to be uploaded to this website. It leads to me to suggest it’s not the final model.

  • Faisal Armand

    Maybe you don’t know that firmware updates improved Z’s camera again and again? At the first firmware, yes Xperia Z didn’t have significant advantage over the best 8MP shooters.

    Oh yes, at both night shots and indoor tests both G2 and Z were set at ISO 100 and high exposure settings, I didn’t use night mode. Really, I was expecting Z to lose badly but when Xperia Z came as the more detailed and prettier looking of the two, I was surprised as f*ck

  • Faisal Armand

    Samsung camera sucked in lowlight, but they compensate by boosting saturation and contrast plus heavy noise reduction to make overall presentation pretty.

    And nananana guy said the Z2 cam will never be as good as samsung cam? LOL.. Lets see S5, Note 3, and S4 beat Z2’s 20.7MP mode in daylight, that will never happen.

    Then use the same ISO at indoor test, i’m sure Z2 will prevail

  • shikhargpt

    Exactly. Have a look here:

    These were taken in Manual mode with the Z1. HOLY FREAKING SHIT. No other phone (except the Z2 and 1020) can hold a candle to these shots.

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  • links

    not only you , its true that Z2 has its issues but overall , its great camera in a great feeling phone

  • GrammarPoliceChief

    Well, well, well. What do we have here, used the wrong “your”, when it should have been, “You’re”. This isn’t going to end well for you.

  • Siberian Messenger

    To tell the truth, I’d rather see the night shot comparison between Z2, Z1 with 4.4 KK, and Z1 with 4.3 JB… One by Superior Auto Mode and one by 20.7MP Manual mode.

  • Gno

    Z2 is what I prefer among all these. Though I should take note that images are quite close to each other. Images from the S5 are clear too and I think they look good. However, I noticed that it tends to apply quite heavy noise reduction, then apply more sharpening I guess to compensate for the softness. Edges tend to be crunchy and it shows the result of the processing the Jpeg images underwent. I chose the Z2 because the noise reduction is applied gradually and on the more conservative approach. One of the best examples could be the chinese letters on top of the building, the edges of the building too. There could have been changes anyway when they hit the shelves.

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  • Pohaku

    OMG!!! click, all of EuropeAsia&MexicoChileColumbiaBrazil Splash #XperiaZ2. WhyDoTheyHATE The USA?!!

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  • alex

    OMG !!! xD

  • Konstigt2

    Haven’t seen one Sony camera that does even OK under bad light situations. The Z2 is not an exception. If you go manual, you can get good photos but for my usage, that doesn’t matter since I shoot 100% auto. IMO S5 is the clear winner here.

    So much noise on the Z2!

  • Raphael

    S5 shows the reflective dots on the road sign, Z2 shows nothing but white.
    If Kazuo Hirai doesn’t do his homework better, he will soon have to sell Sony TV and Sony Pictures ;-)

  • xperiafan324

    I guess I’ll point out the obvious problem with ALL of these photo comparison shots. There is no CONTROL ( a DSLR or SLR shot as benchmark ) to compare the shots to. Ergo, we have no idea about which camera captured the better shot ( where better is presumably taken to mean more true to life ).

  • kigsuha

    no doubt, Z2 and GS5’s camera is a LOT BETTER.

  • Pingback: ???? ????????? ?? ?? : ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ; Galaxy S5 , Z2 , HTC One M8 | ?????? ???? ?????? ??? ????()

  • Rayyan Memon

    The S5 seems the best and I am a sony guy…

  • lolhi

    I have the z1… To be honest it is very bulky and the software is so bad that I’m taking the phone back for a swap for the s5. The camera barley uses the 20.7mp and even if you use manual it goes really grainy. The camera takes 30 seconds to open with the new update, nothing is compatible and crashes with it. It is also very heavy. I’m also getting sick of them saying aluminium is a premium metal when you use aluminum to create cans.
    Mostly, on auto, normal light is very yellow. If you try take a photo of your eye for example, it looks like you used a potato. I find the software very crappy and unstable. I was waiting for the z2 but Sony literally just made the Z1 with minor bug fixes. And plus, a removable battery! Samsung here I come.

  • picklebitch


  • cumberbitch

    They showed photos like this for the z1 and when you buy the phone you realise how crappy it is. Its too heavy, the camera is grainy and yellow, the photos are blurry and start up for the camera app takes 30 seconds. I’m not a fanboy or fangirl.. I’m on a z1 right now. Sadly
    If you want a phone which will give you nice detail (I tried the s5 camera today) and want a stable software which will not crash your keyboard when starting up, or feel like you have a aluminium can in your pocket. Then yes, go for the s5. Don’t buy the z2 because its just a minor update for the z1 and they changed nothing and put no effort into it. And for the 20mp, sometimes the biggest mp is not the best.
    If you like your phone saying camera is unavailable, then, I apologise.

  • gordon brown

    Samsung’s new Android flagship comes with a built-in ‘Download Booster’ mode that basically allows you to downloads large files (over 30MB) using both your Wi-Fi connection and cellular network at the same time, combining their bandwidth for zippier downloads. . This will come in handy, especially for users who are in a hurry to download a big file.

  • Andy

    The Xperia Z2 is a great phone in most respects. It has a very good
    camera and outlasts the competition without compromising the experience.
    However, it is a bit awkward to use at times and gets hotter than the
    other top phones when under strain.
    And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • azhy

    I have xperia z and a very old samsung mobile that its price is about 35$ and have a 2mp cam belive it or not its better than xp z at indoor lights. Hhhhhhhh. Yes the only thing sony is better is the ui.

  • roy

    Guess I’m minority, but these examples don’t show me a winner. They all look fine. And the M8 wins on a few in my opinion.

  • Pumpkin King

    My results are as far as overall detail seems to go. The M8 seems to be slightly better in some aspects, but loos in detail for obvious reasons.

    1.Slight edge to the Z2
    2.Mostly Z2
    3.M8 brighter, but overall S5. Though kind of toss up. S5 seems smudgier, but also seemd to have slightly better detail.
    4.Much harder to tell. They all seem about evenly matched.
    5.Again..All resovled about the same detail. However I would have to give an edge to the Z2 in overall look and light.
    6.Again..A lot harder of a choice. They all have different strengths. They all handle things fairly different and the lighting of the photos all have different pros. I’d have to pick maybe the Z2.

  • Pumpkin King

    Wow,,,You almost have a point…Until you go to much defensive and exaggerate in rage that people bash Z2.
    Sorry. 1020’s photo’s have horrible white balance and colors while Z2’s are way more accurate? Plus 1020 having RAW mode as far as I know. Try again.

    Yes Samsung loses in low light generally…But you exaggerate their loss and under exaggerate Sony’s
    Plus why are you using S4, Note 3, and G2 to compare to newer Z2? Which gained OIS and uses 20MP verses 13mp?
    And you try to overlook daylight shots like it’s unimportant…Especially if something performs better it is a show of better optics.

    Umm…S5 performs no better than the S4? Now you are just being a whining fanboy in denial. The S5 is currently the best Android camera. It brought some good improvements and new very useful features.
    Comparing 20mp with OIS to 16mp without OIS in most conditions except low light the S5 resolves more detail and takes better photos. As well as records better video and audio.
    And even in low light was not terribly behind and in one of the results did my opinion. Compared to the Z2, S4, and Note 3 it’s colors are a little more saturated though.

    Z wins in low light against Note 3? I doubt that. Again you act like losing in daylight is an ok thing just because it makes up in low light. Daylight is ideal conditions for the sensor and should show how it shines. If it loses in daylight, but makes up in low light that’s poor optimizations there.

    And many many many are just like you who will whine and make up anything in defense and exaggerate things.

  • Pumpkin King

    Even though only the Z1 had an edge over Samsung and there was a larger pixel difference.
    Only Nokia has ever out performed Samsung in mobile camera.
    Samsung makes better camera sensors than Sony and made the few Sony ones they used work better than Sony could…Yet you tell others to not be a fanboy….That’s funny.

  • Pumpkin King

    Um…It already happened…Try again?

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh for the love of God, the Z2 doesn’t have OIS for goodness’ sake.. But that’s okay though.. You’ve just make me laugh with your sense of ignorance :)

    Yes, in the earlier firmware 1020 did have sh*t white balance and oversaturated colours.. And why don’t you check a comparison on youtube

    I prefer S4’s camera approach because it has more natural approach in processing images.. S5’s image processing goes overly aggresive. that is a camera shootout done by professionals.. You will see in terms of resolving detail, S5 loses to Z1 which is worse than Z2.. And S5’s lowlight performance is inferior to cameraphones with larger pixels such as iphone 5s and HTC M8, and even Xperia Z1.. Sorry but the best camera on android platform goes to Z1 and Z2

    S4 and Note 3’s ISO maxed out at ISO 1000, while Xperia Z can go to ISO 1600 and 2500.. I’ve a lot of experience with S4 and note 3 and some of their low light shots turned almost completely pitch black, no surprise considering the ISO is maxed out at 1000

  • Pumpkin King

    So everywhere saying the Z2 has OIS is lying? And you telling me that everywhere saying it has it which in turn me saying it has it…is me being ignorant???? Or you whining in a flamy rant for me to reply and correct you is my ignorance????
    Either way sounds like a scapegoat.

    What does “earlier firmware” have anything to do with now? You just completely proved yourself wrong with that. I did not even have to do anything there. Thank you for fixing that part for me.

    I will agree the S4’s approach was a little more natural. However the overall results and detail are a lot better with the S5 in comparison to the S4.

    Lol. Just for laughs I went to the page with the small idea you might actually have something to show for your big talk despite how ridiculous I knew it was…HAHAHAHA. Did you even look at the results…In normal conditions the S5 resolved WAY better detail than the Z1. That was a given. And it does better than the Z2 as well. In almost all conditions except low light the S5 is ahead. I will again agree a little more aggressive and saturated, but none the less. It takes better pictures with overall better resolved details.
    Plus things like that 0.3 second phase detection auto focus and real time HDR are very neat. And stuff like panorama and HDR being ahead of the pack with Samsung like normal. Yes you might not use it, but it shows how much better they handle the software tuning.
    And depending on the lighting can even kind of catch back up in some low light areas. And is not very behind in low light compared to the Z2 in most conditions.

    I know very well low light has always seemed to be a bit of a weak point of Samsung. Though they have improved more finally. I will however equate that to their newer sensor rather than any software breakthrough.
    Yes their ISO is lower. So in turn you just showed that maybe the only reason Sony is really any better is due to that aspect…

    Which reminds me that in my reply I think I forgot to mention the Galaxy Zoom. Which has optics that could be equal or better to the S5 and Z2. Plus things like much higher ISO, 10x optical Zoom, and a Xenon/LED flash set up.

  • Faisal Armand

    People Everywhere? Lol you should check gsmarena for complete specs of Z2.. Yes, you easily trust irrelevant source without checking the definitive information, that is why I call you ignorant.

    No offense but check that vertical bars on ISO 12233 chart on the link I posted.. You can see even the Z1 can resolve better details even on the smallest gap between the lines at the 20 bar. Even the reviewer say it himself (and it is quite funny that you say the detail of S5 is WAY better). Then you can check night shots and low light studio shoots where the S5 is the second worst performer

    In daylight, S5 has MARGINALLY better detail over the Z2 but that is thanks to overly aggresive sharpening and it also make objects a bit distorted, but in some scenes the Z2 is able to resolve more detail..

    Also, the HDR mode of S5 maybe an eye candy for most people but it is also unrealistic as it boost shadows too much

  • Pumpkin King

    GSMArena is one of the places I have seen list it’s stabilization.
    So again your assumptions and you getting more and more butthurt each time of me contradicting your claims as well as pointing out how illogical your retaliating claims are against me has you further scapegoating your ignorance…
    Maybe if you would just simply understand logic and facts instead of trying to “one up me” so bad….I would not have to point the above out in every comment.

    No offense…But how does a less detailed and less clear image equate to more detail? Bars? You mean the chart? I’ve already long since seen those charts on GSMarena. And it’s different colors that stick out on them. Not detail.
    I actually scrolled through the page and compared the real photos. Did you even look through the photos on the page you shared??????
    Seriously now. I say this because that’s what those photos showed.

    Again. Daylight shows what a sensor can do. And despite it’s advantages and being developed for over a year and reused and refined still does not cut it. I definitely blame some of that on Sony’s poor ability in software optimizing their cameras. Also in moderate lighting conditions the S5 can generally do better. And even the picture of the outside of the well lit building at night time from higher up and further off the S5 was a bit more aggressive but had a noticeable amount of detail lead.
    In daylight I have not really seen a result where the Z2 actually did better yet.

    Call it what you like, but it shows Samsung’s ability to tune the software better. As well as being able to use HDR in real time and for both photos and videos is pretty sweet. I think the S4/Note 3 had a slightly better approach, but it’s still among the top and again with Panorama shows again their tuning abilities.

    They only are really lacking in Low light, but not by much. And that is with others having advantages like higher ISO and larger pixels. And again…The Galaxy Zoom much?

    And what about the part where I pointed out how you proved your own point for me? Just going to ignore that?
    If you would stop the silliness here of getting hurt by my comments and trying to one up me in retaliations and facts rather than just being more factual and objective…It might get better for you.
    Plus if you recall I was able to poke fun at myself and admit something really silly I did in overlooking something obvious while I was picking on others for not reading….But I know I ruined that because everyone has too much pride and pointing out things in such detail is going to prevent you from being able to do it.

  • Pumpkin King

    Um…I think I goofed my reply to this one as well. Only the S5 does. Not the S4 and Note 3.
    Although they all tend to have better tuned software. Sony just has a much larger and better sensor.

  • Pumpkin King

    Very similar to my findings. A lot of them were actually very hard.
    Where as that bright building seemed to be the clear lead for S5, and the last one was definitely a clear lead for the Z2.

  • Pumpkin King

    On that one I agree. But it seems you only want to focus on that aspect of the S5.

  • Pumpkin King

    In the case of all these “low light alone” photos the Z2 wins most, loses some, and comes out similar with a couple.

    They were spot on. Sony seems to have a lot of trouble tuning their cameras. And Samsung and Apple make the Sony sensors they use work better than the equivalent ones Sony uses.

    And in moderate light, daylight, focus, features, full use of the sensor, HDR/Panorama/overall tuning, and video. The S5 has the better camera. Despite Sony having the larger sensor with much more work put into it.

  • Pumpkin King

    I won’t even agree to that here. In low light the Z2 has the general edge even though the camera on the S5 is better in most ways.

  • Pumpkin King


  • Pumpkin King

    Wow…You really need to drop the bias. Replying to bias with more bias does not fix the situation. And I know you do not want to hear this from me right now.

    The Z2 is not a CLEAR winner in every shot. And the fountain is one of the only ones where it is that ahead. And the S5 captures more details in some. Plus the S5’s and M8’s are at their full resolution too. What’s your point with that? In that logic the others would gain more detail too…Unless you are saying Sony’s full resolution shots are poorly tuned. Where as in some of the photos the Z2 had a tint.

    Yes. The S5 is a bit aggressive and saturated. However the results come out better than what you say. And that is in fact what helped it win in a couple photos. More detail. Especially that building with everyone walking in front of it. It was weird because it was a bit smudgier, but the detail resolved was a good bit better.

    And M8 is not horrible. If you know as much as you claim then you know it’s resolution holding it back the most.

  • Faisal Armand

    It is labeled as only stabilization right? It doesn’t say “optical image stabilization” in which you will find in camera specs of LG G2, lumia 1020, HTC M8, etc. S5, S4, note 3, etc also has stabilization feature. So who is butthurt now?

    Oh yes, I even download those photos for further examinations and yes.. S5 has a tiny wee bit more more detail thanks to aggresive software enhanced sharpening. But the detail of the S5 is artificial which is characterised by distorted edges. The Z2 also has loads of detail, but the detail is natural and not software enhanced. But I think it is understandable why samsung put aggresive sharpening on the S5. Because it will go against 20.7MP Xperia Z2 and normal processing won’t be enough to match sheer natural detail of Z2. Aggresive processing is more of a weakness than a strength in image quality and natural detail is better than exaggerated artificial detail that S5 has in its daylight shots

    Don’t even get me started on low light shots, S5 has noticeably heavy noise reduction and washed out colours

    I never said lumia 1020 is sh*t it is really great camera, loses only to 808. But I just don’t like 1020’s overprocessed full res images and oversaurated colours

    Galaxy S4 Zoom? Here, you will see it loses to lumia 1020, and xperia Z1 on early firmware which has half baked camera software. And it even struggle against LG G2 if you deny another professional shootout like this, then you gotta be the most butthurt samboy on the planet.

    You don’t even understand the purpose of ISO 12233 chart, its purpose is to measure overall image quality not to measure colour reproduction, lol..

    Me getting butthurt? Not being factual and objective? Lol, at least I have so many proofs that supports my arguments and contradict yours, even after I started post links and pics here and there, you were still bit*hing and sh*t. Who’s butt hurt now? Who is not being factual and objective? You.

  • Pumpkin King

    Again…Just trying ti one up in butthurt retaliation every time only sticks your own foot up your arse…
    Just now the specs say image stabilization. I have been on there for years and if it was only software it said “software”. Unless they went and randomly changed it…The fact that you try to make such a big deal out of such a little thing and have to jump at every single chance just to try and one up me on the slightest things is pretty sad and pathetic…and that would make you obviously the butthurt…Of course like I already said pointing out one’s flaws in such detail is a double edged sword because most people have too much pride and will stop at nothing to deny it all….
    So Z2 might not have OIS…Why..They used the same senor, could not add OIS or even tune it to work that much better??? What’s up with that?

    LOL! Now when the S5 has more detail it’s only software created fake detail…That’s rich…Did you pull that out of your cheerios box?

    And are you kidding me???? I’ll bring up the first picture alone…Huge difference without need of zoom…i guess I even have to upload them as proof because of your denial…Of course I’m skeptical that you would still try to deny it with the proof sitting right there.

    I think we already made it clear the Z2 was better in low light…You are just now being angry and jealous…And negating the fact that I pointed out in one or two where it actually did better….Why does it hurt you so much to admit fact??? I admitted that the Z2 was better at low light and that it won most of them…But factually mention where the S5 had a couple advantages and you have to bash the S5 more???
    Please explain that to me…And be honest…How is that anything but butthurt denial, negating, ranting?

    I’ve already seen that….And please…Did you just post another review you did not actually go through??? Even the G2 beat it?? Are you on drugs??????? One picture came out kind of funky…The rest were generally better than Z1 and G2….
    What is your bias towards Sony and illogical hate towards Samsung? Because of some Samsung trolls?? Do you know how many more jealous Sony trolls I have seen on pages?? LOTS MORE…Why are you in such denial of anything they do and exaggerate in every aspect how superior Sony is??? Such addictions are not healthy.
    Like I said…You are letting bias and your anger of me pointing out your actions drag you into worse and worse replies.

    Really??? Are you serious…You said Z1 captured way more detail…I said that was ridiculous and that the color difference is what stuck out of the results…not detail…because they looked about the same….And you reply to tell me what the chart is meant for and that’s detail not color….
    AGAIN…Stop letting your personal bias lead you to make such foolish replies…LEARN TO READ….

    You are still hurt…You even technically admitted it just there….And you posted links that contradict what you say. Like the images I’m going to post about S5 and Z1. And about the Amoled you posted something that basically showed what I already said…And I pointed that out and took the time to explain in detail those results and how the techs work….and you just replied…Picture proves it….Yeah…That was not denial……
    Then you posted a link claiming the Zoom falls behind the G2 even when the actual results contradicted that and showed a much more logical claim.
    And now all this…Further getting more and more angry and jumping at every single chance you think you see to “prove me wrong” even when it means you end up misreading things and misquote like a boss. i’m telling you, you are only letting your pride and bias make this much worse…….

  • Pumpkin King

    Forgot them at the end…So you are telling me that these two pictures from the article you posted shows the Z1 being better than the S5??????????
    Come on now…Why so much denial????

  • Faisal Armand

    Denial denial denial… What’s with your denial? The reviewer is a PRO for goodness’ sake! He said “despite the 16MP resolution, the S4 Zoom is the softest in this shootout” he even provide a 100% crop and you make your own conclusion.. How many years of experiences do you have as a photographer, being able to deny top photography sites like dxomark and dpreview, and anandtech? Damn.. Jeez, in all photos Z1 takes sharper photos, s zoom advantages are only 10x optical zoom and a xenon flash. I think it is you who don’t read the site, plus you make your own conclusion..

    Did I ever say I hate samsung? No. Samsung has great phones with great hardware and software optimizations, only let down by cheap looking design.

    Ever heard of “image processing methods” boy? It is done by software. And in case you don’t know RAW units from ISOCELL sensor actually has comparatively low detail, but has great dynamic range and great colour accuracy. Samsung boosted up the sharpening, and colours in order to make photos look punchy.

    It is you in the first place who jump in old articles and try to bash everyone.. I jump to you so I can have some fun in seeing samsung fanboy who is in complete denial that its beloved product is now facing some tough competition, unlike 2-3 years ago where samsung won against its competitors easily.

  • Faisal Armand

    That guy did a camera comparison between S5 and Z1. You can see the exif data for the test, so you can know that is a fair test. Examine them at pixel level one by one.. You will see the S5 clearly loses

  • Pumpkin King

    LOL! Even without zooming you can almost immediately see the S5 does clearly better. Zoom in and you can tell for sure. As well as do this test. Go to the page and look at it on the S5 and then switch to the Z1. You immediately see the drop of quality.

    Why are you in such denial and bias you ignore proof right in front of your eyes? Sadly I even predicted this in my reply…You bias and denial of visible fact was becoming more evident and I said I was afraid you would do this ….and you did….

    Why can’t you simply admit fact? Come one…It’s the Z1..Why would you even expect it to win?

  • Pumpkin King

    So you out of bias, further anger/pride, and butthurt you still reply in denial, scapegoat, and ignore almost everything I pointed out and asked. Despite that I offer the courtesy to read your replies and directly reply to almost everything you say. Get more upset all twist all you want…Just makes it easier on me because you make less factual points and misquote more things. Swallow your pride, admit your actions..Which I have already admitted some of my own by my own accord…and drop the bias….It might make things easier…I don’t care if it upsets your pride…If you are going to act out in such manors jumping at every chance in denial and misquote everything while denying the results you provide and ignore my posts….Then I have the same amount of rights to call it out.

    I have on more than one occasion read through that entire review and looked at all the examples. Did you look through all of them? I will say the Zoom for some reason took a hit in the first one. However in most of the other shots if you look at them it did very well in terms of colors and details. Also for instance the way in the first person test it was about second best behind the 1020 in terms that the other two made the guy look slightly more misshaped..Not by much at all.
    Where did I questioned them. The only thing I questioned was your denial of the actual results which aim to make it appear as everything Sony is vastly superior and everything Samsung is far behind….Deny it or not those are what your words and bias are saying and portraying.

    I know well about processing. And as far as I know the 1020 and 8o8, followed by possibly the 1520…out of these main mentioned devices…Are the only to have Raw mode.
    The fact is that the S5 has better detailed photos. Plain and simple. While yes the Z2’s are a little better at color reproduction. That also depends on the lighting situations. Which Samsung’s Isocell tech seems to handle very bright situations much better.
    In low light Z2 has most advantages..BUT not in every single photo.
    Also in terms of video clarity and audio the S5 wins. And in video the isocell tech seems to work much better at brightness, details, and color. Where Z2 is not as detailed, and can be more washed out in sunlight, dimmer in well lit rooms, and I have not seem a low light or night shot comparison yet. Though Samsung has seemed to have actually been better there lately.
    As well as the front camera on the S5 is much better. Good bit wider, more accurate colors, better lighting, and more clear.

    And you did just as I predicted and denied the factual proof about the S5 vs Z1…Which is not very fair and I don’t care about. The S5 is clearly better. The Z2 is the more fair comparison.

    Next. Lets move onto everything you skipped over.
    I simply explained that the Z2 was overall better in low light, but there was a couple cases where the S5 had an advantage. And you bashed Samsung and proclaimed how horrible it was in low light.
    So I asked that if I explained Z2 was better overall, but factual point out in a couple cases the S5 has an edge and you get angry, deny it, and rant about it….Please honestly tell what else that could be except fanboy bias, butthurt, jealousy?????

    And again…You said that 1020 was way behind in white balance and colors compared to the Z2. When I pointed out that was not logical and that the 1020 had raw mode. You replied to tell me that the 1020’s early firmware was saturated. So I asked what does it’s “early firmware” have to do with now? And thanked your for contradicting yourself and fixing that for me. You never replied on it after that. Then I pointed out that you never replied about that. So you said “I never said the 1020 was bad”…I never said the above obviously shows…And I pointed out hat is not what I said…and then explained all this…Now here we are again…And I’m explaining it all again and you ignoring it again..Except you make some mention of RAW mode and compare it to Samsung. Which like I said…As far as I know only the PurView cams of these listed phones have it…And I will also now point out that it has nothing to do with what has been said or mentioned.

    As well as now you have also continually ignored the Amoled things after i pointed out that your post only further proves my claim.
    And you still misquote me, don’t fully read and reply to my comments even though I do to yours, still are “in denial” bashing Samsung and praising Sony on everything, and still jumping at every chance you see in a heart beat to try and “one up” me or “prove me” wrong. And despite your denial is because you made some illogical and fanboy based comments. I called you out for them and you did not like that. Pride kicked…In each reply you have read and grasped less, misquoted worse, denied more, and more so jump at every little thing you think “powned me” when in the end it'[s usually nothing because you jumped in too quickly without thinking….And I call it out in detail every time and it makes you more upset…And you only do everything worse because of it.
    I will sorry for how it effects you and that you could consider it a little harsh…But until you stop acting like that and doing these things…I won’t stop calling it out…Plus add in the fact that I offer the courtesy to read everything you type, check out every link you provide, and reply directly to everything you say as best as I can.
    If you would not do all the above and deny so much, while stating so many illogical things…Then I would not have so many things to reply to make such detailed long and over drawn replies.

  • Faisal Armand

    Jeez, you don’t even know how to read vertical and horizontal bars do you? The Z1 scores 2000 LPH vertically and 1800 LPH horizontally. Whereas the S5 scored 1800LPH both vertically and horizontally.. What does that mean? The Z1 is better (but not by much) in terms of resolving natural detail.. Who is in denial now?

    Okay okay, now lumia 1020 has RAW mode and we can process images as the way we want right?

    S5’s amoled screen can’t handle colours accurately, Z2’s and even M8’s screen are more accurate. I posted a pic to prove that but you denied, denied, and denied again and again..

    Jeez, i’m tired.. Even after I posted links and pics that contradicts your arguments.. You are still in complete denial, not only you deny me buf you also deny professionals.. Which made me a bit crazed. Oh by the way.. Those sites that has comparisons on it, I read them so many times and I downloades the photos and examine them.

  • Faisal Armand

    “without zooming in s5 clearly has more detail” LOLOLOLOL.. Are you having eye disease or something? Xperia Z1 has the edge in terms of rendering fine details (bricks, and roof lines), and low contrast details (foliage) where the S5 clearly smudges them..

  • Pumpkin King

    You again put words in my mouth and ignored things despite me answering everything you said.
    You are ignoring my comments and misquoting. All because you are butthurt by what i said. If you can’t simply follow a simple debate without correctly following what i say and even contradict yourself more than once as well as not being able to be objective you might as well stop. Your are still just scraping at every chance to “one up” me.
    I directly reply to everything you say and I use facts giving both credit where credit is due. All you do is go Sony rules Samsung sucks blah blah I’m right blah blah ignore proof blah.
    If you cant just simply repky to the things i point and prove against and you ignore them then basically that is you saying you lose. And dont try and twist that. Again. I reply to everything. You just rant and ignore and put words in my mouth.

  • Pumpkin King

    Well let’s see here…should we just act like and deny? The picture I showed was the exact opposite and in more than just detail. Yet you are still in denial.
    And instead of admitting it you deny complete proof and then just run off to find a different picture. And you think things just work like that?
    Plus different pictures have different results and this one looks like it didn’t properly focus.
    All you do is deny, ignore, and sidetrack. And don’t try and twist that back onto me.
    You want questions answered and results confirmed start trying to do it yourself first. Ignoring people and then asking for something just means you already lost and only want what you think.

  • Daniel Muvdi

    For me HTC M8 win, you guys are only looking the zoom? this phone is more for social media. my impression is the small pictures on htc m8 is no a problem, and if you see the pictures wiith no zoom. HTC M8 wins. in all the pictures.

  • Jaafar Machrouhi

    Bridge: Z2 photos is the best one.

    Building: S5 photos is the best one.

    Ferris: S5 photos is the best one.

    Sign: Z2 photos is the best one.

    Statute: M8 photos is the best one. (with Z2’s very close to it & S5’s being the worst)

    Though I’m still a bit disappointed by the Z2 shots, I though I they could have been better.

  • Abdul

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    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Zeroangel

    I just stumbled upon this article and think it’s faulty as it does in no way give good close-up/fullcrop comparisons of the cameras. So I made my own comparison images using 50% or 100% zooms of some of the images presented.

    First of all i’d like to make clear that the HTC One M8 has less than half of the megapixel count than the S5 and Z2 phone cameras do. This means that if all images are viewed at their native resolutions, the S5 and Z2 will appear twice as zoomed in as the One M8 does.

    This brings up the important question. ‘Just how important are megapixels’? The answer to this is ‘it highly depends on the camera’s sensor and how good it is at taking advantage of the extra megapixels’. To Illustrate this, i’m presenting this first image of the ‘Playground’ scene.

    As you can see from the above image. The S5 takes advantage of the extra megapixels it has, while the Xperia Z2 has enough sensor noise to render the extra megapixels somewhat wasted. The detail of the One M8 picture is noticably blocky at 200% zoom, highlighting the limits of it’s lower megapixel count. That said, people rarely ever few things at full zoom. The only place where the extra megapixels pay off is in digital zoom, or if you are printing the picture taken from the camera — in these cases the One M8 takes full advantage of the potential detail its megapixel count offers but the Galaxy S5 has a distinct advantage since it not only has more megapixels, but takes advantage of them too. The Galaxy S5 is the winner here, but the other 2 cameras didn’t do badly either.

    So now lets move down to 50% crop images (for the S5 and Z2) and 100% for the One M8. This first is from the ‘signs’ photo and centers the signs themselves.

    In this picture all cameras competently capture the details and edges of the signs. This goes back to my previous point that ‘if all you’re going to do is post these pictures on facebook, then the M8 is a competent performer’, and further illustrates that the extra megapixels can be wasted, as they are on the Xperia Z2 shot. That said you can really notice the post-processing that the Z2 does as it really smooths out parts of the image. The Galaxy S5 on the other hand has the most apparent amount of sensor noise visible in the background building, however an interesting thing to note is that were these images to be zoomed in by one step, the ‘honeycomb’ pattern on the the sign from the Galaxy S5 shot would be quite apparent. The Galaxy S5 is my favorite in the above shot.

    The above is another comparison from the ‘signs’ image set. This time taken on the right-side of the screen. Oddly enough the M8 blows the highlights and the noise from them becomes really noticable. The smoothing algorithm that the Xperia Z2 does, on the other hand is quite noticable and actually done very well in this part of the image, but still highlights the fact that the extra megapixels it has, has gone to waste. The Galaxy S5 shot has the most clarity (as you can see from the road signs), but also a significant amount of blotchy sensor noise. If I had to pick a favorite from the above, it would be a tie between the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2.

    This final comparison is interesting. And it goes without saying that even at-a-glance the One M8 is the winner here. The shots of the cupid, while the highlights are ‘slightly’ blown out , provide the richest color with the least amount of visible sensor noise (GS5 has the most sensor noise) and without being oversmoothed (like the Xperia Z2).

    Overall, all of these camera phones are competent performers in their own ways and they all offer different advantages that the other ones do not have. The strengths of the Cameras compared to each other are as follows.

    One M8:
    + Smallest filesizes at native resolution (1/4 the filesize of the GS5, 1/5 the filesize of the Xperia Z2)
    + Good performance at its limited megapixel count. Fully utilizes the pixels available to it. Will work just fine for photos shared on Facebook or any social media site.
    + Produces well-balanced shots
    = Biased towards a ‘warm’ color cast. If you like this look it’s a positive. If you don’t then its a negative.
    – Limited megapixels? Decide whether you care or not. You probably shouldn’t if it’s just simple family photos you’re snapping.
    – Slight tendency to blow out highlights.

    Galaxy S5
    + Greatest potential sharpness. Takes advantage of its higher megapixel count in many shots.
    + Produces the most accurate colors, but only by a small margin compared to the Xperia Z2.
    = Biased towards a ‘neutral’ color cast.
    – Produces significant amounts of blotchy sensor noise in undetailed parts of the image.

    Xperia Z2
    + Produces smooth images with the least amount of blotchy sensor noise.
    + Zoom out all the way and take a look at the crop factors. The Xperia Z2 can fit more things into the shot.
    = The Z2 appears to do some extra post-processing on colors, leading to parts of the image that have definite color casts which accord to the color of each item on the screen. Ultimately it results in a smoother picture, but appears to introduce some amounts of extra blur.
    – Doesn’t take advantage of the extra megapixels it’s given. You’re probably better off shooting at half-quality and saving yourself some unnecessary filesize bloat on your pictures.

    Overall: Pick the tradeoffs here that you’re most comfortable with!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    5 MP Non EXMOR sensor!!!!!!
    low light sexy shots

  • Shubham Mutreja

    i have c901 which fucks every sammy phone!!!!

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  • eL banaag

    try to use Z2 in manual and you’ll see how it will perform.. it’s not a point and shoot camera.. sony sucks on camera software.. but using manual mode,tweaking whitebalance, iso levels, proper exposure, proper metering and focus, it will result better shots :)

  • eL banaag

    then go manual mode :) i have some shots in my google+

  • eL banaag

    you can do post processing and add more sharpness :)

  • eL banaag

    do the post processing in Z2 and it will be better :) it’s easier to add sharpness.. also manual mode is a beast.. you can control every camera settings..

  • eL banaag
  • eL banaag

    automode is only 8mp sorry

  • eL banaag

    use it in manual then.. i assure you tweak all the settings it will produce good image :) check my google+ account

  • eL banaag

    use manual mode and you’ll see the true quality of Z2 by tweaking iso, exposures, white balance, metering mode, focus as well.. see my google+ account i have sample shots

  • eL banaag

    use the focus “object tracking” on Z2 and it will capture moving objects fine :) also use iso 1 level higher than enough

  • eL banaag

    use manual focus on z2 and make use of the shutter button to focus :) also make use of proper iso manually and you’ll have less noise :) superior auto sucks on Z2. but manual is beast :) here’s my google+ account and see what manual can do

  • Pumpkin King

    Burst mode tends to yield some nice results of Xperias too sometimes

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