Album Beta (7.1.A.0.12) brings 4K output over MHL and more

by XB on 20th March 2015

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Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_4Sony Mobile has released a Beta of its Album application to testers, moving the build number from 7.0.A.0.26 to version 7.1.A.0.12. The move from 7.0 to 7.1 brings some big changes including the ability to output 4K images via MHL – particularly useful when connected to a 4K screen.

Other changes include the option to now choose exactly what items in the nav menu that you want displayed. Previously, this was limited to Facebook, Picasa and Flickr, but now you can choose whether you want Videos, Folders, Camera effects etc to also be displayed.

Within the settings menu, you can now also check to see how much of your PlayMemories Online storage quota you have used. Lastly, the location is now shown for PlayMemories Online photos. If you are keen to try the Beta for yourself, head over to the “Sony Album Beta” Google+ community to download the update and provide feedback.

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_1 Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_2

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_3 Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_4

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_5

Thanks Ben!

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