Xperia Z2 tops DxOMark camera rankings; takes Nokia 808 Pureview’s crown

by XB on 7th April 2014

in Imaging, Xperia Z2

Yellow-biasThe Sony Xperia Z2 has come top in the latest DxOMark rankings, knocking one of the best camera phones ever made, the Nokia 808 Pureview, into second place. The Xperia Z2 achieved a score of 79 points, enough to supplant the Nokia 808 Pureview at 77 points. “Although the new Xperia Z2 takes the coveted top spot by just two points it’s a significant achievement nonetheless,” says DxOMark.

DxOMark bases their score on a mixture of photo and video performance. DxOMark said that the “revised Z2 impresses with its color and detail preservation, both outdoors and in more challenging lighting, and it retains the fast autofocus of the Z1 while improving its precision. Noise levels remain low with none of the objectionable chroma noise found on some rivals; only some fine-grained luminance type noise is noticeable at times.”


Looking at the individual scores, on the photos side the Xperia Z2 took joint first place with the Nokia 808 Pureview. Oddly on the video side, the Xperia Z2 achieved a lower score than the Xperia Z1 coming third overall (GoPro Hero3 was the winner here). A great result overall for the Xperia Z2.

DxOMark Xperia Z2 assessment



• Impressive detail preservation outdoors. In low light, a high level of details remains visible even if a loss is noticeable compared to outdoors.
• Reasonable noise levels in all conditions. No chroma noise and fine grain size.
• Fast and responsive autofocus with limited errors.
• Good overall exposure.
• Pleasing colors in all conditions.
• Good overall flash performance: exposure, color, white balance, noise and detail.


• Occasional white balance inaccuracies indoors. Outdoors, a slight blue tint is noticeable in certain images.
• Slight color shading noticeable with tungsten lighting.
• Noticeable fringing, ringing and maze artifacts.



• Good stabilization, especially during walking motion.
• Good texture reproduction.
• Low noise levels.


• Autofocus moves step-by-step rather than continuously, and is unpredictable.
• White balance inaccuracies with foliage under daylight illuminant.
• Visible color shading.
• Some aliasing evident.

Via DxOMark.

  • Kunorishi

    Z2 rules!!

  • I still believe they need to improve the camera through a software update.

  • CameraMan

    this proves nothing

  • Jamshad Perumpilavu

    Oh My God What Can I Say..In Display Wise It Beats Note 3 (The Best Display Phone Out There),Camera Wise It Beats Nokia 808(Best Camera Phone Out There),Speaker Sound Wise It Beats Htc One (The Best Stereo Speaker Out There),Performance Wise It Beat Both S5 and Htc One,Design Wise There is No Competitor Against Sony….That Means This Year Sony Made A True Beast….

  • MasterYoda

    best camera, best display, best battery and so one..
    this phone has simply no competition, it’s the king of the smartphones!!

  • Colby Leong

    It’s still good to see them get some accolades for their work, shows Sony is on the right path. Curious though the Galaxy S5 isn’t on here yet, and based from the sample shots from earlier, they could pose a huge threat.

  • asian101

    Yeah. I believe you more than Dxomark, Mr. *cough* Expert *cough*.

  • xperiafan324

    And that’s what most exciting in a way too, that Sony probably will improve camera quality even further with software updates for the Z2. So in that sense, the eventual product should be even better than what DxOMark tested.

  • Arthur Simon


  • Faisal Armand

    I know dxomark since a looong time ago.. Believe me they are one of the world’s best professional camera reviewers. If they gave a dslr, compact, point and shoot, and smartphone a good camera score that means THAT PARTICULAR DEVICE TRULY HAS AN AMAZING IMAGE QUALITY!

    And now there goes everyone that said Z2’s camera is utter monkey cr*p, and sh*t.. And for those of you who said Z2 su*ks in low light compared to S5.. If you guys didn’t believe what I said before that Z2 was superior, a group of professional photographers proved you guys wrong

  • OMG

    LMMFAO!!!! There is no way on GODS GREEN earth that my Z2 takes better photos than my 808… Don’t get me wrong its a great phone and camera but its way out of its league here… this has got to be the most biased and blatantly unfactual review I have ever seen!

  • Ash

    What about z1 compact update which was supposed to release today.

  • Sanyok1986

    will there be any photo proofs ?

  • Abdul Ghani

    hope this type of fix is released for z1 z1 compact as well

  • Faisal Armand

    No, they are not biased. It is You who just don’t understand their measurements in assesing image quality, in case you don’t know their industry standard test consists of taking 450-500+ pictures both in studio and in real life conditions. And they assess cameraphones in 8MP equivalent values, not in full resolution that one particular smartphone has.

    Most of the pixel peepers only count noise levels, texture preservation, and sometimes artifacts. And yes, 808 is better than Z2 in those regards, beating it with scores of 84 and 88 whereas Z2 has a score of 83 and 84. And 808 also scores far greater than Z2 in terms of image artifact with a score of 89 whereas Z2 only has a score of 68. And yes if you assess a image quality of those 3 factors alone, then yes 808 is superior to Z2.

    But in terms of exposure and autofocus, 808 loses badly to Z2.. (78 vs 88) and (73 vs 84) and those factors make 808 overall image quality is the same as Z2.

    Also that overall rating represents a combination of photo score and video score.. And see for yourself, 808’s video capability is inferior to Z2.

    And here is their measurements to overall score =(overall photo score * 2/3) + (overall video score * 1/3)

    Z2: (81*2/3) + (73*1/3) = 79.09 -> 79
    808: (81*2/3) + (68*1/3) = 77.39 -> 77

    Hopefully that clears up your suspicions.

  • AGuy

    Ok, hurry up to get your so. Lets count how much time it takes to first comment complaing about photo quality in sony mobile support page xD
    I am not fanboy of of other brands and I have nothing against Sony, I am user of an old Xperia S and I love it even with its defects. But guys.. Its all the same.. When Sony is closer to launch their products we always see topics like these.. Better camera, better performance, but in practice its always different.. Look for the youtube videos that Sony releases when Xperia S was Sony flashgrip.. I am not telling you for not buying sony devices cause I am a fan of Sony too and my next device should be a xperia Z1 or a T2 Ultra.. But be careful with topics like these ;/

  • The S ™ – S the Sixth sense

    Moreover this is XPERIA blog. I read the comparison news by Sony team for Z1’s camera with others smartphones, and came out in the first position. But the result is quite different from mobile reviewers.

  • eddie

    Why everything about today’s smartphone is about the camera? Why the race? Why not race in, lets say, smaller phones but with bezeless screen – at most a 5inch screen in a 5,1inch body (somewhat xperia zl pops in mind, amazing phone to hold) with extremely capable battery and superb screen with 400ppi (you really dont need more than this) at most. This would be the dream phone and I do not give two damns about the camera which I personally never use on my phone.

  • V1ado


  • The real thing to race is battery size, literally, not the capacity but the size. Which is the real restrictions in every phone.

  • The Truetist

    You dont need more than 250 ppi..
    Your eyes cannot notice any difference to nothing above that.
    Its just waste of battery ;/

  • Ziich

    bezel wise no one can compete

  • karamelakimo

    that’s my sony
    make believe <3 :D

  • darannechelle

    What happen to the lumia king???? Hahaha

  • RealityCheck2013

    GOOD!!! :P Anything to do with Microsoft that gets a kicking is good News to me :D

  • Christian

    grow up.

  • Moe

    you’re right! the zl has the most screen to bezel ratio of 75%

  • yudi_hilmawan

    No you wrong M8 has the largest bezels of 2014 flagships, and even with bigger sensor, battery and stereo speakers Z2 has very… very… very… close screen ratio with S5.

  • Ziich

    how i wish there was a zl2

  • Ziich

    all work and no play makes Christian a dull boy

  • Mohammed Khired

    but you gotta salute nokia for their 808 Pureview , a 2012 product still ramming top notch 2013’s and 2014’s smartphones in term of camera department…

  • ray

    Android authority said the camera is pretty noisy.

  • HardyHarHar

    Waiting for the Sony Xperia Z* with the 810 SOC :3 I ain’t gonna upgrade ti’ll I see a phone with that processor. Anything below is just on par with my Z1 Compact.

  • afzal zainal

    Good job sony…..

  • kirakira

    and failed to sell

  • Jer

    HTC M8, where is your god now.

  • esniper

    make believe parekoh

  • Average Joe

    Quit with the saying that we don’t need this, we don’t need that, the better the technology, the better or user experience will be, though, I agree that sometimes it may bring more cons, but saying we don’t need a better technology is a blatant lie, and that, in my experience, sounds a lot like Apple fan boys.

  • Average Joe

    Have you tried watching videos on screen 400 ppi or above next to that 250ppi of yours, and if you can’t see the difference, it is good for you. But I can clearly see it. I just hope that you are not lying to your self, try and convince yourself for something that is as clear as a day light.

  • Ziich

    Yeah that’s true my bad

  • Guarulhos

    If this site has managed to build a good reputation evaluating cameras and lenses, completely destroy the same, when he began to analyze the integrated mobile cameras !

    Camera Xperia Z2 providing higher image quality than the 808 PureView (The biggest and best cameraphone history) ? Ha Ha Ha… That was the biggest bad joke of the year !

    If Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1C and Xperia Z2 can not be higher than the Lumia 1520, as may be greater than the mobile phone that features a giant image sensor (1/1.2), Zeiss lens, Xenon flash and post processing pureview camera ?

    Neither in 1000 lives… Ridiculous and only justified Opinion for being sponsored by Sony Mobile !

  • asian101

    I would’nt trust AA. They do not review DSLRs nor Micro Four Thirds Cameras, nor they are a professional organization of objective photographers. They only review smartphones and tablets. Period.

  • asian101

    Objective reviews and ratings from Dxomark are pinnacle of camera and photography reviews. This (dxomark) I will trust more than websites who are just focused on reviewing smartphones and tablets.

  • adecvat

    Because professional photographers always get professionally baked product for review.

  • rick

    you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. dxomark is a highly trusted website … even professional photographers base their lens/camera purchasing decisions with their results. it may have hurt your ego that the phone that you currently own was beaten … but to call a website bias and nonfactual because of that is kinda childish

  • rick

    you mean your post? yeah … it doesn’t prove anything

  • tony

    it’s obvious that you didn’t even bother reading the review:
    “Although the Z2 is ranked number one overall, it is in fact in joint first place with the Nokia 808 Pureview for stills image quality, ahead of the Apple iPhone 5S, Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the that category. ”

    it’s amazing how many butts are getting hurt by this article.

  • Guarulhos

    Camera Xperia Z2 first with Camera 808 PureView ?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !

    Remains the same bad joke !

    Xperia Z2 has lower quality lens, image sensor 60% smaller, flash worst, worst post-processing !

    Only being a forum sold or being a fanatic fan boy to actually believe that Xperia Z2 is better than the 808 !

    PS: Even 1520 gives a beating in the Xperia Z2 digital camera !!!

  • Guarulhos

    Technichal Specifications Digital Camera 808 PureView PRO:

    * Optical Assembly: Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar Wide Angle 26 mm
    * Construction Lens: 5 Elements, 1 Group. All Lens Surfaces Are Aspherical
    * Features Lens: One High – Index, Low – Dispersion Glass Mould Lens / Mechanical Shutter With Neutral Density Filter
    * F-Number: f/2.3984375
    * Focal Length: 8.02mm
    * Focus Range: 15 Cm – Infinity
    * Iso Sensitivity: 50 – 1600
    * Shutter Speed: Min – (2,7s) / Max – (1/2747s)
    * Features Digital Camera: Touch Focus – Face Detection And Geo – Tagging
    * Flash: Xenon (3rd Generation) And Led (2rd Generation)
    * Reach In Shooting Of Flash: Up To 4 Meters
    * AF Light: Yes (Single Led 2rd Generation)
    * Format: 1/1.2”
    * Surface: 85,36mm² (10,67 x 13,33mm Or 8mm Diagonal)
    * Pixel Size: 38 MP (1.4 Microns) / 8 MP (3.07 Microns) / 5 Megapixels (3.91 Microns) / 3 MP (4.89 Microns)
    * Total Pixel Are Used: 7728 x 5368 – 41.4 MP
    * Maximum Effective Pixels Resolution: 7728 x 4354 For (16:9) / 7152 x 5368 For (4:3)
    * Other Features: 4x Lossless Digital

    When the Xperia Z2 have software and mainly hardware photographic so maybe he can try to be better than the 808, until that happens it’s just another phone with integrated camera !

    Z2 is below Xperia including the 1520, and especially Lumia Lumia 1020 !

  • Colby Leong

    Nokia had to stick with Symbian. It was good, but Android did more things better than Nokia’s Symbian did right. Just saying a Nokia 1020 running stock android would definitely sell.

  • rexperia

    So what can prove you something than the statement that you wrote…??? Jealousy…

  • rexperia

    Your bloody heart got shocked, right??? I admitted that Nokia PV 808 is the best camera on the mobile phone ever, but too bad the Symbian was died and RIP, so people not only looking the phone with the best cam but the ecosystem as well.. So good luck with your “THE BEST CAMERA PHONE with RIP ECOSYSTEM”

  • Christian

    that’s cute.

  • Andy

    The Sony Xperia Z1 was a powerful device and the Xperia Z2 takes things
    up a mark, making this one of the most powerful Android handsets around.And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • kirakira

    it was about time to retire. they’ve been on top for years.

  • kirakira

    and they’re not even good at it (reviewing smartphones and tablets). their reviews are all based on their subjective eyes and ears. they don’t have tools to measure real numbers aside from their benchmarking software. nevertheless, they do drop tests and that’s why i hang around their site every once in a while.

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Yeah you’re right. Comparing a 252ppi screen to 319ppi screen already can detect the difference… Don’t even need to compare to 423 ppi screen…

  • tony

    kid, you’re using nothing but “specs” as proof to call your “opinion” as facts. dxomark is a trusted website … even by pro-photographers. i know someone like you who probably only heard of this site for the first time in his life will find that hard to believe, but that is why your claims mean nothing to those who know more than you do.

    claiming that you know more than they do because “808 has xenon flash! better lens! bigger sensor!” is proof enough that you don’t know much about photography. and pushing it even further by posting “ha ha ha” to prove your point makes me believe that I’m talking to an 8-year old desperately trying to prove his point.

    the mere fact that you use specs as your “proof” of quality says a lot when it comes to your knowledge. not to mention that you accuse the site as being sponsored by sony with zero basis. and the xenon flash that you repeatedly mention … only noobs use that. anyone who has read a photography article at least once will know immediately that a direct flash is not recommended since it will actually ruin a photo. but you keep on talking about it as if it’s a good thing. and calling 808’s sensor as “giant” … giant? really? you do realize that there are m4/3 cameras that are capable of producing better image quality when compared with aps-c sensors … right? oh wait what am I saying here … of course you don’t.

    and if you think I’m a sony fanboy … well I am not. I think taking photos using a cellphone is a waste of time. because regardless on how “good” the said camera is … the overall image quality still sucks. and why? because I take photos for a living. and seeing comments from people like you who looks at a specs sheet for two seconds and immediately consider it better than the other device because of higher numbers/specs without proper testing is what separates the pros from so-called “experts” like you.

    just continue using your 808 and keep repeating the words “this is the best cellphone camera. Z2 sucks. xenon flash rule!” … because if you repeat those words often enough … maybe your dream … will come true. seriously though … read and do some research. unless you’re happy pretending that you actually know stuff.

  • kirakira

    the dxomark review policy actually states that they only get retail units available in the market for review and not those loaned or sent by companies. it’s in their about us page.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I didn’t know just the camera defines the full experience of a smartphone.

  • adecvat

    Is it available on market? US or Europe?

  • Ray

    Can u suggest me a good smartphone reviewer on youtube?

  • Jinnn

    I thought Nokia 1020 is the king of phone cameras?

  • alex

    What… ? Nokia 808 Pureview on second place, and Sony Xp. Z2 on first place??? It`s joke..DDD

  • tiqitoq

    you nailed it man!

    & besides, htc one m8 beats the z2 speaker-wise.

  • tiqitoq

    say that to yourself!! lol!

  • tiqitoq

    yeah! when it comes to size of bezel, no one can beat it!! LOL!

  • Ziich

    Just barely. The m8 is slightly clearer while the z2 has more

  • hahahahaha z2 better camera 808 pureview? Bullshit….. Nokia 808 PuerView king camera phone ever

  • alex

    Agree man! ) It’s clear BullShit! Look at this! The new camera comparison betweene new Z2 and SGS4. left to right: Z2, Z1, SGS4 Xperia Z2 could not even beat previous Z1)) And again old SGS4 won, except night shots. And they try to assure us that the camera Z2 better camera Nokia 808 Pureview: xD

  • xperiafan324

    It was a camera with a phone features. Not the other way… Honestly to this day that hump is the ugliest ‘feature’ I have ever seen on a phone, and even THEN the damn thing had chroma AND Luma noise at full res./end_rant

  • xperiafan324

    Sony did improve z1 and z1 compact already a great deal, and the KitKat update also packs ‘camera tweaks’ in the change log (separate from the new camera features).
    I think the main issue is that Sony promotes Superior Auto as the be-all,end-all for users, but auto touch-ups really do more harm than good in low light. I’d suggest anyone having troubles with lowlit quality to go into the manual settings. Rule of thumb is to reduce ISO to as low as possible (making sure that the scene doesn’t go too dull) and longer exposures for sceneries. The opposite is true for faster objects (short exposure but higher ISO but not too high anything below 500 should be decent).
    Disclaimer : I don’t own any Z series phone, these are just general rules to take better pictures.

  • alex

    Listen, blind fanboy. You want facts! Here’s the facts! Z2 could not beat the old SGS4 ))) And after this, you still believe that Z2 can beat the great Nokia 808 Pureview )))

  • z

    it’s on sale right now in taiwan

  • Abdul Ghani

    its true the auto iso and exposure is always set on high in z1 since the grainy and rough images appear sony needs to fix kitkat only solved the shutter speed not the quality of the pictures

  • ;) This is 808 pureview

  • alex

    Clear view camera!!! Sony can only dream of such great quality)) 808 Pureview is pocket-sized DSLR

  • Ray

    This is 808 YellowView :)

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  • josesl16

    I call placebo, unless you can somehow prove you have superhuman eyes.

  • tiqitoq

    barely or to whatever extent, beating is still a beating. LOL!

  • josesl16

    Just because you don’t deem the camera important doesn’t mean everyone else also thinks so. Who knows, some people may even use the phone camera as their main own camera, especially when they don’t really need DSLR quality photos. And this will be a welcomed feature to them.
    I would say that the race to get the screen density up is now the dumbest part of the smartphone race. Most people wouldn’t even be able to differentiate between 200 and 300ppi, much less care about them. Even 1080p on 5″ phones is quite an overkill already. 4K? lol…

    And it’s not that I hate technology being advanced at all, but the consequence of consuming more battery and processing power is what I don’t really like. And that consequence, might be so bad that it’s not technology ‘being advanced’ at all.

  • Erica griffin does the job when it comes to display analysis.

  • alex


  • Average Joe

    In many ways, I’m so happy for you to not being able to outright tell the difference between 200 and 300 ppi, so you don’t have the need for sharper screens, where I, for one, can clearly differentiate those within the distance of half a metre or so.

  • Average Joe

    You don’t need super human eyes to see it, it is your eyes that is incapable of seeing tiny things, and above all, there is no need for me to prove to you that I can clearly see those pixels, and most importantly, I hope you are being honest to yourself.

  • eddie

    Well, I said it based on my opinion, I do know that I am from minority with that. Personally I do see the difference between 200ppi and 300ppi and I looked at it, not just for saying. I agree that for some the camera can become the only camera they need, but only for some as you said it for yourself. I for myself would like to pay less if the phone would exclude better camera and an overkill screen.

  • Senjaya

    wow. it seems that many folks here disagree with dxomark review. I myself realy impressed with z2. yesterday I saw a debate between @kirara with some people about #cameraduel.
    all I can say is dxomark give us the answer.

  • Siberian Messenger

    Sony changed their slogan into “Be moved” now…

  • Siberian Messenger

    Watching one person with two vest accounts speaking inwardly is also a joke XD

  • laci_csk

    Your world is only US or Europe ? Your world is too small, maybe like your brain, LOL.

  • Tmn

    are you trust?

  • Tmn

    It PR for Sony Z2!!! i can’t trust SAmsung s4 can over lumia 1020

  • Andy

    The display has 1080p resolution, despite all the rumors of QHD screens
    at the MWC. The sharpness is great though and Sony has used the same
    tech for the screen as it does for its TVs.
    And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • Pumpkin King

    Um…How does it beat the Note 3’s display if the Note 3’s display is still overall better?
    And the S5 has the world’s best as tested by displaymate.
    Camera wise it beats nothing. The 8o8, 1020, and even S5 take better photos. As well as the Zoom still might take better photos as well.
    This test is comparing it’s camera tricks and video as well. Which again the S5 overall does all that better. It does not base it just on photos so it’s not a very black and white test in that sense.
    It beats the M7’s speakers, but not the M8’s which are louder and clearer.
    Performance wise definitely not the top.
    Design is preference and I’m sorry at that rate than the Droid Razr Xt912 still holds top.

    While the Z2 is amazing and about Second or in tie for second it is not the best everything….Wake up to reality hive mind fanboy

  • Pumpkin King

    It’s still a better camera phone. The tests do more than photography…And the Z2 still including far superior video and tricks only came out two points ahead.

  • Pumpkin King

    It was also support from them and others using Symbian.
    Symbian was way ahead prior.
    I mean back in even 2008-2009 it had all kinds of functions. And Samsung had a small time of lead with it with the Omnia HD.
    You had built in file manager that was moer flexible than Android’s now to the average user, 3d multi tasking, HD video, Amoled, widgets, system wide themes, flash support, and so on.

    But after one years Samsung forgot the device ever existed and Nokia took too long to catch up in things like keeping current.

    Heck when the S1, Icrap 4, and others were out Nokia had a Symbian 3 device with a dual core.

  • Pumpkin King

    Actually the Z2’s bezels and measurements have decreased A LOT from Z1.

  • Pumpkin King

    More volume and more clarity. That’s a decent win.

  • Pumpkin King

    They very much do….But if you look at them using the same sensor from last year only slightly improved and not only could they not get the software good enough then, but are on a second year with it….It’s extremely doubtful to happen.

  • Pumpkin King

    Did you even read what it’s about…For someone claiming to have been following the site for a long time you really just stuck your foot far up your own arse.

    It’s based on video, tricks, AND VIDEO. It has amazing 4k video which blows the older video away from 8o8 and 1020…Yet as a total score still only got two points higher than the 8o8….Do you realize how much better that makes the still image quality of the 8o8??? A LOT!!!!
    And they have not tested the S5 yet either. I cannot comment on low light yet, but as far as normal pictures, video, audio, panorama, and HDR the S5 has a better camera.
    The Zoom might as well.
    The 1020 and and 8o8 also do.
    This is not a black and white test of which camera takes better photos. Think before posting.

  • Pumpkin King

    Yeah um…You do not know how to read do you?
    It combines the score of of photos, video, and other camera aspects. So the Z2 has great 4k video that blows the 8o8’s video out of the water…yet only scored 2 points higher….You know why? Because the 8o8 and 1020 have far superior photos…BY FAR.
    And this test also had not tested the S5 yet which takes better pictures, videos, audio, hdr, and panorama.

    The S5 has the world’s currently best mobile display as tested by displaymate.
    The Note 3’s display and somewhat S4’s display is better in most ways too.
    Best battery? The S5 lasts longer on a smaller battery. the Note 3 and Lumia 1520 also have better battery life for instance.

    And so on it has TONS of competition.

  • Pumpkin King

    It’s because they tested all aspects of the camera…Like the 4k video on the Z2.
    The 1020, and 8o8 still take by far better pictures.

  • Pumpkin King

    AS long as you are able to read and actually understand the tests. What they actually mean and what has not been tested yet.

  • Pumpkin King

    It still takes WAY better pictures. The Z2 just takes better video.
    The S5 also has a better camera than the Z2.

  • Pumpkin King

    Hi :)

  • Pumpkin King

    Ok. As i have now had to state repeatedly on many sites and on here….
    Can any of you read or use your brains instead of just praising Sony like a Messiah?

    These tests consists of a lot more than just taking photos. It includes other aspects and video camera as well. It took the Z2 having far superior video in 4k resolution to reach such a score and still only beat out Nokia by 2 points.

    As far as still photography is concerned the 8o8 and 1020 wipe the floor with the Z2.
    And the S5 has not been tested yet. As well as I do not see the Zoom on here either.

    The S5 takes overall better pictures, videos, audio, panorama and HDR than the Z2. I’m pretty sure the Zoom does as well.

    And the 8o8 and 1020 wipes them all out in still photography.

  • Pumpkin King

    And now looking at this I see some pretty sad things…Either there are many devices they have not tested…I don’t know if purposefully or not, but it alters the true results….Or they don’t know what they are talking about.
    Plus while it’s obvious what makes the tests up and it not just being photography they are very hush hush about that.
    And they tested a device unavailable in most places if any yet to make a decision while leaving out a better and readily available one.

    And I see Icrap 4, but not S1 which took better photos and videos and had plenty more options.
    I don’t see the Galaxy Zoom which be fay is better than most of these.

    Their results seem sound…I’m not questioning that at all…except for one or two devices.
    However their methods and thoroughness leave more to be desired ..As well as the fanboys on the page are insane fools that cannot even seem to read or comprehend beyond the title.

  • Ziich

    I know. Sony listened they really reduced the bezels(Its still more than I would care for bit less than what was there before) the HTC and Samsung increased the bezels

  • Pumpkin King

    Samsung only increased a little though and I think mostly for adding the water proofing, but is still more narrow and thinner.

    But yes..Z2 to me even looks decent from the front. I think most fanboys try to deny that in essence it’s still nothing more than a brick, but it actually looks ok.
    In Z and Z1 which were just awful massive everyone praised it…It was huge and ugly from the front. From the back though I truly felt they had an edge…but who cares which looks better from behind?

    Now it looks all around decent.

  • Ziich

    I like the z2. If I had to pick btw the 3 the it would be my choice but there are some things that I just do not like about
    Internal storage- needs more I’m not gonna pay that kind of money for a phone that only has 16gb
    Wireless charging- every should have this esp Waterproof ones
    Screen size 5inches is the max for me.really anything bigger than the original z is a deal breaker
    Speakers- good but not there yet. Needs some refinement. waterproofing is not an excuse

    The z2 is a good phone but it doesn’t have the things I really want to make it a great phone for me

  • Pumpkin King

    Well in fairness to a couple points. Most phones offer a base model of 16GB or charge more for larger. I’m most certain you can get a 32GB I think, Plus they take 128GB micro sd cards.

    It’s screen is bigger, but it’s dimensions are drastically smaller. So the screen is overall easier to use.. Compared to itself and the One I think. And most screens are reaching/surpassing 5inches.
    Sadly Z1 compact was the first real compact.
    Speakers are better than M7’s, but not as good as M8’s.

    I wish Samsung would use stereo speakers again. I think they will by the S6 or note 4 if we are lucky.

  • Ziich

    the z2 only has 16gb and it has no option for 32gb or higher. it is more expensive than the base models of other phones.
    sure it can take sd cards but that can only store media. nota apps and with games well over 1 gb in size 16gb ( really 11-12) is not enough.

    In terms of dimensions it is slightly taller and thinner than the z1 with an increase in screen size of .2 inches. the z1 was much bigger than the z to begin with so it it out of my comfort zone. i don’t want a phone bigger than my nexus 5 or xperia z.

    the speakers are louder and have more bass than the m7 but the m7 still have more clarity. I’m sure that they will refine it in the z3.

    the s 5 is a pretty good phone as well but i have never like samsung
    the waterproofing is of the same design as that of the s4 active which had so many problems
    the s5 camera is good but z2’s is better
    i don’t like hardware buttons on android
    and how i hate touchwiz.
    all that doesn’t really matter though i just dont like samsung

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh jeez [facepalm] Maybe you didn’t notice that dxomark only tested Z2’s 1080p video mode and they didn’t test the 4k video? I think it is obvious why they didn’t test the 4k video because it won’t be fair..

    And if we are to speak only based on dxomark’s way of testing, then first I have to tell you how dxomark test a cameraphone:
    1. They tested a cameraphone on 8MP equivalent value in order to make a fair playing ground for all cameraphones
    2. They took 500+ photo in real life and studio then evaluating them ONE BY ONE
    3. Final score measurements are: (still photo score * 2/3) + (video score * 1/3)
    4. They only test a normal shot mode

    In KEY ASPECTS OF IMAGE QUALITY (Texture, noise, artifacts, and even colour) the 808 DOES beat the Z2.. But the dynamic range, and autofocus of 808 is not as good as Z2 and that what makes the overall score the same as Z2..

    S5 has a better camera than Z2? Well, NO. S5’s camera is overprocessed with a lot of artificial sharpening and heavy noise reduction and its low light performance is inferior to Z2.. Still don’t believe me? Compare S5, and Z2 to a DSLR and you’ll see what i’m talking about. Better panoramas? If you are a pano freak then yes the S5 is better.. Then again, how many people use panos instead of normal single camera shot?

    S5 has better videos? LOL again.. See the Z2 vs M8 vs S5 video comparison then you’ll see what i’m talking about.

    Again, both you and I are not a professional photographer, and dxomark teams are.. Who are we to criticize them? Do we have more photographic knowledge compared to them? Fu*k no. Think before posting

  • Faisal Armand

    I’ve told you before on how dxomark test a cameraphone.. Again dxomark didn’t test Z2’s 4k video, they only test Z2’s 1080p video

    Oh.. If you check all z2 review all over the internet, ALL TECH SITES PRAISED Z2’S BATTERY LIFE AND CAMERA..

    Displaymate? Oh.. A site that somehow recently popped out thanks to S5.. Great, how accurate, how reliable. (sarcasm)

    You’ll see that S5’s display has the most inaccurate colour reproduction..

    Think before posting, fanboy..

  • Pumpkin King

    Well then you would be one of the few to actually grasp this…However then you are still missing the point.
    And even the 1080p of the Z2 is quite better.
    And no…the point is in most aspects and overall look of the photo the 1020 and 8o8 are still WAY ahead.

    And yes the S5 indeed has a better overall camera. And yes I looked up low light. The Z2 is ahead…But not by miles. I think Samsung finally got better there. Mainly thanks to their new sensor rather than a software breakthrough. Low light has always been a weaker point for Samsung.
    The S5 while I will say saturates a little more compare to the Z2, S4, and Note 3 even..Still takes clearer better detailed shots than the Z2 despite it having 20mp, OIS, f2.0, and I believe possible larger pixels.
    And Panorama whether you use it or not still shows how much Samsung is better at fine tuning the camera and it’s software.
    Daylight, outdoor, indoors, and most bright or decent lighting conditions favor the S5. Even some night shots with a lot of light show more detail in the S5.
    Plus things like the phase detection auto focus and showing HDR in real time are very nice.

    I have seen the video comparisons and I do know what I am saying. The S5 takes better video…Not by surprise or by a long shot.

    Sorry…That really does not apply to me…The only thing I missed is that you out of all the fanboys ranting the same thing actually understand the test better. Other wise most of it stands up.

    The 1020 and 8o8 take WAY better photos. And the S5 overall is better. Not by miles, but despite being at an on paper disadvantage does still come out ahead. Sony’s main advantages is less toned colors, OIS :which does not truly save it, especially with the difference in focus”, and somewhat better low light.

  • Pumpkin King

    If you don’t like hearing things more than once than you should not contradict them on multiple occasions…Simple logic there….One would think.
    Although I will call fault on myself for not realizing you were one and the same at the time making my replies. Kind of funny with me talking about others not reading things.

    Because it has a wonderful camera and decent battery life. Especially in comparison to older Xperias.
    I have not seen an extensive review of the Z2’s battery life yet. But for instance video playback and Sony’s claimed call time.
    Apx 15 hours call
    7 1/2-8 hours video.
    Apx 21 1/2 hours call
    9 1/2 web which is good for Amoled
    11 hours video. Which I think this years OEMS fell behind in video.

    Plus the S5’s is removable and 400mah smaller in a thinner more ergonomic body.

    And yes displaymate is very credible. Though I trust others like Erica Griffin a little more…Which still holds up the basic claim.
    It’s still the overall best.

    It’s colors are not EXACTLY the same…But not far off by any means… Nor is even regular LCD natural. In general it is saturated, less evenly calibrated, has an overly wam white balance, uneven light with bright spots, fake blacks, and contrast.

    And Sony’s Triluminos display with it’s wider gamma than the average LCD is more saturated than most traditional LCD’s at their already saturated levels.

    “Think before posting, fanboy..” I like how you are saying things against me that more speak for your own actions just because you are unhappy with my replies that contradict what you think.

  • Faisal Armand

    From what i’ve heard from Z2 owners from esato and xda developers.. The battery life of Z2 is equal to note 3 and very well above HTC M8 which is on par with S5

    Not exactly the same? Lol the S5 can’t even handle the colours correctly, Red flower came out orange! You must differenciate between saturated and wide colour range..

    Unhappy with your reply? Dude I even posted a link and now pictures that supports my arguments and contradict YOURS! I think it is you who are completely in denial after I show you the truth about your beloved samsung

  • Pumpkin King

    Well I’m glad of what you heard.
    I’ll stand by the actual results. What’s supposedly going for the Z2 is standby, but that could easily be including one of the Stamina Modes.

    That flower was the one thing the most different. SOME hues are more off…Point?
    And yes…Unhappy with my replies. Because you seem to be hurt by what I said and trying to turn things on me like fanboy or thinking out of retaliation…When you even miss the whole spectrum of what you are arguing and how even the page you showed contradicts your own point.
    In fact it shows exactly what I said. That it is not EXACTLY the same….But neither are the others. The other LCD’s have a variance in their color temperatures and white balance as well. Plus different calibrations. They ALL give similar, different results. And only one picture seemed more off. And even the best of best when it comes to color accuracy is still saturated.

    Even more so is the fact that most people like Standard Mode with Amoled displays. MOST “not all” people who have something to say “especially if bashing” are just online haters.
    Movie Mode is more for bragging rights or specific purposes. In all still has it’s usefulness. And shows how far Amoled has come in a couple short years. And how it is dwarfing LCD.

    And where does me pointing out about gamma and saturation mean that I don’t know the difference…Again further proving that you are just getting angry and making assumptions/replies based of your feelings in regard to me contradicting you.

    LCD is saturated and not natural by standard. The colors are either saturated or faded. The blacks are fake. The contrast on the best is still washy. The white balance is generally always too warm. The lighting is uneven with bright spots. Where on Earth does any of that equate to “natural or better”?

    Amoled even saturated has uniform/even lighting, truer blacks, massive contrast, and generally less reflective. Plus thinner, more overall less power consuming, and flexible though not much is done with that yet. It’s also generally more evenly calibrated.
    So it can do all that better.
    And it comes with a very saturated mode, saturated, close to RGB mode, and Movie Mode for very accurate colors.

    In Movie Mode the colors are way less saturated and very close to that of LCD’s claims. As well as having one of if not the best white balance score.
    And it can be set down to 2nits or I believe up to 450 nits which is very bright in appearance from Amoled.
    Plus in auto brightness can reach up to 700nits under sunlight.

    So it can be more saturated or more overall natural based the way the user prefers it. And adaptive mode helps adjust the color tone, white balance, and brightness all based on the lighting conditions around you.

    So yes. Best overall display.

  • Faisal Armand

    The pictured showed the proof, enough said

  • Pumpkin King

    BWAHAHAHA!! Translates too…You have no clue what else to say, probably did not read my comment, and in denial copped out.

  • MasterYoda

    Pumpkin King.. the name says it all, nothing to add!!

  • Pumpkin King

    Translates to you lost and are in denial and have no factual realistic way to reply.
    And as was brought up to me the 4k was not included.

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