Xperia Z2 camera shootout against Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020

by XB on 30th April 2014

in Imaging, Xperia Z2

ThumbZ2There is no denying that Nokia produces some of the best camera phones on the market and two of these remain the 808 PureView and, more recently, the Lumia 1020. If you want to see how some camera samples from these phones compare to the Xperia Z2 then check out the 100% crops below. It shows how well the Z2 fares against these phones, although it is worth noting that the 808 PureView pictures were not taken at 8MP in oversampling mode, which probably would have produced better results. If you want to see the full samples hit the source links.

Nokia 808 PureView (top) versus Lumia 1020 (middle) versus Xperia Z2 (bottom): 100% Crops

At a distance












Nokia Lumia 1020 (top) versus Xperia Z2 (bottom): 100% Crop



Via AAWP and AAS.

  • wojtek0018

    Lumia won

  • Abdul Ghani

    yes z2 failed because of its heavy processing even in daylight and indoor so its sonys fault that they forgot to make a good software which was present in tx and xperia arc

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Sam Albalushi

    samsung s4 is 13 and xperia zr is 13.1 why s4 camera result is better than zr

  • JHMBB2

    Not too bad, but that 1020 is amazing. Honestly, I couldn’t care less, if I want good shots, I’ll use one of my 5 film SLRs or my Canon DSLR. So meh, to flat no life cell phone pictures.

  • Legolas

    damn you lumia 1020…Z2 just lost…but i dont like WP and will buy Z2 anyways m not much of photograpgher….

  • Legolas

    In skulls more details are seen in 808 Pureview

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    i have z1 and 1020 .. i can tell you no camera phone can beat 1020 .. no matter what sony will do .. unless they make a huge sensor with carl zeiss optic and OIS , a question for sony .. why you don’t made a phone like 1020 and s4 zoom ( s5 zoom ) ? YOU ARE LOSING THE MARKET OF CAMERA TO SAMSUNG AND NOKIA , MAKE A PHONE WITH HUGE SENSOR WE KNOW YOU CAN MAKE A SEXY PHONE WITH A NICE REAR BIG CAMERA LIKE 1020 ( not s4 zoom ) … JUST DO IT PLZ

  • marwan balu

    Z2 the best

  • Vector Teh

    Huge sensor does not mean everything. Software optimization is also important. Please, it’s not the “market of camera” that Sony is losing, just a minor setback from software aspect.

  • Vector Teh

    Higher Megapixel count does not equal to image quality, camera software optimization affects the camera results.

  • Mac


  • ycleft xperia

    Sony is listening to us from a distance, but at the moment they can’t quite fix all things at one go-may be after few more flagships; silence is golden which sony is going by when it comes to camera questionnaire. Patience and support for sony will be the driving force at the moment. Who knows few years down the line sony reinvent itself for us whiners. Imma be among the whiners who will rather not whine.

  • myname

    I really don’t care about the grain or noise but those smudge like blurs! arrggh!

  • Abdul Ghani

    only because software from sony for z series is really bad zr zl and z have same camera hardware and s4 bought that same hardware from sony only software of s4 is much better

  • Abdul Ghani

    true my friend

  • Mahinthan So

    If I really want a good camera phone then I won’t be buying sony. .I will be buying nokia. I buy sony for the water proof and design. At the same time If updates are important I will buy the Nexus. If waterproof is there 1+ going to be a epic phone

  • cs098

    Purview then lumia then z2, which should be a given. remember the z2 is far thinner and less hefty than the other two nokia phones.

  • Fynjy7771

    Am I the only one, who likes Z2’s fotos much more?

  • ecosse01
  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Correct :D

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Can we kill SONY’s programmer and find the better one to replace ?

  • Battal Aljadei

    Sony knows how to put a spider man hanging down on your camera !
    is not that enough ? come on guys gives the developers a break :
    they’v worked so hard to put The Jurassic park and it’s dinosaurs in your experia phone ?
    yea SONY we want more kids stuff in our camera, forget about the shapeless and the noises ,
    we want more kids stuff SONY, you stupid lazy turtle,

  • munti

    well that was made by a nokia guy so guess the result .and if you look at the pics carfully, he has zoomed more with z2 . The nokia 1020 has a great cam but the z2 is better , as we have tested both, add on this the image stabilizer in z2 is incomparable even when it not optical. you should be looking at a real professional cam review like dxomark

  • jmaxim917

    The shot by the lake and skull pic would definitely give Sony the edge. The lake pic with the Z2 is outstanding. I think all three are pretty good but would give the overall edge to the 1020. Also, time to retire the 808 once and for all.

  • Billy de Fretes

    until Z2, camera post processing still worse than others. most of android smartphone using Sony sensor and yet they can produce better result.
    stop AR effect or anything else, just put all of your effort in camera software optimization

  • Papoy

    software aspect can be a major setback..

  • Papoy

    i have the new AR Effects now, but what’s the use of getting an image with spiderman. will it make the image better? Definitely not.. Software integrity is much of a concerns, not those add-ons…

  • Faisal Armand

    I think people forget that Z2’s sensor size is only half the size of 1020’s sensor, and one third the size of 808’s sensor.. Of course the Z2 is not going to win based on that prospect alone.. For those of you cursing sony’s performance, are you guys nuts? Are you guys expecting the Z2 will win? Of course not!

    But there is one formula that is a fact.. The Z2 is doing pretty damn good and it’s not bad at all, holding its own against cameraphones with sensors that are twice and thrice the size of its own sensor

  • Mark Lee Kok Han

    There is a Carl zeiss attachment you know

  • waker

    Z2 just got winner on 1 foto (photo number 2 from last) ,god dammned nokia !

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Smart QX lens. -_-

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  • Night of Xperia Z

    You are not the only one

  • xperiaDROID

    What? Did Nokia hurt you? Just accept the fact that Nokia is unbeatable when it comes to cameraphones.

  • xperiaDROID

    If Sony did well in optimizing the software, the pictures taken with the camera on their phones could’ve been better. This comparison is very close between the Z2, Lumia 1020 and 808 PureView, but still the Lumia 1020 still wins in terms of camera, that has been well-known for Nokia phones.

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, I owned Xperia Arc S before.. And its camera has a tendency to have chroma noise. Did Xperia Arc has better algorithms?

    I really hope that sony would bring RAW support to xperia cameras especially Z1, Z1C, and Z2.. So I can extract maximum potential from the sensor

  • Sadman Khan

    There’s a clear difference in zooming levels in some pics. Yet at times, the Z2’s images appear sharper. I think the camera is good enough. We honestly don’t need better lenses at this point but just a bit more of fine tuning and optimisation.

  • Faisal Armand

    But sensor size is one big aspect in terms of making great image quality.. The bigger the sensor, the less you need to process the image to make great image quality. And the bigger the sensor, the more edge you have in low light photography.

    Take samsung S5 for example, stuffing 16MP in 1/2.6″ sensor. The images are very detailed and have considerable noise levels but it has sooo many ringing halos and image artifacts as a sidde effect.

    Nokia N8 has 12MP on 1/1.8″ sensor. The results? Detailed and noise free images without artifacts as a side effect

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  • raxxta

    That noise is also an AR effect by Sony..probably

  • raxxta

    Sony need to fix the camera software on the Z series (the z1 compact’s really sucks at the moment) or give us a discount on those QX lens jobbies :p

  • Faisal Armand

    Whoa dude, chill.. Even xperia z1 on a firmware that has half baked camera software can beat s4 zoom, here look at this.

    But still, gotta admit 1020’s superiority though.

    I also curious to see what the S5/K zoom can do since it has the same 20.7MP sensor as Xperia Z1,Z1C, and Z2. I also wonder why samsung stop using ISOCELL for their dedicated cameraphone, do they admit sony’s sensor is superior compared to theirs? Lol.

    Right, I also want sony to make their own dedicated camera phone:
    – 1″ sensor size, 20-24MP, with vario tessar lens and BIONZ X processing (I don’t mind the phone being thick and has a bulge, by the way)
    – Xenon flash+led flash for autofocus
    – RAW Support
    – Camera interface like lumia phones and HTC M8
    – Top snapdragon chipset for fast shot to shot time
    – 2-3GB of RAM
    – 1080p display
    – 3000+mah battery

    Oh for you guys information, sony QX100 with a 1″ sensor and 20MP resolution does obliterate both 808 and 1020

    Make it, sony.. Please :-3

  • Vector Teh

    Yes, sensor size is also important. However, current technology is unable to stuff very large sensors in a thin smartphone. The largest ones however is in Nokia Lumia 1080 with a size of 1/1.5″. Even larger than N8. That’s why you’ll see 1080 photos are pleasant. Sony should solve the software issue before pursuing larger sensor.

  • Vector Teh

    It can also be a minor setback. It all depends on whether Sony has the intention to perfect their camera software =)

  • Pavithren Pakianathan

    Why am I seeing Samsung ads on this site?

  • Vector Teh

    Well, OP was not talking about attachment though lol

  • Vector Teh

    Ads track your browsing behavior, the more you Google about Samsung and smartphones, the more you’re getting similar ads relative to search results.

  • Yasir Fawad

    the picture of the “water” is where Z2 wins,
    Also 1020 should be compared to Z2 when both are in full resolution 20mp vs 40mp or oversampling with same mpixels. (Z2′ 8 to b downsampled to 5 then we will see what happens)
    most of the time, the online reviews don’t put reference photo may be from a DSLR in their comparisons, which in most cases doesn’t give the viewer the exact idea of how the real colors are, and the conclusions from such comparisons result in a very subjective taste. And this is the case in here.
    I don’t say Z2 will outdo 808, but its technically stronger than 808 as per DPREVIEW.

  • Pavithren Pakianathan

    But I haven’t searched for Samsung for a long time :-(

  • Vector Teh

    Just ignore the ads, man lol

  • alex

    Crops shows truth! Xperia Z2 like as always looser((( Again Sony Xperia cameras shows blurring images with artefacts! 2014 Sony Xperia camera, could not beat 2012 nokia 808 Pureview))) Sony, even your future Xperia Z3, will not beat the old 808 Pureview and lumia 1020! And nokia soon will show, the new cameraphone ))

  • alex
  • Abdul Ghani

    u mad bro i still own xperia arc the outside shots are still better than z series phones

  • Abdul Ghani
  • alex

    Mokhtar it`s useless .. Sony is big, greedy, company that does not care about camera problems. Sony`s main purpose – To make MONEY!

  • cyleo

    The Z2’s camera is the best Android-powered one available. That’s why I would choose that one in a heartbeat. However, quality wice the 1020 wipes the floor (but the penalty is WP and a bump at the back).

  • SonyXnokia

    you are so delusional.. i love Sony too… but Nokia 1020 camera obviously nicer than sony. shame.. nokia 1020 is windows phone…

  • Mercast

    To be honest some shots are nicer with Lumia 1020 and some with Xperia Z2.
    Nokia 808 PureView photos look awfull compared to the other two.

  • Mercast

    Z2 has awesome design, is a slim handset, it’s waterproof and it’s camera
    it’s decent. You can’t have it all. Lumia is bulky and ugly. And the worst part: It runs windows!

  • P9

    Sony is still not <3 pls walk ur step nicely :)

  • Diogo Simões

    Xperia Z2 is now available in Portugal with Vodafone.

  • Legolas

    yup thats what…i will chose Z2 over all WP phones whether it is 100MP..

  • Mohammed Khired

    but lumia’s photos are better….much better

  • nafatha

    who post this shit on xperiablog?I mean the source alone is a nokia’s. LOL

  • azhy

    The problem of sony is just the auto focus look at the clock you will know even their Nex3n camera is the best in all the things but their focus is = zero.

  • roeshak

    If I have one criticism of the z2’s camera it’s that its focus is very unreliable especially under coloured artificial lighting. The pictures can be very inconsistent with blurring in some and not in others. I think you’ll find that it’s not processing that’s Sony’s problem. It’s focusing.
    The z2 produced the best sample by far in the third picture which says when the camera performs it performs very well. It’s just way too inconsistent. I find myself too often having to take the shot 3 or 4 times to get a picture I’m satisfied with. Focusing on the z series is below par and that’s where the blurring comes from. When it focuses properly, the pictures are fantastic in any lighting. Trouble is, it doesn’t do that consistently. This same problem improved on the z with updates that came very late as Sony turned its attention to the z1.
    I’m pretty certain that if you compared well focused shots from the z2 with the Nokias, it would do a whole lot better. The third image is evident of that.
    You guys need to stop blaming processing, you’re looking in the wrong place. Focusing is the culprit. Processing shouldn’t create blurring only poorly focused shots are blurry

  • Timbo1

    Im sorry but in the U.S. at least Sony is not losing any market share to Nokia or the S4 Zoom phones, none really sell too much in the U.S. I have yet to see ANYONE with an S4 zoom or a Lumia 1020. Sony has very capable hardware in the Z1 and Z2, they just cant seem to figure out the software portion of it unfortunately just like their professional video cameras.

  • Timbo1

    that’s any company’s sole purpose is to make money, Sony is no different.

  • alex

    Yes, agree, but other companies have listened to the requests of people, while Sony 3 years spits on our requests! Sony could do a better cameraphone on market,but they just dont want pay money for good programmers. Z2 is essentially simply a modified version of Xperia Z1.

  • Guest

    Don’t think he zoomed more with the Z2. Based on reviews I’ve seen, it is always stated that the Z2 does not have wide angle. He also said they were all zoomed 100%

  • Rabea Nahda

    In the 1st and 4th shots the Nokia 1020 is way much better , but in the 2nd and 3rd shots Sony beats them all I think . but anyway Sony Xperia Z2 takes first place in Mobile camera rankings , check this out .

  • Sumo

    Nokia phones has always had bad taste in terms of design… Just looking at one sends shivers down your spine…

  • Jumbo

    The 1020’s photos are much better because it was designed that way. Its got more horse power ONLY for the camera aspect… everything else is inferior compared to the Z2. That is the extent of Nokia. Why do you think they are falling behind their competitors? And using Windows as their OS? For real? Windows is only good for PC, nuff said.

  • xperiafan324

    Quite an unfair comparison honestly. Using the oversampled images gives us no idea of the actual quality. What oversampling does in essense is it takes a full-res shot and then downscales that shot to therequired resolution. So in such a case you’d ALWAYS get better results with a more drastic difference between full-res and output resolution. The Nokias downscale the image to 1/8th of their original resolution, while the Z2 only downscales to 1/2.5th of its resolution, so obviously when you crop them to 100%, the more oversampled image becomes sharper.
    I could choose to shoot 2 MP shots with Camera 360 Ultimate (which also employs oversampling) and get 4 times more “detail” in my shots with a Z2, but what I’m realistically doing is simply exporting a downscaled image which squeezes in 10 times more (20/2 = 10) detail into a single pixel than at full resolution of Z2.
    Would have been far more productive and fair to compare full resolution shots. But then again the source sites are AAWP and AAS. Whose sole purpose it seems is to make Nokia owners feel good about the bulge in their hands ;-).

  • Abdul Ghani

    this is how sony xperia z1 does in indoor pictures in manual mode at 15.5 mp at iso auto vs iso 100 in 100% crop

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Battal Aljadei

    Kill Sony’s marketing department and you’ll see the intelligence of Sony .

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, i was just asking did xperia arc has better cam than xperia arc s..

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    a ha ha ha that’s not enough. I think the after sale service team have to be killed also.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Yes we could not expect that sony will win but we think that it could be better than it was right now.

  • Neil Gilroy

    Wow! I took those Z2 photos with Steve L. I can assure you that in only 1 photo test did the Z2 look better.

    As others have said on here, the camera is right up there competing alongside a S5. It’s not really competition for the 1020. Great device though.

  • alex

    All flagships, focused on the camera, and Z2 as well as the 1020 is positioned as a cameraphone. Then tell me, why photo quality from Z1 and Z2 camera worse than from lumia 1520 …? Although we know that the matrix on 1520 at less than Z1 and Z2! And why even old SGS4 dayly photos are more sharper than from Z2 …? on Samsung phones, the matrix are much smaller than on Sony phones. Ask yourself this question ..

  • alex

    Unfortunately Mohammed, but the great picture quality will have only nokia owners . Us such happiness, sony mobile will never give, alas ….

  • mekh_grg

    which is which?

  • Battal Aljadei

    The reason for the bad service is not because the service team it self,
    it because that marketing department’s order other Sony’s department to low the cost as much as possible.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    What the hell’s marketing department think ?! Did they went full retard ?

  • alex

    Top shot from Z2, and bottom shot Lumia 1020

  • rahul

    have you looked at image in full resolutio — lumia –z2

    z2 has better saturation and colour reproduction than lumia with over exposure

  • Battal Aljadei

    more money, all they’r thinking about’s how to get more money from everything service/product/etc

  • xperiamike

    the question that , im concerned about is the type of configurations used on the fons , the iso the exposures,…etc.

  • ada

    u make then

  • ada

    fuck off

  • Jumbo

    While all phones focus on the camera capabilities nowadays, Nokia’s Lumia phones main selling point is ONLY on camera alone. Their phone(s) suck in almost every aspect; and using Windows as their OS? Come on, from a business stand point that’s not wise at all. I don’t care how much matrix or whatever you call it is between the Lumia series and the Xperia series, Nokia doesn’t have enough skills to make their phone(s) appeal to the public. So the only thing they can try to focus on is with the camera; since it’s easier to tweak and enhance and to implement.

    Sony’s Xperia series doesn’t only focus on camera ALONE, but the overall of the phone. Like the Z2, not only does it focus on the camera aspect but it also focuses on the sound/speakers which Lumia doesn’t have. So when I said Nokia’s phone is inferior compared to Sony’s Xperia, that’s what I meant. You got to look things in the big picture man….

  • alex

    You have a little misconception about nokia smartphones. Firstly, despite the 41 mpx. lumia 1020 sold much worse than simple lumia 520 and 520 it`s not flagship cameraphone … And windowsphones also has its advantages. eg: stability working, protection from viruses, and the number of cores requires two times less than for android. The music player also good. And free nokia navigation … Is not that enough…? So lumia 1020 it`s full-fledged smartphone in all respects, it`s not only the great cameraphone.

  • Former xperia s user

    Keep sony alive and you’ll see everyone’s intelligence.

  • Fabrizzio Domingos

    1020 for the win!

  • alex

    like always

  • Paul M

    the Z2 is quite impressive.

  • Lumia 1080?

  • jen

    Depend on the light I guess under low light 1020 is better, but don’t tell the water pic was good on any of the Nokias was horrible, on the Sony was pretty good, the water movement details and the reflection on the water and details was on the point on Sony. The first one the worse was the first pic even on the Sony was underexpose u see the details right and the letters can be read, the skull was worse on the first one the other two was good. And the clock was good with 1020, Sony was noisy look like low light environment.
    The 808 is a no no no, no comparation to the other two phones.
    But they r phones no cameras, the Sony still the best overall phone to the Nokia’s and beautiful. And is the phone I want, but can’t have now.

  • steffen gjærdingen

    ok, the problem with the latest xperia camera tech is that you dont need more MP to get better picture, and the sensor who is 1/2.3 is way bigg enough.

    The thing is if you ask me its the freakin camera software, the z2 can take some stunning shoots, but nothing more that you can already take with the other top models out there.

    So sony this is what i want to see:

    – Start from scratch and make all the camera software completely new.
    – 1/2.3 sensor, G glass but 18Mp (so we can get some bigger pixels)
    – Optical stabilization
    – More manual control, and better accessibility to the better manual controls
    – give superior auto more MP not only 8mp

  • June Philippines

    yeah… they like Z2’s shots not because of the samples but because their subconscious telling them that WP on Lumia 1020 is not that good

  • June Philippines

    well… given the fact that you can control the Raw file (.dmg) of Lumia 1020, (shadows, saturation, exposure, etc…) Your points on saturation and colours are now invalid

  • June Philippines

    Well… that’s what competition is all about. You can’t have it all.

  • June Philippines

    to each his own. You can’t tell this phone sucks and that phone is good because phone users are different.

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