Sony announces wireless charging for Xperia Z2

by XB on 28th May 2014

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WCH10Rumours have been around for months that Sony Mobile would launch a wireless charging kit for the Xperia Z2 and today the company has formally unveiled its products. This includes the WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover, designed specifically for the Xperia Z2, and the WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate.

Sony is using the Qi wireless charging standard, so any Qi charger can be used to charge up the Wireless Charging Cover WCR12. Qi technology allows power to transfer from a transmission pad to a compatible receiver using electromagnetic induction. No official pricing details have been announced for either product, but to get an idea, see our previous post.

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12

The design of the Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is very similar to the Style Cover Stand SCR10 for the Xperia Z2. The Qi certified cover acts as a protective case and desk stand and will be available in black and white colours. The case itself weighs 66 grams and the dimensions (with the Xperia Z2 inside) are 149 x 78 x 14 mm.

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_1

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_2

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_3

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_4

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_2

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_6

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_8

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_7

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10

The Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 is a stylish charging pad with black top and metal sides. The WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate produces 5W of power (1A output), which will charge your Xperia Z2 (using the WCR12 cover) or any other Qi compatible device. The plate has a diameter of 78mm and a reasonably long cable length of 1.8m. It also has a white LED which pulsates whilst the device is charging and moves to a solid light when fully charged.

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_1

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_3

Thanks Travis!

  • Deki

    So, earlier phones like Z1 won’t have this opportunity for Wireless Charging?

  • Jad

    Now how about releasing the same case for the Xperia Z1 now Sony?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    for Sony old is NOT gold – old Sony phones should be SOLD and you are suppose to buy new phone every 6 months !!!

  • Tell me about it, I’m a Xperia Z user, and I feel like my phone is ages old, when I see this new features each 6months. What should I do sony? don’t eat? don’t take vacation days? I guess some people here (like me) don’t like Apple and iPhone, but when you see the iPhone users can use their phones for over 2y without problem and get the same (not all of them, hardware stuff) gadget and widgets … I get so angry. I guess this (Xperia Z) will be my last Sony Phone, I’m not sure if will be my last Android. But this is so stupid.

  • Dyaa Ibrahim

    thanks sony ?

  • Dyaa Ibrahim

    Now how about releasing the same case for the Xperia Z1 now Sony?

  • Mirrorpurple

    Sony is seriously forgetting about people who got the Z1 and older

  • xperiamike

    cant get u the file…but the movie app just updated to version 7……hmmmmmmm(xperia v)

  • Eduardo Otero

    If your problem is that you want to have the newest stuff without buy a new phone every six months. You will never get it, specially with IPhone…

  • xperiaDROID

    Let’s face it, bro. Smartphones will get outdated quickly, so it’s either buy a new one or be happy with your current one and wait longer for a better one. I’m a Xperia Z user as well, it is indeed a bit old already and outdated, but don’t feel left out, Z is still getting Android updates and don’t forget that it’s the daddy of the Z series. So, be proud of your Z, why not save a bit more money and wait for a better one like Z3 or maybe LG G3?

  • Jai

    there is an update for movies app

  • webusermy

    To all you bashers out here. Goodness me you don’t expect Sony to come out with all these stuff for all their older models. You buy a phone there and then because it is what you found good. It’s not like you’re marrying an asshole/bitch in anticipation that in the future he/she will be a better person.

  • Tech Gospel

    Ok, so it’s just a cover? Z1 & Z1 Compact version please.

  • Really? They release a new phone each year, not each 6 months, and when they release a new one the 3 old phones get the same software update, and about hardware, they’re pretty ok. If they release this kind of gadget they’ll care at least to release for iPhone 5 (current iPhone 5s) … I don’t see this from Sony, or any other brand even nexus phones …

  • Yeah, but my point is, They forget really quick for 1y before was the “really important customers”. They’re careless for old customers. Yes we receive Android updates, fine, Yeah, we have a nice phone too I’m totally fine. I’m still waiting for my 4.4.2 update my PC Companion keep tell me I’m updated. But well anyway, I’ll wait 1y more, and then try to change my phone, and see if I stay with Sony or not.

  • kjmok

    But the thing is, what they did with the phone is just upgrading the specs, but whats wrong with Xperia Z’s hardware? Still running smooth on my Z, and the only thing im angry is regarding the tap2wake. Apart from that, i still love my Z. Best power button in the universe, glass fibre polyamide frame with matte finish makes it a good touch, instead of the slippery aluminium on the newer Z1&Z2. Not to mention possible dents if u drop aluminiums. My skeleton frame holds up drops damn well, drops from 1m plus on concrete or ceramic tiles give no harm to my Z! I still love my Z.

  • hansip

    The point is.. That’s your problem with your lust..

  • SkyS1gn

    I just bought a fucking regular case of this… :@@@@

  • Hampus

    I have a lust for women, you don’t see me changing one every six months. ;-)

  • SkyS1gn

    I just bought the regular version of this case.

  • hansip

    At least they don’t upgrade from 1 to 2 to 3 boobs do they lol

  • Mahinthan So

    Some one tell me Why not use the dock instead? This cover ruin the aesthetic of the phone.
    Also i have been told wireless charging over heat the battery thus reduce the life time of it

  • RealityCheck2013

    It’s cool that the case looks COOL :P & not cr*ppy like the 1 that was shown a few months ago. Shame i got a Z1 tho :D Hmm PLZ SONY do a cover like this for the Z1 to PLZ!!! ;)

  • Darius Marpow

    It looks that the magnetic pin for Xperia Z2 is connected to the wireless charging case. Does this mean that we can’t use charging dock while using this wireless charging case?

  • Wireless charging should have a been a built-in functionality from the start. I don’t like using covers. :/
    But, I guess it’s fine since it’s the first one they release with the wireless charging option. Though I hope future phone wouldn’t require the extra and unnecessary accessories.

  • Et3rNa1

    I don’t feel that my phone is ages old or outdated and I’m a Xperia S user and I’m still very happy with my phone, with custom ROM it’s fast and buttersmooth, the camera still does better night shots than Z1. The only thing that I’m not happy about is the battery life and the amount of RAM, 1GB is not enough these days, but still does the job. I was willing to upgrade to Z, I waited a little and than wanted Z1, now Z2, and now I thing that is better to see what Z3 is going to be, and than take one Z2 or Z3…. depends….
    So who says that Sony users can’t go over 2 years without a problem? You?

    Soon Samsung and HTC will be joining the 6 months club, very soon…. M8 prime and S5 Prime are basically ? new better flagships… and there are coming in less than 6 months, will you be complaining about their policy than?

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’re totally wrong, te iPhone 4s won’t get the next update (it’s the third old phone) if they release new phones every six months, only every year it’s real advances, Xperia T from 2012 has chances to get Kitkat, from iPhone 4s there are no real diferences, iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s are almost the same!! They hardware is NOT ok, it looks really old and below average.

  • Eduardo Otero

    That case is done for using the charging plate NOT the charging dock, are you nuts??

  • 3rdflyleaf

    It’s like using Charging dock but the phone is lying down and with a case. :v

  • Lilyf Tirack AddmePlease

    sony care to customer, they fix bug before update, other brand update have lot of issues, better late then buggy

  • Lilyf Tirack AddmePlease

    Worst when they upgrade boobs over lvl9000, you can’t see that women anymore because there are no more body part to attach the boobs, even some of the boobs need to carry by hand or put in bags, i mean lot of bag

  • Ruub

    I feel sorry for you, I too have a Xperia Z, yes it feels quite old bcz Sony has started to evolve as a smartphone company since releasing that phone, they has build upon it and tries to keep up with other android manufacturers, but the truth is every company they compete with does the same. As a recommendation for a iphone-like ¨not get old¨ experience, but with android, pick the coming Google smartphone coming out around september, probaly called Android Silver (series called Nexus now). But for me im satisfied with my Xperia Z and still like it, I will keep go for Sony smartphones in case you wonder. Wish you best luck ^^

  • thanks ^^

  • iPhone 4s have 2y old, they have iOS 7, when they release the iPhone 6, iPhone 4s will be the 4th phone, So a good lifetime for a phone, with nice features I can say. And iPhone 5s is not just a simple hardware upgrade. The point of this is: Sony forget old customers. If you’re not a “advance” customer and you don’t know how install a custom ROM and etc … you’re almost outdated. But well. Why Sony don’t release the same case for Xperia Z ? I’m happy with my Xperia Z, I’ll buy this thing for my mobile

  • Yeah, sure, sony care about that, but anyways you can’t get this new case, and you know why? because is only for new phones …

  • Nuwan Dineshka Basnayaka

    Hey I’m Z1 user

  • Guest

    Well, what do you want? 4.4? 20MP camera? Wireless charging? Snapdragon 801? The only software things the Xperia Z doesn’t have that the newer ones do have (and yes I am a Xperia Z owner) are all minor small details, like AR mode for the camera. If you’re complaining about hardware, I don’t see iPhone 5 with fingerprint scanner or 64-CPU

  • Ruub

    with some modification to the case, then yes. The QI-case works by taking up the enegy from the QI-charger/plate and make the energy go through the magnetic charger output in to the device. Conclusions: Xperia Z1 & Z2 has the same magnetic out/input so a slight modification to the case making your Z1 fit into it, will give you the wireless charging ability. Some chinese manufacturer may sell unofficial Z1 QI cases or sony themselves in the near future.

  • Ruub

    Reduced lifetime depends on if the output is right* for the phone you charge, if it is made for the battery, it will NOT reduce the lifetime of you battery. In this case(situation*, not a actual phone-case :P), the QI charger’s output is completely made for the Xperia Z2. Some prefer protection for their devices, this will be a win win situation for those. If not, dont care about the case

  • Ruub


    Error420: I lost consciousness… Please report this issue for further investigation.

  • Rusafie

    Welcome to the world of wireless charging but I didn’t like that actually as it requires a cover to attach with the phone.

    Come on SONY, this is not your cup of tea. Gift us something which can charge phone directly not via a medium!

    GO SONY!

  • Max

    You got 4.4 what more do you want? Why should Sony slow down the pace of innovation to keep people like you happy? Part of why Apple have been left behind by Samsung is because they stick to their single device policy. They tried, unsuccessfully, to change it up with the 5C, but that was a piece of crap, now with the 6 they are going bigger, and they will probably have a cheaper and smaller 6C. Sony need to ensure they offer the best possible technology at all times and wireless charging is a feature that is going to become standard over the next year or so.

    I don’t think Z2 owners will complain when the Z3 probably won’t require a cover to be compatible with the charging plate. I don’t know why you are unhappy? The Z is still a top device (I have a ZL, so I know) and it has the latest updates, it will probably get at least the next version of Android, it doesn’t have any bugs, the screen is pretty great despite what people said about it and the battery life is still strong. If you are unhappy with what you have then I suggest you stop reading mobile blogs until you are ready to upgrade your phone. At the time of release the Z was the best phone available, and when you are ready to upgrade the Z4 will be the best phone available. I wouldn’t not get it just because Sony have a higher pace of innovation than the competition. Newer tech in newer phones doesn’t make what we own any worse and I bought the ZL knowing that over the next two years is would become severely outdated. If you bought a Z and didn’t think this would happen then that is your fault.

  • rygarto

    Problem is, the regular cover which uses this design starts to fray at the edges after barely two months of use. While I got the current one for free, I’d be loath to see £70 come apart so quickly.

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  • Dexter Moregan

    If this charger came before the dock,I would buy this charger.

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  • Lunkz

    I know something that calls ” Standard “.

    We need only a 4 Port or 5 Port ( 2x in, 2x out, 1x in/out ) Docking Concept. To be fix for any Android Smartphone on the Market. So you can use your extra hardware, with any Android Smartphone from different ventures. Like the MicroUSB Standard. but more flexible.

    But the thing is, the venture who builds Smartphones want to gain more money with there own accessories.

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  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    Whats the use of this thing when the magnetic charging cable and dock is easily available?
    that also give a wire free charging right?
    i still don’t get the point of this ” Wireless Charging” instead of Magnetic Charging

  • Lilyf Tirack AddmePlease

    I agree, i own xperia Z, one day Xperia Z will be abandoned and i accept it. We keep forgetting the world and its desires pass away.Also this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does follow God’s path obtain success and prosperity in this world and hereafter.


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  • Darius Marpow

    Look at the magnetic charging part… It looks covered right?

  • InspectorGadget80

    Com on Sony make one for our Z1 charge case.

  • wow,guys all like QI wireless charger

  • Freepat 75014

    Not sure how beloved Xperia Blog can make a long technical news on this very interesting new feature, without giving THE KEY technical fact for it….. LoL. Missing is the charging power guys !
    I have an Xperia Z1, that I love…. but, one of its most annoying lags is it takes too many hours to charge. I tried EVERYTHING you can try with this Z1 phone. I bought 3 x USB to Magnetic cables to connect it to all my chargers everywhere and to my iMov 10KmVA backup battery on the go, without wearing my Micro-USB port, then 2 x Magnetic charging docks DK31 (As I love using this magnetic port, … that could be improved to hold cables a little tighter, and pass datas in addition to power, plus one of my cables fall apart due to imperfect quality, but it’s already very useful to me). I tried to charge my Z1 in the same time via the Magnetic port AND via the Micro-USB port (which works and does not burn out), and that using 1A and 2A USB chargers of various types in all possible mixes. But the output is either way you connect as many faster chargers as you can, it will only charges as if you had connected just 1 x 1A*5V = 5W Charger full stop…. hence still taking hours to charge, and when you use the Phone while charging, it’s still sending you silly messages saying you consume more than you charge…. End of Z1 story : I’ll have to live with it till I replace it, by a Z3 end of this year, or Z4 later….
    One of the key features I loved on the Z2 was its sort of USB3 2X faster 2A/10W Fast Charging capability, although not 100% clearly articulated by Sony everywhere. I did not get if that only works via Micro-USB or also via the Magnetic Port, and if you get something more if connect both in same time…. And now that you add this QI Wireless charger, it brings the same questions : Is it 5W or 10W or else ?, and if multiple ports ports are used in the same time can they add-up to charge even faster or not ?
    Today I’m extremely happy with my Magnetic ports to charge my Z1, moving to QI on Z2 would not add much value for me…. Unless it can charge faster than the other ports, or add up….. Etc.

  • lu99ke

    3rd party option for z – does same thing but cheaper!

  • jonny

    thats the best dam looking qi plate ive ever seen

  • Jeff Herd

    Tell me the Price Range of Sony Wireless charging pad for xperia z2 because i have another option which is more compatible with all qi enabled phones and they provide comfortable range with free shipping in whole uk and I will bought form here :

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  • charlie

    Don’t feel sorry for yourselves! I have the Z2. You have to remove the waterproofing cover over the charging slot so often that it breaks and falls off. So my friends with other types of phone can buy a wireless charging dock for as little as £10. The Sony wireless charging case costs £70 and the charging plate another £40. The grass is not always greener on the other side!

  • jonyah

    Are we ever going to be able to buy one of these? Still not available.

  • Makush
  • Johannr91

    Will the Z2 still be waterproof when you are using this cover?

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