Xperia T3 announced: 5.3-inch 720p display; 7mm thickness 1.4 GHz Quad-Core

by XB on 3rd June 2014

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7_Xperia_T3_Purple_GroupSony Mobile has this morning announced the Xperia T3 (D5102, D5103, D5106). This is the same device that was teased yesterday and judging by the specs, this is no successor to the Xperia Z Ultra. The very thin body (7mm in thickness) uses a stainless steel frame, which also acts as the phones antenna. The body has a matte back cover.

Key features include a 5.3-inch (720 x 1280) IPS display with 277 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8X28 chipset with 1.4GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 305 graphics, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage with micro SD memory card.

Other features include an 8MP Exmor RS rear camera, 1.1MP 720p Exmor R front-facing camera, a 2500mAh sealed battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz/5 GHz (802.11a/b/g/n), ANT+ and NFC.

Sony says this is the thinnest 5.3-inch smartphone in the world with dimensions of 150.7 x 77 x 7 mm and weight of 148 grams. This gives the phone a screen to phone ratio of 66.7%. The phone will launch globally with Android 4.4.2 KitKat from the end of July 2014. It will be available in three colours: black, purple and white.

Xperia T3 white paper

Xperia T3 promo video

Xperia T3 press shots











Via Sony Mobile Blog (1 & 2) and Sony Developer World.

Thanks anirudh!

  • jumbo3220

    phew..where did that come from…

  • Nabeel Raza

    so unexpected :|

  • Savan Sharma

    wow amezing design great sony

  • jumbo3220

    waiting for the port of that new playstation app in it xD

  • alex

    Nothing special and new.

  • Madhu PV

    It should be C2 not T3 :)

  • Maggie

    Dat Bezel!

  • imparanoic

    didn’t the T2 only came out 3 months ago

  • imparanoic

    stainless steel frame for a sub US$400 phone, not bad

  • xperiax10.awesome

    stop this bullshit and do some innovation, look at G3 !!!
    Better release one model for Xperia Z series, one for for Xperia Z Ultra and 2 mid range phones.
    Concentrate on software, develop something which can compete with Note Series !!!

  • Mahinthan So

    I wish the low end phones too incorporate waterproof. For water proof we had to raise the but too much..

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  • SamsungLGsux

    looking at your comments history – confirmed troll.

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    Sure this will be giving greater battery backup :)

  • josesl16

    so… a smaller version of Xperia T2 Ultra? They should have made this 5″, really… Decent big mid-ranger, I guess.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I know whenever ppl say anything -ve about Xperia – blind Sony fan always label them as troll !!
    Wake up, open your eyes and realize Sony’s mistakes – it will soon shut down its mobile biz as well..FYI m Sony user since X10 and right now using Z2 – just switched from Z1 (and I realize there is NO improvement in Camera)

  • phillip

    very disappointed to find out that the next big thing is t3, really hoped for z2 ultra

  • josesl16

    You know what, you should just join Sony if you know so much about their business strategy. Oh, and please don’t spout bulls*it about G3 and innovation.

  • m sacha

    what a handsome looking phone!

  • alex

    Nice comment bro!:) I’m tired to see like all stupid fans resemble each other in their idiocy and blindness!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    another blind Sony fan !!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    they don’t have biz strategy that’s why they posting huge losses every year !!

  • alex

    And about camera! you`are 100% right NO improvement in Camera!

  • Naail Zahid

    So….The M2 and T2 Ultra weren’t enough for the mid range set of phones, Sony had to make another mid ranger?
    Although this obviously beats the M2, I seriously expected this to be the Z2 ultra or atleast another flagship (ZL2?).
    Seriously disappointed…

  • xp

    more like an international version of the T2 Ultra with smaller screen

  • Mac

    Plz Sony focus!
    U got some pretty dope phones that need som care! Z1 and z1c need very many bugfixes and that pronto!
    the 761 update made no difference at all..

  • xp

    it’s too early for another flagship,the Z2 just got on the market

  • xperiacraze

    Only 8 gb it looks pretty great


    why sony cant understand that 1GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory is useless today. at least RAM should be 1.5 GB.

  • tugares

    Sony,should change the design, omni balance is getting boring

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Everything is fine here,but when review comes- “Camera is mediocre”….. Tired of hearing that :(

  • poop

    The problem – Sony makes profits out of Xperia, LG doesn’t eek a cent out of mobile phones.

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  • xperiax10.awesome

    You forgot Nexus line-up !! and just wait and watch – many people waiting for LG G3 !! and common Sony should target Suxsung – since ages m hearing it wants to become number 2 after Apple and doing nothing to achieve that target !!
    I am Sony fan but seriously Sony is going no where !!!

  • roeshak

    I think Sony’s finally lost the plot! They’ve gone totally insane! 150.7mm tall? They’re totally obsessed with thinness. What a pointless non eventful device that’s just insanely massive.
    Just another joker to stretch resources out even further.
    Don’t know how much longer one can put up with this madness. They’ve still got a lot to learn it seems. They’re not really taking criticisms of the size of their devices seriously. Every single device they’ve released in the last year and half has been much much bigger than it needs to be. The trend seems to be getting worse and not better

  • Wolf0491

    I kinda like the way the back is. Maybe Z3 will be similar

  • Reza

    What’s wrong with the bezel?

  • texterted

    It looks very smart, thin and light! :)

  • Reza

    Why don’t you understand about the mid ranger?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    No brother….. Ultra segment is still empty !!!

  • darshan

    Smaller den t2… it wil create havoc in India if pricing wil b around 25k… t2 did d same

  • Wolf0491

    If the white one is getting the white front shouldn’t the purple get equal treatment. Or maybe it just looked awful. Hmmmm

  • Reza

    I’m with you, C2 would be nice naming..

  • roeshak

    Although I agree with most of what you said but please the z2’s camera is the best android camera out there. Much better results than z1. You probably just using superior auto which is very poor with white balance. Learn to use manual mode with image stabiliser and metering at average. At 8mp, mine produces stela results even in lowlight. The camera is actually the main highlight of the z2.
    Learn to use it instead of just complaining. Having said that, I agree with everything else you said especially about the fanboys.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think it vl be priced lesser than T2U….. Less than 20k I guess

    6″ vs 5.3″
    13mp vs 8mp

    It should be

  • Reza

    Hey… Look at those galaxies… Don’t you see that they’re look same too?? HTC, LG..

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Absolutely. T2 utlra never suited to that phone (T belonged to Bond phone and that one was a flagship)………… Neither this one suits !!!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    bro, problem with Manual mode is I can handle it but when you ask someone to just take a pic of yours – they cannot handle all those complex settings !!!
    This is the problem…phone Camera should be very simple – just click and done.
    For complex things I have DSLR :-)

  • josesl16

    Uh-uh, Sony may be operating on losses, but Sony Mobile is one of Sony’s saving points, making a profit and projected to keep growing this year. It’s mobile division is on the right track.

  • jr

    But most people will prefer superior auto than manual i hope sony will improve their software department.

  • xp

    You’re right I forgot about that

  • Amimanot

    For me, I would wait till the Xperia C3 comes out. That phone is gonna be DA BOMB!

  • dreamgs1

    is there any point buying less RAM mobiles?? now a days apps are getting heavy. Irrespective of screen size and camera .. what is the use of a mobile which doesn’t have power.

  • RealityCheck2013

    T3??? Terminator 3??? :D Looks cool :P Not sure if i like the curved back tho? Hmm

  • roeshak

    Granted and that’s a valid criticism. The auto mode needs improving especially in white balance. They’ve improved the image quality with the z2 in superior auto but it’s let down again by the wrong white balance resulting in poorly focused images with washed out colours.
    Until Sony comes up with an auto mode that’s worthwhile, I’d suggest leaving it alone. Just leave it in manual mode, the only thing you have to adjust really is white balance so nothing complexed there. The software does a good job auto ISO and shutter speed, it just fails miserably with WB. Trust me white balance is very important. It can be the difference between a great looking photo and one that’s just me!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    yeah – we all are hoping Sony to improve !!
    they should stop releasing phones every month and focus on Software. This is the main thing I want from Sony & somebody declared me troll :-D
    anyways – nice talking to you !!

  • roeshak

    But until then, stay away from superior auto. No point using the camera in its crappiest mode when it can do so much better and then complaining about the results.
    You’ve got a great camera with a poor auto mode, it’s the sad fact. You’ve got to deal with that and learn to use it in manual mode. Forget about all that scene selection bull, as long as you get the right white balance, the z2 will respond with great photos.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    another 1gb of ram for 2014?? hurmmmm…. sony should considering to only used the omnibalance design for their waterproof phone but for non waterproof sony should consider for less bezel kind of design. the t3 for me it just a waste of manufacture times cause t2 ultra still young.( maybe sony just want to clear their parts stock ). 1gb ram for android it just like living in hell….. ” force close ” continues … sorry sony.

  • roeshak

    The person who called you a troll is just another fanatic fanboy. You’re spot on about the need to focus on a smaller range of products. Sony has a long way to go in software department most notably with the camera.
    I was just pointing out that the z2’s camera is a stela performer, it just needs manual instructions. The auto mode isn’t very intelligent at all and you sort change yourself by using it. It takes the worst photos than any other mode in truth.

  • cyun84

    Boring! Why bother making a smaller version of the T2, with a worse camera?? The only standout feature is the thinness, but frankly that makes the phone harder to pick up off a table

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    If they don’t know; It’s their lack. It’s never a problem for the owner. Everyone has their own choice of mobile phone. If they’re so interested and want to know, they can just google it. It’s as simple as that.

  • Giargo

    Sony starts to be boring. It’s like a kind of T2 Ultra compact. Almost same design, same bezels, same screen, same cpu, same cpu, just worse camera and smaller battery (obviously).

  • Giargo


  • Raymond

    the problem is not the device ,this is just the successor of the T2 so Sony will not put a high price tag for this model ,the problem is the people who expect a lot from the Sony’s hints “get ready for the next big thing ” before it was announced…

  • sony fan

    I do agree with you, I have always used sony phones since the first SE, but lately I am so disappointed, not only camera app but the bugy updates always.

  • laci_csk

    how about C3PO, or R2D2 ???

  • laci_csk

    Yes C3PO…

  • darshan

    Hope so… I wil b d first one to buy dis then…

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  • Tim Westerholm

    Hmm… strange to release a T”3″ device already… still T2 Ultra, E2 & Z2 is new devices, I taught the “3” series would come next year or something. At least after summer like Z1 but not already now.

  • jonny

    z2 is still a good phone better than s5 anyway. insanely good design, good speakers consider its water proof. good screen obviously and good enough camera. you gotta know the compromises. the s5 compromised on its design the htc m8 is a step back as well same camera removed ois and useless duo camera. the waterproof is the best gimmick ever. at least one i will use most. Also those huge m8 bezels

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Me too…. Will choose this over lumia 1320 if gets some positive responses :)

  • g

    I do agree one thing that you say that is they’re going nowhere but look at the other side, not many people can afford to buy premium phones which are usually quoted at a high price. So, now sony is aiming for the mid range phones. IS THIS HARD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT?!? YOU’RE COMMENTING ON MID RANGE PHONE -_- -___-

  • Anukul

    Sony need a powerful successor for xperia sp soon , sp is a beautiful phone but how long will it hold on?

  • srb

    I would like to believe that they are putting the same internals so they can manage updates better but I seriously doubt it. This year sony released same phone over and over again. I knew sony was changing now they are trolling the market with phones they can not support. They should go niche. Release midrange with at least one best part of the flagship. Like one with stereo speakers, one with great cam, one with waterproof etc.

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  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Now if Z2U comes like a surprise without leaks !!!!

  • Sad…

    Xperia R and R1 hasn’t even been released yet….

  • jag

    Aw men!?! I thought it was Z2 Ultra!

  • xperiaDROID

    Nothing special lol, this is just a competitor towards Galaxy Grand 2, but gotta say that Xperia T3 is way better than Grand 2.

  • nooooo


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  • hcm.

    you don’t know what you’re talking here. All white balance has to contribute to an image is colour temperature, or hue.. whatever you want to call it, but it does not affect the focusing of an image at all. And washed out colours come from poor exposure, which means the camera app fails to come up with a suitable ISO and exposure time.

  • tandoori88

    so sony launches T2 and now we get a T3 with slight change in the configuration… Disappointing shouldve been Z2 Ultra

  • alex

    Sony cameras have problems not only with the white balance on sony photos you do not get that excellent detail how on 2012 Nokia 808 pureview. Snapshots Z1 or on updated Z2 camera, you see blurred image and overexposure! Even 8mpx. Nexus5 camera, with its automatic mode HDR + makes very clear and high-quality photos. Sony programmers for us, it is an endless headache that has lasted for 3 years!

  • roeshak

    Sorry but it’s you who doesn’t know what their talking about. WB does a lot as far as focusing and colour. If the camera is set up to take a photo as though the light hitting the sensor is white when in realty it’s coloured because it’s travelling through a filter of some kind. That plays havoc with the processing of those images. As far as colour reproduction is concerned, WB is key. It also affects the camera’s ability to focus properly.
    I know this from my own experiments. ISO and exposure determines the amount of light that his the sensor while shutter speed determines the extent to which that light hits the sensor.
    Please do some testing yourself before you start talking bull.

  • BEZELs

    So.. when they say the next BIG thing, they wern’t talking bout the phone rather about the bezels…

  • roeshak

    Granted, the auto focus too could do with improvement but I know first hand that the problems you’ve highlighted are made considerably worse with the wrong WB.
    I get very good results from mine even in average lighting. Tried to upload a photo sample but this site has a 2mb limitation.

  • What’s Wrong?

    It’s the “next BIG thing”

  • alex

    I have 1.5 years 808 Pureview, it sometimes gives little cooler photos, but it has a good WB. And night mode it shows very good quality, although 808 is not advertised like good cameraphone for night mode, but … 808 shots, striking for its cleanliness and good detail, sony Z1 and Z2 can`t show this DSLR camera quality like on 808 … Sony camera has big problems with distant objects, it allways lubricates them ((For example, difference between Nokia and Sony cameras: This is from my 808 pureview , and this with Xperia Z2

    I understand that shots are different, but if you zoom, you will see very big difference. 808 like a pocket-sized SLR camera, and Xperia Z2 – phone camera and unfortunately not the best ..

  • Abbas Azimov

    Official ?

  • roeshak

    Considering that the 808 has a much larger sensor, you can’t expect the z2 to perform as well with distant objects. In my experience though, the z2 isn’t that far behind the 808 sample you uploaded. I’ll upload to Dropbox some samples and forward the link to you.

  • roeshak

    See one example. I think it did well with objects in the distance

    I also added one average lighting sample of my TV and piano. I don’t think you can call these samples anything other than good.

  • sophosaid

    what is this? t3 should be superior than t2 ultra if based by naming scheme. and what’s weird is that there is no such phone as t2 so why name it t3? t3 has 8mp rear cam vs 13mprear cam on t2 ultra and t3 is smaller. such a downgrade. sony is wasting letters and numbers!

  • Tjaldid

    T2 Ultra

  • Professor X

    Sony is run out of idea now, no new innovation and wow factor, Sony still stuck in the old visions, same mistake about making only hardware and don’t care much about software, this is why Apple wins the game and proud to present their most famous gadgets of the 21st century like iPod > iPhone > iPad.

    Sony also don’t have their own OS and platform like A pple, Microsoft, Sony is too late now and Sony is dying slowly everyday.

  • alex

    It’s Superior auto mod, right? Not bad, but on your examples it’s medium-range objects, i not see trees, mostly buildings. A second shot, it’s overexposed.

  • roeshak

    These are all manual mode. You can’t really get a good measure of how good they are because image quality is reduced with drop box. Your uploads seemed better. Mine look a lot better on the phone and computer. You need to see them in full res to really appreciate the quality.
    I also think you’re expecting too much considering the z2’s specs. The Nokias will always do better in stills. The z2 though stays within touching distance of them.

  • Mercast

    Whenever Sony shuts down i’ll switch to iPhone. There is no other brand that can bring quality products to consumers. IMHO all others phone are just…. meh. When i buy a phone i care for the overall experiance (inside-out). Only Apple and Sony can deliver quality products. Built quiality of the device and light UI. That’s all that matters to me.

  • alex

    IMHO, sony can make a better camera, but not with this such stupid programmers … When was Sonyericsson, they were competitors for nokia, especially k750 k800 cyber-shot but only until famous N series. I mean N73 N82 N8 and of course 808 pureview. For Sony today must of course, get rid of bad software, and it requires highly skilled programmers who can improve the picture quality on a new high step level.

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    1GB RAM is less even in mid range phone.

  • ice4banday

    Holy Crap this phone is THIN!

  • roeshak

    Of course they can still improve but it’s not as bad as you make it. The software is poor but only as far as superior auto goes. Most techblogs do concede that it’s got the best camera of any Android phone.
    I think your expectations where a bit too high considering the specs. The 808 has a much larger sensor and OIS.
    The z2 does OK for what it’s got. Could it still be improved? Yes certainly but it ain’t as bad as you make it.

  • suit up !

    7 mm????????????????????????????????? :P :P
    my Xperia Z Ultra is just 6.5mm thin :P :P :P
    it is the thinnest smartphone with a 6.44″ display :D

  • alex
  • valentino

    This is Madness.. I already have That Hope so high about z ultra 2…
    and… then…SONY always Make.Believe..
    Make people Believe and then BAM!! Plot Twist…

  • Anon

    Why not 13mp like T2 Ultra? Why not 2GB ram? would be a killer! Why Sony? Why?

  • roeshak

    Did you take those with superior auto?

  • Tech Gospel

    That’s what the Z2 is for.

  • alex

    No it’s not my test, but those are samples also taken with superior auto

  • roeshak

    The camera can do better that that in manual mode with image stabiliser on. It does certainly need more work on focusing on far away objects. Also it would be good to see the Sony programmers limit those very aggressive noise suppression algorithms to lowlight shots only. They contribute also to the blurring out of fine details.

  • aman

    Well i guess after Steve Jobs, Apple is also out of innovation..
    After he died Apple has not launched a single new product in the market.Just updating the older ones and launching them.

    I am accepting that Sony is out of ideas but i am saying the same goes with Apple too.

  • jmaxim917

    I suspect there will be no Z3 rather a new model and designation for their flagship line.

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  • alex

    He noted that red flower from sony Z2 camera has strange purple tint, and flower taken from nexus 5 camera has clean red . He also did not like that Z2 very overexposed photos and aggressive noise suppression algorithm, spoils detail

  • Diogo Simões

    Easy tigers!

    I´m trying to understand the people here. I really really understand what all of you guys are saying in the comments mas it´s seems that you are expecting that Sony announces the Xperia Z3.

    The desing is the same, yes, but they said that they will change it and we have the IFA conferrence. Sony won´t will change the problems with camera (that according to testes is better thant the Z1 and i´m really excited to see the next year models with the new processors) . This is a middle range phone.

    P.S.:wtf! PlayStation have a new icon and i’m waiting to the service become available here in my country.
    and for the first time Sony has put a men using a white smartphone

  • alex

    I heard, Nokia will introduce receiver of lumia 1020 in autumn . It will be even more serious contender, so Sony should rethink their policy for future Xperia Z3 camera …

  • yuskhayru

    Now days, people talk like a ceo, actually just a bunch of kids.

  • roeshak

    Just took those from the window. Couldn’t go outside because it’s raining here in London.
    Don’t think they’re that bad. Yes you lose finer details above 50% crop but those noise suppression algorithms do help to improve the lowlight photos so they have their use.
    If only they could stop them coming into play in daylight shots.

  • Christian

    how old are you again kid? does your mom know your playing with her laptop again?

  • alex

    Sorry, but your links i can’t open (permission is required) . I do not have access rights. You can upload to another site?

  • imparanoic

    t2 ultra is a phablet at 6″, T3 is borderline at 5.3″, slightly different market

  • Sony has or at least had Vita OS which they could have (and would have) put on phones, if it weren’t for Android being so much more successful.
    I’m glad Sony foresaw that and decided not to put Vita OS on their phones. At least they think about choices and don’t make random new OSes like Samsung’s Tizen, which will fail to impress anyway.

  • The Z2 image is oddly unsharp. I never get that with photos I take on my Xperia Z1. Of course the Z1/Z2 isn’t the very best but it’s coming darn close and it is indeed a great compact camera replacement, IF you know how to use it.

    (For the record, here’s my Z1 photography, if you really want to see some stunning pictures:

  • I usually keep Manual settings at ISO-50 and quickly adjust the white balance before giving my phone to others to take a picture (and I’ll remind them to keep the phone steady when taking a picture).

    Otherwise there’s always the auto mode (I’m not calling it “superior” because it actually isn’t), which does the job just fine too.

    I actually find myself taking pictures with my Xperia Z1 even when I got my Nikon D5100 hanging around my neck, just because it’s such a small camera that I can easily manoeuvre it around. Of course image quality doesn’t come close, but it’s pretty good for a phone or compact camera replacement :)

  • I agree with you, but on the other hand I’d rather have a ‘faulty’ white balance than ‘faulty’ exposure. Because white balance can still be fixed afterwards, but overexposed pictures can not (as long as we don’t have RAW support yet (come on Sony, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement)…).

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  • roeshak

    Did you send request to view them. Dropbox just losses image quality a bit too much

  • roeshak

    You karpov808? Just allowed access

  • alex


  • roeshak

    You should be able to see them now

  • alex

    Shots are good, but still when zoomed, you feel that photos taken from the phone camera

  • phanny

    is 1GB RAM really enough for a smartphone in 2014 ??? Are you serious SONY ? This is no different from T2Ultra except size n 720p screen, same old specs…. come on…

  • roeshak

    Well it’s a phone camera and like I said earlier, the noise suppression is necessary for lowlight shots taken with such a tiny sensor. The nexus 5 and most others struggle with lowlight especially natural lowlight. The z2’s camera does OK in those conditions. No point having good pictures only in daylight conditions I think.

  • alex

    Can you show me your Fav shot taken ??from Z2 on sunny day

  • roeshak

    Don’t have any sunny day samples on my phone which I can share easily. I always delete my test shots after a while to save space.
    Here’s an indoor shot with the light coming only through window blinds. I think most other android devices will struggle here but z2 gives a very usable photo. Also another cloudy day shot outside

  • alex

    Always rainy England .. But you know, you must save samples on your computer, and most interesting shots, upload to some photo sites, for example. on

  • roeshak

    Will do and message you.

  • alex

    OK )

  • alex

    This is one of my fav photos taken on 808 Pureview

  • GOA

    So weird, I don’t get Sony fanboys logic here

    Sony fanboys hate Samsung And said that Samsung sucks but why those stupid fanboys try to compare their goodness Sony to the suck thing…LOL

  • Yasir Fawad
  • alex

    You handled them in a photo editor )

  • Yasir Fawad

    Those were just shared just to show they can be made perfect with a little tuning. Any how here is the original. Untouched.

  • alex

    Good shots from your Nikon d5100

  • alex
  • Thanks, but you do know the link was mostly concerning the Z1 images as that’s the only camera used for the pictures, right? :p

    (fixed the link too, apparently I didn’t close the bracket in that sentence correctly).

  • Yasir Fawad

    Good one. I’ll be uploading some more tomorrow. Deleted my galleries, I don’t say it will be the beast of quality, but it won’t be easy to make it a clear loser. Cheers, nd good nite….

  • alex

    Well, if Z1 will not compare with competitors, yes, it well shoots. )

  • alex

    Good shots Yasir. Good luck!

  • Akuma

    xperia t series now getting uglier…

  • Guest

    Sony’s Omnibalance is beautiful. Samsung’s design is just as ugly as band-aid.
    That’s the difference.

  • No one should buy a camera for the sake of comparing it with others.
    Camera(phone)s should be bought to deliver good results to individuals’ liking (:

  • alex

    Yes, I agree with you, but, people always want to be proud that he has the best camera, or the best car, or yacht :)

  • DrazenDodig

    beautiful phone… one step above M2…

  • aman nankani

    1 GB ram seriously..
    i have xperia s having the same ram…same ppi..even better camera…
    sony its time to wake up these specifications are similar to the phone which is 2-3 yrs old..why would anyone buy it…

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Doomlord tweeted that the “next big thing” was referring to the Z3

  • Those should be taught a life lesson:
    Don’t always compare with others. With the exception of one, there’s always something or someone better. More often than not it’s just depressing c:

    More on the topic: I love the camera of the Xperia Z1 mostly for its size. It’s amazing how such a slim phone can still house a pretty capable 20 megapixel camera with a large aperture (relatively speaking). I’m one happy consumer!

  • alex

    As I understand it, it was a passage from the Bible ….)

  • jake

    G have what thing new ?

  • What’s up with Sony’s naming scheme? Where’s T2 (I’m aware of T2 Ultra).

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  • grammar nazi


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  • Christian

    thank you! I stand corrected..

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  • Musashi Masana

    That is true before the Kit Kat. Look the specification of Moto G and how fluid its works! The point today is optimization…

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Maybe find a way to integrate it though. Sony should be able to find a way to balance TimeScape with a little bit of what they have on the Playstation devices

  • tony

    What is wrong with you people? This is not a flagship phone so what do you all expect? Another flagship that is better than Z2? No way!
    Not everybody can afford or need a flagship phone. Every manufacturer must target diffferent price points and T3 is very clearly midrange. Midrange phones can NEVER be innovative nor have the Wow factor. Its for the budget conscious.
    Just look at all the other Snapdragon 400 powered phones from the other brands. Do you see any innovation? At least T3 is the only midrange phone that uses a stainless steel frame and its also the thinnest at 7mm.
    Hello Professor X aka Apple fanboy, what innovation has Apple come up with in IOS 8? Changeable keyboards? Widgets? Battery usage breakdown? OMG, Apple is merely adding features that Android has since 5 years ago.
    And why would anyone want a propriety OS? Oh, only Apple fanboys do. Every manufacturer uses Android and that means I can switch from Sony to Samsung to Moto to LG to Huawei and any brand with ease. No need to put up with nonsense like iMessages getting lost. If you don’t have a mind of your own when it comes to phones and want Apple to dictate how you use your phone then go ahead and stick with Apple.

  • Mirrorpurple

    Hey hey are you buying the phone?
    No? SHUT UP

    Stop talking like some marketing strategist, because its obviously your brain cannot handle the job

    Tbh, if i were to compare this and T2, might get this due to the 7mm tbh… And also steel frame… The specs should be able to handle 4.4 and above with ease

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  • tugares

    Yeah absolutely, I agree with you

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  • Sony took me by surprise when i heard that the Sony Xperia T3 has been announced. I guess no one had expected T3 so early

    Whats new in Sony Xperia T3 ?

  • P9

    it’s just a mid range one, u will shy ur mouth when Z3 comes:#

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  • roeshak

    Here’s one I just took at 8mp in manual mode under blue skies for a change lol!

  • alex

    Hi! Good shot :) Good dynamic range , a little bit overexposed sky,a little, color rendition is good , but still when you zoomed 100% , you can see that the details are blurring, Sony still need to improve postprocessing.

  • roeshak

    Also don’t forget that image quality is reduced by uploading to the Web.
    I understand what you mean about blurring of fine details but what’s responsible for that is also responsible for producing the best lowlight shots of any smartphone. The nexus 5 and galaxy s5 take some pretty horrible natural lowlight photos. Extremely noisy and mostly unusable.
    It’s a compromise you see. Unless Sony devs can find a way to restrict those noise suppression algorithms to lowlight shots only, I just can’t see this changing.
    To be honest, how many times do you actually use cropped photos? The fine details only really begin to suffer once you get above 50% crop.
    With the z2, you get a camera that’s capable in most lighting conditions unlike other brands.

  • alex

    Maybe yes, Sony Z2 camera that’s capable in most lighting conditions unlike samsung yes but i have to say iphone 5s is good on night mode to, and of course nokia Lumia better choise for most lighting conditions.

  • roeshak

    Nether the lumia 1020 nor iPhone 5s perform as well as the z2 does in lowlight. IPhones night time and lowlight samples have never impressed me at all.
    There’s just too much superior auto pictures floating around and that’s the worst mode to use in my opinion. So much so that I believe it should be scrapped or at the very least replaced by manual mode as the default shooting mode. The problem seems with white balance mainly. Even in manual mode with WB set to auto, the results are much worse in my view. With Sony smartphones, you have to adjust WB manually. The phones suck at this automatically

  • Diego S

    Anyone else notice that in the second video the T3 has the 4.3 “blind effect” lock screen? The phone is running 4.4 KitKat and is able to have the 4.3 lockscreen! Sony should do that to all of it’s phones running 4.4. Not very fond of the current 4.4 lockscreen.

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  • 111

    I wish it had a 5″ screen

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