Stunning photos of Xperia T3 taken by photographer Benjamin Kaufmann

by XB on 7th June 2014

in Xperia T3

Xperia T3_BK_5Sony announced the Xperia T3 earlier in the week, a 5.3-inch 720p handset with a 7mm body and stainless steel frame. It is a stylish-looking handset, especially given how slim it is combined with the reflective steel frame.

To celebrate the launch the phone, Sony revealed a collaboration with renowned photographer Benjamin Kaufmann who released a collection of photos inspired by the distinctive design of the Xperia T3. The artistic photos really are stunning, although if you want to know what the phone looks like on a day-to-day basis then check out our previous hands-on post.

Xperia T3_BK_1

Xperia T3_BK_2

Xperia T3_BK_3

Xperia T3_BK_4

Xperia T3_BK_5

Xperia T3_BK_6

Xperia T3_BK_7

Xperia T3_BK_8

Xperia T3_BK_9

Xperia T3_BK_10

Xperia T3_BK_11

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Great looking phone as always, but cmon not even the Z2 didn’t get this kind of treatment

  • Tim Westerholm

    Simply because the Z2 is a flagship focusing on multiple things at once, this device simply got a sexy body but creepy inside. ;-)

  • tugares

    Very big frames… Ugly…

  • Guest

    That phone looks huge in her hands!

  • dss


  • Dirty Troll

    I’d eat her anyday (and take the phone)… ;-)

  • Mint

    The photos are lovely. The phone itself…not so much.

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  • Christian

    iPhones have bigger bezels, but no one (to my knowledge) says they’re ugly.

  • Bezels

    DAMN!! Don’t I look good!! ;P

  • Hamed Azizi

    :D Everyone is angry because the damn phone was not Z2 Ultra.

  • Reza

    Can you appreciate something in life than despise it? I wondered why people kept saying about bezels and digging a negative sides, blah, blah, blah…. It’s not so easy to creates a things.

  • Reza

    Not me..

  • Hamed Azizi

    THAT was the next BIG thing in this season.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I think the lack of complaints is because the iPhone itself does have one of the best one-handed uses out there. Of course the display is smaller, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. The only real reason I can see people complaining about Android phone bezels is because of the larger screen, a few companies have been able to sort of tie in a larger screen with smaller bezels (LG being the top).

    The way I see it, Sony brought IP certification to flagships, the next things that could blow people away is smaller bezels (that’s a given), finding some way for the device to stand against sea water, or having the screen use underwater. Shrinking bezels aren’t a huge problem for me at first, but when you see what other companies can do I know Sony can pull it off.

  • SinaKing

    Amazing Man …
    Adorable !

  • Anukul

    a fail is a fail, it won’t sell much really. we need a true xperia sp successor in the mid segment and not t series phablets

  • takeyourpick

    “iPhone itself does have one of the best one-handed uses out there”
    especially true, after pornhub gave the stats that apple users are their biggest userbase. :P

  • Billy de Fretes

    poor Z2 didn’t get special launch like this

  • takeyourpick

    T3: we’ve got your asscovered.


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Also read that from PhoneArena

  • Am I the only one thinking these photographs aren’t all that impressive?
    Like, just place a phone on some rocks, make sure there’s a lot of white in the picture and you got yourself a very similar photo.

    The last ‘reflective’ image I actually already did with my Xperia Z1, but in this last image there’s nothing interesting that’s being reflected to. That’s what I call a missed opportunity. They could’ve just put a model there being on the phone or whatever.

  • whatisthis

    What’s with the pretentiousness? Couldn’t they have just taken some photos of the phone without some redundant woman in the background?

  • SomeBody

    No it’s not just you. The last one is a photo we all did. The pic before the last is terrible, the real model and the picture on the screen has nothing to do with each other, if the phone was showing what you would have otherwise seen (if the phone wasn’t there), it could have been interesting (making the screen seem “transparent” with the rest of the phone clearly visible), but this way it’a just a random snap with the real model’s dress being visible on the left.
    The one with the red dress shows some creativity but also a failure. There are 2 ways you can look at the picture: 1. we are viewing the phone from side-view and there’s a pillar behind the woman. 2. There’s no pillar, but it’s a reflection from the phone because we’re viewing the phone from an angle that’s between side-view and front-view. It’s a fail because the woman’s leg is chopped off if it’s option 1. The others are random snaps, the only reason they look “pro” is because of the bokeh and zero visible artifacts. The credit goes to the camera, to nature for creating such beautiful places, to the model’s parents (not to the model because she’s just slim, simply not getting fat is not an achievement in life) and to the person who designed the clothes. The photographer took no part in the creation of these pictures.

  • Roy RanaDeep

    awesome photography….Sony is a design master

  • liampaulmassey

    This smartphone might look good but it’s only a 720p screen and not a 1080p screen and why have they not put what the camera quality is

  • tony

    iPhones have bigger bezels.

  • tony

    “iPhone itself does have one of the best one-handed uses out there”

    All phones with small 4inch screens have one of the best one-handed uses.
    All A segment cars are the easiest to park.
    All 20 inch TVs wastes the least space in your living room.
    These are all no-brainer sentences.

  • jag

    i want Z2 Ultra!!!!

  • tugares

    Because someone else doing this really good. Everyone knows that Sony can do a product better than all of them. Look at LG, Samsung. Apple is different because, they’re still the best about design. SJ make believe on people about Apple as like as Sony says same in their advertisement. The thing is they are not trying to do their best. Just doing something which can earn money to themselves. It’s not about the Sony or anyone else… I am not a fan of any company because they aren’t mine. I want to emphasize that z1 and z destiny, Sony gave nothing to z1 with 4.4.2 it is a big mistake. They draw z2 s destiny with this also. About the bezels??? This phone has nothing about the feature, there is no way to defend it. Solution is so easy, Sony must change programmers and designers and try to make something new.

  • tugares

    Because this is iPhone, they made believe on customers years ago. Sony lost many customers year by year, so they should do something new. Because of this reason people are critising Sony. Sony always boasting quality and something like that. So, why they couldn’t make something new? Do you have any idea?

  • JHMBB2

    I was laughing when i originally read the title “Stunning Photos” of a phone, but well, holy crap, these are stunning.

  • Christian

    Whaaat??? I have no idea about what you’re saying…

  • InspectorGadget80

    BEAUTIFUL PICS! i like to know whos the hot model hes shooting

  • InspectorGadget80

    These were taken with my XPERIA Z1

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