Xperia Z update (10.5.A.0.233) rolling to Three Austria

by XB on 20th June 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z_10.5.A.0.233The latest firmware update for the Xperia Z (C660X) looks to be a carrier specific one. Firmware build 10.5.A.0.233 is currently rolling to Xperia Z (C6603) owners on the Three Austria network. This appears to be primarily a bug-fix update. At this stage, we don’t know whether a wider launch of this firmware is planned, but we haven’t seen it hit any other regions/carriers so far.

Xperia Z_10.5.A.0.233

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks Saper!

  • Sandhu

    Please roll it for india first….we are still waiting for kitkat…..:(

  • Andrea

    hopefully solve the problems of lag after upgrade to kitkat

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    You mean Australia?

    Three is an operator in Australia. :p

  • Gábor Dikán

    This is a hungarian screenshot, not from Austria :)

  • Sture Karlsson

    Three is a carrier around whole Europe.

  • Akshay Ballal

    If this update doesn’t come early maximum 1 month or so let’s file consumer complaint case against Sony…

  • Akshay Ballal

    Australia is not in Europe :D

  • Tech Gospel

    Is this supposed to fix the 230 power drain bug?

  • Sture Karlsson

    I’m not saying it is.

  • Pineda R.

    Three is currently serving in GB, HK, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland and Italy..

    I think this update will roll out in these countries too.

  • Aimar
  • Mahinthan So

    Also saudi arabia

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Why don’t you guys not just flash a generic stock rom with flashtool? It won’t even void your warranty.

    Just because your carrier(Not Sony) is slow to release it doesn’t mean you have to nag on every other information page about it.

  • Reza

    Yeah, I did flashing the latest KK with build 230 on my xperia z c6602, I am in Indonesia and I got the ftf KK files from TW generic, it’s better than waiting for nothing..and it works flawlessly.

  • ME

    No. Three is no longer running in Australia.

  • Sandhu

    this is extra choice like flashing generic roms but if sony can roll out update for other countries then why not in india….Still we are waiting for kitkat and others are getting .233 ….what will you do if there is no way like flashing roms or etc….??

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Then you take it up with your service provider. Your service provider together with your country regulator controls what is approved and released. If they take their time then you will suffer the consequences. That is the main reason why certain countries get software even phones way before other countries. KitKat only released this week in South Africa because my service provider didn’t bother pushing for software approval.

  • Luca

    I read on some website that 4.4.4 is already available by Google and I am sure it will take ages for Sony to roll out.

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  • Lemonwilly

    BE firmware was posted to XDA yesterday.

  • grav1ty

    It won’t take ages just because Sony won’t release it for this handset. 4.4.2 is the last update for the Xperia Z

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  • Killian Khoo

    I think it is possible Sony to do the update , as the Nexus 4 is using the same chipset as Xperia Z got the update ~
    And I hope Sony will do so ~

  • grav1ty

    Would be nice dude, but we saw different things from sony in the past when it comes to updates and we still see that it didn’t get better.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Back in India the update is not linked to carriers as we don not have contract like in the US and Europe. Its a generic crowd. The update gets late because of the serial number for the device.
    If you look at Z1 India gets the update forst followed by other countries. and for Z it comes very late mostly after other countries.
    And unfortunately most of the crowd that wants the update are not really comfortable Flashing the generic ROMS

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Well nothing to do with Xperia but Google has rolled out 4.4.4 update with minor upgrades and fixes


    Our mobiles doesn’t come with carriers. We have to buy it separately. We don’t have contracts with carriers like most countries do. So carriers doesn’t have anything to do with pushing the updates for us. We get it straightaway from the manufacturer.

  • kevlo

    Germany has no update…
    Wtf sony?!

  • Bálint Tamás Light

    This is my picture!
    Why thanks to Shape?
    Why not thanks to me?

  • Meister

    Seems to, it is a Hungarian screenshot. :-)

  • Meister

    To solve the issue, you should go to Applications, All, Google Play Service, Manage storage, and at the bottom, delete all, then restart your phone.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    [Insert Xperia SP Android Update Complaint Here]

  • Roger_praz

    Any plans on when its gonna roll out in India? And anyone who got the update of this build number, how are you guys feeling? How is the update? Did it fix the battery drain issue? Is it worth updating?

  • roadman1

    please, make it in India first. btw i’m not from India, just god damn tire to see “I am from India” everywhere.

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  • dreamgs1

    why are you encouraging people to do in unusual way than helping us ?
    You should help by insisting sony to provide proper way to via PCC /US
    Flashing is no where come in picture of customer and seller. if you know computer you will do it. don’t expect everybody know all these. And either you or sony doesn’t have any right to provide such step by forcing. It is acceptable only it it is a suggestion.

  • dreamgs1

    Also there are million stars (*) in warranty that a customer cannot see but service center will show to you when you take the brick to them if any thing happens to the phone.

  • dreamgs1

    lets see if aus suffer with .233 also, your phone will be safe.

  • dreamgs1

    expecting too much it seems. we are sony customers please remember and not nexus. remove your hopes or move to different brand.

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Because everyone is complaining in the wrong place… This page is a fan page, if you read the terms and conditions of this page you will read that they are not affiliated with Sony at all… So if you want to compliant to carry any grounds then complain to Sony directly on their website and on social media where they have active sponsored accounts… I own a Xperia X10mini, Neo, Z, Z tablet, Z1, and Z2 and yet have not bricked a phone as I did not unlock my bootloader and double checked the firmware with my phone model no, followed some tried and proven instructions on xda.

  • SrDrGkC
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  • Mido King

    Is it already rolling?
    Because i am in Austria and i haven’t received any update!!!

  • Mido King

    I agree we have to do something against sony shit update service.

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  • Reza

    Can I put it on xperia z c6602?

  • grav1ty

    Because Sony does strange things.. Usually Generic Devices are getting updates first, but at Sony, they have to wait much longer than carrier devices.. Senseless.. In Germany we are still waiting for .230
    But i won’t update, my device is working fine atm and i’ll wait for a bugfix update..

  • Masha
  • Alex Damer

    My friend and I already received 4.4.2 since Sony started releasing. :D
    Don’t know what’s wrong with your phone. Maybe you have a branded one?

  • Yasir
  • grav1ty

    You can check it through the SI-Number of your phone. Your phone is from vdf, o2 or t-com if you got that update earlier.. Or maybe your device is not a german device.. but generic_DE (unbranded germany non carrier devices) still wait for rollout

  • Alex Damer

    I flashed a generic 4.3 swiss firmware when 4.3 was released and I got the kitkat update on the first day.
    My friend has bought his Xperia Z in a o2 Shop, but he doesn’t have a branding. We both got kikat on the first day so…

  • grav1ty

    You don’t get the point, we are talking about “GERMANY” and devices for “GERMANY” ;) and generic “GERMAN” devices are STILL waiting for rollout.. Hope you got it now ;)

  • Alex Damer

    I think you can’t read.
    I wrote that my friend has a Xperia Z bought from a o2 Shop. But it is a unbranded, generic device and he already got the update. It is a generic and german device. :D I also live in germany but on my phone is a generic swiss ROM, because they are always the first one who getting updates.

  • grav1ty

    You can be pretty sure, that your friend has NO GENERIC_DE device ;) You still dont get the point.. you can check it via the customization number.. generic german devices have

    Custom number: 1271-0334

    If you dont have a clue about what this number is telling you, please stop talking about things you dont know

  • Alex Damer

    I know what the Custom Number is about.

    And yes I am pretty sure my friend has a Generic_DE device ;)

    I also know the service menu, but now I have to ask you, why you don’t flash a generic *.ftf like me and enjoy kitkat? There are no risks and you don’t have to unlock your bootloader.

  • grav1ty

    i know dude, the reason is i dont want to update because there are some battery issues with google play services and that workaround does not work on all people.. im still reading many forum posts about this.. i was just complaining about the rollout structure from sony..

    lets talk about your friends device.. are you really really sure ? I wrote you the german generic_de custom number, which is installed on my phone, you can click the link i posted.. no update for kitkat, still on 4.3 aka *B.0.101

  • Samuel8750

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  • Ok, I installed 10.5.A.0.233 and the battery drain issue of Google Play Services is still there. Nothing changed other than a smoother UI.

  • The Man

    Same here in India brother, still waiting for the. 230 update. But I wont be updating until they come up with a bug fix

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  • Vakarian

    So does this update fix all the problems related to lag?

  • tosin

    Please how do I port answering machine on Xperia Z2 to my xperia z? I have the apk but don’t know the process. Everytime I try to install it fails.

  • 233 is slightly better than 230 but still not as fast as 4.3.

  • Iismail
  • vakarian

    Ok, tan you for the answer ;)

  • Tech Gospel

    Hope this comes to generic devices soon. Running 230 and it’s quite sluggish on my Tablet Z LTE. Battery didn’t seem to be affected, but then again, mine never lasted more than 12 hours with my everyday use and tethering.

  • Dion

    WTF`? dude you get no award for sending them a damn picture

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  • Dinesh

    We in India haven’t received .230 yet and you are talking about .233

  • james_paul

    Got a notification right now that 10.5.A.0.230 is now available for my device which is a generic german Xperia Z (C6603).

  • Jens

    get update 10.5.A.0.230 in Germany today ?!? why not 233

  • Jens

    get Update 10.5.A.0.233 today in Germany, why not 233 ?!?
    do somebody know something about the changes?

  • vrm

    Go to settings->apps->google hangouts and turn notifications off.

    In fact, turn notifications off for as many apps as possible.

  • Shanky Mantri

    So its clear that Sony has fooled us showing certification of new bug rectified firmware. 233 Neither the. 230 rolled nor. 233 rolled to india…so it makes us that no more update for xperia z…this is the same history repeated when xperia x10 needed updates and they just gave buggy v2.3 gingerbread and stopped further…Damn pissed with this when the rest of the world is running 4.4 onwards with minimum specifications…If sony is working on xperia z then definitely they should be atleast updating blog..

  • Michael T

    uhhm, Sony never showed certification of new bug rectified firmware…neither did they explicitly confirm .233 to be a bug rectified firmware…though I do agree that Sony has got to get their acts together when it comes to firmware updates

  • It is not the notifications but you have to disable auto sync for all accounts including Google. You also have to disable the GPS or anything about location.

  • Do not expect much from .233 firmware. The same Google Play Services bug exists in .233 and drains the battery. Sony also updated their Lifelog app for SmartBand and surprise! Lifelog v2 keeps the phone awake and does not let the phone get into sleep mode in Stamina. Another battery killer app from Sony…. I really wonder if they don’t ever test these apps and firmware before release or if they are using us as test dummies.

  • Paul

    Just got .233 in Hong Kong with generic C6603. Let’s see what is fixed.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Guys,I seriously just had an update for KitKat .233…Installing it but my phone was low on battery..I can’t wait to try this new fw out but I know that this was only release in Austria??
    So,what can this mean for my phone,me and all us Z family??
    BTW,my Z is a C6603 from Malaysia.I didn’t buy it from SONY Store but a licensed dealer of Sony and was a newer batch bought in May since I wanted black and it was sold out..
    This a screenshot of it.

  • james_paul

    Google Play Services 5.0.77 is now available:

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    I for one thinks that it’s a little smoother

  • Paul

    It has always been very smooth. The thing is that the battery does not drain much. Am using it a lot on 4G, and google play services is at 14% battery drain, screen 24%. Let’s see how it goes in the next few days. Will get Z2 tomorrow anyways, so i can compare.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Hmm..Lucky you then that you’re 4.4 was good from the start..My 4.4 started out laggy but soon improved and has been smooth as 4.2.2..I’ve been using this. 233 FW for a while now..And I can definitely say that it’s a while lot smoother and doesn’t get as hot anymore.. Battery wise,6 hours with 2-3 hours on Angry Birds epic

  • ma7moud

    anyone have ftf file

  • ma7moud

    anyone have HK ftf file pleeez

  • Lakshit

    Is this a Generic Malaysia Firmware rollout?

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    I’ve no idea… I think it could be..If you do get it…Installing is a good step.. It’s super smooth

  • Lakshit

    We didn’t get a taste of Kitkat yet in India. Waiting for this firmware roll-out eagerly.

  • Lakshit

    [STOCK ROM][FTF] Xperia Z (C6603) 10.5.A.0.233 Generic HK
    Download link:



  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Oh..I’m sorry to hear that..

  • Will this work for phones purchased in Greece? If so, how can I install?

  • Sandhu

    got 4.4 kitkat india but .230( Xperia zl c6502)

  • Nasko

    Guys Xperia Z can get up to 4.4.4 ?

  • Nasko

    Guys xperia z can get up to 4.4.4 ?

  • sai

    When dey r going to release .233 In India?

  • magicdesign

    So where is the update?

  • Balaji j

    We are eager to here about the release 10.5.A.0.233 in India for Xperia ZR

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