Sony drops Xperia C support; receives just three minor updates over its life

by XB on 11th September 2014

in Firmware, Xperia C

Xperia C EOLSony Mobile dropped support for a number of Xperia handsets yesterday including the Xperia SP, Xperia L and Xperia M. Whilst these owners can rightfully feel aggrieved, perhaps none should be more so than Xperia C owners. This handset has also seen software support dropped by Sony, with updates now EoL.

The Xperia C launched with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and received just three very minor firmware updates over its lifetime, the first in January 2014 and the last in August 2014. The lesson here is that if you buy an entry-to-mid-range handset from Sony, do not expect lengthy support.

Xperia C EOL

Thanks xperiaDROID!

  • Stevan Dj

    Good job Sony! Fuck all of these entry-to-mid-range pieces of shit! :P

  • Tito

    Blame the MTK6589 SoC; it is impossible to develop proper KitKat on these SoCs with the messy source from MTK.

  • SM

    Well, it was just matter of time in case of XC after the consicutive announcement of EoL of XSP,XL & XM.

    But, somehow, I’m happy of my purchase decision of XM over XL & XC last year as XM got much more updates thatn XC & XL and got atleast andriod 4.3 compared to XC’s 4.2.

    That’s our (all XM owners) only consolation.

  • kuros

    Oh poor you XC owner. At least having Jelly Bean 4.3 should be okay like XSP and others. Big lesson: dont expect long software support from Sony for midrange and lowrange phone.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I honestly cannot believe this is still a topic of discussion, ”Updates”, ”EOL” etc… I understand it is tough to purchase a device for several hundred dollars or going into a two year plan and being stuck with that particular device over the contract period, but this should already be put to bed because there are so many options out there now. That being said, when one make a purchase then they should be happy with it and not rely on what may come in the form of updates in the future. I will be purchasing the XZ3 (I currently own the XZ2) unlocked and if I see all the buzz going around about updates and Sony does not provide any with the XZ3 I will not complain but be happy with the decision ”I” made. If Sony advertises when the the XZ3 was announced and stated ”The XZ3 will be updated with all the latest android updates for 18-24 months afer it’s release” then I would be upset because that is one of the reasons I decided to purchase the device.

  • JP

    I’m an Xperia Z1 Compact user, but I can’t help but feel really sad for the the mid-range Xperia users out there. We cannot really expect Sony to update them until the very end, but at least they could give them decent updates as the final version of the phone. I used to own an Xperia Ion and the final update was full of bugs — the volume rocker would only work if you reboot the handset every hour, media apps were really laggy, etc.

    I fear that these recent news on final/minor updates might scare off potential Sony customers out there.

  • Sam123

    100% MTK’s fault. There’s even no OFFICIAL driver for 4.3/4.4

  • Mr_Hood

    Finally somebody who does seem to understand how market forces work and what the consumer may expect.
    There is one more thing to add to your story though: Custom roms…
    People are whining and crying about updates etc. but there are so many custom roms being developped and Sony devices are supported by the community pretty good.. PEOPLE!!! Just get an AOSP, CM or whatever rom on your phone and then you CAN enjoy the kitkat goodies!

  • Shady

    V T TX SP M M”Dual” E E”Dual” and now C what next ?

  • Doubleyoupee

    Usually this is because of the fact that phone’s SoC’s are not supported any longer by it’s producer (Qualcomm etc.). Basically this means there is no driver support from them to get this SoC work on newer features (new API’s) included in newer versions of Android.

    My previous phone was a Motorola Droid 3, which was released in July-August 2011. It came with Android 2.3. Only 2.5 months later (october 2011) Android 4.0 ICS was released.
    However, because Texus Instruments dropped support the support for the TI OMAP 4430, it NEVER got ICS!!

    I guess it’s too expensive for Motorola to create their own drivers.
    Xperia C uses a different SoC compared to Xperia SP which in turn is different to Xperia Z/ZL.

    With the Xperia Z/ZL, we are just lucky that the Nexus 4 has the same Snapdragon S4 Pro.. thus making it relatively easy for Sony to get it to newer android versions.
    The nexus 4 might also get Android L, which is maybe the only hope for Z/ZL to get it also.

    However it could also just be Sony deciding that Xperia C buyers will be less interested in the latest android version compared to flagship buyers… and the cost to keep the Xperia C updated is not worth it.

  • Shangalisto

    KK is available for MT6589 now (not CM11), there are two ports 100% working for my Wiko Five (Micromax A116) and the kernel stock is the 3.4.67 ->

    KK is released for MT6589, MT6582, MT6592 etc..

  • Rene Pedroso

    That is what I meant when I said ‘so many options”, too many to list, lol.

  • the_black_dragon

    Sony should stop selling budget phones and concentrate on high-midrange and high-end phones….
    THIS is the area where they show how good they are!

  • Bio24

    Oh come on… since it’s use Android… you can use custom ROM…. to feel the kitkat taste… i will use custom ROM if my Z1 compact doesn’t get official update from Sony… i hope Z1 compact get at least official update for Android L in the future… if it’s not get official update… custom ROM here i come…

  • mountain

    Agree, but the market has moved on since the Symbian days, people expect to see updates with their phones. I am another who will switch from XZ2 to XZ3 when release, so I am not worried about the updates. I do not expect even 20% of the population to update their phones either. However, Many consumers would like to know which phones will be updated as part of their purchasing decisions. Remember the days when the xperia line gets all the premium supports (worldwide replacements) while the non-xperia lines gets normal support. If Sony could have distinguished the amount support provided, it will make a lot more consumers happy.

  • Ado Kanashii

    Hahhahahahaaaaaa!! Well said man im just gonna dump my piece of shitt SP ON The toilet and then take a nasty shit on it then im gonna dial my number to see the stupid notification bar flashing for the LAST TIME before i flush it TO HELL.!!!!

  • Beni K.

    The lesson here is that if you buy an entry-to-mid-range handset from Sony, do not expect lengthy support. Hahahaha…..

  • 1cho

    I’ve lost faith in Sony now this came up. I’ve been a loyal mid-range Sony fan since I got my first Android the Xperia J, then the Xperia M, then now the Xperia C …All EoL

    But I’m glad now coz I have a Xiaomi Mi3

  • Brandon Dean

    When a person buys a low to midrange device, they should really just be thinking that “this is what the phone will always be like”. They really shouldn’t expect the latest and greatest features or software versions, because quite frankly they arent paying for them. They were likely a verson or two behind when the phone came out, what makes you think you will be on the latest software alongside the flagships?

  • Ambroos

    The Xperia C is a very special phone because the software isn’t made by Sony. A third party had been contracted by Sony to port their skin to that particular MediaTek platform. You can see it’s different in things like the kernel build string. I can’t remember the name of the company though.

    With this being the case it was always to be expected that there wouldn’t be many updates. And I think we can also safely say that Sony has decided not to release any further MediaTek phones. A failed experiment, just like the NovaThor devices. That’s what I would say.

  • blitz_arc

    now only z series are the legit xperia. nice one sony, nice one..

  • Constantine

    Take a video and show us.

  • Constantine

    Not official

  • Raghu

    I will never ever buy a Sony phone

  • Tito

    Yah, I have seen the thread & aware of the leaked ~5 GB source ;). On the contrary of Constantine’s post, some OEMs have already published KK on various older MTK chipsets. But I’m talking about in general about messy MTK source & non-GPL compliance (

  • xperiaDROID

    You’re welcome, XperiaBlog!

    Anyways, another lesson here is that if you want major updates, don’t buy devices with MTK chipset. The chipsets who can trust from are Snapdragon, Nvidia, and even Intel. Not sure about Hi Silicon and Exynos though, but they’re better than MTK imo.

  • Alfino Setya

    Stop Blaming Sony! It’s totally MTK’s fault! Blame mediatek, please!

  • panjgoori

    not true about chipset support. Moto X (2013) is using same chipset which is in Xperia SP and still got updated to 4.4.4. Sony doesn’t want to upgrade its mid-range devices to kitkat and with this decision they are going to loose many customers.

  • panjgoori

    ok you blame mediatek for Xperia C but whom you blame for Xperia SP ?

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually not really, Motorola marketing Moto 2013 chipset as 2+6 core processor and the chipset is modified in motorola for feature like active display and so on ~
    And I not sure Moto X is same chipset as SP,, but so far Sony is the only OEM release phone with this chipset if I am not wrong ~

  • Killian Khoo

    I think u should blame that one to Qualcomm ~
    The driver for Xperia SP chipset most likely really bad, as the chipset is only used in Xperia SP ~
    So Qualcomm dont want to invest on research the driver for the chipset for KK ~

  • Shubham Mutreja

    xperia e1 got 4.4 update
    it is a LOW range device!!!!!

  • Shubham Mutreja


  • Stanley08

    CONFIRMED: Sony is Mad!

  • Wira Wijaya

    It’s not matter of MIDRANGE /NOT its problem is SONY.
    none all mid ranger pieces of shit …. Look at other manufature midrange ( got 2x Major Upgrade ) that same or cheaper than Zperia SP /C –> LG L series 2 alll got kitkat .
    Even at Xperia S not treated properly …

    SONY dont just sell it camera to APPLE , learn form them . Make only 3 phone + 1 High Mid Low range & mini Hinhend – focus on each design material and software . The sales result will follow

  • ShinOrochiX

    “The lesson here is that if you buy an entry-to-mid-range handset from Sony, do not expect lengthy support.” – Xperia Blog.

    I’ve been using Sony smartphones for years & only now I’ve learnt my lesson, thanks XB.

  • mabz23

    “The lesson here is that if you buy an entry-to-mid-range handset from Sony, do not expect lengthy support” wrong lesson is dont bother buying entry-to-mid-range from sony because of their negligence just get one from say moto

  • Alexey

    Xperia E1 was released in 2104 with 4.3 (!!!) but most competitors release same level models with 4.4 out of the box.
    It looks like Sony is always one step back in compare with their competitors in terms of Android version.

  • sfu11

    Low End WP devices (L520) still get support. (I know it’s not comparable, since the OS is different).

  • thougts

    Damage control by sony they released too many mid and lowrange phones with no consistent line and they did not sell enough i guess they try to prevent loosing to much on the r&d and production costs? Sony reply what is going wrong? Less devices more consistent sizes proper support proper hardware and proper prices come on

  • meld

    G Pro Lite? Kitkat already
    With older chipset than XC?

  • lol

    yeah, fuck all the poor..,,,,,

  • Damon Adrian

    E1 came from the future?

  • lol

    xperia L also stuck at 4.2.2

  • ????????? ?????????

    Rest in peace, sp, l, m and c.

  • Okazuma

    I’m scared and i will wait the Nexus 6 release to decide what smart buy

  • Okazuma

    Ahahahaha nVidia? Tell it to the LG 4x HD AHAHAHAH

  • Okazuma

    Z, Zl, ZR. They don’t reach Android L. I’m quite sure

  • Azam

    my friend, if the chipset manufacturer (mediatec) refused to develop/ support their chips, then how sony release updates? u cannot blame sony, blame Mediatek, they are the culprits.

  • pathetic

    not even 4.3? wow this is so stupid lol

  • Vignesh Raja

    Please can try to remember that third-party company name? Or any links for that info?

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  • Bri Castillo

    They should work more with US carriers. Unfortunately Sony can’t live off of just people who buy their devices at it’s full price like the rest of the world does. There is a huge market for cheap Americans wanting carrier subsidized devices.

  • Kiran

    Please Upgrade Soon We are Waiting for good upgrade

  • kiran p

    I will never and ever buy a Sony Product and phone

  • KP

    When the Xperia C Getting upgrade

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