Panasonic launches Android phone with 1-inch camera sensor; would you like to see Sony do the same?

by XB on 15th September 2014

in Imaging

061_FY2014_LUMIX_Smart_Camera_CM1_OM41Panasonic today announced the Lumix Smart Camera CM1 at Photokina 2014. This is an Android smartphone that is armed with a 1-inch camera sensor and for all intents and purposes looks like a camera first and smartphone second. The 1-inch sensor along with the inclusion of an extendable lens (for focus, not zoom) leads to a reasonably chunky chassis (21.1mm thickness), at least compared to current smartphones.

The CM1 comes with a 1-inch 20MP sensor with f/2.8 Leica lens. It is capable off 4K video recording albeit only at 15fps. Other specs include a 4.7-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 801 chipset (MSM8974-AB) with 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 2600mAh battery, 16GB internal storage and microSD memory card. The device won’t be cheap though, with an expected price point of €899 when it launches in November in France and Germany.

The question we have for you today is seeing the above specs and the design in the pictures below, would you like to see something similar from Sony? Sometimes people float very fanciful specs about what they would like to see in a future Xperia device, especially on the camera side. However, you can’t cheat physics and if you’re looking for a great camera phone, then you will have to accept a thicker handset in most likelihood. We’d love to hear your thoughts below.






Via Panasonic.

Thanks @przemyslis!

  • DanielGearSolid


  • bigshynepo

    And a resounding YES was heard across the xperiablog comments…
    (You know Sony would do it classier than this!)

  • Andreas

    No, Sony chose their own way – very capable cameras built in the flagship models, and the add-ons for those who demands really high quality pics.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    They even mentioned that this could be better than Sony’s RX100 cameras, that remains to be seen. Quite frankly Sony could make a better overall device.

  • GeeksEmpire

    Sony has more brilliant idea >> extra lens (QX…)

    so users how need smartphone + super pro camera can use it

  • Michael Hofmann

    A 1/1.7″ sensor would be most welcome with a little extra thickness, but unless sony can get a 1″ sensor into a chassis >10mm no thanks- a slimmer 30mm thick QX camera module would be better.

  • jonyah

    Not it it looked like this. Actually I’ll be happy to get the addon that allows me to use my e-mount lenses from my NEX-5R.

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony just needs to make a good camera software with excellent algorithms because sony xperia z line has one bad thing called post processing needs to remove it produces lots of noise and grain

    this is xperia z3 compact video recording from btekt its iphone 5s and galaxy alpha vs z3 compact

    the software just cant get the colors right and has less details

  • my concept of what i would have liked

  • Abdul Ghani

    yeah i got sick of sonys post processing software in phones their hardware is brilliant but ruined by software for cameras so i am buying qx30 whenever its available in my country

  • Joven Raphael Alano Bongyad

    I think sony would create ways that make xperia camera lenses stand toe to toe with dslr cameras with innovation instead of creating sub smartphone/ sub dslr hybrid monstrosities which make up a crappy camera and a crappy smartphone.

  • NidouXperia

    I like the Mercedes Benz more :D

  • Abdul Ghani

    they did already qx1 and qx30

  • Joven Raphael Alano Bongyad

    And fine hardware they are. But im thinking more along the lines of a smartphone camera and not as separate accesories. Sony IS afterall the master when it comes to lens hardware and making stuff smaller, tinier, and may i say, more compact. Excited for the future.

  • Joe

    The 1 inch sensor is made by Sony, so they make a profit from every Panasonic sold

  • ZoubIWah

    The lens is still too big for a phone, Make the lens flush with the body (it can “zoom out” if they want) and I’ll want it.
    Else its a camera with phone functionality, which is not what most ppl want…

  • ZoubIWah


  • wared

    sony really needs to use at least 1/1.5″ sensor in their smartphones, i think they should use 1/1.2″ sensor like in the nokia pureview 808, but 1/1.5 sensor will be okay and it will reduce the noise.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Sony as of late aims for an all-rounded hardware experience. Huge battery, decent audio, awesome screen, relatively large sensor in a manageable size (well, software gets fixed after a few months if Z3 compact is any indication). The K Zoom doesn’t do so well as a smartphone and this Lumix probably won’t do much better. Nah, Sony should pass.

  • goldenblls

    Not sure. I like the QX lens idea.

    There is always a compromise when you try and merge to technologies like this. EG, on this phone, it’s huge and there is no Xenon.

    People like their phones to be slim and the camera to be without compromises. You will never get a fantastic camera in a slim smartphone.

  • Mohammed Khired

    software is the keyword for a successful camera , not this hardware nonsense …

  • Wouter van Vliet

    I think Sony is playing the right game with their QX lenses, they’re just not quite there yet. With less lagging in the “viewfinder” it really has potential for greater greatness than just a good lense fixed to the device.

    And besides, how high end should – integrated – mobile phone cameras get? Imagine having just the right shot, and then your camera vibrates because of an sms, email or phone call

  • roeshak

    You’re talking about the software as far as the auto mode is concerned and not the image processing

  • Niels d. G.

    That’s not true at all, hardware is at least half the game.

  • Guessuton

    I want to resign from your petition, how do I do that?

  • User2080

    then get a different camera app. try google camera

  • User2080

    software deficiencies are very easy to address. they’re just software after all. you can get a new camera app if you like.

    also, sony’s camera app isn’t that stupid. you can change the white balance to get warmer shots if you like them that way.

  • mountain

    Have already pre-ordered my z3 and qx1, which will be here next week and friday respectively. What will be the advantage of this phone then?

  • rikimaru

    they will use curved sensor, we just need to wait the result of it.

  • ed

    Can, but with slimmer body also higher spec, Panasonic hp spec way too low, should come higher spec than z3, ppl demand for better not backwards.

  • User2080

    in this day and age of programmers/developers freely making the needed software improvements/enhancements, hardware is around 95% of the game.

  • Mike N.

    Why am I liking how this looks and would feel!? Beautiful!

  • Riyal

    You’re defying physics there buddy… It’s like saying Sony would fit a 1 cubic meter internals in a 5inch 2.2mm body.

  • Stuart Gardoll

    Ever since I traded in my Sony Ericsson K810 I’ve wanted a smartphone camera with a lens cover and xenon flash. Another Cybershot but Android this time. Would be killer

  • Faisal Armand

    Now you still want to complain? Right now I swear Sony has improved a lot.

    The previous 20.7MP from Xperia Z1 & Z2 was lacking and only their 8MP mode was able to obliterate the competition.

    And that is a pic showing the capabilities of preserving low contrast details, the toughest kinds of detail to preserve because a slight trace of noise reduction will obliterate it. Z3 has no problem with that and EVEN NOKIA LUMIA 930 has troubles with it!

    Oh come on man, I think you won’t be satisfied until Xperia Z series outperform a DSLR XD

  • Faisal Armand

    I used google camera and the results are worse than the stock app. It’s soft & blurry beyond words

    I only use google camera for panorama shoots

  • jag

    Woah.. That’s a Leica.. You can’t just simply say no to a Leica.

  • Guest Buster

    Well… if you’re not satisfied with their camera software, why don’t you develop your own camera software? Or at least develop their camera software, don’t forget that Android has Open Source Project.

  • Shanky Mantri

    Sony Just improve yr camera softwarewise instead of upgrading hardware shit…Rest in other dept sony is definitely gd…

  • thickphonesyessss

    Yes, yes please. Depending on the quality of photos it can take I think I might ditch my Z1 for this. I am sort of new to the smartphone game and if there was one thing I’d have to say I hate about smartphones it’d be the dumb thin-yet-large trend companies have been following lately.
    You people can’t honestly tell me that you can use a large thin phone in one hand and access the whole screen with your thumb easily, can you?
    I just tried demoing the CM1 with my 3DS (while it’s closed the dimensions are pretty close) to see how it might feel in my hand, and the difference in comfortability is amazing with the thickness. In my pocket it feels kinda chunky but not too much of a problem. I love Sony’s designs in everything (really excited to get that new Walkman) but that particular smartphone trend is terrible. Thin bezels on phones are terrible too.

  • Joven Raphael Alano Bongyad

    Probably my friend. But we all can dream eh? Didnt sony make that curve lens thing? Whatever happened to that? Im just glad they’re still innovating unlike some fruit brand i know. Lol

  • jonny

    NO. But a lumia 1020 kind is fine :9

  • User2080

    i hope someone can port the galaxy camera app to an xperia. let’s see if the problem is really software-based or sony’s hardware is also inferior.

  • Query

    With a 1″ sensor huh… Wouldn’t Sony be shooting themselves in the foot by killing off their RX100?

  • Abdul Ghani

    look other brands who use sonys 13 mp sensor has less noise in the pictures why sonys 20.7 have more its because sonys software still sux

  • Abdul Ghani

    camera app wont replace sonys horrible camera algorithm sony needs to make one good clean camera algorithm other apps are just apps wont fix the issue

  • Abdul Ghani


  • Abdul Ghani

    yes sony phones are a failure vs other brands who use sony sensors just needs to make new good clean algorithm thats it bamn top of the line in camera

  • Abdul Ghani

    so u think the videos vs iphone and alpha are fake ?? since when u start trusting gsmarena u said they are the worst to me lol ……i remember ull say the camera lens was dirty and those guys are noobs

  • Abdul Ghani

    app wont fix the bad algorithm

  • chochwe

    hell no! i don’t want to be seen holding a camera on my ear when receiving calls.

  • Guest

    For fun lets use old sony phone which I owned and never had a complain about camera This is Xperia p humans who to look like humans plus the software and algorithm was clean and polished

  • Syed Ameen

    Yes…!! I Used K800i and definitely Sony needs to use a Xenon Flash and camera clicks will be awesome like never before in low light…!!! Please.. A smartphone with Xenon Flash..

  • User2080

    silly. have you tried it?

  • Abdul Ghani

    For fun lets use old sony phone which I owned and never had a complain about camera This is Xperia p humans who to look like humans plus the software and algorithm was clean and polished

  • Abdul Ghani

    yes alot of them no use

  • Faisal Armand

    In their Xperia Z3 Compact Review, they said.. “camera is ok but galaxy alpha is better”. But when I checked into their compare tools, Z3 is clearly better”

    I did say that gsmarena are noobs because their camera test took place on the same spot over and over again. And their lowlight shot can’t be considered a true low light shot because it took place at indoors with medium light

    My point here is.. Z3 was able to best most cameraphones in a site that is clearly biased against sony.

    Oh in the 4K test against alpha oh they’re not fake, don’t worry. Yes, alpha won.. But only in details and white balance only! Stabilization? Z3 clearly destroyed alpha, in alpha’s video it looked like an earthquake happenned on it. Macro focusing? Alpha couldn’t do it while it is rather easy on Z3. On white balance matter, that can easily be fixed by switching it.

    Thr same story on the iphone 5s comparison video. iphone only won in white balance

    The time when I said the lens was dirty was here at oneplus vs Z2. Not at gsmarena

  • Rizky Maulana

    No, if sony do it, it can killing their imagine division it self :v

  • Faisal Armand

    True.. As per ISO performance, even Z1 & Z2 clearly obliterates most phones out there

  • Abdul Ghani

    wow man just do z3c vs xperia p ull see how good was xperia p even noob gsmarena cannot go wrong with it plus in video we want details and good white balance plus good stabilization …………..only stabilization wont have good videos though lol really even betkt was surprised

  • Abdul Ghani

    hahah lol such a troll z1 never came close to beat anyone because i own one too

  • User2080

    less noise but less details

    sony’s motto: DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE between good and great


    how’s that for your favorite sammy shot? noise reduction killing the details. noise can be fixed with photoshop. details can’t be restored once they’re smudged to make a photo look clean. same with video shakiness.

  • User2080

    don’t bet on it.
    curved sensor is still the same sensor.
    it will only address the distortions along the edges and keep the camera module slightly thinner.
    it’s not going to revolutionize image quality at the center of a photo.

  • User2080

    no. they’re just getting rid of old stocks.

  • User2080
  • Faisal Armand

    No offense dude.. But I politely asked you.. What are you trying to show here?

    Z3 clearly superior in resolving low contrast details while S5 struggles. Oh and those vertical bars, the S5 one looks blurry while Z3 is very clear

  • User2080

    hey dude, i’m supporting your argument.

  • Kan Seclub

    Sony does not want to satisfy their fans – it’s very, very disappointing . Panasonic has done a great and powerful camera phone . Cartography from SONY are not compact solution , so this time I choose Panasonic

  • Faisal Armand

    Ohoho thanks.. Sorry if I was getting a a bit edgy

  • Faisal Armand

    Hah! I think you forgot to scale Z3c to 8MP to make it more fair for Xperia P.. Okay, here’s mine. I scaled Z3c to 8MP

    1. In colour reproduction test, Xperia P is a bit “colour blind” because the greens look more like turqoise than actual green while Z3c is really accurate. Also, Xperia P has chromatic noise, the most unforgivable kind of noise. While Z3c’s noise is the luminance noise which is more pleasant

    2. Again in resolving vertical bars Z3c is clearly superior. Xperia P struggles as the bar reaches 18-20. Again chromatic noise is noticeable in Xperia P’s shots

    3. Again low contrast details are no sweat for Xperia Z3c while Xperia P clearly smudges them.

    Yes, Xperia P DOES have very good performance for an 8MP camera, but to say that it is better than Xperia Z3, no.. The difference is very big

  • No. It’s Samsung Way.

  • Faisal Armand

    In the test of preserving low contrast details, alpha looks nearly the same as Z3C. But the vertical bar is superior on the Z3C

  • Faisal Armand

    Samsung cameras is great in daylight only. But indoors & at night, they are soft & sometimes full of image artifacts and oil painting effect.

    I prefer nokia pro camera if you ask me, I hope someone can port it to android. Or HTC M8 camera for that matter, as it have full manual controls

  • Abdul Ghani

    i dont give a shit about shitsung what makes u think i like shitsung all i care about is sony to be at the top but now they arent

  • Abdul Ghani

    what xperia p produces clean look to the picture not roughness and grain plus the colors are much better on xperia p just see humans for god sake noob

  • Abdul Ghani

    another thing old gen like 3 years old phone is producing better colors not details because its just a simple no glens no big sensor just a simple camera is producing fine images so why cant z3 z1 and z2 beat the hell out all phones really u are a denial retard

  • Abdul Ghani

    just barely beating other phone isint victory sony phones should beat like its the best

  • Faisal Armand

    “what xperia p produces clean look to the picture not roughness and grain”

    How is it clean while it actually produces chomatic noise?

    “colors are much better on xperia p just see humans for god sake noob”

    How is the colour “so much better” ? It has most of the colours wrong, look! Green look more like turqoise. You need an eye check, pal

  • Abdul Ghani

    i said look at humans in testing not just charts ur are a true retard humans look like artist paintings lol

  • Riyal

    Yeah curved sensor is one thing after all curved glass is possible for already a long time. Else we wouldn’t have any round aquariums for our goldfish :D

  • Faisal Armand

    Xperia P has victory in a girl face only! And even that is only a victory of white balance selection. The noise levels & details are worse compared to Z3C

    Your only point is human, human, human, and human.. Okay, but what about bars? Charts? Colour boxes? Textures? Edges? Xperia Z3C dominates Xperia P in those areas.

    Still it’s a 6-1 victory for Xperia Z3C, Xperia P only won in white balance

  • Abdul Ghani

    i think sony ruined the camera software so that people should buy qx series but sony dont realize is people will not buy sony phones because they have qx its kinda doom for sony mobile dont u think

  • Faisal Armand
  • Hatim

    Forget Panasoni and check what HTC is upto.

  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    Sony must make software by their self, not to port software from Samsung. Do you know that other phones like: Samsung, LG, Iphone…use Sony cameras?

  • User2080

    they don’t use sony cameras. only sensors. some samsung devices still use sony’s sensors but they are starting to use their own ISOCELL sensors.

    the sensor is just a part of the camera module. the lens is also important and sony does not supply lenses to samsung.

  • User2080

    i only said that since many sammie fans keep bothering sony-centric sites and claiming their superiority. let’s see how they react if sony decides to do samsung’s approach in image processing.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Other brands which use Sony’s 13MP camera units in their phone have
    showed up better than Sony’s 20MP phones. Thanks to Sony’s post
    processing. It ruins great capability of Sony 20MP camera. If Sony fixes that. No Lumia or Lumix can be any where near Sony!

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Old stock?
    This is probably the same 20MP BSI-sensor as in the new Sony RX100 III and Canon G7X (introduced yesterday).

  • Jiyeon90

    No it looks awful

  • Abdul Ghani

    white balance less grain more natural looking pictures and its 3 year old hardware just a simple camera vs this new gen camera with g lens and a big sensor seriously u dont know what post processing is

  • Amlz

    Yeah, i had my K850i, it was a that time… Xenon, 5mp, lenscover…
    modded with manual focus etc..!
    really miss those awesome features in Androids…

  • Abdul Ghani

    When it comes to real life stuff like humans flowers and stuff Xperia z3 2 1 fails lol just artist best friend that what z series is looool

  • Abdul Ghani

    respect true words said

  • Amlz

    Z3 whitebalance !!! when will SONY make it better..!

  • Amlz

    look at that colours on Alpha, Sony just dont get it..!

  • Abdul Ghani

    true less details too

  • Abdul Ghani

    every 6 months we see sonys new flagship phone and it is advertised as the best camera phone and it only stays in the adds because in real life it is a failure

  • MattGAE

    I must say that it looks pretty good! For a camera….

  • Revan Sadiva

    it will be happen after 5 year from now.
    sony must born again Cybershot Series and W-Series
    Sony XCyberShot or XWalkman Is good

  • ShinOrochiX

    @ Xperia Blog

    “It is capable off 4K video recording albeit only at 15fps”

    Off should be of.

    €900 is too expensive, what are they thinking. :-/

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    It’s funny when I see other phone use sony’s lens and sensor and they make better result.

    God damn sony !! Stop develop shitty camera driver !!! Holy shit !!

  • zymo

    I hoped Sony would came up first with something like this. Xperia Cybershot RX1

  • Peter

    Uhm… why would I want to carry something like that in my pocket ? It’s supposed to be a phone, not a camera.

  • Dean Weaver

    I really like my Xperia z2 – but I am really tempted by this Panasonic. I really wish that Sony would do something similar….

  • wared

    how many inch will this sensor be?

  • wared

    all the smartphones camera samples contain a high amount of noise, it is not because of the software it is because of the small sensor, look at nokia lumia 1020 camera samples the noise is very little but is still existing especially in the dark and unfocused areas, that is because of the big sensor which is 1/1.5″, and check nokia pureview 808 noise are not existing even in the dark areas noise exist only in the unfocused areas, that is because of the huge sensor which is 1/1.2″.

  • Sumo

    I admire Panasonic for coming back to the cell phone market… The phone brings back memories of the Cyber Shot phone that Sony Ericsson once gave us…

  • Andre Candido

    >>>>Back to Sony Ericsson>>>>> ?????
    <<<<XPERIA 2011<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Reminds me SE P1, not bad

  • nameguy


  • Mike
  • ?????? ?????????

    Yeah, sure!

  • f35hunter

    No, I want to see the 1inch sensor on Nokia lumia
    Because sony will just screw up the software algorithm

  • Amlz

    I’d rather like to see SONY do some serious changes in the image processing soon, their post processing is just too bad, just can’t get the most out of their 20MP Glens ..!!!

  • goldenblls

    Ha ha. I think if you’re aiming to get just the right shot then you turn airplane mode on.

  • Alex Norris
  • Rene Pedroso


  • Alex Norris


    LUMIX Smart Camera DMC-CM1


  • Alex Norris

    AGREE BRO! I don`t want see QX lenses, we needed Cyber-shot cameraphone in one body!

  • Faisal Armand

    Finally, you came. I kind of.. Been waiting for you. A guy who is worthy enough to talk about image quality

    From the looks of things & my analyisis, Z3 has different image processing from Z2.

    Your studio shot samples tell the whole story. Z2 has insane amount of sharpening and also insane amount of noise reduction. In the Z3, noise reduction has been reduced (that’s why the detail on the z3 is better than z2) but the amount of crazy sharpening is maintained. You know, crazy sharpening creates artifacts, ringing halos, and pixelation.

    I like lumia 930’s approach, it has a very good balance between NR and Sharpening so the image has no defects & looks neutral, not too noise free & not too sharp (oversharpened)

  • Faisal Armand

    I also make the crops against S5

  • Alex Norris

    I think those small improvements on Z3 images against Z2 due to the fact that on Z3 improved optics, but post-processing remains the same

  • Alex Norris

    These pictures were not made in one day , right …?

  • Wouter van Vliet

    Quite possible. But then you’re no longer holding a phone.

    Whether you use a smartphone mainly for calling, texting, social media it’s still primarily a communication device and whatever other features it has should be developed keeping that in mind. Switching off the communication features to take a photo seems as ridiculous to me, as a camera that disrupts a shot because an email comes in – or the notification sound being recorded on a video.

  • Rafay

    z2 vs s5 vs htc one, low light comparison with reference shots, z2 wins hands on, even htc one is not bad compared to s5 in low light, (watch 3.20 min onwards), s5 fails badly.
    u see s5’s performance in good light is outweighed by its performance in low light

  • Alex Norris

    Faisal, I watch this test 100 times and you’ve showed me many times.. you special choise part 2 night mode, i know that night mode – a weak spot S5) You better show me a daily shooting mode between Z2 and S5) And i especially for you show you, 100% crops of Z2 and S5 with your camera samples. )

  • Faisal Armand

    Regarding the S5: of course they aren’t shot at the same day. But again I’ve taken studio samples from gsmarena to show S5 has tendency to blur fine & low contrast details. The latter is tough one to produce as a little aggresive NR will blur it.

    As for where the Z3’s quality came from:

    Hmm.. I don’t fully know, dude. But as far as I know, the purpose of a good lens is to eliminate certain image defects such as:
    – Corner softness
    – Chromatic aberration
    – Purple fringing
    – Moire

    And when it comes to preserve details in which lens play a factor to it, it depends on how wide the FoV is.

    – Narrow FoV lens will help capture more details in one scene because the sensor and resolution has less objects to deal with in one scene. But the downside is.. You know, you capture so much less in one scene. Samsung always uses narrow FoV lens, so that’s why we don’t see 19MP lumia 1520 beat the 13MP note 3 in terms of details in daylight conditions.

    – Wide FoV lens can capture more in one scene but the sensor and resolution has more objects to deal with in one scene, which means it can produce lower detail images than the narrow FoV lens images.

    The Z3’s lens is wider than Z2’s but the images of Z3 are more detailed compared to Z2. So? I don’t think lens play a factor.

    But on the software processing side. In order to gain the details, the NR & Sharpening must be finely tuned. And you know there is no way to tune both from the lens itself.

    Btw have you seen this? I think the improvement of Z3’s camera is noticeable to me.

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, it’s a guy called rafay that provide the links, not me -___-“

  • Alex Norris

    Techcloud on youtube, it not you?

  • Faisal Armand

    Lol that techcloud guy on youtube clearly isn’t me. I am Indonesian & that techcloud guy is indian. Jeez

    Regarding how good the S5 & Z2 is in daylight: the last time we were arguing, we both traded samples. There are conditions where S5 won, there are also where Z2 won. So the conclusion is, they both are equal in daylight. Case closed, thank you very much.

  • Alex Norris

    Jeez, You’re so surprised, like a bud that I knew that this guy indian ..)) . There are conditions where S5 won, there are also where Z2 won but s5, but more often won . So the conclusion is, Samsung little better for day mode, sony for night. Thank you.

  • Fan of Xperia device

    Thank god, I finally find a guy who reached the same conclusion as mine. When i read about Z3C camera is worse than alpha i was furious with Sony. Then i wanted to see just how much alpha’s camera is better than Z3C so i compared two phone’s camera samples and what i found was that somehow gsmarena reached the wrong conclusion. Sony clearly tone down their post processing the result is much better picture quality than z2. It’s even rival and sometimes outperform S5. I’m happy than Sony finally tone down their post processing but their is still a lot of work left for Sony. First they need to improve their panorama pic it’s embarrassing how poor their their panorama pic and they also need to add raw support to Z2-Z3. And finally keep improving their post processing.

  • lunkz

    Looks like the back of my S/// P1i


  • lunkz

    lol, no BBCode? Crap software…

  • Faisal Armand

    Sony is also better in indoors.

    So the conclusion is:
    – Daylight: S5
    – Indoors: Z2
    – Night: Z2
    – Extreme Conditions: Z2

    – Overall: Z2


  • Faisal Armand

    Dude even the Z2 itself is great actually. As long as you don’t use 20.7MP mode.

    Checkout my Z2 photostream on flickr, you’ll find great indoors and night shots

  • Alex Norris

    indoors samples not so much.. Use flash and everything will be OK)
    Lol: Extreme Conditions: This is when the light is turned off in the room.))

    70 – 80% photos is done in the daytime.

    I’m on my 808 Pureview, constantly shoot in daily time. Of 100 photos, the night no more than 3-4

    Thank you .

  • Faisal Armand

    Even in daylight S5’s advantages are only marginal compared to Z2.

    Bro, checkout my Z2 photostream on flickr. I want to see your feedbacks

  • Alex Norris

    Throw me a link of your personal page.

  • Faisal Armand

    What do you mean by personal page?

  • That’s not more brilliant, not for most people.
    Be honest here. If Sony could put the RX100 sensor inside a phone, even if it would make it thicker, that would be a killer device then!

    A separate sensor and lens combination like the QX devices is about as useful as a separate compact camera such as the RX100, considering the latter isn’t much larger.

  • Mohammed Khired

    you are dead right ! sony’s smartphone camera is half good in comparison to any smartphone in the market….

  • Raj Singh

    Panasonic said it’s a camera with phone functionality, not a phone with a camera…

  • Naail Zahid

    I wouldnt call them shitty as they sell quite a lot, especially in the middle east and Asia territories.
    I myself love the concept, and am willing to pay full price for a qx1 with the ability to change lenses. Don’t call them shitty just because you don’t agree with the idea.
    Although I do agree, I would rather sony fixes their horrible software so that we can finally see the true power of the G-lens in their newer Z series of phones…which can’t even compete with the likes of Oppo or One Plus, which ironically use a smaller sony camera.

  • Naail Zahid

    And how long will they provide support for this phone?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it is released with kitkat and is officially abandoned with kitkat lol.
    I wonder how many xperiablog users will be complaining to Panasonic for Android L!

  • Peterpots

    Samsung have been trying this idea for years…the SCH-V770 in 2005 boasted a similar type lens.
    Sony has the massive advantage today of superior snappers and technology that allows the superb camera within the slim chassis.
    Stick with the QX range of lenses that can be attached whenever necessary, not as a permanent fixture making the handset bulky.

  • Abdul Ghani

    yes sony algorithms are not fixed because they added post processing in their software removing that will make clear images with less grain and noise

  • Abdul Ghani

    yup lumia are better than z series but z1 z2 z3 have big sensor and lens vs lumia 1520 and in real life after the latest 8.1 update on 1520 camera is superb the reviews are on old updates i and my family own z1 lumia 1520 htc 816 zr t2 ultra e1 me and z1 compact in all that lumia have the best result

  • Abdul Ghani

    why improve the post processing its because of post processing the images turn out to be grain and noise removing that will be better because old gen phones never had post processing

  • Abdul Ghani

    if i am right old sony phones like arc s p never had post processing

  • Abdul Ghani

    this phone beats current z series phone :P

  • EddyKilowatt

    Good reason to look forward to Android L with its native Raw capture. Assuming, of course, that we can get camera profiles to use with Lightroom.

  • NBJ

    Sony?!… Bring it!

  • Guest Buster

    You do realise that you’re being ignored :v

  • P R A E T O R

    Agreed. Sony Z series devices can record in 4K, look good while doing it, all UNDER water. What else can you ask for?

    Post processing software can alwats be downloaded on a PC as well.

  • lewoslav

    Sony should rework Satio, its time the best camera phone in the world. Another idea is, to take their periscope lenses from zeiss used in T series cybershots and attachbit to one end of a smartphone. I dont care about the hump or thickness at ball…if such features are included.

  • Alex Norris

    Yes, agree. And this despite the fact that on lumia 1520 sensor less, than on Sony Z series … Unfortunately, without Ericsson, Sony cameras have earned a bad reputation.

  • Alex Norris

    Personal page, this is your page with photos. Your link only opens Flickr page, but where is your page … Your ling shows me this:

  • Alex Norris

    Nail, i understand,but If you want another level and really great quality, then pay attention to the Canon or Nikon, and not to buy these toys, that are cost not cheap and not in great demand, except in the Middle East .. You can`t take this lenses for every day, right … And camera phone – yes! Want to arrange a special photo session, and high-quality images, you need a SLR camera.

    Sony must create really cyber-shot cameraphone like Panasonic

  • Faisal Armand
  • Naail Zahid

    Again, I wouldn’t call them toys as even the previous set of QX series lenses were producing high level shots as compared to any phone camera. And if there wasn’t a high demand (besides in the middle east) I don’t think Sony would have invested so much into two separate models, AND two new colors for the older set.
    Actually, I have seen a lot of Europeans pick the older models up for quick snaps.
    Perhaps you don’t like them, and maybe they are a niche product, but Sony sees the appeal for them otherwise they wouldn’t have given them a second set of lenses.

    But again, I do see what you mean, and I am sure sony has the power to create one powerful Cybershot phone like in the past (god I miss my k850i), but until they don’t fix their underwhelming post processing software, we will never see a great sony camera phone again.

  • Alex Norris

    Sony, specifically don`t improves post-processing algorithms, and do you know why ..? Very simple…, they want to cost extra money on these lenses, supposedly if you want better picture quality – you should buy our Qx lenses.D Marketing, and users are victims of this marketing. But, this is double game from Sony, and you will see, they will lose their market. Because GREEDY!

    When Sony will cease work on the bugs, then things will go uphill. While the company will still ignore our request and again release very niche lenses for smartphones, rather than send their money for example to improve the quality of programming, something fundamentally nothing will change, especially when the Chinese today are really competitors for all A-Brands and they produce sometimes more interesting things for a reasonable price.

    For example: In winter, the Japanese expect to finish the fiscal period from a loss of $ 1.7 billion, and now Sony is forced to degrade forecast to $ 2.1 billion. This occurs against the backdrop of slowing sales of TVs BRAVIA, as well as smartphones Xperia line . Because huge number of Chinese smartphones, the prices of which are very different in the smaller side of the big-name companies.

    Sony must release K-series cameraphones, and fix problems with post-processing and overheating as well as a large number of marriages . Sony should not skimp on quality if it is to continue to do as she was doing it all time(Marketing), then Sony will become extinct like the dinosaurs!

  • Alex Norris

    Now I see your page. Very interesting shots! You from Singapore ?! Beautiful city. Good night shots. I liked the color rendition and dynamic range, but unfortunately when you see shot in Full resolution, the details are blurred, especially when shots with grass. Sony is necessary as soon as possible to solve postprocessing problem.

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony mobile z series has the best android camera hardware but only because of software algorithms plus the horrible thing called post processing they have failed to beat 8 mp and 13 mp simple cameras this is the latest upto date video buy betekt showing in field of view sony z3 compact fails another 2 videos are the video recording of z3 compact which again fails

    the reviewers betekt who loves sony phones are shocked with this results

  • Faisal Armand

    Nah man, I live in indonesia. Back then I was having a holiday in singapore, yeah I really love that country

    Grass is one of the fine low contrast detail elements. Yeah, it is blurred by either excessive sharpening or aggresive noise reduction.

    Really, if sony doesn’t want to improve the image processing at least give us RAW support. And I would love full manual controls as well, been longing for that for a long time.

  • Alex Norris

    Yes, RAW must be done, because i heard that OnePlus One, soon will shoot with RAW, well then, naturally all Chinese high-end smartphones will switch to this mode. So, Sony should have to think about it. I now wonder how they’ll put a large size curved sensor in thin Xperia Z4 body … Because sensor size like on Lumia 1020.!
    Question, how such this mega sensor fits into Z4, if its body thickness will be no more 7-8 mm ..? )

  • Faisal Armand

    Good question, I heard the thickness of Xperia Z4 will be around 7.8-7.9mm. Here is my analysis

    – Craftmanship is one thing that sony excels at. I mean they are able to put 1/2.3″ sensor and huge 3100mah battery inside a 7.3mm Z3, which is already very impressive.

    – One of the advantages of a curved sensor is that it is not as thick as the normal sensor. So putting a curved 1/1.5″ sensor inside a 8mm is possible enough

    I think they can do it.

    Really, if sony doesn’t ruin the processing this curved 1/1.5″ 22MP sensor should be enough to beat lumia 1020’s sensor.

  • Alex Norris

    But then another question arises, how put this lenses at a certain distance from each other, in thin body, because on Nokia 41mp Pureview camera body is convex, light must pass a certain distance. And as we know, Sony uses only 5 lenses, but not 6, like on Nokia and other competitors. The new lenses must be considerably much higher quality than lenses that used on Z1, Z2, and Z3

  • Naail Zahid

    “Listen” Alex, I am not here to argue, as we can agree that we are both horribly disappointed by Sony’s mobile camera team recently (Remember every phone prior to Z? That was an era),
    But I can tell you that the QX series weren’t developed by Sony mobile, rather by the Sony camera side. These guys heavily advertised using QX with iphone and other android devices so it’s not like they are telling you to buy qx with your xperia.
    Yes, in a way sony is looking out for profit in their camera side, but they don’t expect everyone with an xperia to buy these gadgets.
    So I wouldn’t blame the camera side of sony. They have been innovators for years.

    Rather, I’d blame Sony mobile as they seem to assume their software is perfect. When asked about the issue they always say “we cannot see any problem, please take your mobile to sony service centers”.
    Yeah…. It’s ridiculous.

    Then there is the fact that the majority of sony customers seem to claim that the camera software for Xperia is perfect. Which it isn’t.
    There are literally hundreds of guys on xperiablog claiming Z2 and Z3 have the best software – Sorry, post processed “artistic” colored photos aren’t great shots. And noise isn’t awesome either.
    I would rather take the software that was present in phones like Xperia P and prior than the new software.

    All in all, Xperia software team needs a kick in the crotch and no one is willing to give them that.

    Oh and the QX line of products doesn’t suck. It might not be your cup of tea, but it’s surely mine.
    Let’s agree to disagree on their necessity, but let us unite in the hatred for sony’s lack of commitment to the cybershot camera phones.
    Remember the k750i or the k850i? Now those were cybershots…

    And i agree about sony needing to change up their commitment to quality. Releasing 700 phones in a year with no quality is bound to drive them to the fate of the dodo.

  • Faisal Armand

    Hmm.. Regarding the lens quality, I want to talk about sony’s double game.

    As we know, some of the Z1/Z2 units are equipped with a faulty lens with a bad corner softness.. And some of the Z1/Z2 units has good lens with consistent corner to corner softness.

    As I said before, bro. A good lens is a lens that doesn’t exhibit these defects in the image:
    – Chromatic Aberation
    – Purple fringing
    – Moiré artifact
    – Corner softness
    – Flare

    So that means if you don’t find any of those defects, you have good quality lens.

    A good Z1/Z2 lens only has a slight flare when shooting in sunlight environment.

    Nokia 808 only has chromatic aberation, the rest are great.

    Lumia 1020 was reported to have flare problems too. But I don’t have the link to it

  • Alex Norris

    Exactly, this double game from Sony, demeans the name of a once great japanese company. For all countries, should be the same quality delivery, but Sony unfortunately does not think so.. And Chinese smartphones fans are becomes more and more. Now people know, that Sony looks perfect on paper, but in real life unfortunately not so smooth .. They only talking about Sony strategy, but we still don’t see real changes.

  • Alex Norris

    I agree with you, sony mobile i would even say, do not care for their duties. Even in sony centers, people often turn with some problems and with warranty sheet, but in sony service centers always are trying to lay the blame on the user.

    I remember the golden years of Sony Ericsson cameraphones and its legendary K-750, K-800, C905 and others. They were worthy competitors for nokia, but when sony was separated from ericsson, then we see problems with software, and and overheatings. Even the camera in SE looked very stylish and beautiful,

    and today all Z series cameras, looking like iphone 4 style

    Great words! :) (Xperia software team needs a kick in the crotch)

  • Sho Firdaus

    SE designs were unique, stylish, ergonomical, but lagged serverly in the specs race. Altho I do miss SE designs, I’m glad Sony took over and in two years have caught up and exceeded most phones in performance. I still love my xperia pro but it was already way behind on launch.

  • michls

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