Latest SmartBand update leads to outcry from users demanding their icon back

by XB on 16th September 2014

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SmartBandThe Sony SmartBand SWR10 recently received a firmware update from version to The official changelog includes the removal of the SmartBand connected icon in the status bar, the ability to change themes for non-Sony devices and a fix for the repeat alarm in certain time zones.

However, the icon change has caused a bit of backlash with many reviews on the Google Play Store demanding a return of the icon. See some excerpts we’ve included below. If Sony is listening, let’s hope to see it return in the next update.

Comments on latest SmartBand update

“Connection Icon – Put the smartband connection icon back in our status bar, or a toggle option”

“Where’s the icon? Why did you remove the icon from the status bar? Now it seems that the armband is disconnected.”

“Xperia T3 – Why the hell did yall remove the smartband connected icon from the status bar?? That’s dumb”

“Icon – Give me my icon back”

“Where is the icon? Now I don’t know for sure if I’m connected or not! Why did you remove it?”

Thanks Gavin!

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