Xperia Z3v announced for Verizon: A souped-up Xperia Z2 with embedded wireless charging

by XB on 9th October 2014

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Xperia Z3v_1Verizon Wireless will shortly launch the Xperia Z3v (D6708), as had previously been rumoured. This makes it Verizon’s first Sony Xperia phone since the Xperia PLAY back in 2011. The Xperia Z3v will be available in black and white colours, online and through retail from 23 October for $199.99 with a two-year contract. Verizon will also stock the Sony SmartWatch 3 later this month for $249.

Earlier in the year we saw plenty of leaked pictures of what looked like an Xperia Z2 carrying a Verizon logo. It looks like these pictures were the real deal, as whilst this phone is called the Xperia Z3v the design is essentially the same as the Xperia Z2.

However, whilst it looks like an Xperia Z2 it comes with a number of upgrades including embedded Qi wireless charging, 32GB internal storage, 2.5GHz quad-core processor (Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AC chipset) and IP65/IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.

The Xperia Z3v will also feature Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX) and PlayStation 4 Remote Play (even more evidence that Sony should port this feature to the Xperia Z2 at some point).

Specs that haven’t changed include the Xperia Z2’s 3200 mAh battery (no “two day battery” here as seen on the Xperia Z3), 5.2-inch 1080p display, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP Exmor RS camera with 27mm G Lens (25mm on the Xperia Z3) and 4K video. If you interested in the Xperia Z3v, Verizon has a sign-up page here.

Xperia Z3v (D6708) white paper

Xperia Z3v_1

Xperia Z3v_2

Xperia Z3v_3

Via Verizon.

Thanks Lavin and phil g!

  • Edrei Ramírez


  • Disgusting.

  • LiterofCola

    Take my money already

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    So bassicly this is a Xperia Z2 with the cpu fromn the Z3, wireless charching and ugly verizon branding.

    It’s good that these come to the US, but it shows again how much power Verizon has.

  • roeshak

    It would have made more sense Sony releasing this globally instead of the z3. Well it definitely proves that the z2 should get most of the features from z3 series with its upcoming kitkat update. The only thing in doubt is the higher iso and improved camera performance. In any case, the camera performance will improve with 4.4.4 irrespective of the 12800 iso.

  • Anukul

    This is a big win for sony. to have the big red as Carrier is great

  • Guest


  • IshuZ2

    its not about 4.4.4 now. its about Android L. and i dont think Z2 will get a proper Android L.

  • Luca

    The frame is nicer than the one on Xperia Z3


    Like T-Mobile on the back just takes your breath away!!!

  • TechGuyChris

    lol i called this 8 months ago but Xperiablog never listens to me :-/ oh well

  • Guest


  • jmaxim917

    Nice ad for an ugly phone.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    As expected, the verizon branding ruined the overall look

  • Mark

    I almost considered changing carriers until I saw the ugly ass verizon tramp stamp on the front. I don’t mind the logo on the back but you just mutilated a beautiful phone Verizon. For that? I buy unlocked and stay with my carrier.

  • crazychef83

    Well let’s wait and see how many people are going to start crying that it’s not a real Z2 nor a Z3 it’s a hybrid or a monster of some sort. Ah Ah Ah
    I don’t think this is going to succeed on Verizon. I think Sony does better with T-mo than with Verizon. I remember Verizon always having very ugly phones.

  • Wolf0491

    Is the back plastic or something instead of glass?

  • Wolf0491

    Also the difference verizon and T-mobile are branding it haha. One small logo on back of t-mobile one and verizon has a front and back one. and the back one is rather large

  • ryanmelendez93

    At least the T-Mobile on the back can be covered by a case. The Verizon on the front that’s pretty big can’t necessarily be covered.

  • Guest123

    basically a xperia z2 without the premium aluminium frame but instead a plastic frame with z3 hardware embedded. Cmon

  • XxRampage07xX

    but the Z3 is easier to handle than the Z2.

  • Yujun Li Linwood Kinji

    Just Get the Unlocked version on market plz.
    I don’t need Verizon, this carrier is too expensive.

  • DanielGearSolid

    but why z2 design

  • goldenblls

    The Z2 is still a very good looking phone and the hardware is not that old.

    It’s only the launch of the Z3 that has somewhat prematurely aged the Z3v.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    a red variant would be cool. Too bad it’s not an actual Z3, but the qi charging is a very nice plus

  • JaroB

    back Gorila Glass …front Dragontrail

  • Wolf0491

    just didn’t know glass could charge phone.

  • Vincentius Phang

    Is DSEE HX nothing to he bragged about?

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Qi bargaining uses electromagnetic waves..
    So,Yeah..No prob..

  • Daif

    Verizon: the cell carrier known to be THE slowest to post system updates. Add Sony to it and you get… Well all I have to say is good luck to anyone who buys the Z3v… LOL

  • el_sur

    After today’s news, so glad I purchased the Z3 Compact through Amazon. Paying full price sometimes has its perks.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    32gb internal storage on verizon & t mobile. Crap. Put the goddamn 32gb on global z3, Sony! :-(

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Maybe you need a cool tech leaker name, maybe ChrisCross. What’s your last name maybe that can lend to a better name

  • TechGuyChris

    Weve battled each other on tekken tag tournament a few times lol

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Don’t think so, I use a different name for my PSN account

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Eh, not unless you’re willing to drop an upwards of $150 to $20) for compatible headphones. I think the built in active noise cancelling would be something better to brag about

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I think it’s more of a throwback to the old Z and with a mix of Z2

  • Ben Ling

    @XperiaBlog,The Z3v only have a 16GB internal storage.Sony also mentioned that it has 25mm wide G Lens with ISO 12800 and also the same 3100mAh battery with 2 days of battery life.

    More info visit here

  • qwerty

    Does anyone know when Z3 Compact will be released in France? Still pre-orders continue on online shop of Sony Mobile.

  • John Doe

    So, custom Z2 for Verizon only… Is this what the today’s “Sony’s big event” was all about? Still no announcements about real, contract-free Z3 availability at Sony’s US online store? Lame.

  • roeshak

    The design looks like mix between the z2 and the original z. Surprised to see the aluminum frame gone though. Wonder why?
    To be honest, I think they should have kept the aluminum frame and released this globally instead of z3. Better to do that as a z2 refresh rather than wasting the tag z3 on what is no more than a repackaged z2.

  • @_@

    Shouldn’t the tail be located at the back? =/

  • Sper

    Well obviously it is Z3 that looks like Z2 due to changes that they had to make to fit Qi charging.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Honestly if they got rid of the logo on the front and the “4G LTE” on the back it wouldn’t look so bad

  • lee jun-hoe

    I think the unlocked version is available from T-mobile soon (says so on the Sony website). You can also buy from Amazon (carrier unlocked) with 1 year warranty.

  • lee jun-hoe

    DSEE HX has nothing to do with earphones. It’s just software tweak to make your music files sound “nicer” and “brighter”. It’s quite a drain on battery though.

    The active noise-cancellation feature though, only works with noise-cancelling earphones (like some models offered by Sony).

  • Rene Pedroso


  • JHMBB2

    I was expecting a launch date for T-Mobile’s Z3. Gah the closer the date comes the less excited I am about trading in my Z. I love this thing! Especially after all my frustrations with T-Mobile releasing the z1s literally a week after I bought the Z.

  • RealityCheck2013

    “including embedded Qi wireless charging” I hope this will be a feature on all newer Z phones in the future(like the Z4 etc etc) :P

  • InspectorGadget80

    YOU JUST made it WORSE than it already is

  • InspectorGadget80

    Why Verizon keep making your phones look ugly. At least SONY IS trying harder too put their phones in the U.S.

  • gunboat_d

    does this have a different batch of antennas? i dont think the standard unlocked model covers all of Verizon’s bands.

  • henk

    For me the Design looks more like the original Z, than the Z2, especially the plastic frame with these inlays.

  • Mohammed Khired

    at last ! cdma and gsm in one device !

  • Danny

    for me, the most interesting is the Qi Wireless Charging. While everything else seem like the Z2, which probably means that the PS4 remote play will or can get official app for all Z2. So is the 2-Day battery life if it’s software.

    Now for those who want the wireless charging, is there some sort of case that connects to the Sony Xperia Z series metal contact points, thus enabling it to charge wireless via case, via metal contact points?

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