“Space” theme for AR effect app released

by XB on 10th October 2014

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Space theme for AR effect_1_resultSony Mobile has added a Space theme for the “AR effect” app. As the name suggests the new theme creates a planetary wonderland, complete with astronauts, satellites and aliens. As with the other “AR effect” themes, you can take pictures in these scenes as well as record video. Make sure you update the AR effect theme to version 3.1.1 or higher to install this theme. You can find the AR effect Space theme on the Google Play Store.

Space theme for AR effect_2_result

Space theme for AR effect_3_result

Thanks Ben!

  • kind of defeats the purpose of taking a pic,eh?

  • IshuZ2

    Can we move app to SD card on Xperia Z2? please tell

  • Andrea

    wow!! Cool

  • I love these apps! and wonder what Sony may offer in the future with the AR effects. Right now I’m imagining mini-games, for example a mobile version of Singstar and the AR effects creates a whole “environment” in order to share online.

  • sonyguest

    I wish sony releases more of the z3 camera apps like the ar fun

  • paul4id

    I wish these AR effects would stop polluting by applications risk, and instead only be visible within the camera application.

  • Alex Baloch


  • Barend Stapelberg

    I wish Sony would stop wasting their time on shit like this and improve the useful apps

  • Martis

    Fix it yourself!

  • Jaywalker

    How old are you? :D

  • Jaywalker

    More guys are working to those AR effects than the soft for the camera at Sony I see. They want to make a playstation out of Xperias. More games, more mumbo jumbo effects, more useless extras. Kids are the future target for Sony as far as I can see. Kids with rich dads :D Ok.



  • paul4id

    How? I am rooted so please tell…

  • Billy de Fretes

    oh come on… just update sony camera app … walkman, movies, album even sony select and so called special effect already updated ..

  • ahmedawesome115

    By downloaded Xperia xposed and hiding apps

  • paul4id

    What is the name of the Xposed module.

  • ahmedawesome115

    XPERIA XPOSED KK BY SERAJR just Google it. It has even more personalization options, a must have for any rooted Xperia device

  • peter

    No dude. That’s Apple you are talking about. This is for people bored in the office.

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