Sony says Xperia E3 also has a two-day battery life

by XB on 10th October 2014

in Xperia E3

Xperia E3One of the biggest selling points of the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact is their endurance. The “two-day battery” life that Sony has quoted in all of its marketing materials, appears to be on the money when it comes to real-world use. This has led to wide praise from those that have used the handsets, beating pretty much all other smartphones in their range.

Well, after conducting further tests on the budget Xperia E3 (with 2330mAh battery), Sony says that the handset also boasts an “up to two-day battery”. This wasn’t flagged at the time of launch and is the result of “multiple battery performance tests” conducted during September 2014.

The tests reflected a typical smartphone owner “using the device for approximately 5 hours in a 24-hour period, for a range of typical usage scenarios (calling, texting, web, SMS, games, camera, music and video).” This was under default settings including display brightness of 100Nits and Battery stamina mode off.

Given the reception that Xperia Z3 series handsets has seen, it is no surprise to see Sony making some noise about this. It makes the Xperia E3 an even better option for those on a budget.

Via Sony.

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