Xperia Z3 owners reporting issues with pink shading in pictures

by XB on 27th October 2014

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Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_5Some Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact owners have begun to notice a pink ‘spot’ or shading when taking pictures with their handsets. The results are best noticed with a white background and you can see a number of examples below from various users.

At this stage, it is unclear whether this is a software or hardware problem. If you own the Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact, please let us know if you have noticed something similar (post some examples too if you can). So far, Sony hasn’t given an explanation for this but we’ll let update this post if we hear anything official.

Examples of pink shading occurring with select Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact handsets

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_1

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_2

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_3

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_4

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_5

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_6

Xperia Z3 Pink Spot_7

Via Sony Mobile Talk.

  • Akki

    My friend just brought Z3 today, and If I tend to tell him this bug, then he’s sure gonna scratch his balls n head for fingers crossed..!! xD
    Perfectness Never Comes Into Existence.

  • bista

    This is disappointing. I’m starting to feel that Sony does not test their devices. As a Z2 owner i’ve been really disappointed with all the faults my handset has. I just returned it to warranty for it had like 10 different problems. New device every six months is too often.

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  • Sharpintake


  • Sub-Hypnoz

    I remember I had this issue with the Galaxy S2 back in the day. With every software update I hoped it would be fixed but it never happened. I hope Sony does actually fix this as it is something you cannot unsee once you’ve seen it.

  • Magneira

    I have an Z3 Compact and don’t have this issue, I’ve tested against various background colours and none have that pink spot. Before you people start bashing sony or any manufacturer for that matter, please wait to see if this is an hardware issue with an specific batch of devices and and stop being so annoying.

  • Z3 Compact, not seeing the issue

  • Tim Westerholm

    Tried this with my Z3, I dunno but same thing happened when my friend tried to do the same thing with her iPhone 5S. Both turned pink in the corners or in the middle.

  • Guest


  • Right, and I’ve seen it also on some Samsung phones. And I’ve had it in my Xperia mini pro and I’ve seen it on the U and other Sony phones.
    It’s not a big problem: you’ll notice only if you take a picture of an uniform white background,which doesn’t happen very often…

  • Arthur Simon

    I have the Z3 Compact and it has that exact same problem.

  • xperiafan324

    Every launch has a defective %age. With sony devices this tends to be 1-2% mostly, but thanks to the internet you see these issues highlighted far more than they deserve,). Honestly this looks like a hardware defect, and all affected users should try to get their device replaced.

  • wallace

    Check your self.

  • Wolf0491

    I’ve never used this to upload pictures. So not sure if the order is messed up. But first picture is with front came second back. Both kinda pink on white wall.
    Do I care? No.
    I don’t take many pictures anyway and defiantly not of white walls.
    Does this make me think software since on both cameras though? Kinda yeah.
    I’m keeping my Z3 anyway.

  • Kregore

    Keep a close eye on the ouside glass of the camera. I had to send my Z3 to the service after just 1 month of use when the outside glass of the camera got dull out of a sudden and all photos turned up foggy. There was no condensation inside the camera, was just some nasty looking outside camera glass that even felt rough when trying to scratch it with the fingernail. Puting the phone under the tap wouldn’t fix it, nor wil cleaning it with any sort of glasses cleaning cloths or something. While the glass is wet you won’t notice anything. When it dries out the weird spot on the camera will show up.

  • Niels d. G.

    It is a software issue, a white balance issue to be more precise. My Xperia Z2 tablet has it, and my Z3 Compact has it too. It usually only happens in automatic white balance.

    Two pictures taken with my Z3C: former has obvious pink in the middle area, the latter doesn’t appear to show pinkness at all:

  • Guest

    This is an unedited shot straight from my Z3 Compact.

  • Guest

    From my Z3 Compact

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    It looks like instead of pink you have a green spot…..

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    It looks like instead of pink you have a green spot……

  • Niels d. G.

    It’s related to white balance, there’s always going to be some color spot in center, but in automatic white balance, the spot is pink in most situations. My Xperia Z2 tablet has the exact same thing, and my Z3 Compact has it too.

  • Stanley08

    Not sure if Xperia Z3, Or HTC One M7. xD

  • Sper

    Fine on my brand new Z3

  • leo

    You guys…..I’m on a nexus 5 and …. Well this is the pic I just took

  • leo


  • User2080

    that’s a ghost manifesting

  • User2080

    i don’t think it’s a hardware problem. it’d be unusual to find lenses that filter light at certain points. it’s most likely a software issue.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    My xperia Tipo don’t have such problem!
    Oh wait..

  • GregLu

    Have the same thing on my Samsung S4 with the auto mode, it’s a software “problem” in most brand i think …

  • Guest

    From my z3c

  • mohammed sibin


  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    White balance issue… :-)

  • xperiaz4ultra

    its a software issue. otherwise the entire Z series would have faced that issue bc same camera :/

  • Siyam Hossain

    It is a software issue

  • xperiaz4ultra

    of course it is a software issue otherwise the entire Z series would have got that issue :/

  • xperiaz4ultra

    same camera

  • harmony_9934

    I have it

  • I’ve got a Z3 and I don’t have this issue. Mine is D6653 black (just for refrence)

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  • Vignesh Raja

    Is my comment removed?

  • Bluetoo

    just tested it happing to me :(

  • George Leo Norte

    its pink on the sides

  • George Leo Norte

    will you share us your photos then?

  • Fahd

    one thing for sure don’t buy the phone now. I’ve been through 3 devices so far and all of them come with some issues
    1- the power button is loose after one week use
    2- 2nd device also power button is loose but not as bad as the first one beside the volume buttons poping out after the device heats and it needs little more pressure when pressing them
    3- now my third device has a gap between frame and the glass in the right bottom corner near the camera button.
    the device works fine but these faults make one question sony quality control

  • Niels d. G.

    Do you mean there exist Z3 Compact units without any gaps?! o_O

  • Fahd

    it is Z3 not the combat and I believe most of my batch has issues. it is manufactured 14w39

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  • jonathan3579

    You should cross your fingers and scratch his balls and head.

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  • Niels d. G.

    lol, combat

  • Akki

    So this is how you do for ur friendz??

  • jonathan3579

    Nope. You just need to go back and learn English better so people like me won’t have anything like that to say.

  • Akki

    Are you a professor with mental retardness high as 100%..?

  • jonathan3579

    Here we go again.. When you learn to speak and convey your words properly, then we can attempt to communicate. As it is.. You just look stupid.

  • Akki

    Then let it be.. I guess my stupidness doesn’t even effect ur bank account. (If you have one?)..
    Don’t tryna create any flame of fight.. I don’t have time for ur stupidness acc to me..

  • jonathan3579

    This is why I don’t bother with third world peasants like you.

  • Akki

    Then why you bother to comment initially.
    Bro, enjoy in your own world.. No one is ruining ur fun. : peace:

  • PeterH

    Mine is a Z3 Compact, no issues with camera or whatever. More than happy coming from an iPhone 4…. Z3 is a beautiful device, quick, and with a battery life that’s incredible. Will stay with me for quite a while I guess.

  • Iñigo

    It ‘s a shame

  • Naeem

    i know i’m off topic but if the phone is under warranty and has a hardware issue, am i eligible to have the phone replaced?

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  • Has there been any update on this yet, like a response from Sony?

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  • Willi von Imhoff

    Want to change from Blackbery to Sony Xperia Z3Compact but there are no technical experts in South Africa who can answer my question. Have tried Vodacom (my service provider) who can only sell phones but don’t know what is inside the box. My question is regarding the sync with Outlook contacts via direct link to PC (like Blackberry’s Desk Top Manager).

  • Alcides Junior

    Is there any update about this problem? Cause i sent my phone to the service and nothing was solved. They just update the sw. I think it’s a hardware issue.

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