Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact starts shipping in UK

by XB on 28th October 2014

in Sony Tablet, Xperia Z3 series

2014-10-28 12.20.29The Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has started to ship to those that pre-ordered the tablet in the UK. Checking the website it appears all SKUs of the tablet are temporaily out of stock at the moment but we have been contacted by a number of people today that have already received their tablets. We would imagine that it will begin to roll across other retailers and throughout Europe over the next week.

2014-10-28 12.20.29

  • Alaa

    I Won’t to buy it
    But the big disadvantages is the tab doesn’t have an IR.
    i should buy z2 Tablet
    Fuck you Sony

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Why Sony? Why you dropped IR Blaster from this tab? Seriously your tablet biz will be dead soon!!

  • DanielGearSolid

    wait for the z4 tablet, probably gonna be a beast

  • Alaa

    i know that honey
    but i won’t now

    i can’t wait more than 6 month to launch the Z4 Tablet .

  • Makiz

    I never found the IR function really handy on such big devices, it would be more usefull on the smartphones.. I used it today on my TV and receiver and found it uncomfortable, that’s why I’m replying to your post.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Its not about you bro, its about masses, its great to carry existing features – even you dont wanna use, dont use!!

  • heng

    Can anyone tell me the reason why I need to buy a tablet? Does it has any feature that the Xperia Z2 doesn’t has?

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  • Xyor

    Why in a sudden many in here are cursing and aggressive now? Since when Sony force you to purchase their product? If there are alternatives in the market that could satisfy your needs, go for it. And How can a individual claim representation for the population? It’s impossible to please everyone in the market. Maybe you just weren’t in the demographic that Sony had targeted this tablet to.

  • Raj Singh

    I know… I’ve been using the IR feature on tablets since the original Tablet S! I don’t know why they didn’t keep it. It’s a good feature.
    The new watch has it if that’s any reconciliation.

  • Raj Singh

    The only reason you ‘need’ to buy this tablet is for its form factor, including display size. The Z2 is going to get 5.0 and the remote play feature so you don’t ‘need’ it if you already have the Z2 tablet and are content with its dimensions.

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  • Raj Singh

    I might replace my phone with this if there’s an LTE version for North America…
    Won’t actually put it to my face but will use the SBH52 and SBH80 like I do now for the Ultra.

  • heng

    Thank sir.

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Will soon be dead? Are you out of your mind? Sony makes some of the best tablets out there today. Correct me if im wrong :)

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Making n selling are two different things, how many tablets Sony sold is what matters!!

  • Lake

    Well, I have never used it either, not in my phone or tablet, it is very unconfortable and very hard to aim, I prefer my universal remote with all devices programed

  • Lake

    Bigger Screen, that’s about it

  • Tech Gospel

    Z3 Tablet Compact in the US please…

  • Ingus Keivs

    Mine Xperia Z1 6903 (Baltic) is clear

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