Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact see new firmware certified (23.0.1.A.1.43); Xperia Z3 Dual too (23.0.F.1.82)

by XB on 30th October 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3_23.0.1.A.1.43A new firmware build (23.0.1.A.1.43) has been certified by the PTCRB for the Xperia Z3 (D6653 variant only) and Xperia Z3 Compact (D5833 variant only). The previous certified build (23.0.1.A.1.38) has not been released up until now, so there’s no guarantee this new build will either.

The last update released for the D6653 Xperia Z3 SKU was version number 23.0.A.2.93 (Telstra Australia has seen the 23.0.A.2.108 build). The same applies for the D5833 Xperia Z3 Compact SKU, the currently released firmware is version number 23.0.A.2.93. The Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633) has also seen a new firmware build certified in the form of 23.0.F.1.82 (versus the current 23.0.F.1.74 software). We’ll let you know if Sony decides to release these builds.

Xperia Z3 firmware build 23.0.1.A.1.43 certified for D6653 variant

Xperia Z3_23.0.1.A.1.43

Xperia Z3 Compact firmware build 23.0.1.A.1.43 certified for D5833 variant

Xperia Z3 Compact_23.0.1.A.1.43

Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633) firmware build 23.0.F.1.82 certified

Xperia Z3 Dual_23.0.F.1.82

Thanks Ben!

  • Musicsoul

    Are you forget z2 4.4.4 firmware sony?

  • Niels d. G.

    Still nothing new at D5803 though

  • luqman_98

    There must be a logical reason from Sony…..

  • luqman_98

    Hey @XperiaBlog , seems like new 20.1.B.2.15 firmware is rolling out for both Xperia E1 Dual models (D2104 & D2105) now…

  • Probably to fix the Baidu spyware.

  • xili

    Sony : It is still under investigation

  • Wolf0491


  • János Jenei

    xperia M 15.4.A.1.10 update ??

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  • roeshak

    Yes there is a logical reason from Sony. Sell as many Z3’s as possible before updating the Z2 because once both devices are level pegging on software, the Z3’s price is sure to take a bit of a knock considering where the Z2 is pricewise

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Is there anyway to know if this firmware removes the Baidu spyware?

  • manutd

    does it fix the notifications low sound on z3? this is stupid,z3,a 600 euros phone sounds way lower than a 10 years phone!shame on you sony

  • Stanley08


  • Stanley08

    Well said.

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