Sony ships 9.9 million units in Q2; lowers full-year forecast as it retreats from China

by XB on 31st October 2014

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Sony Make BelieveSony has released its second quarter results this morning for the three months to the end of September 2014. As expected, it doesn’t make for pretty reading when it comes to the mobile segment. Sony recorded a 176 billion Yen ($1.6 billion) goodwill impairment in the MC (Mobile Communications) segment during the quarter, related to its mid-range portfolio.

This led to a loss for the whole Group of 86 billion Yen ($785 million), which compares to a profit in the same period last year of 14 billion Yen. Sales for the Group were up by 7% to 1,902 billion Yen. However, the MC segment saw sales decline by 4% on a constant currency basis to 292.4 billion Yen. Interestingly, Sony brought particular focus to the fact that this sales decline was attributed to “mainly Japan” – a traditional stronghold for Sony’s mobile business.

Sony MC Result

Sony reported broadly flat year-on-year smartphone shipments in Q2 with 9.9 million units sold (10m last year). It also confirmed that marketing and R&D expenses were higher during the quarter “in order to expand sales channels.”

Recent reports suggested that Sony would cut its full-year smartphone forecasts and this proved to be correct. Sony has cut its forecast from 43 million units to 41 million units, a 5% decrease. Remember, this number had already been cut from 50 million units in the summer. Sony attributed this decline “due to an expected decrease in the annual unit sales of smartphones mainly in China.”

We are at a phase where we need to rebuild our shaky earnings. We are planning a significant reduction in China,” Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida said to the FT.

This still implies that Sony needs to deliver 11% year-on-year growth in second-half smartphone shipments if it wants to hit that target, so if things don’t improve you could see that number see a further downgrade.

Xperia phones shipped

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  • roeshak

    Very easy to blame the mid range segment. Why aren’t they selling more flagships? Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6s in one weekend in one location alone in China.
    This whole mid range thing sounds like excuses to me. Sales are not good and that’s on all fronts. The mid rangers maybe hardest hit but the flashships aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.
    Don’t think they’d be changing the top man if it were down to the mid range segment alone.

  • pandemic

    You’re spreading this theory everywhere. In XDA, now here.

  • pandemic

    Sony sold 100k less unit compared to the same period last year. Thank god the Z series sales didn’t falter.

  • roeshak

    That’s because I don’t buy it for second. Sounds very wishy washy to me. Like flimsy excuses that even toddlers should be sceptical of!

  • hh

    Iphone sold 10 million units in a weekend because people are stupid. The iPhone hasn’t changed much since the 4. Everyone I ask why they buy the new one always say the same thing. It’s better but can’t tell me how it’s better. Sony just are not putting there name out there enough like Apple and Samsung.

  • roeshak

    When you compare the portfolio of devices they have on the market this year with last year, the figures are actually more depressing. With what they have currently on sale, they should be shipping somewhere between 15 and 20 million units. Not achieving that points to something fundamentally wrong with their strategy and philosophy!

  • Jack

    It all comes down to the reputation they’ve built with their phones and their bad software. They have been slow with software and they are not showing any signs of changing! Android 5.0 update coming next year Q2 with bugs is only going to make matters worse! They should just stick to stock Android to avoid all this mess. Very few would ditch Sony if they did that and quite a few would buy a Sony if they did. Great hardware with a great software experience (especial vanilla Android 5.0) would earn them a lot of praise and would turn around their image.

  • ryq24

    Sony will never be successfull in China because of the tension between the two countries.

  • roeshak

    Oh let’s blame the consumers for Sony’s misfortunes. That old chestnut! They buy apple and Samsung because they’re satisfied with what they get both before, during and after their purchase.
    The same cannot be said for Sony. Far from it! Sony forums and blogs are full of irate users and that goes back many many years hence their current predicament. The goodwill that followed the Sony takeover has all but dissipated! They’re back to square one again. Even more depressing when you consider they’ve actually put out some decent products. Z and Z2 for example.
    There is something fundamentally wrong with the way they do business. People just need to face up to that!

  • SK

    Apple is a single company that sells iphone, Sony on the other hand has to compete with 20 other companies that sell droid phones, There is very little differentiating factors that a company can make in an eco system which has an opensource community.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    What if sony xperia with ios … :-)

  • SK

    I have been to samsung forums by large and i can see the same complains and irate customers there as much as we see in Sony. No 1 is happy with any company as they always find a way to complain. The only concern that sony has is market penetration. In a place where ppl get crap for some penny, its difficult to business.

  • roeshak

    You have the 6 month cycle to thank for that. Htc and Samsung plan to update their devices to android L this year but Sony users will have to wait for Sony to launch the z4 first. It’s like they’re selling free Google software.
    Anyway you cut it, it’s a failure of strategy and direction. They have the products to sell. They just need to stop scaring potential customers away and irritating existing ones with insane moves!

  • roeshak

    And Samsung? Even lg now post double figures quarterly. Sony should be doing the same but aren’t because there is a lack of confidence in their brand. Not so much their phones or devices, just the brand because of their madmen policies.

  • SK

    Seriously? Both Sammy and HTC have said they ll update their primium fones to L in 90 days. Sony has promised almost the same and they are updating all the z from 2013 to date. That is still a better job than what htc and sammy has promise.

  • roeshak

    We’ve already seen a leak of android L with Sense 7 coming to the htc devices this year. Samsung will do the same. Xperia users will have to wait until at least late March.
    And it’s only better because they release so many premium devices. Nobody asked them to adopt a6 month cycle

  • Rogue

    Sony needs to advertise there phones more and market their products better to get a foothold in the world of android. They also need to price their phones more competitively seeing as how they don’t offer anything over the competition yet they devices are more expensive. Then they need to work on their software something everyone has been saying for years, just look at the results from the cameras of the competition using Sony’s own sensors. If you are going to give us front facing so called stereo speakers then at at least add the s-master amplifier you created, it just seems like Sony is giving us piece of the pie considering how expensive they phones are. Compared to the Ericsson phones of the past Sony has fell off from the cameras of the cybershot phones to the real stereo speakers found on the old walkman devices.

  • Jack

    No company outside of China will be more successful than a Chinese rival company! Why? Because if you’ve ever met people from China, most of them have been brainwashed to support and believe anything made in their country is better than anything else! They will buy a Lenovo PC no matter its flaws and use Chinese inferior software! They don’t ever care about Google, Youtube, Facebook etc! They use their own, and if you’ve ever used any of these too you’d know they’re awful! For whatever there is competition no company should even bother with China! The only reason some products with competition sell is because the Chinese mostly resell them on eBay etc to foreigners… Companies must be blind and ignorant if they don’t know this. China is like a mild North Korea.

  • Xciter

    Until March? Says who? AFAIK, they didn’t give a specific time table. They just said rollout will begin early 2015.

  • SK

    Samsung made it big coz it flooded the market with cheap fones and got the visibility all over the markets. It made sure it was a house hold name in most of the cheap markets even before android was announced. I still remember when ppl used to have the Samsung fones the corby series that was life saver to Sammy in the fone market. And they catered the lower market segment which has made sammy a huge brand today. SOny was never a poor mans product and they will never penetrate the market which is low, and the higher segment as there are too many fancy names.

  • Xciter

    If People Were Honest About Their iPhones:

  • sk

    S master can never be possible in a phone as it is going to make the fone look like a brick. It requires more space and with ppls obsession with slim fones, smaster is just a dream.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Just like VAIOs offered to run OSX. Why not?

  • xperiaDROID

    If you’re talking about Google, Youtube, Facebook, those are banned in China. It’s not that people are brainwashed in China, the country banned these social websites is because of some riots. If people in China are really brainwashed, why many of them are using iPhone? At least China still have freedom to access to wider entertainments and social. North Korea is like you’re locked down.

  • lee jun-hoe

    Actually, they can. But not with the current strategy.

    Sony cannot compete with the lower-end manufacturers that undercut them like Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo. Even Samsung is struggling with that.

    The only way is to go high-end, like Apple. Unfortunately the Sony brand doesn’t command the same brand power as Apple right now, so they can’t go head-to-head with Apple to gain consumers on the high-end.

    Best is to retreat from China market, and if Sony ever gains popularity and brand power again, just reenter and market some special, premium phones. Chinese consumers love to show off, so they will snap up those hard to get, expensive things.

  • DoctorDroid

    with so many ps4 sold, they should try harder to integrate the new customers to their ecosystem

  • Jack

    I know they are banned! But even we they leave China they prefer to use Chinese software. Even if something is not banned the prefer the Chinese version! Why do you think Xiaomi and Lenovo sell so much in China! I met a few Chinese people and they were boasting about how good their Lenovo Thinkpad was and their Xiaomi phone etc and when I saw and used them they were awful! I’m not saying all Chinese are like that but most of them are. I’ve even met quite a few Chinese people that admitted to this and would like to move to Hong Kong because they can’t stand the control and brainwashing happening in mainland China!

  • Jack

    Apple mostly sells because they resell the devices ob eBay etc! Even in the PC market what brands have succeeded? Only Lenovo! Why? Mostly because they are a Chinese company! If Lenovo market Motorola as a Chinese company my guess is in the next 2 years we will see Motorola rise in market share mainly because of sales in China!

  • rzero21

    They’re unsucessful in China because Chinese manufacturers offer same specs as some mid and high end devices for less money. Funny thing is, some of those manufacturers are using Sony cameras.

    What Sony need to do is offer only a 5-inch screen high end flagship, a 10-inch screen high end tablet, a 4-inch high end compact phone and a 4-inch low/mid end phone. If there is space for anything else would be a 6.5 inch phablet like the excellent Z Ultra. But that’s it. Just 5 models per year (or year and a half) for the whole world. The same goes to the rest of the company. No need to offer a whole plethora of models.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Streamline, streamline, streamline. And undercut all other flagships even if only slightly.

  • tof2r

    Could you please mention *a single* goddamn good reason why I should prefer an ip6 to even an xperia M2?
    Yes, I exactly said xperia M2. That phone everybody consider low end and crappy.. because it’s only 160€ ! You can’t boos your friend with your high income with something this cheap

    You gain NFC, -complete- bluetooth standards, sdcard slot, and every other giggle android has too (usb OTG and everything an unlocked BL allows..)
    This is for common noob people.

    If you really believe you are the new wall street king, then you may also consider Z3compact, that has an inhuman battery life (take this stupid kiddies that believe to understand how coding optimizations works) best of class camera and water resistance…

    Please I hope you will not answer with the usual BS, like considering jailing as a *feature*, or the usual: ios does not lag myth.
    Thank you

  • roeshak

    Not so unhappy thought that they stop buying from Samsung. The argument is that is worse on the Sony side and has been so for long.

  • DZ

    If that would happen i rather go for WP, unless they(Apple) ditch iTunes in iOS…eh wait, there are still Droid OEMs out there aren’t there???

  • roeshak

    I think you’re espousing a completely different argument. It’s not an argument about which phone is better. It’s about customer satisfaction and brand appeal. Sony’s strategy hitherto has had a negative impact on both.
    The thing in the dock here is the company’s philosophy and approach to the market. Not that they don’t have good products available!

  • lovebmw

    well, i saw a picture of the z4 today! IT IS EXACTLY the same look as the Z3 with just led light moved around!!! it is soooooo stupid to a point that i am not even keen on sharing the z4 picture as i found it so freaking boring to share

  • jr

    As they say low and mid range was the one they hit today as for z series, I think they have a good sales. One big problem on their mid range is the specs can’t justify to it a same price of xperia m2 aqua or sp is equivalent to xiaomi mi3 even though, there are some lacking like lte in xiaomi mi3 but it cant justify it. If sony should put a s600 with or without lte in a mid ranger phone and 12 mp ips lcd above 330 ppi. And a cost like m2 aqua. I think they will have a better chance on it. Consumers these day are smarter and they really want is a buttery smooth ui and a speed. As for z3 as expected that they will bring it out but the problem is it cannot justify what the hardware upgrade on it. Z2 can par with z3

  • xperia sp user

    if you build a good product, you can sell it every corner in the world.
    xperia sales are low in China.
    But it is not Chine specific situtuation.
    xperia sales are low in everywhere across the globa.
    sony should observe motorola.
    they are growing and reaching all over the world.

  • inspire

    Funny, how everyone here in the comments section has his own desirable specifications and “business model” for Sony: do this, do that… Unfortunately not all models can succeed at the same time. So, don’t be management gurus unnecessarily or if you really have it in you then join sony’s management to do the deed.

  • roeshak

    Well considering that the z4 would most probably be unveiled at mwc at the end of February, don’t think we can expect android L on older devices before then. Going by Sony’s track record anyway. They may hopefully change tact and not wait for the release of the z4.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Sorry for a bit non-conventional comment, but… Are you sure that you actually WANT Sony Mobile to become big and gain market share? =) Of course, the new CEO probably wants this, as well as some other Sony executives. But with all the respect, all I care about is the technical part.

    And if you take a look at other companies that became big on this market – like Samsung and Apple – well, I am not sure that it is what I want Sony to become. Many people complain about the attitude that Sony gives to its customers. Well, when the company grows, this usually gets only worse. So if it is not good now, it definitely won’t become better if they grow. And the same stands about the innovation. Bigger companies can afford themselves just to release a moderately good phone. Look at the changelist between Galaxy S4 and S5. Look at the iPhone. “Innovation? Hmmm… what a strange word, what does it mean?”

    Yes, I know that we can think of many explanations to this, not just that Samsung is now big and careless. But I do believe that normally a small company is more innovative and cares more about the customers, because it needs to gain them. So to be honest, I like the fact that Sony has bad financial results. Then they will keep producing cool phones for a bit longer and maybe they will even improve those things that they do badly today. And then maybe they will grow, earn a lot of money and start producing shit like other giants =)

  • Guest

    No, they do not improve on things that are doing badly, they get rid of them. For example, their desktop, laptop and e-reader divisions. I expect the same for their TV division as well.

  • mahdi.iran

    sony is the best.

  • Xyor

    Learn something called network externality. That’s what social media is. How do you expect us to communicate with people inside China? Should we just abandon them once for all>?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Motorola practically does not exist in my country. Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Apple amongst others do. In fact, Motorola’s latest phone is currently a Verizon exclusive. Please know what you’re talking about before you look like an idiot.

  • crazychef83

    Remember motorola was dead a ffew years ago or several perhaps. But then google bought it and Boom now it’s coming back little by little. motorola doesn’t really have good phones as far as I know. but what they do have is a daddy with big wallets. Sony on the other hand has always tried to be one of the best at what it does. that it screwed up by doing so many mid range phones yes it did. and know look at the numbers they have to show.

  • Xyor

    How about Samsung? Most of their phones sell in China well. Mainly mid range and low end. Chinese market might be regulated but it’s still a competitive one.

  • Name

    Of the useless things..

  • Name

    Of the useless things..

  • Kregore

    The “new flagship every 6 months” was just … /facepalm. I believe that’s what drove the customers away. Check every other manufacturer, beside Apple, how they are releasing just one flagship each year with the best available specs. Z3 should have been released next year in March with 805/810 period. Why would should anyone bother buying a flagship if after 6 months it becomes obsolete.

    Sony should release new phones just once per year and be something like: mini, normal (medium) and large size and one mid-range phone and that’s it.

    Plus, expand their sales in the US. I see reviewers from the US (top reviewers on YouTube) reviewing European models since they don’t have it and they either never will get to see it in the US or will come 2-3 months later when the EU and Japan almost got their hands on the next flagship.

  • rus_media

    Then, what are you doing here?

  • Kim

    iOS is beautiful, smooth and the most important is its greatest and strongest ecosystems which no one can compares even Android

  • azzido

    I know the reason.
    It is not about money Sony spent on the advert marketing you can see on TV, Internet, media at all. There are 2 key factors Sony MUST change if they wanna profit more:

    1. Change the philosofy of marketing from Business (Yes, Xperia phones, expecially Z series are rather marketed as business phones, very stylish and cold, something not achivable for mortals) to Multimedia / Sport. See, Shamesung is very often marketing its phones combined with sport, gym, running etc, includes a lot of Sport apps, getting attention with sport, multimedia and colors. No matter how nice the displays of Z series can be, very often it was marketed with dark, black/grey wallpapers, very muted wallpapers like Z or Z1. It has change a little bit to at least nice blue color of Z3. Z2? Take a look of colors and wallpaper of LG G3 it was marketed everywhere. Something RECOGNIZABLE, something you remember and can combine very fast with the product and the company as you see it. See the difference? They say FIRST IMPRESSIONS matter.

    2. Traditional way of selling = is very bad. I mean for example here in Poland.
    I am going for shoping to big market in Wroclaw (city in Poland). Let’s say Magnolia Park. Going to big media shop like Saturn (or Media Markt, the same owner). What I can see in phones / tv sectors? Shamesung! Everywhere Shamesung with huge transparents, taking 80% space of entire sector, even with its dedicated sector where only this brand is marketed, it’s 4K TVs, tablets, phones etc. I am looking for Sony…still looking… Oh here you are! In a dark corner, with a little statement: “Sony”. Even its stand for (attention please) 2 exposed Xperias was standing askew, no one cared. Now ask any guy (from the shop) about the phones, that you would like to buy one, what will he say? Which is the best? Shamesung! I said, what about the sony? He said: “Samesung is better choice”. I asked why? He: “Because it has better display, better camera, hardware and now is best selling android”. I said: “what is better in display”? He: “It’s oled, has better colors and blacks”. Me:” what about white color?” He: saying nothing… See the difference in traditional way of selling? Huge adverts in shops, lot of space, dedicated spaces, paid sellers to say Shamesung better each time… (they have to or will be faired). Sony doesn’t exist there. How do you think what the customer will choose in such a shop? Being overwhelmed by adverts and nice stands od Shamesung and hearing advices to choose Shamesung from the seller? Sony still being in dark, forgotten corner in there… how it can sell? Even if it would be cheaper? I asked about TV, the same answer to choose shamesung, was plenty Shamesung TVs I could see, compare, ask for etc. This sime the guy was not able to explain why Shamesung TV is better, but he know it is better… Same situation at carriers…

    If this 2 factors will not change, no matter the quality of Xperia range, the sales will not rise.

    3. Try to invent some nice Brand names for your technology or market existing ones. Amoled, sound nice for ear right? And Sony what about your Cyber-Shot? Nice one right? But you are not using it, why? Where is MEGA Bass?

    Is there anyone who reads this page except me who would like to see Cyber-Shot and Mega-Bass brands in new Z series? Or maybe I am wrong and the only one?

    I know it is not possible because of the marketing, but would like to see 1080p screen in Z4, because I do not care about the pixels that gives me nothing, there is no any difference in such a small display, but I do care about the battery…

    Dear Sony,
    change your marketing attitude, improve traditional way of selling, market your existing and invite new brands, nice to ear, deliver high end quality product, limit the number of products.

    Like LG G3.
    One, good and long supported product marketed the right way = profit.

    Go to work.

  • Kim

    Hareward isn’t everything

  • Kim

    Hardware isn’t everything

  • azzido

    – X-Reality should be available everytime, not only for pictures and movies.
    – you may think it is stupid, but SONY and XPERIA letters on front and back, as well as Cyber-Shot or anything else should be bigger, easy to see.
    – time for sapphire front and back glass? First phone with it? :)

    C’mon Sony, we know you can deliver.

  • azzido

    Give us Arc or something new design Sony, how long you want to stick with the same :(
    So many fake but nice prototype graphics on the Internet…

  • Sony Fan from China

    Hey roeshak, you’re right, I know you are Sony fan too but you are unbiased, respect! At least it’s better than trying to find any stupid reasons to support Sony’s mistakes

  • roeshak

    Indeed! There’s a big difference between being a Sony fan and being a card carrying, t shirt wearing, flag waving fanboy lol!

  • Jack

    Not selling well any more! Chinese devices were none existent or way to crap to be used a few years ago but now they are at least usable…

  • Jack

    Everything is way to regulated, from what they eat, to medicine and electronics etc. Should you support their crap so they can continue using it or should you show them something better and let them take control of their lives? The Chinese ‘government’ has made them believe in the first of those choices. Sad, very sad for us all. Some of the even believe they are the superior race…

  • Xyor

    You sir need to read more so that you don’t sound like a irrational lunatic

  • Gitarooman

    This man knows what he is talking about, but I disagree with the Z3 part, its a overall most balance design in battery/performance device than all the new android phones coming out this year. And they are obviously not targeting Z2 owners to upgrade, but to new buyers. Its much harder to sell Z2 in the holiday season when every other company got their shiny new toys out for sell.

  • Alex Baloch

    It was most popular in 2013 because of the Xperia Z. You can tell because you can see in 2012 Sony was not popular at all, and all of a sudden, in Q1 2013 the numbers rise and continue to rise. Thanks Xperia Z, for making sony popular!

  • Phillip

    i am not happy with your comment about Chinese brands are crap, and Chinese people used to be brainwashed, but not phones do not sell great can be categories into few reasons, first, Sony is a Japanese brand, what Japanese did to Chinese during ww2 is not forgiveble, not so fast. second, sony does not have great relation to Chinese mobile network provider. third there are way to many Chinese brand mobile phones on the market now, and they are pretty good, and price is only half of those same class of overseas brand. I have been using xperia since xperia Play, I have to say for a 1000dollar phone, the packaging can not be any worse, it is the first impression and is also the detail that stop people from thinking xperia as a premium brand. see xperia pureness, thats how xperia flagship should look like. And also Sony may need to think of a different design for flagship xperias, in order to be competitive, it need to keep bringing in new ideas, especially when they release flagship phone so often, otherwise people are tired with the brand, even to its own fanboys.

  • hyno111

    That is because Chinese softwares are tuned to Chinese’s taste, not necessarily yours.

  • Ninjas

    Nope. It because they have a lot of cheap knock off smartphone brand and most of them like it. They just don’t see the value in Sony Xperia yet. Sony have to work hard on their advertising

  • JacktheIdiot

    Wow wow wow, how ignorant you are Jack? Full of bullshit out of your mouth. Really stinky.

    Stop making biased comment when you don’t know China at all.

    Mind your own business, don’t act like you’re a world police.

  • Hope It Happens.

    Nice words dude…, Now copy-paste your words to their official forum, especially the official japanese forum.

  • GoodBoy

    Hey dude! Send this to Mr. Kazuo Hirai

    Sony did not use Cyber-shot in Xperia phone because they’re just a chicken, sony afraid that Xperia Smartphone with Cyber-shot camera will ruin their Cyber-shot line… so I hope sony will wake up, reboot their own vision and make a change before its too late!

  • GoodBoy

    Hey dude! Send this(your reply) to Mr. Kazuo Hirai
    Do you know his email?

    I think that Sony did not use Cyber-shot in Xperia phone because they’re just a chicken, sony afraid that Xperia Smartphone with Cyber-shot camera will ruin their Cyber-shot line… so I hope sony will wake up, reboot their own vision and make a change before its too late!

  • Xperia Z4 Ultra

    Are you chinese ?

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    If a Chinese buys only chinese products, is it a problem?? It’s actually a great example of their patriotism. They love their country as well as their products. Nothing is brainwashed here. I think you are jealous because You don’t have this virtue of patriotism but they have. So please stop thinking they’re brainwashed, try to follow them and love your own country.

  • Danny

    There are plenty of Chinese people who understand how crappy Made-in-China products is compared to other products. Many Chinese travelers who goes to Japan actually spends alot on Made-in-Japan products, even when there are chinese alternatives, even the same brand. Example, made in Japan diapers. Chinese are biying so much diapers in Japan and selling it to China with over twice the price they paid. Japan police are actually cracking down on this and limiting the numbers purchase per customers per day. Just arrested 3 chinese people in Japan. It’s actually been going om for awhile. Other products, appliances like Rice cooker, pens and pencils, stationarys, and recently the hot items are backpack known as Randoseru.

  • Jack

    Supporting your country even when they do something wrong is WRONG! WE ARE ALL HUMANS! Patriotism is wrong! Going to war without questioning why just because your country tells you to is WRONG! Same goes for supporting products that don’t strive to deliver a good experience and never will is WRONG! Buying a rehash Xperia device for example would be wrong! Everything I’ve said I’ve been told by people who live in China!

  • xperia

    if SONY quit smartphone, no more high end android device any more, i will have to switch to apple

  • Pokndir Pok

    Finally someone with sense, for logical comparison, your father tell you do bad thing, you do it because your father told it is a good action.

  • Phil

    The number one reason sales decrease is because of the increase in competition in China itself that provides high end spec. Example XiaoMi and Vevo. They offer much cheaper phones but same spec as others mid end smartphones, not to mention the material they used is high end too.

  • Hope It Happens.

    No….. nothing is truly useless until God says it himself

  • tamara andre

    Actually, Samsung is the second biggest selling brand in China. Apple have always been a niche product there. And you may as well consider Apple a Chinese brand as 85 percent of their phones are made there.

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