New Sony Active Pixel Color Sampling (APCS) sensor heading to a future Xperia?

by XB on 12th November 2014

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A purported spec sheet for the Sony IMX189AEG CMOS camera sensor has leaked which apparently is due to land on a future Sony Xperia model according to reports. The 1.5-inch 4.8MP chip will be one of the first with Active Pixel Color Sampling (APCS). APCS sensors can sample all three colors in one pixel due to an electronic filter that moves across the sensor.

Therefore despite what may be seen as a low mega-pixel sensor, in theory APCS sensors only need 1/3rd the number of pixels to create the same image. The chips should be capable of much better low light performance given that each pixel is larger in size and high frame rates. The spec sheet talks of 1080p at up to 16,000fps and 4K output at up to 240fps. We’ll see if anything comes of this, but if there is any truth to it, we’re sure Sony will plan to include it in an upcoming Xperia device.


Viia CnBeta.

Thanks Laurence!

  • It has been rumored for the whole week and today more rumors came out of the Z4, Z4 Compact, Ultra Z4 and Z4 Tablet

  • Mike Gonzalez

    great sensor but as long as the algorithm stays the same, it wont make Sony come out on top of the camera quality race

  • Samuel

    I’m thinking about ULTRA PIXELS.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    1.5-type! Almost the same sensor size with Lumia 1020 now!

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony sould use googles algorithms from 5.0 becasue nexus 6 is using sonys camera which is found in t2 ultra and it has realy good details in the shots even in low light vs any xperia

  • gmfady

    .. Sony’s colossal inventions-as always ?

  • Moggym

    16000 fps? Have to be 1600?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    4.8mp effective pixel.. That interesting…. Looking foward for that

  • AsadMulla

    1080p at up to 16,000fps. WOW

  • Hustlervanz

    Maybe they’ll become the next HTC with a fail sensor. I hope this thing will be revolutionary.

  • Faisal Armand

    1.5 inch sensor? Well, that’s bigger than that panasonic smartphone with a 1 inch sensor. But barely 5MP? That got me scratching my head. Can someone clear things up for me?

  • adsfasdfa15

    not even close ;)

  • The all three colors in one pixel will make up for that.

  • Joephus

    It’s not going to be 1.5inches right? I mean, my RX100 is a 1-inch sensor!!

  • mountain

    Its not 1.5inch. More like 1inch (23mm). Sounds like a new RX100. Looking at the specification, it seems a niniture version of A7s.

  • Silverwagon

    That’s the 1st thing came to my head as well……

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Ultrapixels by HTC is Type-1/3.0. This one is Type-1.5, way bigger than RX100M3’s sensor (Type-1.0) and Z1/Z2/Z3 sensors (Type-1/2.3).

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    As long as it’s leap forward in their mobile device cameras, wasn’t too impressed with the improvements between the Z1 to Z2 to Z3

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I hope to see some drastic improvements, Xperia Z1, Z2 & Z3 there is NO change watsoever !!!


    please dont say like that i just bought my z3 :'(

  • Jack

    Hmmmm what happened to the curved sensor that was supposed to give great depth .

  • f35hunter

    So if it is a 4.81(2136×2226) MP sensor how the hell that it can recorod 4K(6144×2160) about more than 12MP videos .????????? This is one multi questions about this sensor !!!!!!!!!

  • Dexter Moregan

    there is no reference for the latest rumor. So, I don’t care that one.

  • skyxz

    just woke up to 1080p at 16000 fps.. what year is it??

  • Quite different indeed. The idea is more similar to the Foveon sensor instead (though implemented in a different way)

  • Bob

    Cough ultrapixel cough

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Sure there are a difference between z1,z2, and z3:s camera, but it’s small really small

  • Rafay
  • Kunal Shukla

    htc has something similar in HTC one but the day light images suffer due to lack of details however it excels in low light. Have to see how sony has implemented it and how are they gona design there software around it

  • laci_csk

    read in article :”in theory APCS sensors only need 1/3rd the number of pixels to create the same image” it’s math 4,81×3

  • mustafa

    So is it equivalent to 14.4mp?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Xperia Zoom? 1.5″ sensor is huge for a smartphone. This is still pretty cool nonetheless. The opposite of Ultrapixel fortunately. Curving this sensor might send dynamic range and SnR ratio sky high :) Faster processing opens the possibility of better thermal management for UHD video and higher frame rate video (60fps YouTube streaming).

  • John Zakaria

    Imagine needing a 1TB storage device

  • Shravan SP

    Needs adreno 4200000 series graphics and 2.5THZ processor and BAT eyes to see…

  • Shravan SP

    Hopefully doesn’t be like HTC one and it’s ultra pixel

  • Niels d. G.

    lol probably

  • Euh… how do you put a 1.5″ sensor into a phone??? bye bye the slim design, I fear…

  • read

    Ultra pixels, as their name suggest are just bigger pixels compared to others afaik. This one has 4.8 mp and has 4K video which needs 8mp of normal pixels (if I’m right) it’s clearly stated above it’s like the results will be the 3 times of the sensor resolution

  • Ritwij

    Sony fans won’t mock HTC now because of low resolution :P

  • Ritwij

    Then why is your name Z3 COMPACT?

  • Ritwij

    I’d happily give up the slim design for that monster camera sensor.

  • honglong1976

    Sony sensors always look fantastic on paper, in reality once you get past all the trade mark names, they are implemented so badly. Same sensor in an iPhone or Samsung phone – Wow! Same sensor in an Xperia…Urgh!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz


  • GregLu

    So … Probably in Galaxy S6 before any Sony product, I’m right ? :D

  • ToT

    Or slow-motion

  • Evolution

    100mpx, in superior mode – 8mpx resolution only xD

  • If that would be true, then how come it’s capable of 4K video?

    After all, 4K video consists of around 8 megapixels as frames (and 240 of those frames in a second, in this case o_O’)

    in theory APCS sensors only need 1/3rd the number of pixels to create the same image

    I don’t know how this works, but it would basically be a 14.4 megapixel sensor then. Nothing to be afraid of; nothing like HTC’s approach.

  • Think about it: you can slow down a video 640 times to a perfectly fine 25fps 1080p video…

    I need dis.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    That why iam looking foward to see this new sensor in action

  • lunkz

    Same for Custom Roms, with there non-free drivers

  • GregLu

    I play it on a loop because it’s so FUCKING mesmerizing to see a iPhone 6 being cracked oO

    I’m not a fan or lover of Apple (I don’t care, really) but I think this short video is cool haha ^^

  • GregLu

    And that’s why personnaly I’ll wait for Z4 Compact, even with a 1080p screen, I don’t care, I just want to get rid off these “DRM” photo when you root it !

    Hope that if they change the sensor the DRM will be away too !

  • thoughts

    sensationalists, sony will stick to 20.7 or go higher, but if you ask me? 12 mp in a bigger sensor than current z3 camera sensor will give better results

  • I already have one on my PC. My 80gb in phone will fill up in split seconds, I guess.

  • Guys, it’s not 4.8MP. This isn’t how it works. Here, 4MP means 4 million light sensing pixels, each one senses 3 light colours: Red, Green and Blue. Normal sensors only sense 1 colour per pixel. There for 4.8MP * 3 = 14.4 MegaPixels worth of images. Ans Sony, please fix your autofocus and processing algorithms. Cheers!

  • Quark Gluon

    If it works, surely they will move to 8MP and 13MP and so on. But now with 5MP in this size and arrangement, it will be great in low light.


    becuase i have z3 compact forget to put compact :P

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Don’t like the tagging Xperia Zoom. Xperia RX is way better, making RX100 And Xperia the best of both worlds.

  • John Zakaria

    But you still can’t use that thing with a phone number ZR hardly supports flash drives but USB based hard drives nope no luck

  • f35hunter

    I read it but (in theory) differs from (acually) it need 1/3rd numbers of pixels but didn’t use three pixels to creat one pixel it is different thing.

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  • laci_csk

    Will see.

  • xperiafan324

    Actually that’s because of the hdd needing power. Try connecting the usb hdd through a powered usb hub to the phone and it should work like a charm.

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  • Faisal Armand

    With 1/1.5″ sensor.. Putting 22MP is already enough to outperform even nokia 1020 in low light, never mind 1.5″ sensor.

    Sony Z4: 1/1.5″ 22MP 1.94um
    Nokia 1020: 1/1.5″ 41MP 1.12um

    If sony decides to use 1.5″ sensor and 5MP resolution then the individual pixel size will be bigger than Sony A7S DSLR (The king of low light in DSLR environment)

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    2048×1080 at 16000 fps at only 576Mbps? Is it even possible? Co I mean, 2048×1080 at 16000 fps would stream 32.9589844 GB of data per second. Fake?

  • ???cz


  • John Zakaria

    Well actually I know that but imagine being outside and shooting a video will you have electricity?

  • SparkyAMG

    Err… 23.79mm diagonal… Wake up guys, this isn’t an Xperia sensor.

  • Tashiro Yu
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  • Tsais

    Well, Sony’s current processor already can’t handle 2k or even 1080p recording without overheating.

    Granted, the output from this sensor may require heaps less processing, that IS possible…

    But there’s another issue: If the sensor sports a 24mm diagonal, I don’t know how they can use that in a 9mm thick phone. A multi-element lens with sufficient area for that would be much thicker than the phone.

  • Tsais

    before you fret about large amounts of data, just think about how useful it would be to shoot a group foto scene at 4k and 240 fps for 30 seconds… you might actually get one shot where nobody looks stupid…

    Or get some cute baby pictures pulled from 4k footage of a baby that won’t hold still long enough for regular picture taking.

  • Tsais

    the fact it *can* shoot at that high rate doesn’t mean you must.

    But when you do want to get footage suitable for extreme slo-mo, its easy enough to plug in an external USB drive.

    And if the sensor can capture enough light at 16,000 fps, it must be a real dream to shoot in low light at normal speeds!

    Mind you, these are theoretical capabilities, that may not be made available in the phone anyway.

  • Tsais

    sure, if you bring some…

    Any USB power brick will power a portable HDD or SSD. And there’s some special USB cables to support hooking an external drive to a phone.

    You have to figure that you will only shoot at extremely high frame rates for special purposes, so you’d expect to bring some extra gear.

    The rest of the time, when you’re shooting at 30fps, you’ll instead be able to enjoy a smoking low light performance from that sensor. :)

  • Tsais

    yes, smaller size, better pictures…
    Not that this hasn’t happened before, that lower MP resulted in better pictures…

  • Tsais

    Agree with you, for all the MP and Sony hype, they fell kinda short.

    In some ways, the camera on the original Z was better than on my Z2.
    The Z got stolen and the Z2 went defunct after 6 months due to the back plate coming unglued, because the ridiculously overheating camera cooked the glue and the poorly placed NFC chip exerts continuous outward pressure on said back plate.

    Now Sony’s local service center tells me that’s not covered while I’m traveling overseas and also, that they can’t even fix it for hard cash, as most smaller Sony service centers aren’t allowed to repair the waterproof phones. So I’m stuck with a phone with an open back in an infinite boot loop, no less. (this phone has never seen water or been dropped, ever)

  • Tsais

    Shows that aluminum is inferior to high quality polycarbonate for building cellphones.

    My old Galaxy S2 took a small dent to the corner and nothing broke.

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