Sony prepping a watch with e-paper face and strap

by XB on 26th November 2014

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feswatchicoSony is currently developing an unusual watch that will use electronic paper in its entire body i.e. the face and strap according to Bloomberg. The emphasis of the product will be on style rather than cutting edge specs and could launch as early as next year.

The face and wrist band of the watch would be made from a patented e-paper material allowing the entire surface to act as a display. To understand the concept, the FES Watch is trying to crowdsource something very similar in Japan (see the gif below). Is this something you could be interested in? It certainly would bring a wow factor to Sony’s wearable offering.

FES Watch


Via Bloomberg [via Engadget].

Thanks Gjramanaa!

  • Not bad. Let’s hope it turns out to be cool, if not already

  • gmfady

    Indeed its an Unusual watch that will use electronic paper in its entire body .. gr8 invention as usual ?
    .xb: typo 1st line: usual .. its unusual ;)

  • gmfady

    fcors! its superb already ;)

  • zeoxzy

    get the price right and i’m sure it will sell well.

  • Tjaldid

    Buy out the FES

  • phil g

    This has potential to be a very innovative smartwatch. Hopefully with Sony’s new business strategy we will see more innovative products like this. Be Moved.

  • OLED

    flexible oled is much better!

  • jag

    Wow! That would be cool!

  • Moonlight

    Wrap one for me please!

  • Mohammed Furqaan

    Hope that costs well below 100$

  • OLED
  • Rikimaru

    Nice style and that could maybe offer a great battery life. probably 1 week…

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Knowing Sony it’ll prolly be around $200, $150 at the very least. Great idea and concept, but for most the e-ink display will turn them away. Whereas a colored display will be a huge game changer, unfortunately I think Samsung will slingshot a shitty version out first, to claim the title as first, then refine later.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    If PRICE: USD 99-149/. then only release else better don’t waste money in RnD and production !!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Why flexible OLED? I’m not watching a movie or playing AAA games on a tiny wearable. All rounded readability with e-ink makes way more sense. Plus much better battery life and lower cost. Also, Samsung’s smartwatches are flexed, not flexible in consumers’ hands. A truely flexible, large display encompassing the whole wrist with decent multiwindow-tasking sounds way more innovative than slapping on OLED just to make a watch look pretty.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It’s to draw in customers and the idea of having a curved, colored display and a watch similar to the concept above will both blow away and scare competitors. It’ll definitely be a game changer, and at the rate and growth of smartwatches it really is just a matter of time

  • Arthur Simon

    Actually not on a watch. OLED uses way too much power and E-Ink is perfect for sunlight usage too. E-Ink is the best display for smart wear. And it can be coloured too.

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Of course colourful displays may help but it’s seems like a short-term marketing tactic. Battery life woes, potentially bad pricing and Android Wear monotony kick in and customer retention goes down. Plus advanced displays typically have higher system requirements. Pebble is thriving on e-ink for example.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    2 week minimum battery life at <$150 please! Smartwatches at the moment suck really badly. They pale in comparison to smartphones in functionality, they're all dead within a day, they all cost too much and Android Wear prevents OEMs from standing out.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I totally get what you’re saying. I wish Sony could take a huge risk like and just “pull a Samsung”, release a half baked idea to get attention, which equals to more people willing to pay and work with developing a sole idea, such as a curves display.

    If Sony does come out with a sleek design, all E-ink display watch, with a back light and responsive touchscreen I will definitely buy it.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    What’s wrong with a new idea working properly the first time? Samsung “pulls Samsungs” because they’re still riding the flexible OLED hype train from 2012. And like most other hype trains, it never quite takes off for a while. Innovation is always welcome but first time fully baked ideas speak volumes. I wanna believe!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree with that statement a 110%. I don’t hate any OEMs, but I do like Sony, that’s obvious. If Samsung for once stopped working about Apple and the competition and trying to be first, and actually bake a good device out, I would be a bug fan.

    Sony waits, and takes their time and eventually produces a quality product. But sometimes they wait too long, and that takes a huge toll. Eventually they’ll implement a fingerprint sensor in their devices, but for know I prefer they perfect it than rush it out

  • shubham

    will a 3 day battery do? coz smartband talk can run till 3 days on a single charge! and sony will get it better in the new watch!

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  • Josh

    you’re just sony bias, stop being so bias I believe that you won’t said like this if this news said sony will use flexible oled instead e-paper with their smartwatch. wake up and smell the coffee! the oled technology is the future and it doesn’t use too much power like you claimed!

    I don’t hate this e-paper watch I support Sony whatever but clear that it’s not hi-tech enough to fight with Samsung Gear and Apple Watch.

  • fribse

    Huh? My Smartwatch 2 runs for at least 2 days, and mostly 3 days on one charge?

  • lol

    i thought japanese already did this kind of watch back in late 2000’s. i did read article about watch with e-paper back in 2008/2009

  • Zetoze

    Launching this will not invalidate the launch of others models with oled, so if Arthur prefers this over a oled version from sony, what does that make him? More or less bias? Josh, don’t be so judgmental.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    He’s not judgmental, he’s stupid.

  • Sara

    I had never seen such kind of watch ever! I have bought at

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