Sony brings AOSP support to entire Qualcomm-based 2014 Xperia line-up

by XB on 16th December 2014

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2014 Xperia AOSPSony has added AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for a few more handsets today, which means that it covers all Qualcomm-based Xperia devices released in 2014. The Xperia E3 and Xperia T3 were added today, whilst the source code for the Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia M2 were also updated to improve stability. This means budding developers can head over to the AOSP section on Sony’s Developer website to start building their own ROMs.

Thanks Ben!

  • George Styles

    Thats all very well, but it still MAY invalidate our warranty. Im for sure not playing with unlocking my bootloader unless Sony go the final mile and state that the warranty is still good if we play with this stuff. #almosttheresony

  • Stanley Lu

    Where is Lollipop AOSP ~

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    What does AOSP mean? What is it?

  • ShinOrochiX

    Android Open Source Project, meaning that is the vanilla version of android (like what Google Play/Nexus devices get). No Sony modifications and no bloatware, clean just how Google intended it to be.

  • saif

    How about my c3?

  • Sambob

    Sony also give download links for Lollipop AOSP, follow the link in the article

  • Adam

    GPS (Google Play Services) Android, not AOSP Android, is what Nexus and Google Play Edition devices get (and Google Play Edition devices modify GPS Android slightly).

    You most likely do not want AOSP Android on your Xperia. Google has been doing everything it can to make AOSP unappealing to consumers, developers and device makers. AOSP features and services increasingly languish. You’ll be missing out on things in Android that you take for granted–most notably, the Play Store–with AOSP.

  • jonyah

    Yes, but AOSP is provided for developers to make custom roms that include all of those cool extra features and customize it to their likings. This is good nothing but good news.

  • Martin Ljunggren

    I don’t get this part of building your own Roms. Why? Whats the Point? OK – tweeks, bet rid of bloatware etc but why the heck spend time building a ROM only you will use? Seems pointless as there is the Cyanogen Mod etc, and you have to root your phone which MAY void the guarantee. So I just dont get it. Sorrry bruh’s and sis’s. I give up. Over and out.

  • jonyah

    Sorry Martin, this isn’t for everyone. Obviously, it’s not for you, but there are lots of people out there who it is for. The fact that Sony is making this available and giving their audience the possibility to do this is awesome.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Does it have a Qualcomm chip?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Nice profile picture haha ;)

  • ????????

    When will update Lollipop for xperia T2 Ultra ?

  • Ben Ling


  • Raj Singh

    Wait until your warranty is over…

  • s3alon

    Is it also available for the dual sim version ?
    Cause they also use quallcom chipset too.. :-(

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  • Well, the only thing you have to do is to install the play store, google play services and the google apps, then you’ll have something very similar to a nexus. Just much faster than the stock rom that your manufacturer provides. And if you’re missing features, there’s always an app or a launcher to customize the system as you like it. Btw, of course aosp is for users who value simplicity or customization.

  • George Styles

    In the EU we get 2 years warranty… not sure this phone will be very interesting to play with in 2017 :) also there will most likely be a ‘sploit to root it and back everything up at a flash level before then… at least they havent copied the evil of Samsung and their e-fuse blowing on modding… that was a large part of why i abandoned my 3 year run of buying the new note device (along with poor hardware quality related to dust ingress and poor battary life, both of which the Z3 seems to have nailed) and got the Z3 instead of the Note 4 this time round

  • Zyg0te

    I feel its important to note though that “AOSP Support” in this case means that AOSP boots not that its fully functional. Camera, cell radio, mobile data, nfc, wifi and sensors does not work on most of these “supported” devices. I am curious to see if Sony will actually provide a fully functional AOSP config in the near future or if its up to community developers to do the rest.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Ok just checking :)

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