Sony’s Lifelog app adds GPS support for Android Wear

by XB on 17th December 2014

in Applications

Lifelog Running_resultSony has updated the Lifelog application which now includes support for Android Wear GPS tracking. This means that the app will log information whilst running, for example, without the need for your phone. Obviously, this is targeted towards the SmartWatch 3, which remains the only Android Wear device with integrated GPS.

The update moves the build number from 2.3.A.1.10 to version 2.4.A.0.16. Other features include ‘encouraging notifications’ when you reach 80% of your daily step goal, gold medals in the dashboard and sync improvements to handle historical data.

Thanks Gavin!

  • SmartWatch 2 got minor update too. New watch plates with ability to swipe them, manual app sorting, privacy/dnd mode.

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  • Samuel

    Great! I’ll take a look later.

  • JAnguita

    It works much better. Great Sony!

  • Andrew Laden

    I used an alternative from this website before and it seemed to work :

  • Whack

    Can someone tell me how to set up the sleeping time?? I never managed to record it..

  • Gvido

    You need ar SmartBand or SmartWatch to log sleeping time, without it Lifelog app recording only, steps, walking, calories

  • BS

    And exactly how can you do that with SmartWatch?

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