Goofy Xperia Theme free for Xperia Lounge Gold users

by XB on 22nd September 2015

in Applications

Goofy Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile has released a new Disney character theme, this time for Goofy (we’ve already had Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy). The premium theme follows the same style as the previous releases and costs £1.99/€1.99/$1.99 on the Google Play Store. As always, Xperia Lounge Gold users can download the new theme for free.

Goofy Xperia Theme_2_result

Goofy Xperia Theme_3_result Goofy Xperia Theme_4_result

Goofy Xperia Theme_5_result Goofy Xperia Theme_XL

Goofy Xperia Theme_6_result

Goofy Xperia Theme_7_result

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