Sony to launch a Purple Xperia Z3 next month?

by XB on 14th January 2015

in Xperia Z3 series

Purple Xperia Z3The colour purple has been a staple for Sony’s smartphones since the original Xperia Z launched in 2013. Since then we have seen a purple Xperia Z Ultra, Z1 and Z2 as well as a number of purple entry and mid-level Xperia smartphones. However the Xperia Z3 bucked this trend, opting for ‘Copper’ and ‘Silver Green’ as its earthy colour options.

Well, if you missed a purple-coloured option for the Xperia Z3 then you may be happy to hear that Sony may introduce it after all. ePrice is reporting that a ‘Purple’ Xperia Z3 will launch in time for the Lunar New Year (19 February 2015). If this does turn out to be true, there is no guarantee that it will hit all markets globally. It may give the handset a nice boost though, especially as the price starts to comes down.

  • J.

    Anything about Z4 Ultra?

  • P9

    hope Sony stay with us till Z99, or even more than this — infinite xD
    still ur big fan ever since my 1st phone.

  • b

    they should also make a blumic green and pathetic grey

  • thoughts

    Let’s leak some info… About sony xperia z4 software hardware come on dont hide your stuff share it!

  • Hassandroid

    Next month? that would be a month before Xperia Z4 launch.
    why would anyone buy it?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I just like to ignore this news and hope that there will be more Xperias in future. We need innovation great camera, we need faster updates like how other OEMs do. Anyways I just wish that this won’t happen and wish they make the Nexus smart phone happen in future. Cause there’s no good product out there for me to purchase.

  • ????????
  • lovebmw

    What a great to way to fix the mobile business problem…. just make it purple it will solve all your nightmares… hahahaha…… this is how you know monkeys run some business… instead of increasing the size of the picture which we have been asking for almost TEN YEARS…. but no lets make it purple….

    How about we reduce the amount of phones released, so that you can focus on firmwares for carriers and invade the U.S. market since US don’t buy unlocked phones and instead they go for contracts and jump programs..NOOOOOOOO GOD FORBID, let’s just make it purple, we promise that will fix the issue.

    how about we reduce bezels it seems people like bezeless phones… NOPE, purple is the answer….

    Mhhhh… .how about contracting with ATT? Nope Pretty sure purple is the answer.

    battery, processor 810, price? nope purple…

    May purple help your mobile business

  • lovebmw

    nope…. purple is whats coming, purple is the answer and purple is the way to go…. now where are the bananas?

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Cool… But already had the white variant… :-)

  • theskig

    Hope so.

    I really can’t imagine which phone i’ll buy that isn’t a Sony

  • fnnoname

    Sony is going to sell its mobile division soon? Oh well, here is a purple xperia z3 to the rescue!

    Grab it fast guys, cause it isn’t there for long!

  • Mijic

    It’s still the Z3 they are talking about, why would adding another color mean a larger screen, battery or a newer processor? Besides that, the batterylife is best in class..

  • Guest

    Z4 will be announced in March, not next month.

  • lovebmw

    you did not get the irony

  • Yurikaneko????


    Z4 coming soon…

  • paul_cus

    I’d like to see a purple Z3 Compact.

  • Hoya

    if purple can help me solve things, then I will color my house with purple along with the interiors :v

  • Hassandroid

    That purple z3 will launch in February, and Z4 in march, so it’s after a month.
    that what I was talking about.

  • Raj Singh

    Why bother releasing this considering the state of their mobile division? It’s brutal. Purple Z3 won’t help. They need a John Chen.

  • SopNaw

    That purple color remind me a small nostalgia… When Sony have launched the Z serie with its Xperia Z for its 1st time.. That was awsome to see a new very nice design, build quality of what Sony can really do.

  • Wolf0491

    My white Z3 will be going up for sale if purple came out. We’ll maybe. If they made it completely purple. Don’t want that black front. Pleaseee

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  • Mac

    That would just be a waste of time, since the z4 will be available not that far after the release of this.
    Better make a z4/z4c in purple.

  • Jk

    If Z4 is out before June I would be shocked

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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oopsiy daisy, I just commented on wrong topic lol.

  • bigshynepo

    With the amount of time you spend here, putting down a brand you don’t own and talking while nobody listens, you could’ve learned a language, built a website or done some meaningful volunteering. How utterly useless is your time if this is how you choose to spend it?

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  • AsadMulla


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  • lovebmw

    i have owned a Sony phone Since Sony CMDZ1 if you know what that is, i only moved once to iphone and came right back, i am not putting the brand down, i am putting down the idiots (monkeys) that are running sony mobile business and made sure it won’t succeed, BUT FEAR NOT MY FRIEND, SONY will release a purple Version of the Z3 which solve all the issues with the slow sales, it will increase the battery life and make it more unique, fix the camera software issues, charge wirelessly and have a crazy speaker, U.S. Customers will line up and even camp in front of the non existent Sony stores in order to get their hands on the HOT HOT HOT Purple Z3, that changed nothing ut a color…. NOT ( the word NOT is for the idiots don’t get the irony in what i just wrote)

  • bigshynepo

    All you do is put the brand down, you idiot! Doesn’t matter what the news topic of the day is, you’re there, acting a fool. Keep running your mouth, literally no one is listening to you and you’re just wasting your worthless time.

  • lovebmw

    then stop reading what i am typing and go buy the purple phone, and put a smile on your face doing so… :D

  • t

    Not really.
    Some people might want a Z3 because its cheaper and also the Z4 availability will definitely be limited at the beginning.

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  • Mac

    Aight Imma admit it, guess I’m just jealous ma z1 compact didn’t get purple as a choice. x)

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