Sony’s Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 hits pre-order in Germany

by XB on 14th January 2015

in Accessories

SW3 thumbSony formally unveiled the Stainless Steel version of its SmartWatch 3 at CES earlier in the month, with availability expected in February 2015. We’ve been scouring most of the big retailers to get an idea of price and today the Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 has popped up at in Germany.

The SW3 is listed as out of stock right now but is priced at €243.11. This compares to the SmartWatch 3 with rubber wrist band for €219.00 on the same site. It’s good to see that there’s not a massive premium for the Stainless Steel version. Expect other retailers to also start listing the Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 soon, ahead of its launch next month.

Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Amazon

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