Sony teases new Android Lollipop soft keys

by XB on 22nd January 2015

in Android

Android Lollipop Xperia Soft Keys_2Sony’s screenshots of the recent Movie Creator update actually shows the Xperia handset running Android Lollipop. This gives us a first look at Sony’s new soft keys that it will use in the Android Lollipop update. So, do you like?

Android Lollipop Xperia Soft Keys_1 Android Lollipop Xperia Soft Keys_2

Android Lollipop Xperia Soft Keys_3

Thanks Cezary!

  • Faisal Armand


  • Zidhin Mohd

    Yeaaa…fed up of waiting…come on sony.!

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Sony teases new Android Lollipop Battery indicator – Wow..! when do they actually release the firmware..

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    Comeon Sony fix first Xperia E3 issues

  • ash

    That battery indicator is already there

  • roeshak

    No not really. It’s the part of lollipop I dislike the most. They should have done like other manufacturers and kept their own ui. Come on! Are you guys seriously saying these are better than what we have now?

  • ash

    No, the home button should be round please. I like round better than this htc type home button.

  • ash

    Yes, I like this as they are more uniform than what currently is.

  • Imo it’s like HTC softkey

  • Vuyo Ncube

    I was hoping for something more original but I weirdly like the design choice of the home button. Pretty ironic that Sony is probably the only OEM that won’t use the “triangle, circle, square” combo for the buttons. Thumbs for design language diversity.

  • Yurikaneko????


  • Valerius

    They are kind of in a bind, aren’t they. Can’t use the circle because it means ‘back’ on the Playstation.

  • roeshak

    Seriously??? Better than having a back key that actually looks like a back key, a home button that actually looks like a home button and a recent apps button that actually looks like it signifies running apps. If you ask me, I don’t think these new keys will survive beyond lollipop. No one else has adopted them in their ui. Well until Sony that is.

  • Tsakane

    You can change them, just download new ones in the Play Store

  • xperialover

    It looks like the square (multitasking) button is much smaller. They tried maybe to make the home button a little bit bigger than the two. I think it’s better if the 3 have the same size.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I like it

  • Akira Y? (??)

    The home button screams “HTC!” :D

  • Zidhin Mohd

    What we have presently is better… But a change can be good..

  • Reon

    They should do something with the square too.

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  • mekh_grg

    I am stuck in this home screen, cannot do anything.

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  • ChickenDinner

    Well, triangle does point to the side, square symbolizes the new card based recents. Round is infinite, I mean if you start at one point and follow the line you’ll end up where you’ve started so it means it’ll go back to the start(home) everytime you hit it. I think sony made a mistake not using the round button. This home button looks out of place and reminds HTC. Sony means design, if they can’t do that too…

  • Husam

    They should’ve made it like the PlayStation symbols… that would be awesome!

  • bao trung giang

    I love it!!

  • Jon Doe

    They said in ces 2k15 that updates will start rolling from next month (february) starting from z3…
    now that you have waited for some months, a few weeks wont hurt ya, right? :P

  • roeshak

    The only symbol that works is the triangle on its side which clearly indicates back. I don’t think circle clearly indicates home which is why Sony doesn’t go with it and square in no way indicates running apps. A blooper from Google in my book these new keys. They’re not ugly. That’s not what I’m saying, just not very intuitive!

  • spatch72

    Strange that Android adopted the PlayStation symbols for Lolipop, while Sony is going down another path entirely…

  • Ibnu Mazlan

    well, why everybody arguing about the soft key button, it’s changeable right? if you don’t like it, just download dozens of xperia theme in the play store. Maybe sony can’t copy 100% the soft key button from google as it is the google’s or nexuses trademark.

  • Makes more sense than a circle.

  • Exodite

    That statement makes no sense in general and even less so when applied to a user interface.

    A consistent and intuitive experience is key.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Haha… No.. It has to come from z3 to z2…I’m a z2 user…

  • Brian De Guzman

    I was expecting they would integrate something that looks like playstation-ish, especially when they changed the delete animation from trash can to ‘X’ in the home screen when you remove shortcuts and widgets

  • Ed

    z1 will get 2 months after z3 will that is what was said. :-(

  • Emir Zarith

    for me it’s just fine

  • Kevin Hou

    Who said so? I guess they will release at the last week of February.

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  • DBS

    I like the current ones. But well…those are better than the official Lollipop ones. Anyway, I’m probably not updating my Z3C to Lollipop as I don’t like Material Design.

  • Dave

    Terrible. The current ones are much better.

  • sara k

    Hi zidhin same im.a Z2 user but is yours uk handset or other country variant??? I hope we get it in feb 2015

    Email me at

  • Slave 4 Sony

    I want these soft keys
    But Sony breaks my heart… Why Sony

  • uremytoy

    actually i saw these in one of cm11 themes. i believe it was MIUI theme inspired with material

  • Boonerski

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Stop teasing us and roll it sooner than later Sony!!

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  • Aiden Pearce

    its not a manual movie app automatically picks videos and pics to make a movie…if u dont have collection accordingly u will get nothing…swipe your right there is a movie i supppose

  • Aiden Pearce

    i smell HTC rat….

  • zip

    Why should anyone email you? Who do you think you are posting your email address in a chat and requesting someone to email you?

  • zip

    Why should anyone email you? Who do you think you are posting your email address in a chat and requesting someone to email you?


    maybe just theme

  • René Christensen

    The battery icon is also new

  • René Christensen

    The battery icon is also new

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Mine is indian…
    And why the email id

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Mine is indian…
    And why the email id

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  • ChickenDinner

    When you look at it that way an actual house is not really your home screen right? Symbols get their meaning by how you use them. I’m sure we’ll get used to it in no time. They are simple and look good. I thought sony would make them thinner so they’d look more like the current ones. None of them is ugly, I like current ones too. I just expect a little more, thats it.

  • HR

    Yeah the triangle is clearly an arrow pointing backwards. But the others make sense too. The home is a circle because if you go in a circle, you’ll return to the point where you started . Also, because of the iPhone, circle is already accepted as a home button.
    And the square is forming a card like the thumbnails you can see in the multitasking menu.
    I like them.

  • HR

    Yeah. The button sizes are off on nexuses too. None are the same height.

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  • Andy

    Beautiful – a slight Sony touch on ’em :)

  • Eliasv!l3

    HTC Sense anybody?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Those actually look like the soft keys HTC uses. lol

  • Dihluan

    I kinda love it. For anyone who wanna try this, i found this app can make exactly like sony’s one :D Softkey Z Root

  • Yuri

    Sony is stupid or something PlayStation is very popular but why Sony don’t use its unique symbols, Sony has a stupid vision, maybe Sony Mobile should merge into Sony Corporation??? ( I just don’t understand why Apple and Google can effectively run their whole company by without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony did)

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  • GregLu

    NOOOOOOOOOOO … Why don’t you kept the round icon, that was SO PlayStation ! And i’me not a fan on PS but it was cool.

    Gladfully, the themes are here to correct that.

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  • Jeff Martinez

    As much as I’d like to have Lollipop for my Z1 Compact right now, I hope Sony is making sure its as stable as can before releasing it. Oh and the soft buttons are cool, simplified, I like them.

  • Guest

    I like them.

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  • xConjo

    How does a circle represnts “home” better than a home?
    It’s not stupid, it makes sense
    Anywayys, they could release a Playstaion theme for Xperia that brings the circle button there.

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  • RealityCheck2015

    If all these new updates don’t improve the phones speed etc etc(i am happy with my phone as it is anyway) then all this stuff is POINTLESS :-/ Yeah i used to get exited about updates but not any more really. It just looks different so what??? LoL:D

  • Vasilis K.

    I prefer the original Lollipop ones. Besides, those Sony ones are not properly aligned:

  • SimonPieman

    Tablets first. No radios

  • Amimanot

    Atleast the home button looks like a house I guess…

  • ????

    Nice! :)

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  • Rizky Maulana


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  • kedar

    Waiting to see it on Xperia t3.

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Yea… But it looks slightly different from kitkat

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  • Frog Smurf

    I like the new nav bar buttons, but that was some shitty justification..

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  • player911

    HTC bought sony!

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  • Iroquois Pliskin

    i want this on my z ultra. :)

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  • Dean Newell

    Awesome soft keys, I was wondering how they would change them. I love the mix of stock and Sony.

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  • chimmy fallon

    After owning the nexus 5 while on lollipop and now owning the Z3 on 4.4.4. I don’t miss lollipop at all, somethings I found annoying actually. Enjoy it before you get upgraded.

  • lokalkille

    The home icon resembles home which is good instead of the circle google claim is home.

  • Horny TericCson


  • mi

    Same here, probably change after lollipop update..

  • Akki

    Don’t they (SoftKeys) look like HTC using in their lollipop build..
    Its just some guessing.

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  • Ritwij

    I don’t know why, but 3rd party themes tend to slow down the phone. It happens with me in my Xperia Z and Z2 and happened with my friend with Xperia SP too.

  • Ritwij

    So, finally Sony is getting some SENSE xD *pun intended*

  • Ritwij

    Yeah but Sony phones would never be as successful as Sony PlayStation :P

  • Ritwij

    Yeah. More “sense” than a circle. #HTCSense

  • ShiversZN

    I am a Z user, imagine my wait lol

  • Zidhin Mohd


  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Yes it is similar but not exactly same

  • thoughts

    what makes you think that this is Sony lollipop? maybe it is just one of many themes…. they claim it is lollipop but who says it is true? think don’t be like a sheep

  • thoughts

    stop cursing, stop crying like little child, man up, behave.

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Is there a patent made by HTC that those triangle and Home cannot be used?

  • thoughts

    what I like about these symbols is that they are thicker lines, the current thin lines look weak and fragile, by the way these symbols could be part of any theme an may have NOTHING to do with lollipop, yeah that’s right, don’t be so hyped up, and calm down little boys.

  • thoughts

    two Sony user that must be a perfect match for marriage lol email me marry me date me…

  • Name

    How to have a feedback without releasing any s***t … Well done Sony !!!

  • Husam

    That’s not the point bro

  • Ritwij

    I know. Chill.

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  • ash

    Yes an app update does not change your navigation keys

  • ash

    Yes I feel the same it slows down? Even if it’s sony’s theme

  • ash

    Xperia themes slow phone down. As simple as that

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  • LeAnnZZZ

    Imagine yours is china mobile version…my Z2 has not even got the upgrate of 4.4.4 T_T

  • mi

    I dont have the circle images either…

  • Deckard_Cain

    Never felt that with the Android Lolipop theme of the Play Store nor another Lolipop theme that isn’t in the store (and is better).

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  • Jeremy

    sheep? if you weren’t a sheep yourself you would have already installed lolipop on an older rooted device and played with it. Then you would have knoen this is ANDROID’s LOLIPOP buttons, not sonys. Whoever wrote this article has no idea.

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  • Rob

    AOSP has a circle in the middle, the screenshots in the article has a house.

  • Jeremy

    A very minor change. Overall this is lollipops new material design interface.

  • Ritwij

    Lucky you!

  • Ritwij

    My Xperia Z feels slow on Xperia theme with live wallpaper but it’s fine on Xperia theme with static wallpaper. On the other hand, my Z2 feels perfectly good with live Xperia wallpaper too. Hope it’s fixed in Lollipop for Z!

  • Myeh

    Need to see more of this. Push stable updates for a change, instead of rushing it and pushing bug fixes later.

  • lyaschuck1991

    nononono!!!!!!!!!!!!! its dont beatiful

  • me

    I updated the app but the soft button are the same as before on my Z1.

  • me

    True, there’s a theme on google play which has almost the same soft keys as those showed in the blog post. The theme’s name is Xperia Abstract Lime and it’s a free theme

  • name

    #Try to root your brain… (including a wipe all)

  • azzido

    Nooo, prefer old nice buttons instead of this one :(
    can we keep old ones please?

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  • JonShipman

    They don’t.

  • Sashimi

    no, Sony, please take your time, and bring out something stable and well polished. Don’t listen to these geeks who have nothing better to do than masturbate over a smartphone OS >:D

  • meyerweb

    Wow, new nav bar icons. That is for sure how I decide what phone to buy. [/sarcasm]

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    February 20! friday Evening! a clue or the exact date of release..

  • BattlePizza

    Whatever the new Sony softkeys are if they’re not the 5.0 soft keys I’ll change it into them.

  • This Home button makes more sense to the average user.
    At least this now resembles a “home” instead of a circle, which resembled what exactly..?

    I applaud Sony for this change, making it easier to understand for the average Joe.

  • Maybe the screenshot is telling us something, the night of
    Friday 20 February it will be

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  • Zidhin Mohd

    I think so too..

  • ash

    They do for me

  • Gustav Salazar Vazquez
  • Shaik Ilyas

    Are these screens real???

  • TeRmRaN19

    Where did you get them from?

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  • Stanley08

    February is almost here ;) #Z2

  • Shaik Ilyas
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  • name

    I just received an email from playmemories services :

    “Afin d’ajouter de nouvelles fonctions et d’améliorer l’ensemble du service PlayMemories Online, nous prévoyons de déployer une mise à jour du système aux alentours de mars 2015.”

  • malav patel

    I feel your pain

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  • The Asian Kiddo

    Flash latest firmware with flashtool :3

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  • Mohamed

    I have Xperia Z2 I am waiting lollipop upgrade in the first week in February!

  • I prefer lollipops soft buttons. Nice that you et us change them :)

  • Julio Cesar Lara Juarez


  • Kyle

    I just bought a z3. I feel like a dick now…

  • julien simard

    If you dont want 5.0 right now then just wait for 5.0.x and stop crying like a little girl. A lot of us want this update so again stop crying like a little girl


    It is already February. none of sony user has yet got any update. Now at least mention date to be released. Thanks

  • keyboard commando

    Thug life. Calling people a little girl on a phone software comment board. Priceless.

  • Sashimi

    “Waited enough” for what ? get a fucking life. It’s an OS, not even an app with major new useful features. The main purpose of an OS is it’s stability so it can act as support base layer to useful apps without crashing every 5min.
    You’re the one crying like little brat, and you’re the reason big companies squeeze beta testing so as just to fit stupid unrealistic deadlines.

  • julien simard

    Waited enough to get notificarions on my lockscreen, user acounts and a lot of features like that. As i said if you dont want this update then just dont do it u fucking retarded fag now stfu

  • Sashimi

    you do know you can now hack the hell out of the phone, add a custom rom, lock screen notifications…. multiuser account must be done right or else it’s a complete fuck up. better be patient especially for this kind of feature…

  • julien simard

    I cant flash any custom rom since my bootloader is unlockable… and even if it would be unlockable i wouldnt do it cauz it messup some z3 features as well as my bell mobile tv…

  • Sashimi

    take a look at xda forums, the exploit was found for locked bl…

  • CJ

    if thats the case…what ugly implementation of material design

  • RawBlare

    If you guys haven’t read this on other comments yet, it may not be so much about satisfying the average Joe as it is about cultural differences. In Japan, the circle represents a “correct”, “accept” etc and an X represents a “no”, wrong”, “return” (in the case of Playstation) and such, that is how they mark test papers and those are gestures they use to communicate (make a cross with their hands or arms to say no or a circle with the index and thumb to say A-okay (is that how it’s spelt?)).

    Also, whenever I saw HTC’s home button I was reminded of Playstation Home, so I don’t see the problem there :/ All 4 PS button might be fun and useful but Sony’s all about minimalism (as I understand it) The arrangement above looks a’ite.

    I hope Sony make their own optional customizations available for anyone interested though, maybe put some PS4 style XMB in there (on something other than Timescape) in the Play store or somethin’ ._.


  • crapifiknow

    …anything new? Feb 16th….BTW anyone else have to clear data and cache to get movie creator to work?

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    particular post left me speechless. It is one of the best pieces of writing I
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