If Sony closed its mobile business – which brand would you turn to?

by XB on 28th January 2015

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Smartphone-BrandsWe imagine that a lot of you come to this site as you either own a Sony Xperia device or are at least interested in keeping abreast with Sony’s plans. You may also be Sony fans waiting for the company to launch the next killer product.

However, recent reports have not made for easy reading including job cuts within Sony’s smartphone business, a change in strategy following huge losses and declining market share.

What we were intrigued to find out is that if, and that’s a big if, Sony stopped making smartphones, which company would you turn to for your next smartphone? If you are a current Sony Xperia owner, then is the likelihood that you would turn to another Android phone? Could Apple’s larger iPhone 6 models sway you? Or perhaps you would go for a Microsoft Lumia device given the interesting Windows 10 developments.

We have a poll below for you to make your choice, but we’d love to hear which brands you’d opt for in the comments below and your reasons why.

If Sony closed its mobile business - which brand would you turn to?

  • HTC One (24%, 1,910 Votes)
  • Apple iPhone (17%, 1,388 Votes)
  • Google Nexus (15%, 1,201 Votes)
  • Samsung Galaxy (10%, 827 Votes)
  • LG (8%, 668 Votes)
  • Microsoft Lumia (8%, 645 Votes)
  • Motorola / Lenovo (7%, 526 Votes)
  • Other (incl. Coolpad, Huawei, Micromax, TCL, Xiaomi, ZTE) (6%, 487 Votes)
  • OnePlus One (4%, 299 Votes)
  • BlackBerry (2%, 126 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,077

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  • ahomad hosin

    its shame if this happened. I have been a sony fan for years now. But they are bad at marketing, they are bad at updates, they are bad for making so many flagships. However their products are really good, they just need new strategy and probably new management. They shouldn’t quit this market and if they did, then its a matter of time before its game over for sony

  • Hani Aljundi

    So must I sell my Xperia Z2 immediately because Xperia phones prices will go down now ??

  • Guest


  • jazdawariaty

    My Z3 will perfectly serve me till 31.12.2015. One day after – Nokia. 01.01.2016 the independent day!

  • David Hvatov


  • Dan


  • Shaik Farooq

    they cant do that…i hope they release a flagship every year then like apple ….they cant manage mid range segment because they dont provide enough support for those phones in terms of software upgrades.but i hope they atleast keep the z series alive…

  • Shaik Farooq

    PLEASE give us Lollipop before you go!!!!!!!!!(z2,z3….all z series)

  • Tanmay Behera


  • David Chow

    perhaps next brand call VAIO !

  • fluxx

    I owned several Lumias before I switched to my current Sony Z2 and still miss the easiness of Windows Phone from time to time. So if Sony quits and Microsoft delivers with Windows 10 I might switch back.

    On the other side I really hope Sony gets back to business. I love their design and their approach with Android – not to change too much and keep flagship phones up to date. Most of the other manufacturers just don’t get it hardware wise.

  • herd

    iPhone? NO WAY! They got ugly as a donkey’s ass.
    Lumia? With M$? No Thanks.
    Nexus, moto? Sure, but mSD is a must.
    Samsung LG… Oh Please!
    New underdog htc is the one. Yep.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Easy.. The next best thing after sony = apple :-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    What the heck!? I’ve voted and got the error that I already done that. And I really haven’t. I just red this article.

  • roeshak

    Not sure what world you’re describing. Sony’s last flagship wasn’t current hardwarewise and they’re lagging behind others on software and have consistently done so for years.

  • mUstafa

    I’ll jump up to iPhone 6

  • roeshak

    I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, I just want to see the new CEO given a couple of years to improve things. He’s already made a few decent moves like talking about a shift towards customer retention and software support, ditching the insanely idiotic 6 month nonsense, and quite possibly pulling am under specced z4 to launch something more competitive later.
    All hope isn’t lost yet!

  • karamelakimo

    htc for sure or may be apple
    in fact i love both sony and htc but prefer sony more for sure :)
    but plz i wish that won’t happen to sony

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I think HTC easily follows closely behind Sony in great design. They have really shown the drive to turn around there failing business. The M7 and M8 were beautiful phones, software was great, only problem was the chappy 4MP camera, a problem that will most likely be solved in the M9. And if rumors of a better camera are true, then HTC should have a better looking flagship to capture attention.

    For me HTC is a no brainer switch if Sony fails, especially if HTC adds IP ratings to their flagship to have it that extra push. BUT, I’d truly miss the great in house apps Sony has, Walkman, Album, PlayMemories, all great apps. Plus the smaller things Sony has implemented that everyone overlooks such as noise cancelling, and a small attention to detail.

    I hope Sony doesn’t drop it’s mobile business, I hope they can get that same Walkman praise for their Xperia line. But if they refuse to change things up, to take risk, risk that have paid off for HTC, then it’s easy for me to move to HTC when they exit to mobile world.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Other: Vaio.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Unfortunately I agree. Sony has to potential for great software, just in their other branches of technology. It’s too bad they can’t get that same great software for their Xperia line.

  • drakellion

    Easy … The one with the best battery and hopefully quality materials and small size .
    So far Sony with the compact line is all i want in a smartphone .
    In that scenario ,Lg probably will be my next phone if there is a handset at the size of G2 or smaller .

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    You and me both. HTC really made me want Sony to release an all aluminum water resistant phone

  • Cipri Rengle

    Well, if that happens, I’d still be keeping my Z2. The main reason I like Sony is the Walkman app. No other brand has a music player like the Walkman. It has the best UI, effects and sound in the world of music players.

    If that would’ve happened, I’d turn to the Galaxy because I have a lot off purchased Android apps and it’s moddable. Another reason I’d pick this brand is because is a LOT cheaper than those apple scums.

  • wim den boer

    Motorola or oppo

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I will stay with the last xperia phone for years

  • f

    Just saw the HTC One M9 If Sony dont deliver with the Z4 then HTC M9 looks to be my potential next.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Weird, most people here hate Kaz for some reason… I mean the guys been in charge for a few years and he has turned the company back into profit. Sure he made some tough decisions doing so, a lot unpopular with the guys here (selling the Vaio line). I think Kaz is doing alright, he’s struggling, which is expected, to turn a failing company around, something you can’t expect him to do overnight. But then again, he needs to drive harder if he wants the Xperia Line to succeed. Getting the Z3 on the number 1 and 3 carriers in the US was smart. But he needs AT&T as well, plus a somewhat of a design overhaul for the Xperia line. A new, fresh design with the best software to really make it shine.

  • Silas Arentsen

    Oppo! Has good custom roms

  • I’ll be sad, very sad. I’ve been with Ericsson since about 1998/1999, then Sony Ericsson and now Sony. I haven’t switched brands since then.

    Lumia? Cortana sounds great! This would be a very, very tempting choice even if the device’s camera might not be amongst the best.
    Samsung? Ugh, that horrible interface that they put on their phones!!! But their cameras are nice…
    OnePlus One/Two? Their marketing and their (apparent) attitude make it extremely tempting.
    Edit: Apple? Not. A. Chance.
    HTC? I used to develop for HTC devices back when they were Windows Mobile devices. Maybe…

    Ultimately, what is the best flagship device with a *very* good camera besides Sony? I don’t know. *almost starts crying at the thought of Sony Mobile closing* :-(

  • roeshak

    Kaz is an idiot. They’re talking about selling off the mobile platform and you still want to sing his praises. What the hell???

  • Nander

    Tough question. I hope they never close their mobile branch, but if they did I would probably switch to Google Nexus devices or HTC with a clean Android version.

    Hope I never have to think about this..

  • Guest

    Asus – intel processor

  • goldenblls

    People need to calm down. Sony is just adapting to it’s business to market conditions. It happened under Sony Ericsson too. They will expand again when conditions require.

    The Z3 series has been very well received. Sony has also landed American carriers only recently, which is a foothold into a pretty large market.

    The Chinese market won’t go well for Sony Mobile because of Xaomi etc. LG increased shipments in China recently but STILL lost market share there.

    There’s life in the old dawg yet!

  • Shams Hamdulay

    Well i am a big fan of sony mobiles…….. Other than that i would for htc or motorola….. But i voted for htc

  • goldenblls

    I’d choose Google. I could never pick up a tatty Samsung phone, I hate their design language. HTC? I don’t like their UI.

  • I’d go with Nexus. I’m too invested in the Google Play ecosystem to jump ship to Apple or Windows, and I’d prefer to stick with a brand that provides as close to the stock Android experience as Sony does.

    I’d REALLY miss the Walkman app, though.

  • Guest

    Same @Nanderx:disqus, same.

  • Guest

    Same @Nanderx:disqus , same..

  • Dexter Moregan

    Oppo since it take best low-light photos

  • I feel the same way @Nanderx:disqus

  • shanefalco


  • none

    i’d keep my z3 for years to come and hopefully z4 phones no longer need to be upgraded phones from 2010 easily handles todays apps

    i’d keep my z3 or z4 untill well i don’t know i see no point in upgrading phones anymore if not for design

    even my z1 works perfectly fine for me i plan on persuing my own phone design though

  • A.o.D

    If sony actually shuts down its mobile business i’ll be really heart broken. My primary phone has always been a sony phone. From w550i, yari u100i, xperia pro to my current ZL i have always loved these devices and they are still working fine. I would surely get the z4 this time and if sony closes i would go for a htc as i have an htc amaze currently as a secondary phone and its feels and looks good. I always prefer looks before specs and htc has got both just like Sony.

  • JHMBB2

    I’d hate to say it, but I may go with Apple, solely for the photo capabilities.

  • jonyah

    I’d probably go back to HTC. The M9 looks like it’ll be a great phone, but I’ll have a hard time using anything that isn’t waterproof. I could do Samsung for that alone, but I can’t stand their cheaply made phones and bloated systems. With nearly all Sony stuff in the house now too, it’s just so nice to have that seemless integration with my other items.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Because his job is to turn Sony around, not just on aspect of the business. Sony doesn’t have enough money or support it use to have to be able to turn everything around. While I prefer the Xperia line to continue, if it keeps hemorrhaging money Sony will drop it. It’s hard to turn a company as bug as Sony back into profit, with all the different branches. Sony should focus more on their Xperia line, because the Playstation and Camera have all received great praise and attention. It’s the Xperia line that needs to be showcased more.

  • OneManLaptop

    HTC or Nexus. Samsung and their horrid Touchwiz skin would land at the bottom of the list. Come to think of it, I’d even consider a Windows phone, as whilst I work with Macs, I really like what MS are doing in mobile. Sony will be in the mobile space for a good long while yet though. Since they acquired Ericsson, everyone, absolutely everyone told them to shrink the number of phones they offered. It diminishes support, tarnishes the brand and stretched their marketing budget paper thin.

    I think they’ll put out the Z4, take 12 months and then we’ll see the beginning of a brand new range of Sony flagship phones, probably baring a new name and new design. They’ll then follow the Apple model of putting out one flagship phone, whilst using last years model as their cheaper offering.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Nexus, because Google

  • Jolla

    Jolla phone

  • DanielGearSolid

    looks nice

    industrial, manly !

  • Vuyo Ncube

    HTC (they’ve made waterproof flagship-level phones before and Ultrapixel died a satisfying death), Samsung (Exynos 7420 is looking good and Touchwiz will be bearable on the GS6 or GN5…hopefully), Asus (when Intel releases a Cherry Trail successor with a 7th Gen IMG GPU and better ISP) or Oneplus (without the stupid invite system).

    Motorola has sucky battery life and sub-par OLED displays, Lumia needs a little more functionality over time, iPhones are horribly fragile and also suck in battery life, LG G phones also fragile, Huawei uses badly optimised SoCs, Xiaomi wouldn’t offer me anything special hardware-wise and it’ll be overpriced if released globally.

    Hopefully, Sony sticks to its promises and trims its lineup. They can take the market by the balls in small steps.

    For example (besides the E4), they should assert their camera hardware dominance by hopping over 13MP phones with a cheap enough 16MP IMX230 midranger with SD610 (SD615 overheating rumours still linger) showcasing Sony’s version of Lollipop.

    Throughout the year, bring all the Z phones to Lollipop BEFORE THE Z5 and surprise us with Lollipop on an older midranger (LOL maybe the SP) to bait more budget consumers.

    Then the Z4 (Z5?) should be solid enough to take on the Galaxy Note 5 (dedicated audio chip, well refined IPS-NEO display with quantum dots [advertise the quantum dots part especially as not many TVs have that but Xperias already did], mature camera software with 21MP IMX230, split FHD and QHD variants to save money in developing markets, make the UI just as functional as the Note’s but less bloated).

    And a tablet by the end of the year that’ll beat the next iPad. Not in processing power obviously but in price, multimedia capability, audio quality, compactness, battery life and durability.

    And openly advertise that thinness is STUPID and every new Xperia gets huge batteries.

  • raju

    Sony plz win all mobiles

  • JohnThackr

    For me, I’m interested in Sony because it’s the only manufacturer with a “compact” size (which used to be the old standard) with flagship specs. (Outside of Apple with the regular iPhone 6 now.) There would be a good chance that I’d move to whichever manufacturer would fill that void.

  • DBS

    iPigeon One Z.

    I hope Sony isn’t stupid enough to do that. But if they do, I hope they only do it in 2016. So that by then NOKIA can return and I can switch back to Nokia from where I came.

    From all the brand currently on the market I would only give a chance to two of them: LG and Motorola. BUT:

    1 – LG would have to release a Compact line. All their flagships are way too big for my taste.
    2 – Motorola would have to actually exist in Europe. Which they don’t.

    So I’m out of options. If Sony is out and Nokia hasn’t returned by then, I’ll just keep what I have as long as possible. And after that…well, maybe a Jolla. We’ll see. But Apple and Microsoft Mobile are completely out of the question. And Samsung would need to vastly improve its hardware and get completely rid of TouchWiz.

  • raju

    Come back with Ericsson

  • JohnZn_1989

    I will stay with the last Xperia™ device for years ’till Nokia is allowed to produce Android-Products again and release a android Flagship. I love Sony and there’s no other brand which can give me all the stuff that Sony gives!

  • Samir

    There should be option of none as well

  • theskig

    I will buy 3 or 4 Z3’s. They will last me for about 10 years :)

  • jokensy

    I will never buy another phone again. I will continue using my Z2 until I die!

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    If google made waterproof phones I would buy them. But since they don’t I would own a Samsung. Everything I own is Sony. Stereo, Tv, speakers, watch, laptop, handset, Mirrorless camera.

  • roeshak

    Well the TV business isn’t doing well either and Sony is above all known for its TV business. There too there has been a failure to recognise and adapt to the changing market conditions. I bought a Sony TV in 2013 but was very tempted by another Samsung model because it was 3d also and had a lot more apps loaded on it. It was only 20 bucks more than the Sony. It had 4hdmi ports while my Sony had only 2. I bought the Sony because the x reality pro engine produced better image quality and it had a slightly faster processor under the hood but most consumers don’t think like that. They’ll see the Samsung television as offering more bang for their buck and choose that.
    The playstation 4 has been successful because and only because Microsoft dropped the ball with the x box opting for 720p output as opposed to the 1080p ps4.
    On the camera side is where they stand above most of their rivals technically.
    My point is the TV and mobile business are struggling because of the same thing. A failure on Sony’s part to recognise and respond to realities on the ground.

  • P9

    such a sad story T.T
    NO! no way, can’t be happened ever.

    no any company can make Sony’s feel, no one understand it unless they’re Sony fan.
    u haven’t try all the way yet, y can’t even go more..

    PLS, PLS.

  • Meyonar

    Few time ago I would say i buy many Z3 and keep it for everytime, but with all problem i have in this time with sony product i say now FUCK YOU SONY YOU’RE BITCHIES !!!

    Excuse me but someone want to correct my post, it Will be nice, I’m french, thx you

  • Marno

    None of these, but maybe one “Sharp Aquos”:


  • Mohammad Shahroz

    true no any other company can make sony’s feel i hope it doesn’t happen :/

  • Mohammad Shahroz

    Me too :P

  • Martin

    I guess you haven’t heard the new sales figures for Q4 listing Sony phones as less than one percent of new activations. Behind even the freakin amazon fire. Sony only beat Blackberry. I think there is reason to worry, believe me I’ve been a Sony fan since the 80’s and didn’t want them to give up on VAIO but they did. Times are scary for Sony.

  • Nuno

    I really hope Sony Mobile overcomes its difficulties as they are a premium phone manufacturer. I have been a loyal user since the beginning and value the efforts that Sony makes to maintain its premium quality. I definitely believe that Sony will not drop its mobile division as this is a growing trend and the future is moving more and more towards the mobile business. Sony already overcame some big issues like software updates and device release times now if they can get the advertising factor resolved i believe they will succeed in the future. Samsung and Apple do it, Sony needs to do ut as well.

  • Todimu

    Good point, bro

  • W. Jurewicz

    I’d turn to the next company that makes a flagship waterproof phone

  • Rahul Kate

    Will by as many Sony handsets as possible, so I can use them for few years to follow… Can’t imagine world without Sony….

  • Martin

    I will probably buy whatever the last iteration Sony puts out and keep that phone as long as it stays alive.

    If Sony does something stupid like that it will be spelling the official end of Sony as Consumer Electronics company. Mobile and Tablets are the it thing of the present and near future. Vaio is already gone and their TV’s might be next… what do they have left after that? They will be like Sega and turn make smaller components for the big guns. Sad.

  • I just didn’t think a second. It’ll definitely be HTC One.

  • raju

    Need Portrait Retouch app for z1 compact

  • Milo Egalo

    I’d Stick zu my z3 till nothing goes anymore

  • Gitarooman

    Probably only nexus devices if Sony is gone. Whoever make those

  • Sami Mrabet

    Other, Asus or project ara / phonebloks. I’m still planning to go for an ara when it releases tho

  • roeshak

    Just saying the truth Bro. Where they’re struggling is where they have competition which they’ve hitherto largely ignored in favour of doing their own thing. They’re successful only in the areas where they have no real competition. They need to wake up and face the world as it is today rather than acting like they’re still the giants of yesteryear!

  • SinaKing

    I believe in 3 Company in the world :

    1. Sony
    2. HTC
    3. Apple

    And Nothing More !
    So, if sony shutdown it’s mobile division ,
    I’ll be back to HTC .

  • MarkG54321

    Ironically, all Sony needed to do, is release products with stock android and unlockable boot loaders, with their usual great hardware, and instantly win millions of fans.. Sadly Sony’s problems are they same as they have always been. Rubbish software.
    Sony change things just for the sake of it. My xperia z3c tablet has loads of useless functionality (different progress bars for example) and chock full of duplicate apps..

  • MarkG54321

    US only data. Irevellant in the global market.

  • Prasad Daki

    Can’t think of any phone other than Sony…Sony is the best….being a Sony fan for years I can’t stop using it…I admit the condition is a bit bad but no one can forget that Sony is a beast in electronics…years ago no company had the potential to match that of Sony…and today too Sony offers “The Quality”…No challenge to its Walkman, it’s camera, it’s apps and it’s way above all…I would just say Sony, it’s time to show your real potential to the technology world….!!!! All the best Sony!!!

  • xperia

    Apple… beause sony is iphone with android. Fuck samsung.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree, Sony hasn’t just stagnated over the years but they no longer innovate like they have done before. Even with the new tech crazes Sony pursues them, but they are still behind, not leading the pack. Such as their Smartglassess, great idea behind it, very ambitious but it can’t compete with Google Glass. And at the same same time they should be focusing on the dying brand they have. Sony has potential, but they always screw something up with it.

    Each department at Sony does a really good job at something, and fails at something else. Like you said about the TVs, great display, horrible hardware. Cameras take great pics and videos but suffer from, “that one thing. If they fixed that one thing it would be perfect”, plus the huge competition. Walkman line, great audio capabilities, problem? The Walkman line being a standalone device, I get why audiophiles need it to be standalone, but if that’s same tech could be applied to their smartphones I don’t see why they can’t fuse the two. Then there is their Xperia line. Great design, great build, overall great hardware dumbed down by horrible, horrible software that doesn’t take full advantage of the hardware capabilities, a design that’s not as innovative or refreshed as the competition, missing key features other OEMs have implemented way before.

    Thing is, I get Kaz’s idea to keep the One Sony idea going. Because it makes sense, it’s worked for Samsung, really the only company as big and diverse as Sony. So why not Sony?! Sony is big, and it’s good, but it’s branches are all fragmented, if they truly got the best of their TVs, Playstations, Walkman and camera and put it into their Xperia line they would have a phenomenal device.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I really don’t think that this will happen but skipping MWC is a stupid idea, they should simply release Z4/Z4 mini then IFA Z4U with upgraded specs. Not like Sammy does but in a better way. And they really need to team up with Google to release the next nexus device. It’s the key to success.

  • Adair Rios

    I would prefer an HTC One if Sony stops making smartphones, their design is pretty good and the sound is awesome, the only thing that stopped me from purchasing one is that it lacks the IP Certification of the Xperia phones. I was waiting for the Z4 to make a decision on my next smartphone, but the M9 looks promising as well.

  • Niels d. G.

    I have no idea but high-end specs + waterproofing is something I wouldn’t want to miss anymore. Samsung dropped waterproofing with the S6. Boo Samsung.

  • mUSICA

    if sony is gone…it would be hard.. but i would choose any of the 3 ,HTC, LG or Nexus

  • Timel

    I hopefully Nokia will buy the Sony’s Xperia Division or Sony should partner with Nokia to create new mobile company

  • Timel

    Nexus or iPhone

  • Christian Kogler

    For me, this would be a great problem. I want a physical camera shutter button, a waterproof housing and great battery lifetime. I think I would turn towards the Microsoft Lumias, they have not waterproofing but at least they have a great OS.

  • roeshak

    But they came very close to that with the z2. Let’s not forget that the z2 was better than all its rivals. It had the best lcd panel ever produced which is why Verizon chose it instead of the cold business of the z3. The camera hardware is also the best outside of the Nokia range. The auto software is poor but that says very little about the camera. Only very lazy users make it a big issue. It had the best processing package for that time, it had great audio and introduced noise cancellation which was widely praised.
    What fucked up the z2? Delays in getting it to market and then the announcement of the pointless z3 which in my opinion was a downgrade in the display and camera dept. Again not surprised Verizon opted for the z2s display and camera.
    One Sony was heading in the right direction with the z2 until idiotic strategic decisions threw them off track.
    Apple have just announced the biggest profits of any company in history. I always used to say that Steve jobs was holding them back to which apple diehards responded with fury.
    Since he past away, they’ve made strides to make the iPhone more current in software and hardware and are now reaping the vast rewards. He famously proclaimed that nobody wants a big phone yet the iPhone 6 sold 10 million units in just one shopping mall in China alone and in just one weekend. Staggering stuff indeed!
    Sometimes all that’s needed is the humility to accept the reality of the market and respond to it. Doing things your own way will only get you so far and only for so long. This is Sony’s main problem. Not capability!
    The new CEO of Sony mobile i believe is making the right noises and I desperately hope he’s given some time to work things out.
    There’s much life left in Sony mobile, they just needed to get rid of the idiot who was at the helm of it before. Sony Corp in general could do with new leadership.
    Strategic thinking is the main problem here. Nothing els. Everything revolves around it. That’s both hardware and software development. It’s the idiotic strategy of releasing too many devices in close succession with barely distinguishable features that prevents the sort of consolidation and concentration that would deliver the sort of hardware and software we want to see.

  • Nikola

    i allready turned from sony ericsson to samsung(nexus then s3 neo).Thill that all previus was semc phones.

  • Raj Singh

    I’d be super choked. I don’t really like any other phone designs out right now. I already have a Lumia 1520, which is cool for Windows. I have BlackBerry products for BB10. I have iPhones for iOS but I only like Sony for Android. I probably go with the Nexus 6 or a Motorola. Brutal.

    I’m pissed about this brand being broken apart and rundown. Sony’s management and executive needs to be replaced ASAP.

  • azhy

    If sony wants to win the market like apple they need to do these things :
    1- apple have a different thing from android and its just because of their OS , sony should do a different thing like producing playstation OS on their mobiles and you can buy playstation games only with their store so that sony gains all the gamers If they had playstation too because mobile is more compact and you can play anywhere and the mobile business will increase like hell and their new store for games will make sony rich and people will buy playstation too with that cause you cant do everything with your mobile like you do with playstation or atleast make playstation 3 on mobile and just sell play 4 and they can make things to get right like you can buy xperia z4 like its normal price and there should be another model like xperia z4 playstation that should be expensive so that some people can buy just the phone or some people like extra games and can pay
    2- we wait for a flagship and we are afraid if we dont like the new design or ram or processor or everything we want . Sony should be different and gain the markets believe me googles project is so ugly because it will never
    Be a phone with those parts . Sony should make mobiles to be more personal unlike those huge number of useless mobiles like c,m,t lines or even z . They should make their preorder from now and you can choose what you like for example there should be one mobile you could choose what it should be look like or can do ,like I dont use so much ram so I just need 2gb and I use storage so much so I will choose 128gb and I dont want full hd I like hd but with xperia z3 design so you could choose desgin too . They should make everything personal from chosing the designs to a single thing which is the speakers .
    If sony does those 2 thing i a year you will see sony win over apple too not just android market .

  • Nawi

    HTC (good design and materials, front speakers stereo, nice interface. It’s the closest thing to Sony), but in Latin America is not present =( .Same for Google Nexus, Iphone, One Plus One and Others
    Importing is not an option

    So… I have no option =(

  • Sadman Khan

    Well if Sony’s going, i’ll buy their last flagship and never part with it. And i love my Z3c. It’s perfect in every way

  • Slave 4 Sony

    I don’t understand why Apple and Google can effectively run their whole company by without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony did and One of the big problem about Sony/Kazuo Hirai was that he built a corporate structure at. Sony that didn’t allow for enough collaboration. Divisions were just that divisions and he couldn’t see the value of allowing them to work together more efficiently and creatively, that’s why OneSony plan will never truly happen or hard to happen. so Sony needs to change their old vision and their old tradition, seriously and quickly!

    I think these Sony tech/IT subsidiaries including Sony Mobile, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Visual Products, Sony Creative Software, Sony Network Entertainmentand they’re all supposed to merge into Sony Corpration, a devices and services company.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree, the Z2 was one of the best phones out in 2014. Honestly, if the Z2 was in the Z3 body it would’ve been much better. These 6 month cycles are killing their Xperia line, and if the rumors are true, would be great if they drop it this year. I have the Z3 and Z3 Compact, and they are both great devices, I wish more people know about them. Sony had done a good job by offering them on two of the major US carriers. But letting Verizon have free reign on the design is bullshit.

    What really makes the Z3 and Z3 Compact shine is their design and battery life. But in there lies the problem, the Z2 was a great flagship, as is the Z3, both phones have incremental but much needed upgrades over their predecessor, but nothing mind blowing.

    The camera in the Z3 is great, wider lens, better low light performance. But no OIS, not dual flash, or Xenon flash for that matter. And to top it off it has that same crappy software that hurts all Xperia devices. Do I think it makes the Z2 and Z3 cameras the worst? Hell no. Almost all sites and reviews praise the cameras, except for that one thing, software. They are definitely top tier, but software hurts them a lot.

    Kaz is doing the right steps, but what most don’t realize is that he needs to return Sony as a whole, not Sony Mobile specifically. While we hope the Xperia line survives the cut, if Kaz and Sony believes it needs to be dropped to survive it will. If the Xperia line drops, I have no trouble jumping to HTC. They are taking the right steps, I’ll miss the proprietary Xperia apps, and the cool accessories, but HTC is headed in the right direction with their mobile phones, which is more than what can be said for Sony.

  • tong_its

    totally with you. still using this old sony ericsson charger for my z3 tablet compact for two reasons. 1 – the new ones don’t look half as good, and 2 – i miss the SE, and GreenHeart, logos.

  • sonyguyforlife

    It’s a sensitive issue for me lol, but seriously. I’ve been using Sony phones since 06′ with my first Sony Ericsson which was The K790a. An amazing camera for a mobile phone back in the day and it had xenon flash! I was a big fan of the candy bar models. I even had the X1 with the panels. I remember hating the windows software but the build quality was superb, slide out keyboard and all. I’ve owned many other models (X10, S, etc) and still have them locked up in my office. I’m currently with my Xperia Z1 and have been waiting on the Z4 announcement. I’ve already had to deal with VAIO going down. Same story as well, my last 4 computers over the last decade were VAIO. Don’t ever leave me SONY! Please! A true Sony fan forever!

  • Wolf0491

    I’ve gotten so use to the waterproof features I’d be screwed. All the other manufacturers waterproof phones are ugly as sin. And I sit my phone down on counters without looking a lot. Be surprised how many times I picked phone up notice it was in a puddle… Lol
    If LG or HTC went waterproof maybe I could survive.

  • Fan of Xperia device

    Yeap, I’ll also chose HTC if Sony closed its mobile division. After that motorola, they’re making great hardware and software with their X series, too mad their battery life and camera sucks though. If moto fix their battery life and camera it will be tough decision for me. But for now If Xperia really die i’ll chose HTC.

  • kaostheory

    Fortunately the phones are pretty powerful, might stock up on their last iteration (2 or 3) and buy a tablet. Nokia what are they up to? Eventually might have to switch to Windows if I could load old desktop games on my phone (Doom 3!)

  • roeshak

    HTC have never been good on the camera front and that goes back before the ultra pixels 4mp joker.
    I also have to disagree with you on the camera of the z3. Constantly increasing the angle of the lens without significantly upping the hardware is not a good idea. You’re in essence asking the camera to do more work with the same tools. This is why the z2s camera performs more consistently especially at focusing in low light. For me, such small sensors should by and large operate at lower iso. 800 max. OIS and xenon flash as you mentioned would be great additions.
    12800 iso is crazy for such small sensors. All that does is produce alien looking photos. Focusing is where they need to improve and OIS would help there.
    Smartphones have become the flagship electronic device and Sony would be making a grave error pulling out of it. Apple have just announced a 12bn dollar profit in the last three months of 2014 primarily due to the runaway success of the iPhone 6 and its larger cousin. All of which due to a 70% increase in sales in China. They’re sselling more units in a single weekend than Sony sells in a year.
    We’re talking about a device that’s much technically inferior to the z2 here. Agreed they have a globally recognised iconic brand but with the iPhone 6, they delivered a viable device and are reaping the vast rewards.
    Sony’s in the opposite position. It doesn’t have the brand recognition so it needs a stand out device which the z3 was most certainly not. In other words they replaced the z2 which actually stood out with one that didn’t. Timing is critical here And for its time, the z3 was lame! Sony should aim to be ahead of the pack and not behind it.
    They can do it, this we know. They just need to decide to do it and consolidate their efforts into delivering it.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Looks like a Lumia, HTC hybrid. Still pretty good, don’t know if it fits in with the Omnibalance idea. Corners looks sharp which could hurt the in hand feel. I also feel Sony wouldn’t expose the speakers as much. Still a refreshing design, which is more than Sony can say

  • sambuka

    Sony has been pruducing very competitive solid products. Whst they neef is replace marketing guys and the president. Why t mobile and sprint srevthe only comanies carring xperia even in 214!???

  • kaostheory

    Software is what sells, look at iPhone, crappy hardware always behind but great software. Sony should have had remote play long ago and now should be offering PS2/Vita games via a dedicated chip.

  • Fan of Xperia device

    Excellent comment. +1

  • Faisal Alqarni

    I hope this news is not true. Because Sony Company ancient history and Sony will find more than one solution to any problem encountered.

  • Luxsaan06

    Keep my Sony Xperia Z3 until it dies and thn buy another Z3 and keep using that. If Sony releases the Z4 I’ll just buy that and keep that.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sony just announced a partnership with Spotify, killing off their Music Unlimited business. And their new TV at CES run android. I think Sony is at that point where they are becoming more hardware, and leaving the software for someone better. The Z3 does have a better camera than the Z2, it’s just the creepy software that holds it back. The Z2 and Z3 were a mistake. With the Z1 being released so early and following it up with two more flagships hurt Sony. Even then between theZ1, Z2 and Z3 their wasn’t a whole lot of innovation. HTC does have chappy cameras but the M9 aims to change that. But unlike Sony they have changed their flagships for the better. Between the Z1, Z2 and Z3 there wasn’t a whole lot of “wow”, HTC suffered from a chappy camera but the improved design and software gained more sales than Sony has with the Z1, Z2 or Z3

  • ?? ??

    I will go for VAIO smartphone

  • Danny

    If in fact Sony Mobile does go under, I hope they would sell the Xperia brands like the Vaio PC brands. So Xperia can continue to exist, even if not under Sony. Like
    To another Japanese firms and probably they would be more likely to take risks in marketing, innovations, PR, things that Sony never did with Xperias.

  • Guest

    What do you think of Motorola?
    I’m pretty much on the same page as you for the others.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I’d buy the latest available Sony flagship and use it for 8 friggin years. :D Then start my own company based on Sony’s ethics and craftsmanship and use those devices. B|


    Great idea wow!!!!!!!!!!! wonder why company like Sony can’t think like you Sony is stupid or something? If sony did like you said five ago I can’t imagine how big Sony is now but sony never realised until this day.

    Whatever I think it’s too late because now Apple app store is very very strong, of course, for Sony it’s to catch Apple’s success but beginning is better than do nothing!

  • Husam

    I can tell you for sure what i will never switch to, and that’s Samsung and apple…
    If, god forbid, sony killed it’s mobile division, i might consider Lumia for its camera capabilities, or 1+ for its overall experience and software…

  • Mac

    Wow, hold on now. Plz tell me this is not going to be the end of yet another great brand..
    I was sad to see Sony leave Ericsson bbut man, I don’t want to think of another phone brand.
    I got ma Playstation, ma bravia and my Z1C. C’mon just try to save the devices from bugs and give them the support they all deserve.
    We don’t want to see you leave the game, just don’t make me have to choose a brand I don’t like..

  • RealityCheck2015

    Samsung i guess but only if they change the horrible look of their Galaxy phones(i.e G 2 was a nice looking phone) I hope SONY don’t stop making Smart Phones(& TV’s) :(

  • lyallbaynz

    Having gone from Iphone to Samsung and now very happy with Sony (Z Tablet Z1/2) it would be a very tall order to move to someone else as hate over the top add on’s that alot of rhe others seem to put on Android, think would only be Nexus for me. ….. but Sony is going to come back from this current trouble time (staying positive)

  • mahdi

    None?just sony!

  • azhy

    Thanks so much for your support .If sony could give me the mangement for 2 years their business will rise and break the company’s record , I have so many I deas maybe in future I will make my own company I have money but not enough .

  • Rodney

    IF this happened – I would be a happy Windows Phone/Windows 10 user.

  • name

    You guys @xperia blog, what will you do ?

  • azhy

    If sony wants to win the market like apple they need to do these things :
    1- apple have a different thing from android and its just because of their OS , sony should do a different thing like producing playstation OS on their mobiles and you can buy playstation games only with their store so that sony gains all the gamers If they had playstation too because mobile is more compact and you can play anywhere and the mobile business will increase like hell and their new store for games will make sony rich and people will buy playstation too with that cause you cant do everything with your mobile like you do with playstation or atleast make playstation 3 on mobile and just sell play 4 and they can make things to get right like you can buy xperia z4 like its normal price and there should be another model like xperia z4 playstation that should be expensive so that some people can buy just the phone or some people like extra games and can pay
    2- we wait for a flagship and we are afraid if we dont like the new design or ram or processor or everything we want . Sony should be different and gain the markets believe me googles project is so ugly because it will never
    Be a phone with those parts . Sony should make mobiles to be more personal unlike those huge number of useless mobiles like c,m,t lines or even z . They should make their preorder from now and you can choose what you like for example there should be one mobile you could choose what it should be look like or can do ,like I dont use so much ram so I just need 2gb and I use storage so much so I will choose 128gb and I dont want full hd I like hd but with xperia z3 design so you could choose desgin too . They should make everything personal from chosing the designs to a single thing which is the speakers .
    If sony does those 2 thing in a year you will see sony win over apple too not just android market .

  • Guest

    I really like my Z2, however, I think the display could have been better, the camera could have been better and the communication in particular Bluetooth and WiFi could have been better. It also does not help that Sony’s customer service could be greatly improved. For a company live Sony to have issues with their display and camera on a flagship cell phone is unforgivable.
    As much as I would hate to, if I were to move to another brand I’m afraid it would be the iPhone. I will wait for the Z4 and see if it’s worth my buying and maybe during that time there will be some definitive plan as to where Sony Mobile is heading. I wish them all the best but they literally dug their own grave and when you ignore the US market, this is what happens.

  • Jon

    Sony + Nokia = Sony Nokia Phone

    Nokia camera / hardware
    Sony Design


  • Guest

    Personally, I do not believe HTC mobile is in a better position than Sony mobile financially. For that reason I will not buy a HTC mobile phone.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Currently they are not. But HTC, unlike Sony is heading in the right direction

  • A.o.D

    That was a survey with just 500 people in US. Global data will vary. Get ready for feb 04 when sony will release its Q3 results. That will give us j better idea of sony’s future

  • wumps13

    Btw I think they are dead Americans buy iPhone European Samsung, Chinese buy Chinese brand and in Japan there is a lot of competition.

  • A.o.D

    Wow! I respect that..

  • Raphael

    No, Xperia won’t disappear thanks to Mr. Totoki and Xperia Z4 will be my next smartphone.

  • Wikison

    I’m an Z3 Compact user because I’m not into big phones. So I guess it would depend on who launches 4.7″ screen phone with near top of the line specs…


    Great idea wow!!!!!!!!!!! wonder why company like Sony can’t think like you Sony is stupid or something? If sony did like you said five year ago I can’t imagine how big Sony is now but sony never realised until this day.

    Whatever I think it’s too late because now Apple app store is very very strong, of course, for Sony it’s pretty hard to catch an Apple’s success but beginning is better than do nothing!

  • wumps13

    They have no choice smartphone and 99 % of their business.

  • Mr. Dartford

    I’m imagining about the magnificent android smartphone which comes with a great UI and an awesome camera. Oh lord! this phone will make my life complete.

  • Florescu George C?t?lin

    Nokia 1100!

  • Jecht_Sin

    Sony will never close the mobile division. The worst it may happen is that Sony will sell it. So it would depend on who will buy the xperia line. For sure I’ll never switch back to that samsung junk

  • XMG

    Any brand that isn’t Samsung.

  • No Shamsung Ever!!!

    I already utilse both iOS and Android, so I’ll stick with Apple, and for Android I’ll switch to HTC or Asus. I’d rather use carrier pidgeons than own any Shamsung crap!

  • Alan Winston

    Why doesn’t the survey have “Whatever company buys the Xperia line”?



  • herd

    If it has sd slot yes, but not for high end. On the mid-low end front I don’t think there’s a better alternative than moto if you can get one. (I don’t like amoled which N6, X and other high end motos use and also screen with 6+” diagonal is a definite no for me.)

  • gtop

    And yet nobody has so far been able to make any significant money out of releasing phones with just stock Android. The GPE line has now vanished, Google’s own Nexus phones sell in trivial amounts, Motorola is hardly doing any better on its razor-thin margins.

    So no, evidence from the market does not support your theory. Meanwhile, Apple makes $16 billion profit in *one quarter* … laughing all the way to the bank.

  • gtop

    And yet nobody has so far been able to make any significant money out of releasing phones with just stock Android. The GPE line has now vanished, Google’s own Nexus phones sell in trivial amounts, Motorola is hardly doing any better on its razor-thin margins.

    So no, evidence from the market does not support your theory. Meanwhile, Apple makes $16 billion profit in *one quarter* … laughing all the way to the bank.

  • paul_cus

    Let’s not talk this way.

  • Agree, I would be very sad, because they’re the only android phone vendor that makes nice hardware with a good camera and a *camera button*. Also, their skinning of Android is also quite moderate and not ugly like Samsung’s or LG’s

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sony’s xperia line is failing, and fast. They should have that same drive that HTC has. Sony is many things but their mobile business should be fought and saved just as hard as anything else. Sony holds a small, but good amount of the mobile market.

  • Stanley08

    I didn’t know ‘HTC One’ was a brand already. xD

  • thoughts

    no it is talk of the fool.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Whether they close or not, I’ve already made up my mind about my next phone, and it will be any brand but Sony, and now whenever someone asks me about Sony I tell them not to buy it after I was a big fan for them.

  • goldenblls

    Sony + Nexus. Bliss!

  • goldenblls


  • Jeff Martinez

    Hopefully this doesn’t happen but if it were to I would like to think sony wouldn’t hold no punches when it comes to making the Z4, which is my next phone from my Z1 Compact.

  • Ricardo Ca

    The plan was keep changing for the biggest phone to biggest phone from sony. Z ultra -> Z4 ultra etc. Maybe Nexus 6.

  • Jayson Hull

    I am extremely upset with the idea that Sony Mobile could go down. I don’t appreciate the design nor the innovations of any other manufacturer the way i appreciate Sony. I own a vaio Laptop and I am upset they they no longer make them. I’ve not been able to buy a new laptop since. No other brand excites me. Sony’s design, durability, customer support, innovations, functional and efficient software is uncompared. I don’t know what I would do if the Xperia Line dies!

  • jy

    I have no idea

  • asd

    I will go to apple for ios and asus or xiaomi for android

  • Tommy

    There’s no reason to close it they just have to streamline and make it more efficient.
    For each version of Android more is included in the core from Google and less is required by the manufacturers.

    Just tie it closer to the PlayStation and other Sony devices. Put infrared in it so it can become a remote for all sony devices. And start porting older PlayStation games (original Playstation, Playstation 2) to the Xperia exclusively, mobile got the power.

    And make one model serious about photography with great sony optics and apps for the photographer. It could be big as a pocket camera.

    Right now Xperia is a great android device but it has near zero wow factor of features that only it has and Sony has a great ecosystem of products to pick from.

  • Silverwagon

    Its a utter shame to see Xperia does go under. I have been a huge Sony fan since a kid and my very first mobile phone was a Sony feature phone, and apart from HTC desire, all of my smart phone are SE / Sony.

    If Sony stops making Xperia, I would proper switch to Google Project Ara (hope we could get Sony camera module then), or parallel import Japanese smartphone (but it would a pain in the backside to get updates outside Japan). HTC or Motorola may also by considered. Or iPhone maybe?

  • Nokia + Sony wow that would be legendary :D

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    Fujitsu or Sharp for me. ;)

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Me? I’ll back to my sony ericsson k850. Yes that thing still alive. Seriously, after all these years.. Too many memories with sony mobiles, I think I just can’t change with other brands easily.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    And I will miss u too, Xperia blog! :-(

    Let’s hope that won’t happen..

  • Purnama

    if Sony closed its mobile business,
    i’ll keep using my Xperia P until it break, then switch to Xiaomi, since HTC is hard to get in here..

  • jag

    hmm… tough decision to make. Can’t think of any brand to replace my xperia. I’ll think about it when the day comes. But for now, I’ll stick with my Xperia. ^^

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    I’ve change from Sony to HTC. I’m greatly satisfy with my HTC One M8.. and even now I am enjoying Android Lollipop on my One M8.. Beautiful design, great software and hardware. HTC is the only manufacturer can replace my Xperia phone.

  • Rafa Soto

    Its their fault for failing to innovate even in design (which is lamest, as hardware wise they didn’t innovated they just fixed fuck ups) for 2 straight years. Even high end Z3 is by 2015 standards horrible, MILE LONG bezels. This is the first decent all around Z series phone (about time now)
    Owned the white xperia S (last great design xperia on my opinion) and it looked amazing even now. Because of just one bezel being white and the translucent strip, it looked like the sharp AQUOS when the screen was off which by 2012 was AMAZING.

  • well I don’t see that mile long bezel part :/ if there’s a phone that has a ridiculous bezel problem, that’s iPhone :| I love Sony’s monolithic design it’s just so simple, hhmmm.. if there’s one gripe.. they should get rid of those flaps though they’re quite annoying

  • well sharp isn’t available in my country :| so I might grab a Xiaomi if ever it happens (well hopefully not), their MiNote is quite something :)

  • abbey

    It’z not gonna happen so easily but if it does I’ll go back to Nokia 1100. & still use a Xperia for anything more than calling

  • vigneshprince

    yeah my Idea too!

  • vigneshprince

    nice thought, but you cant!
    I have my Xz2, if sony drops mobile market, then i would go with the last xperia mobile for as many years i need.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The software really let’s the hardware side down. Sony’s camera being the main example, excellent hardware, used by other OEMs, but a failed software that keeps dropping the ball.

  • Sridhar

    Damn. All my 8 sony phones bought before have lasted more than 3 years. So no worries for me till 2018. Anyways by then Sony would be back :)

  • ????????????

    ofc.. Sony PlayStation (phone) Z :)

  • ansari jassim

    I am using sony phones for years.
    If they really want to shut it down, i advice them to keep manufacturing a single flagship phone every year just like Apple for your die hard fans like me.
    In this way they can cut on cost and even can earn profit.

  • Mazin Hanna

    This was expected and I have already switched from Z2 to Galaxy Note 4, anyway, even if Note 4 wasn’t released I was planning to switch to Note 3 as I had before Note 2. Screen wise, let us be honest, nothing compared to Samsung, however, we will miss the nice decign from Sony as well as the water proof.

  • it’s my own brand it’s not a sony phone i call it zirconia or project symetium

  • DStyle

    Why no Sharp or Fujitsu? For me, if there is no Xperia, I’ll either buy those two brands.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like though, great idea. Got anything more Z3 feel with a touch of aluminum?

  • alex

    Can’t imagine using another brand. Being using sony from the days of sony Ericsson K500i or older even. Had htc windows phone and htc android phones as backup phones before so they are the best of the worst if sony Xperia is no more.

  • Andrea

    Sony if closes the mobile division is because the marketing has failed, because the phone are excellent and above almost all mobile competition that sell more.

  • Mutlu

    It will be very sad if they go out of mobile phone business. But my second choice is definitely xiaomi…

  • so maybe this?

  • Kunal Shukla

    seriously this thought never crossed my mind that i will have to get a phone from other brand. My 8 years with sony have been phenomenal. I just want them to consolidate on their mobile division and work on quality and software rather than releasing numerous models. Just one model in each category that outshines other in one way or the other.

  • bob

    Either a nexues or htc

  • Marcos De La Fuente Sánchez

    We can’t let that happen!

  • shubham

    darn! i was going through comments and stopped right in mid way! i certainly wish that people from Sony come and go through the comments.. maybe, they’ll get that motivation to go with mobile business! c’mon it has made me emotional.. such fan following and still no official comment from CEO about the rumors going on about the division.. why can’t they learn from Motorola? it was down.. bought by Google.. and now it’s almost back in the game! Sony should for once leave that premium price and see what happens! people will go nuts.. why wouldn’t they buy a phone that offers great hardware at reasonable price? it’s a great strategy to get attention and volumes! i can give several examples.. i know they won’t match sony’s standards nut still did pretty good job making numbers.. oneplus,xiaomi,moto etc.
    i’m really not asking for such low prices but at least not exorbitant.

  • Steve

    The problem is we ( xperia user) know what sony xperia or other sony products are but stupid people don’t and world is full of stupid people… So sony suffers :-(

  • xperiafan324

    Let’s just pray that it doesn’t come to that. Because regardless of all the criticism hurled at Xperia. It’s quite simply the most well-rounded flagship devices on the market, gorgeous in form and fluid in function. Sony ‘gets’ it. They know what works much better than any other phonemaker.

    But to answer the article’s query, I’d probably go with Oppo with CyanogenMod.

  • I’d switch to OnePlus in a heartbeat

  • The GodFather

    Well it is as simple as it is for me … I’ve been using mobile phones since 1998 and the great phones then was Ericsson ( Sony Ericsson), Alcatel, Motorola & Nokia i was Nokia User till I discovered the power and beauty of Sony Ericsson phones I switched to them since K800i was my first, so back to subject although I don’t think SONY will call it off anyway most probably they
    are rearranging for new strategy and I’m pretty sure they are calling
    for new flagships that will be once again bunch of KILLERS as usual :), but if SONY calling it off simply I’ll call it off for Android and switching back to Nokia ( Microsoft Lumia Windows Mobiles), I just if for any chance took the shit from Android was for the beauty and power of SONY … so if there is no SONY then no more shitty Android OS for me simply the new Lumia’s are very well built with more than enough specs for Windows Mobile OS never laggy good signals beautiful cameras and nice display so for me it will be as simple as it is :).

  • Viru

    Even if Sony doesn’t close its shop, I am still ditching it. Reasons?

    1. They suck in the updates department. I paid about 25000 INR to buy Xperia SP and they did not even give Kit Kat update. Moto G costs half got Kit Kat and now even Lollipop.

    2. I was really interested in Z3 Compact, but it is way overpriced at about 40000 INR. HTC One E8 and Galaxy S5 are about 7000-8000 INR cheaper. Hell Z1 compact is still at 25000 INR.

    3. Since Sony has an imaging division, one would expect their cameras to be awesome. The reality is completely opposite. Their flagships have good imaging capability (not excellent), but the rest like upper mid range and below phones have pathetic camera.

  • P9

    dear xperiablog, pls do sth to let Sony hear our thoughts here.

  • No.

    lol no. I’m going to drop the hell out of it trying to reach the bottom navigational buttons. My fat palms will be pressing on the sides of the screens trying to reach the other side of the screen.

  • T001

    Takes one to know one

  • asd

    If no z4 in march,then good bye sony for good!always to late,always.no one will buy z4 if it’s not on sale in march….later than march or 2017 and it will have the same success

  • No.


  • Valerius

    The magic word is ‘apk’ ;)

  • Valerius

    It’s rather sad there is even talk of this. Here in Austria, I see Xperias literally everywhere – at least as many as Galaxys. But that’s just one – highly active – market.

    I’d probably buy from whomever buys up the Xperia brand. That’s how these things usually work. Such a brand doesn’t just vanish into the darkness. Can also go over very well, see IBM/Lenovo.

    If push comes to shove I’d be stumped. I have had Sony smartphones for years now, starting with the S, Z, Z1, Z1c and now the Z3 in addition to the Tablet S and Tablet Z. More than happy with each and every one of them. Since most of the flagships are rather close in performance, I’d go for 1. design, 2. design, 3. screen quality and 4. hackability (there is no place for unrooted Android in my life). So, an HTC with a Samsung screen maybe :D But realistically I’d very likely give one of the Chinese brands a whirl.

  • jonny

    if anything quit for 2 years and then come back with a bang. they might turn it around big time like sunglasses RAY BANS. for me personally, an iphone, it has always been between apple and sony for me

  • Wonjun Choi

    In person. I phone got the best design. Bur also the the worst part such as AS problems and too expensive

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    OK I turn to Xperia from Nexus, so if Xperia dies, I will turn back to Nexus with no doubt.

  • Richard Francisco

    @nokia please buy xperia hahahaha

  • I don’t think Sony will close it’s mobile business. I only think i could be possible that they do a new joint venture or just drops the low- and midrange business, because they Z-series works pretty well.

    But if it happens. I think i would pick the HTC One-series, if i stay with Android. But it could also be a opportunity to try Windows Phone.

  • ryq24

    I have a bad feeling that Sony will eventually close its mobile phone business. Sony want big profit margin but in this age of highly competitve market, that is very hard to achieve . Only Apple can do that.

  • malav patel

    They have to make the mobile department run not sink who makes their own os in 2015 to compete with android and iOS even windows and blackberry dont stand a chance

  • Rikimaru

    If Sony closed its mobile business I buy a box full of Z4 ;)

  • gunboat_d

    sony design is what keeps me in android. (Z3TC). otherwise, i’d be a windows guy.

  • azhy

    They Can be still with android but with +playstation OS , I meant that

  • it has virtual bezels you can control deadspace on the screen notice how the screen is edge to edge but it looks like it has bezels? well thats virtual bezels controlling how much the screen covers

  • Sony is the best

    If Sony will close its mobile section I will not use any mobile phone.

  • malav patel

    What’s the point then in wasting money for PlayStation is if it’s gonna run android anyway

  • xperia z user

    Probably the upcoming sony vaio brand
    Or lumiua

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    HTC One (M9) would be prior choice. But if Z4 is released and fulfills my demands, I will try to keep it until it dies. The leaked picture of HTC One M9 shows more rectangular shape. And I like rectangular shape. That’s why HTC One (M9) would be my first choice if Xperia really dies.

  • Joakim Sweden

    I have always loved Sony. Always wanted Sony things as I little kid to adult . I really hope Xperia lives on. You can’t stop know when it become really good.
    But you have to make better marketing.
    Everyone knows exactly how to use a iPhone and what you can do whit it. But every person I show my Xperia is amazed, Because they don’t know how good it is. You have to be interested in Xperia to understand how good it is. I think That’s a big problem for Sony. I always reeds and searches for much information about the new Xperia before I bought it, but it always amazed me too. Excuse my bad English and good luck.

  • Rizky Maulana

    htc or motorola but not lenovo…

  • I can’t believe this is an actual possibility. I’m a Xperia Tablet Z user and I’m very happy with its performance. Since Sony moved to the Z family, their devices became better and better, even in front of competitors like Samsung or Apple. However, if Sony’s mobile division isn’t that profitable, I tend to think it’s more likely a result of the impressive massive publicity of the other companies’ than of Sony’s products flaws. On the contrary, as far as I can see, their tablets and phones are superb.

  • ZXcorr


  • LeAnnZZZ

    Well, never a Samsung Ga-ugly. Maybe a Motorola, but not the China version, the system is so ruined.

  • Jacob Kral

    My Z3 is the best phone I’ve ever owned, but if I had to switch it’s to htc hands down. Only other company in the world making quality devices. IPhones are a joke and overpriced trash, windows devices just lol..

  • Jacob Kral

    That sounds horrible. Granted I haven’t used a Nokia in about a decade but I’ve never seen a single decent looking product come out of that brand.

  • redX

    Forget About Us, What will you do xperiablog.net ?

  • Azhy

    You cant understand what I mean , if you can play playstaion 3 games on xperia who will buy other smartphones ? No one so everyone buys from sony and every smartphone costs at most 200$ and they sell it by 800 $ so their business will rise like hell and they will become the most rich company on earth , and still people will buy playstation 4 and next playstation 5 because it has its own taste

  • Kunorishi

    It won’t. It will become an antique and it will be more expensive.

  • I know many people hate a lot on mainstream phones like the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, but if you think about it, these are mainstream for a reason. People don’t go for things that don’t work, they choose the best looking and most reliable. The iPhone is popular because Apple knows what they’re doing. They build amazing high-quality phones with great displays, great cameras, great speakers and good enough battery life and best of all, a very stable and reliable OS. The Galaxy S5 is good as well, not as popular as the iPhone, but way ahead of Sony and LG just because of their smart marketing skills and a plethora of features which many find useful. HTC is also good with their build and design, and also speakers.

    Just so you know I currently own a Sony Xperia Z3 (Xperia SL before) and I love it! It would be a shame for Sony to shut down the Xperia line. But if all goes south, Apple would be my backup.
    For all you fanboys and haters, I’m always ready for some discussions…

  • Paul M

    I think I would rush and buy a spare Xperia Z Ultra. If Motorola came out with their own version of the Nexus 6 with things like the SDHC card slot put back, I’d strongly consider one of those!

  • Robson Kanyama

    Please Sony do something I can’t change going to other brands. #Sony Xperia forever

  • InspectorGadget80

    Seriously you guys choose HTC? I’d rather choose Motorola a AMERICA company not the TYRANT APPLE. Why would you guys choose Apple over Samsung for?

  • Danny Balanta

    If sony mobile business dies, i choose motorola or alcatel as my second brand. I dont trust in HTC, LG or other smartphone manufacturers. Even I will buy a Lumia if sony mobile dissapear.

  • Danny Balanta

    No, isnt over for Sony. They should concentrate in produce better and competitive smartphones and deliver new Android versions asap

  • Danny Balanta

    Guys, HTC is popular among US but isnt so common in latam, So, latam choice will be motorola, or another brands instead HTC.

  • jafc08

    Nokia doesn´t exists anymore, now it´s part of microsoft

  • gfgfdgdfg

    If I had to make this choise today – Lenovo

  • Horabusa

    As for me, I’ll keep with – Fujitsu, Sharp, and Panasonic if this will happen

  • owl

    If that happens, let me know. Imma stock up enough XZ3C to last my lifetime.

  • Ta’Lou

    Android isn’t everything

  • malav patel

    well which other operating system besides ios and android has that many apps? what do people want apps no apps no customers

  • el_sur

    The real question is… What would happen to XperiaBlog???? I love this site. Would you turn to general android news, or just shut down entirely??

  • amirali
  • Cuong

    I went from a Google Nexus to Z1 Compact. The battery has been amazing and the phone is the perfect size, in consideration to the race for large phones. A strong form factor phone is needed. I don’t know where else I’d turn to… Now if only updates and less more closer look to stock Android.

  • Kenny Cornwell

    Hands down Motorola. If the 2015 Moto X is as much of an improvement over the current moto x as the current moto x was over the 2013 moto x. Then motorola will be the company to beat in 2015 in terms of hardware (the bamboo moto x is the most beautiful phone I’ve ever seen) and software (near stock Android FTW)

  • J. Andrews

    As much as I like Sony and own several products, they have become laughable.. no wonder they are going under along with their already defunct VAIO computers, surely soon to be phones and “amazing” TVs that are next in line. The more money they loose each year, the worse quality and more lame their products are and the worse decisions they make.. WAIT!!!!………………… let me go buy their new $1000+ walkman to make them some money! Thats gonna save them:)

  • ahmad

    hhhh realy samsung very bad in phone’s quality and very bad in battery life ..

  • ahmad

    sony not good as samsung and LG softwares although TouchWiz from samsung hangs

  • sam

    sony should be made xperia phone with high spec hardware and cheaper..thats way can make sony survive..my suggestion only,,peace

  • Bur

    Nokia gave the rights of Lumia and pureview to microsoft UNTILL Jan 2016. After that Nokia can make its own phones again with android if they want to.

  • Bur

    Because its sadly impossible. Making specific phones for specific people doesnt make any money. You have to mass produce the same thing to keep the cost low.

  • bj

    well said

  • go

    ya but if only they include a msd slot

  • go


  • go


  • Sony is the best

    Without any doubt!.

  • roeshak

    I’m a bit perplexed by the pole results. How people can move from Sony to htc I’ll never understand. They make crap cameras while xperias have the best android cameras. It’s like a total shift in the opposite direction. I suppose it reveals that most xperia users prize design over everything else hence why the iPhone and HTC one get the most votes.
    That’s why so many of you moan about the Sony cameras because you’re not really camera people. If you were, you’d have all learnt to use the manual mode by now and stopped complaining about photo quality.
    You’re all design fanatics!
    The logical step from Sony is Samsung. They’re are the only other company with a similar wide range of expertise to create well balanced devices with quality across the board. I know touchwiz is a hard but to swallow but you can use a different launcher.
    In many ways this poll explains a lot of the crap I’ve read in the comments section on this blog for years.
    Htc one indeed! A joke!

  • Rafa Soto

    Agree on the flaps. Iphone can do whatever they want mate… they are iphone. Android is supposed to be about competition. thinnest bezels faster processor, longer lasting battery. Look at the g3 for ex ample, brought the company up by having a note 3 screen on a z3 sized phone

  • Roy

    I’ve been dying to try a Windows 8 phone. So yeah, Lumia.

  • Seems like you are talking like the upcoming Project Ara


  • goldenblls

    Samsung design just isn’t up there. Plus, the company has gained a dubious reputation for being unoriginal, stealing ideas etc, (deservedly or not).

    Sony could never be accused of being unoriginal, having a pedigree that stretches back decades and decades. Even Steve Jobs looked to Sony.

    Going from Sony to Samsung would be a step backwards to inferior and unoriginal design.

    People are willing to pay extra for Sony design. Samsung? Not so much. Overpriced and poorly designed. I’m not even surprised that Sony users would choose Apple over Samsung, when you consider the massive jump to a different ecosystem.

    That should say it all, For Sony users, design is important.

  • roeshak

    I stand by my comments. Moving from Sony to htc is just illogical Unless design is your top priority. As I said, this poll explains a lot of the nonsense onI’ve read here for years!

  • goldenblls

    That’s right!

    It would be completely illogical for a Sony user to switch to a company that doesn’t prioritise good design.

  • roeshak

    Look you’re living in the past. The note 4 is a solidly built phone and the same s6 will follow suit. You’ll be waiting for all eternity for htc to come up with a decent camera. I stand by my comments. Totally illogical to move to htc. Very revealing indeed!

  • goldenblls

    I’m living in the past as much as you’re living in the future, either that or your psychic!

    How do you know the S6 will be solidly built? I take it you have one and have been using it for the duration of it’s warranty period? How does it feel, cheap, flimsy, solid?

    Please, can you tell me, what materials are used in it’s construction? No? No, I didn’t think so.

    Can you accept that people would rather move to Apple before Samsung or is that too, both nonsensical and illogical?

    All the poll is suggesting is that there isn’t a huge step in quality between the cameras of top flight smartphones, as much as there is between the design of top flight smartphones. It’s only a poll, don’t burst a blood vessel.

    Doesn’t seem that nonsensical or illogical to me, when all is said and done. Live with it!

  • roeshak

    I said the note 4 is solidly built just as the alpha and the s6 will follow suit. I spoke in very plain and simple English. What’s up with the crystal ball business. It’s just a logical conclusion that Samsung will continue in the same vein as with those two devices.
    The fact remains, the gap between Sony and Samsung has narrowed greatly in design but the gap remains huge and will remain so in the camera dept with htc.
    You guys are just Samsung haters and in most respects for no sensible reason. Touchwiz is the only draw back left as far as Samsung devices go going forward. If you still think design and build quality is an issue, then I repeat, you’re living in the past.

  • mimi44

    I probably would choose Xiaomi it manufactures high-end smartphone with unbeatable price, of course I would like to have an iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus but they are too expensive for me.


    I’m a very proud and passionate Sony user… I just cannot imagine the mobile world without Sony… Sony is the best in whatever it manufactures… Please, Sony don’t stop manufacturing the phones… Sony, U as a electronic brand means oxygen for the gadgets lover like me… No oxygen No life in this world… No Sony phones No life in mobile world… Sony. Make Believe… Love You Sony Forever…

  • blood120

    I agree with gadget lover on that I thought I was alone on thought that the galaxy line is fucking ugly but if sonys xperia line goes I’ll be jumping to LG I’ve seen some great things that LG is doing 4k display on a mobile phone self healing backs with the flex plus I prefer lgs ui over samsungs

  • Samuel Tan

    Huge Sony fan here XD Like any other Xperia fan, I wish Sony doesn’t sell the Xperia division. I chose HTC because it has great design like Sony, great build quality, great music experience like Sony’s iconic Walkman.


    i am very pathetic to hear this but i am very much in confident about the quality and reliability of sony as it was my favorite brand whether it is my smartphone,tv or wear devices. i have experienced a great time with sony devices and totally flattered by the services ..but for now i hate them to take such a decision ..i mean it is like the worst nightmare ever ..SONY is the best i loved this but now i am falling apart please do not close the market i will buy 2 smartphone instead of one ..but everything should be the same after your comeback….LOVE YA SONY

  • Sumiet Talekar

    Naah, I don’t think any other brand can substitute Sony.
    Neither by strong hardware nor Software specs.
    Still if Sony shuts down, I’ll prefer going for Apple or Nexus.
    Apple provides one of best hardware while Nexus provides the best software.

    But Sony wouldn’t need to quit if it makes a big universal change.

    First of all, Sony needs to change its marketing strategy.
    Sony needs to do ads and brandings, at least when it has its own range TV channels.
    It’s absurd to see a Samsung Galaxy Advertisement on a Sony Entertainment channel but not an Xperia Mobile ad.
    It’s a shame, really!

    Secondly, Sony needs to kick out its staff which are not that worthy and replace them with some talented ones.

    Thirdly, Sony should redesign their line of smartphones with new appearances instead of that same old glassy rectangular bricks.

    Additionally, Sony should take online polls about how a customer would prefer a change in their products and why.
    Sony needs to understand Indian Market where cheap and attractive products are preferred over quality and expensive ones.

    And about a Sony mobile flagship, it should jump to a whole new world of specs rather than keeping on to the tradition of adding one unit of specs over the last one.

    For example, Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z5, all have 3 GB of RAM.
    This means Sony has hovered on 3 GB for almost 2 years.
    A snaily progress, ain’t it?
    Can’t it jump from a 3 GB RAM to a 5 GB RAM directly?
    Is there any law that they should not skip 4 GB?
    Let the competitors wonder if they should go for 4 GB or should they just copy Sony and make 5 GB.
    This was just an example.
    There are lot of things like, same old camera of 20.7 MP hardly progressed with 23 MP.
    Sony can go for a 41 MP camera, at least when Sony has its own business of camera sensors.

    Well, I would like to conclude that if Sony wants to be in the marathon, it needs to change, a big bang change!

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