Sony SGP771 model number appears – looks like Sony’s 2015 tablet

by XB on 2nd February 2015

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sony-logoThe Sony SGP771 model number has appeared on the Indonesian Postel Regulatory site. There is a good chance that this will be Sony’s tablet offering for 2015. As a quick reminder, the SGP3XX was the model number for the Xperia Tablet Z (2013), the SGP5XX was the number for the Xperia Z2 Tablet (2014) and therefore it follows that the SGP7XX will be the main tablet for 2015.

All of the above tablets were 10-inch devices, however Sony also released the 8-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact last year which had model number SGP6XX. It remains to be seen what screen size Sony uses for the SGP7XX – there have been rumours that Sony will go bigger than 10-inches this year. We’ll keep you posted with any further developments.

Sony SGP771

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hope it will be the rumored 12.1″ tablet with stylus. Xperia Z4 Tablet

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Just to add: Sony on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 press release confirms releasing new Xperia devices with the latest chipse. Hurray!

  • dinesh

    We want the Sony new apcs sensor

  • Andy

    We really need a jump in resolution, at least 350ppi and preferably above 400ppi…

  • Diogo Simões

    “later this year “

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Waiting for lollipop

  • Niels d. G.

    I think those extra-large tablets don’t make a lot of sense, one would be better off buying an ultrabook.

  • Boonerski

    I hope it doesn’t have those big, picture frame-esque bezels from the last Xperia tablets (sans the Tablet Compact).

  • Niels d. G.

    Really don’t need over 350 ppi for tablets. Anything higher would not give a noticeable improvement at average eyes-to-screen distance when using tablets. The only thing you’d get extra, would be extra battery drainage. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?

  • Tsakane

    Is it lollipop? No.

  • name

    We want lollipop

  • name

    Lollipop ?

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  • Bur

    Or Surface. Same price but offers better specs and laptop functionality and is a tablet when u want it to be

  • Winter Soldier

    Lollipop for z2?

  • Andy

    I cannot go much lower than my current 424ppi that’s on my Xperia Z3 – so if I lose some battery time and get the clarity and sharpness of 400ppi+, I’ll be happy (my current Z Tablet simply doesn’t look that good when reading text).

  • I think that Tegra X1 is better for tablets than Snapdragon 810.

  • Niels d. G.

    The Xperia Z tablet only has 224 ppi. Anything over 300 ppi will look perfectly sharp on a tablet because you don’t hold a tablet so close to your face as you do with your phone.

  • Diogo Simões

    The Snapdragon

  • name


  • Mr Random

    Just to let you guys know, in the table, under the column “Status”, the word “SP3, Balai Uji” when translated means “SP3, Testing Lab”… So that means the rumour where Sony won’t reveal new flagship in MWC could probably false. ;)

  • Timel

    Yes! Styles is what we really need for the already great Xperia tablet. Great design, great look and feel, I want one already.

  • Snorky112

    I’d prefer a 12.9″ tablet over an ultrabook, ultrabooks are cool but you wont get a good one without big money.

  • Guest

    Same screen size of z2, AND STyLUS IF POSSIBLE!!!!

    2015 = best processor or more ram maybe…etc

  • RealityCheck2015

    10″ or 12″ would be cool(god that makes me feel small saying that) ;-o

  • goldenblls

    Hard to see how the Z2 can be improved, it’s still a top tablet.

    A 12″ tablet could be on the cards but most probably a new 10″ tab. 12″ tabs are still very niche and I don’t think Sony can afford much marketing for such a device.

  • Andy

    If they keep the overall size of the Z/Z2 Tablet, but shrink the bezels, we could get an 12-incher with the same footprint :D

    Also, I’d like a 4K-display.

  • goldenblls

    I have the Z3 tablet and picking it up with one hand and holding it in landscape could be hindered by having top and bottom bezels smaller than say a thumb’s width.

    Even more so with the Z2. It might look better but at the expense of ergonomics.

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  • Laurie Miles

    Not sure what you lot are using to read text on your Z tablets – text looks clear even from about 3 inches away on mine. Higher resolution just burns more battery. There was a clear difference between this tablet and my former lower res Xoom, however.
    I have a full HD Sony Vaio o laptop, and a newer MSI 3K screen laptop. There really is not much noticeable difference between them, certainly for Web browsing.

  • xperia

    Sony where the fuck is my lolipop for my z3??? This is the begining of february… Fuck you sony!!!!!!

  • Phat-t

    Who are you and what have you done with Timel

  • RoberMC

    I want a 12″ tablet!, come on Sony guys

  • totaltasch

    Samsung are cutting down on paying trolls.

  • goldenblls

    Chill out lad!

  • rubinaish

    I did never get the sense of posting a list of random specs someone wishes to be in a future device.

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  • apolloa

    I said it before, I think they will launch a 12″ tablet, with a pen too. My Z3 Tablet Compact s my first Sony tablet and I love it, the battery just goes on and on and that’s not using stamina mode or anything! It was so thin too… until I stuck a Noreve case on it :)
    But if Sony play it smart, they can boost their tablet sales I think, no idea what chip they will use though? But yeah, I fully expect new tablets to be launched next month, bigger than the 8′ model to stick with the one device a year philosophy.

  • Tjaldid

    Asus T300 chi

  • Jiyeon90

    No need for that, the z3 tablet already has more PPI than the 10″ iPads..

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  • Kenny Cornwell

    I’d rather they just keep the same size screen as the z2 and shrink the overall size

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  • Tasfique Enam


  • Simon Setyadarma

    I hope it could be a better tablet and beat that ones from APPLE.
    I hope we could use pencil to write things like what Z Ultra could :/

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  • Jaywalker

    Tablets market is going down, they don’t know that? Why bother?

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