Live on YouTube app adds support for more Xperia devices; brings Full HD broadcasting

by XB on 17th February 2015

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Live on Youtube_resultSony’s “Live on YouTube – by Xperia” application has added support for ten Xperia devices in the latest update to build number 01.00.39. The app now officially supports the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z1, Z1 Compact, Z, Tablet Z, Z Ultra, ZL, ZL2, ZQ and ZR.

Other changes include the ability to broadcast in HD and Full HD resolutions (minimum upload speed: HD 1.5Mbps/Full HD 3Mbps). The broadcast duration has also increased to 30 minutes and a new Switch Account option allows you to choose which YouTube channel to broadcast from.

  • Stefan

    Ha Ha!! Xperia T3 and Z3 get so hot when useing this app (camera video recording)… You can not use it more than 4 min. Camera auto shout down due the high temperature. Pointless

  • Viper

    I see now Sony keeps updating and supporting their devices with apps. Lollipop soon? Hmmm.

  • Tasfique Enam

    What is actually happening in Sony



  • F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.

  • s

    Let’s make Sony Nexus happen! Join so Sony and Google can hear about this

  • s

    Let’s make Sony Nexus happen! Join please so Sony and Google can hear about this

  • Darren

    Even though the note says Z is supported, it is still saying it’s incompatible with my Z. :(

  • ? ? android ? ?

    i W.A.N.T L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P

  • sony fans

    Why I can’t download in my Z

  • arun

    Sony.. We need social camara apps like.timeshift video and soundphoto.. It has be little long time since timeshift video has been released..

  • Sadman Khan

    So apparently each notification will look like this. Got this notification after updating TV sideview. Looks nice *_*

  • bikash

    “Live on YouTube – by Xperia I cant update in z ultra, the play store show me its not compatible your device

  • raju

    Lollipop release date Feb 26th

  • qua

    Source ?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    *Sony promises Lollipop for more flagship phones than Samsung and LG put together*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?!”

    *Sony squashes software bugs in midrangers*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?!”

    *Sony squashes more bugs and updates an app for thirteen phones simultaneously and no one’s complaining about their KitKat software anymore*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?! ”

    *Qualcomm’s new processors are either overheating or are relatively overrated so a smooth transition to 64 bit might not easy*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?”

    *Flagships with Lollipop show few to no substantial improvements in functionality*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?”

    *People hate Material Design*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?”

  • Leon

    Z1 Compact :/

  • Yali AA

    old news, i’ve uploaded the app on Aptoide for many days ago…

  • Joel

    720p streaming worked, but still 15min recording limit with 720p setting.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Buy a Nexus or Motorola.

  • Kristo

    *Google gives Sony 5 billion dollars to make a phone*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop”

    (Not true story)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    *Sony makes the next Nexus cheaper than a chinese entry-level phone for the whole world to buy*
    “wah wah wah where’s Lollipop?!”

  • zetoze

    My wifi tablet z2 say, “your device is not compatible with this version” wtf?

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