Sony teases “Get ready to make a splash” at MWC

by XB on 27th February 2015

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Sony MWC Make SplashSony has pushed out another MWC teaser ahead of a full reveal on Monday 2 March 2015 at the Barcelona event. This time we see the familiar ‘10.35’ clock face with water being poured onto it and a strapline: “Get ready to make a splash.” Both the Xperia Z4 Tablet and Xperia M4 Aqua are likely to have IP68 certification for water resistance. We’ll bring you the full specs of both devices on Monday.

Sony MWC Make Splash

  • Mars

    Yeah , we know you make waterproof products…. The marketing department at Sony needs to be fired.

  • Stanley Lu

    Lollipop getting announced on this day !

  • J.

    A Z4 Ultra plz…..

  • Dexter Moregan

    Don’t have Z4?

  • Shaik Ilyas

    I hope this splash doesn’t disappoint us.

  • K.

    “All will be revealed”…
    It means even Z4….

  • nick

    No more f***** water resistance phone from sony….i wouldn’t want to pay so much and put my phone in water….i would happily get rid of my z3 when m9 launches…

  • shhh

    No one’s stopping you.

  • SM


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  • anson

    “All” will be revealed, but no z4- -“

  • Bob

    The way Sony Mobile’s going, they’re going to need a tidal wave to get customers and keep their business alive

  • mekh_grg

    Can someone give me time of Sony’s MWC?

  • Splash

    Yeah, make a splash with a mid-range Sony phone. While the others bring out their high end flagships at MWC. Good job, Sony.

    If the waterproof feature of earlier phones wasn’t enough to entice many customers, what makes Sony think the M4 Aqua will be any different? I am really curious.

  • a.hamameh

    Behind that clock looks like the new wallpaper from lollipop and maybe the new lockscreen
    I think this means that they will launch the new lollipop update with new series

  • Snorky112

    others can bring their flagships we don’t care, we know sony’s will be better.

  • Snorky112

    you do what you want bro

  • RealityCheck2015

    I normally make a hmm splash when i see New SONY products ;-o

  • Tanish

    Samsung is all set announce S6. What about Z4 Sony :(

  • Dante the great

    If Sony doesn’t launch Z4 at MWC, then there’s a good reason for it. People should stop whining. Geez.

  • IIAlparslan

    Is That Your Time Xperia Z4 :)

  • Guest

    Well what would you do then? It’s just a reminder, and if nothing big is being announced (flagship or hardware/software related) then I don’t see why they shouldn’t use it. A lot of people still don’t consider Sony when it comes to phones (at least where I am), it’s mainly iPhone or Samsung. So unless Sony has something even bigger to promote, they should still go with this. It sets them apart from other manufacturers (they are the best for waterproof and dust proof).

    I do agree though, that overall their marketing is not good.

  • Guest

    I can’t edit, but I would like to add that they should promote battery life too. A lot of people complain about the disappointing battery life and Sony has one of the best. I think they need to put more emphasis on this.

  • nick

    No one can..and u need not be one grumpy.. Guy..

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  • Rodrigo Silva Dos Santos

    If Sony release a flagship every 6 months, people complain about it. If Sony skip one season to release it’s next flagship a year after the previous, people complain about it. People will complain about anything, anyway.

  • Rodrigo Silva Dos Santos

    I Believe they are about to launch a new wearable, by the clock face on the ad.

  • nonono

    Please no z4 release, otherwise it will use the same old IMX220 sensor ..

  • Mars

    They should promote:- the fact that their products look and feel premium.
    – that they have a very good looking launcher/interface (throw punches at that ugly Touchwizz and others)
    – battery life(as you said in the other post , but I am not sure that many people care about this – Samsung and Apple “educated” the masses to not care about this)
    – PS4 remote play (borrow from the huge succes they have in the console market)

  • asd

    No z4,then good bye sony!you’re so stupid that you cant sell us spandragon 810 and we have the money for it,but you dont have the the way,only you dont have a phone with snapdragon 810,only you had a problem with it!what a shame favorite phone brand

  • Omarion07

    Unfortunately Sony’s not doing a press conference this MWC. But they’re still going to have a booth though.

  • Omarion07

    No Z4 flagship before April /May.

  • inspire

    Umm yeah, but marketing needs $$$$ which Sony mobile doesn’t have. Probably the WHOLE budget of Sony mobile is less than what Samsung spends on marketing.

  • Mars

    Yeah , they don’t have money because they don’t sell that many units, they don’t sell that much because they don’t market their products right’s a vicious circle.

  • Saleem

    Yes please. Awaiting Z4 Ultra too….

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  • Piotr Zet

    All Xperia has a set this time and date

  • mike630

    interesting :O

  • InspectorGadget80

    Put their phones on every U.S. carrier. That’s the problem with their marketing they keep putting PLAYSTATION instead of their top featured water/dust proof and focusing on enterprise. I’m guessing this will be their last phone.

  • roeshak

    Why on earth are they still making waterproofing such a standout feature of their marketing. It’s old news! Xperia devices are ip certified. That’s two years old.
    Well I guess we shouldn’t expect anything new if waterproofing is still worthy of such attention lol!

  • Emiliyan

    Sony doesn’t announced time yet

  • roeshak

    Nope! Mwc is the biggest mobile trade show in the world with the eyes of the world’s media on it. It’s the place to be and the time to unveil your latest and greatest.
    Sony doesn’t have the clout to have its own unpacked events. Whatever they do, they’ll be best served to make sure they return to an mwc launch next year.
    I suppose, it can be said that the failure of the 6 month madness is laid bare by the fact they have nothing new for mwc this year.
    Now going forward, they’ve got to pull out all the stops to get the z4 out by the end of q2 at the latest and hope to be back ready for mwc next year with the z5.

  • roeshak

    There’s a reason alright. The device they wanted to unveil at mwc just wasn’t competitive so they pulled it to release something better down the road.

  • roeshak

    You know! Trouble is very few others know this too lol!

  • Dante the great

    If that’s even the reason, then it’s a good reason then.

  • IIAlparslan

    Thanks for warning.. I see now (:
    But only Xperia z3 devices has a set this time and date…and z3 was announced in Sept..
    Xperia Z had a set same time and January and it was announced in Jan.
    Xperia Z2 had a set same time and February and it was announced in Feb..

    Oh cmon dude! These re not coincidence ;)

  • roeshak

    It’s the sensible thing to do but not being set for mwc will hurt them badly this year

  • Dante the great

    Really?! LG flagships have skipped MWC three straight years. And guess what, their profits and sales keep increasing. Sony has being launching flagships before and during the MWC all this time, doesn’t seemed to have helped them much. Releasing a great phone is more important that releasing a phone when everyone else is.

  • roeshak

    LGs profits come from selling shed loads of mid range and budget phones. Not flagships. I think I’ve only ever seen one LG G3 in the wild here in the UK. I mostly see iPhones, s5s, and Sony devices but mainly z2s and z1s with the occasional z3 here and there just like the M8.
    Also LG sells its flagship cheaper than the rest at launch. Sony doesn’t do that. By the time the z4 is launched, the s6 and m9 would have received price cuts making the z4 seem overpriced. That’s why the z3 ain’t selling because customers can buy the near identical and even b better in some ways z2s for over £150 less and also the S5 and M8 for much less also.
    All these phones offer the same package as the overpriced z3.
    The 6 month madness has run out of steam and left the company in a very bad situation.

  • mUSICA

    at 10:35 pm on 2nd march xperia z4 will be unvield :p lol just kiddng

  • AmIright?

    What about releasing lollipop for all the xperia z* series at the same time ? That would explain the delay…

  • The last splash of sony muahahah

  • DrazenDodig

    they had record sales last quarter and samsung s5 is year old now… Z3 is pretty new still.

  • azzido


    Hope you will sell this division as you deserve it!!
    And it is all your fault!

  • Benjamin Levy

    It looks like the display of a Smartband, but they already have waterproof versions out.

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  • Abdul

    Will sony close its mobile business? I Want sony to be in business forever.

  • Tingle

    So are we only getting a Z4 tablet or Z4 phone too??

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