Translate Small App now available on Sony Xperia devices

by XB on 5th March 2015

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Translate Small App_2If you regularly need to translate text whilst on the move, then the “Translate Small App” may be just what you are looking for. It comes from serial Small App developer hansip87 and provides a small window that can translate using three different engines including Google, Bing and SDL. If you want to give it a try, the Translate Small App is available on the Google Play Store right now.

Translate Small App_1 Translate Small App_2

Translate Small App_3 Translate Small App_4

Translate Small App_1_result Translate Small App_2_result

Translate Small App_3_result

  • Libyan Guy

    useful small app .

  • kenobi

    Again, Ice Cream Sandwich UI and icon :C

  • Fixery Foex

    It’s Kitkat UI

  • Ellis Seiker

    Seems to be useful

  • Nightmare

    I’ve waiting for this so long!.

  • Gav


  • Kiwison

    There was once a translate small app..what happened to that? Anyway, it’s similar to browser small app, I thought this one, like the previous one, is a regular small app.. :(

  • arj154

    if im honest, it will be faster to say “ok google whats X in X”

  • jag

    Yah, I’ve been using that one too. Good thing our Hansip guy knows what We need!! Kudos to you, Hansip!

  • Reza

    That’s bahasa Indonesia.. ;-)

  • hansip

    Hi mate,
    Let me give you facts:
    1. Google Voice will almost always move your activity down. So when you want to translate more than once you will be annoyed fast.
    2. To say something to Google or even type it will require you to speak the whole words plus the command. It will add some words to it everytime.
    3. Google is not the only service and certainly not always the best. So having Bing and SDL is better to help.

  • hansip

    Hi mate,
    Yes it might be as not versatile as the other one but first, don’t know the reason why the old app is removed but translation is paid service at least from Google and SDL. The only way to get it free is via web service.

  • so where

    There is no more worthless set of apps in this world than small apps. Have zero use.

  • hansip

    Hi ellis,
    Well WebView based program is not all bad. You need to consider these:
    1. Translation service from at least Google and SDL is actually a paid service. The only legal way is to use WebView to use it as free.
    2. Offline translation requires a big dictionary from my part or even i need to create paid service so every letter is recorded. It will certainly doesn’t comes as free.
    3 even with WebView structure your text can be translated automatically upon copy command. So it will be much faster and seamless.

  • hansip

    Hi there,
    Just FYI:
    1. Icons for this app is grabbed from Google Material Design resources.
    2. I need Sony to update their Small App SDK first in order to apply all Material Design resources.

  • hansip

    Well for some single tasking people then yes.

  • dex

    You don’t need to add ‘Small App’ to the name.

  • Shaktimaan

    Dear sir… Here’s your cookie

    P.S: Thanks for developing awesome apps for us !

  • Kiwison

    Oh that makes sense.. Thanks for the information and for the app..
    Long live the developer!!

  • ash

    If language is selected english on system then if you will say any word to ok google then i think google will interpret the words spoken in english

  • HNet

    This item isn’t available in your country.
    I’m from iran

  • -Simone-

    Bye byee Google Traslate!

  • goldenblls

    Excellent! I use this all the time.

  • hansip

    Hi there,
    I’m sorry but it seems like Google doesn’t allow your country to have this app. But don’t fret, visit this
    [APK][1.1.1] Translate Small App – More Compact Mini View!

  • Khillo81

    That’s your opinion. I for one use them a lot. Better than split screen option from Samsung which has zero use on a small screen. So there…

  • hansip

    Well i will consider to change the name especially on small app launcher. Thanks.

  • HNet

    Thanks :)

  • Kristo

    Can someone send a link to the “Touch block” app? I can’t find it on the play store.

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