Sony now says ‘no comment’ on non-Xperia Z series Lollipop plans

by XB on 8th March 2015

in Android, Firmware

2015 - 1It is perhaps no surprise to see Sony Mobile’s social channels taking a bit of a backlash from angry customers asking why their 2014 non-Xperia Z series device is not receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop. This comes off the back of its social media teams telling people earlier in the week that they were only planning to update the Xperia Z series to Lollipop.

Well following that report, it looks like Sony’s social media teams are singing a different tune and saying that they “can’t comment on upgrades for further products at this time.” This may give some ray of hope to Xperia C3, E1, E3, M2, M2 Aqua, T2 Ultra and T3 owners, or it could simply be a form of damage limitation. As soon as we hear anything more official either way, we’ll keep you posted.

  • raju

    Flagship means what?

  • Nino

    Latest / best / most known product of that company (eg. Xperia z3 for Sony and iPhone 6 for Apple)

  • Adam

    Z series

  • Muhammad Hassan

    WTF Sony ??? You promised to bring the update in February and now in MARCH you are posting such bullshit news to us

  • Luca

    Wow, who would have thought that Sony won’t update their midrangers?
    They usually do…*sarcasm*


  • apolloa

    Yeap, as I thought, another example of an Executive blurting out on twitter without being told to as what they said isn’t true, or confirmed… This won’t be the first time this has happened.
    I think executives should be banned from twitter, let the press office director handle it all.

  • Marlish

    Wait then why was the C3 spotted with lollipop recently?

  • Patrol619

    They DID promised update to 4.4 for Xperia SP in many many tweets, and guess what, they didn’t update it. They know shit, don’t believe what they say on their Twitter account.

  • MarkG54321

    They usually do. They are far better than most. That said nobody should assume any product they buy has any future upgrade path. On a android it’s not needed. All the good stuff is in play services, and there is little in the way of ask additions that mean you can’t run the latest apps.

  • Ritwij

    What about Z series? Will it get in 2015?

  • Mohammad Rahimi

    Same Mistake happen in xperia sp have promised to update 4.4.2 kit kat.. Lol sony may lost your customers

  • Ali Bashar H


  • Ali Bashar H

    maybe sony will update their mid range phones when the z4 launch


    … except not really.

  • Rick

    I usually don’t even bother with the timing of updates, sure an update is (almost) always good – since you can actually revert back if something goes wrong. Sure, I would not mind Lollipop and better battery life on my Z1 Compact, and heck I like the transitions and smoothness of the overall lollipop design, but Kitkat sure does it for me.
    But seriously, my Z1 Compact would love some Lollipop and even though Z3 series is priority, does it take thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat long for the update to be released? I’m thinking April, by this pace, let’s just hope it doesn’t come out on the 1st.

  • Jecht_Sin

    What’s frigging wrong with Android? Anytime there is a new version to have a phone getting the update is like winning the lottery. There are people running OS X on unsupported PCs. Ok, with different results depending if all kernel extensions are available for their HW.

    Here we have Android that was being touted for its portability and the phone manufacturers sometime consider it a titanic task to port the latest version to all their capable devices. Portability my arse.

  • Shaktimaan

    They also promised Kitkat to xperia sp …..

    But I hope they’ll provide lollipop to all z series and even more devices that are capable to run it.This is a new Sony now (and the update will prove it)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Someone please shut your social channels up, Sony!

  • Shaktimaan

    *Xperia SP army unites!!!

  • Rizky Maulana

    BOT detect! :v :v :v

  • Rizky Maulana

    its actually BOT comment :v lol

  • Denis Gajdacs

    :D :D

  • Dan

    Some of this phone will be get 5.x.x but i think m2 don’t get it for 99% like as Xperia SP kitkat but it’s one difference on website sony mobile was Xperia SP get kitkat but all we know what happen ;)

  • rus_media

    They don’t care about previous customer…

  • hahahaa :P

  • LancerEX

    Meaning, it is still NOT sure whether they will upgrade the low-mid end line. Patience people ;__;

  • Reon

    Well at least give Lollipop to Z users. I starting to doubt that.

  • Boonerski

    That’s it! My last bet is April. But my Z1 will most likely get Lollipop around May. Though I hope it could be earlier…

  • Emil

    Fuck you sony!!!

  • i want lollipop for my xperia t2 ultra

  • Please SONY , release lollipop for Xperia T2 Ultra

  • Kunal Shukla

    while i agree with you a phone should be supported with software update for atleast 18-24 months I don’t think sony is going to invest their time and money on this

  • Chris Anderson

    Not sure I understand the hysteria. I have a Z3 and I’m cautiously awaiting the official lollipop release. I’m just not entirely sure what the new firmware will offer, when I’m very happy with my phone as it is. The new visuals will almost certainly have a marmite effect and will split the user base down the middle. Beyond that, people will be arguing about reduced battery life and differences in call quality etc., etc. If your handset was released in 2014 and there are bugs that need to be corrected then fair enough, but the dummy-spitting bandwagon needs to get a grip, unless you’ve got something serious to say. Read the above posts back with a sense of perspective. It’s embarrassing……

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    They stopped the whole 2011 series xperias from getting ics just because the xperia play couldnt have it

  • I’m hungry and i want lollipop

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    4.4.4 ( adds some features ) with latest sony lollipop UI should be ok ..

  • Aiden Pearce

    When google will announce 6.0 the. Sony devs will move their b*** to work on 5 for z series..till then stay tune to their f****** blog….

  • Aiden Pearce

    I would surely want to strangle that a***** le public relations head for sony…

  • GO FUCK yourself

  • William Wijaya

    It’s lucky that guy didn’t get fired
    cause the comment earlier might cost loss of customer from sony, and his job too

  • roeshak

    Stop taking bullshit!

  • ryq24

    first, Sony big boss hint that they may closed their mobile division only to be denied later. Then came this executive sying no lollipop upgrade to non Z series phones. Both statements make people re think about buying their phones and worse made a lot of loyal Sony users angry. Now you know why Sony is struggling . They have the wrong people running their mobile division.

  • Vince

    When consumers pay for a physical product, maker’s only responsibility is to ensure things work properly, so future updates should never be made an obligation, buyers are asking too much.

  • Icsperiazetadue

    Buyers ask for what they want and vote with their money!

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  • Fadi Obaya

    That didn’t happen. They just gave the 2011 xperia lines the worst ICS ever.

  • Abdelrahman Khairy

    Man, you’re FUCKIN’ annoying

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  • Chitti- The Robot

    Exactly when did you lost your mind?

  • shubham

    its not gonna happen.. if the user keeps crying out loud at xperia blog! man this isn’t official sony blog! why make readers annoyed?

  • jep

    Maker also responsible for after sale service

  • Vasilis K.

    Sony is TROLLipoping…

  • jep

    Dont read or just bear with it..

  • flipside010

    Ummm why is this Androids Fault, it is portable as you can tell by the immense number of device types its on . What your confusing is portability and the desire of the OEM’s and mobile operators to bother with updates. And its this reliance on othees to keep devices updated which is the major shortcoming

  • flipside010

    good or evil customers like new and shiny and Sony seems to have
    grasped that concept when it comes to releasing new devices however it
    all gets a bit lost when it comes to keeping released devices
    updated and iys something.I’ve seen it across a number of Sony items I’ve had, All of
    which where supposed to be premium items but rather than correcting
    issues on the current one all focus was moved to the next thing. This
    all happened with no communication and seemingly no thought. When it
    comes to the current lollipop kerfuffle Sony started strong with
    releasing a timeline but since then nothing, no official updates, contadictory comments and general confusion. Even if it’s delayed let us know and set expectation

  • shubham

    look even you know.. it isn’t too much to ask for! just keep calm for sometime.. may be sony goes official.. people with those devices can all go bonkers! but not now man really!

  • shubham

    please man.. please stop it.. just don’t do this! i know you are concerned but not like this.. you saw lollipop leak for c3.. didn’t you? you are doing it on purpose! you know how many devices are there in z series.. it takes time and resource! they will update yours too.. but later! hope you get it..

  • Peter Yeh

    not so surprised, and still wait and see.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    The xperia arc s got it but the arc ray neo etc didnt get it including the play

  • nfs2010

    LOL. I wish that ICS never came to my arc s. It was terribly choppy and made previous GB feel lightning fast. I had to downgrade to GB. ICS on Arc S was easily the worst upgrade Sony has released so far.

  • i want lollipop

    i need lollipop

    i love lollipop

  • Fadi Obaya

    Arc, Neo, Pro, Neo V, Mini, Mini Pro, Arc S, Active and Ray. Those phones got the ICS update.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Lol well at keast you had it I had an xperia play so I didnt even get it but I got an xperia z now a z2 so at least ill get lollipop

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    My mistake but even still the xperia play didnt get it and for no reason as far as I know

  • Haroon Rashid

    Is KitKat really that bad?

  • Haroon Rashid

    Who’s side are you on? retard…

  • i don’t like android kitkat

  • Haroon Rashid

    Well that’s a shame. Tbh you got one major Android update so be grateful.

  • bilomar

    So true. I’m glad my dog ate my arc s so I bought a z3. Every single phone I had was Sony (Ericsson). I think next time I’ll buy a different phone than Sony.

  • charbel aoun

    F**** sony. My sp still suck on 4.3

  • Mac

    I don’t give a **** bout no lollipop for my Z1C. I just want a bugfree experience with a 100% working bluetooth, NFC and throw..

  • charbel aoun

    I agree with you emile. Slow updates. No midrange/entry updates, Ugly UI…
    Sony always break it’s promise.
    Remember SP… It’s suck forever on 4.3

  • charbel aoun

    Agree 100%

  • Ritwij

    Buy a Nexus device

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    SONY, please stop with the bullshits.

  • Carlos W. H. Sun


  • Dioq8i

    Sony made a bad call… But you whiney mid ranged xperia users just stoop whinning ! And get yourself a Z series phone! XD

  • Sola Hoi

    Don’t understand why people want Lollipop so bad, that “material” design is just ugly.

  • Kristo


  • tysonbox

    My z2 hasn’t received lollipop yet, so why are we discussing about the midrange not getting lollipop?

  • where is lollipop for my Xperia T2 Ultra ?

  • Apollo89

    If you are so desperate for software updates, you should have bought a flagship device…

  • i have 3 devices from sony …

    Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
    Xperia Z2
    Xperia T2 Ultra

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  • xConjo

    On your ass. Stop being so annoying.

  • xConjo

    because performance was shit and that was a gaming phone. it could barely play games on 4.0

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    It was a bad gaming phone pairing a ds4 controller to my z2 is so much better

  • i want lollipop hhhhhhhh


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  • ..

  • …..

  • Robin

    Release the update for Z series already -_-

  • Shame on you Sony, all your 2014 Xperia devices should be getting lollipop at least.?

  • dkionline

    Let them work, it will comming -.- stop spamming here, that bring nothing, please give silence.

  • mahesh

    No lollipop this xperia france says It should arrive in the next coming week.

  • Amel_Marie

    If Sony fix the camera algorithm along with the lollipop update, it worth a wait.

  • Cris de Oliveira

    I don’t trust in sony. It’s fucked up! ¬¬

  • Zohaib

    As per i know Sony,

    First they will release Z4 tablet and M4 Aqua on Lollipop

    then they will give us update for z3,2,1 & other

    My be in first week of April 2015.

  • TheOddSwede

    Just today it was announced that Sony is laying off 1000 out of the 2000 that is working in the mobile division in Lund, Sweden. Reason for layoff is: Smartphones are too expensive to make and maintain. No wonder it’s taking so long…

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  • Aiden Pearce

    Then get the hell outa here

  • laci_csk

    I don’t need Lollipop. My T2 Ultra is very fain with 4.4.3
    What lollipop brings for me new and good actually?

  • xConjo

    Yes it is! tho I wish they released a phone with the specs of a Z line phone (Z,Z1,Z2,Z3 or Z4) with a slider gamepad, the problem iirc was the flex after sliding the phone too much or something like that it staaarted to fail…

  • Snorky112

    new UI… nothing else

  • Snorky112

    that’s what I was asking myself since the release of lollipop on nexus

  • Snorky112

    5.1 news:

    HD Voice (already available on Sony)
    Multi Sim (already available on Sony)
    Device protection (already available on Sony)

    no… we don’t care about 5.1…

    even 5.0 hasn’t many things better than sony 4.4.4 ;)

  • Andre Lemard

    You have a Z2. It’s getting Lollipop. STOP COMPLAINING!

  • i want lollipop for my Xperia T2 Ultra

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  • laci_csk

    I like this Xperia UI, dont want changes in UI.

  • Emil

    chuj ci w dupe

  • Mohd Hareez

    Before you get lollipop, you will not be able to edit your data into your SD card for security reasons . It’s stupid because it includes media apps. Consider yourselves lucky non Z series owners. Google just done f***ed themselves. I’d rather go for IPhone =_=

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