Sony Xperia photography tutorial will help to perfect your photos

by XB on 23rd March 2015

in Imaging, Videos

Xperia photographyIf you would like some great tips on how to make the most of your Sony Xperia camera, then check out the video tutorial below. The video covers camera controls from Herman Groenbroek, who has a keen interest in this subject. There will also be a part 2 and part 3 follow-up videos covering post-processing of images and composition techniques.

If you are interested in the subject, then you should also check out Herman’s blog which covers the basics of getting the most out of your Sony smartphone camera here and a more advanced guide here. If you want to see some of Herman’s impressive work on the Xperia Z1 then check out his Flickr page.

  • Sachin Gautam

    Pls Lollipop first

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Step 1: Better camera software
    Step 2: Take picture

  • Kiwison

    Well in PhoneArena’s blind camera comparison Note4’s camera just smashed Z3 which is very ironic
    check this out

  • Abdul Ghani

    Lol this is funny since the software algorithm is crap

  • Deki

    If you know how to use the camera the photos are perfect. The auto mode is shit.

  • Abdul Ghani

    Nothing new here night pictures with less light gives poor pictures since the software is low night scene doesn’t help that much because we need a robot to take a stable image in low light with less iso for Xperia phones

  • ozanyalcn45

    Still no lollipop for xperia z1

  • DirtySant0

    I don’t care how great the hardware is when the software and algorithm is complete crap. Full of artifacts and noticeable pixelization even in manual mode with full resolution. Sony please update the crap algorithm on these devices.

  • Abdul Ghani
  • DirtySant0

    What drives me crazy is that don’t sells the hardware components to other manufacturers and some how they can come up with better software than sony.

  • gotzilasftw .

    Helpful but we need upgrade at camera software cause my night shots sux much

  • omar

    Sony! Its time to bring your DSLR experts to make a new camera algorithm for xperia devices.

  • kido

    Hopefully z4 will improve in the camera department…

  • Rock Kickass

    Been looking for something like this. There are other guides out there, but nowhere near as good as this. Thanks XperiaBlog :)

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    It’s sad to read about him awaiting manual controls in Lollipop. Sony, WTF?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Sony need to improve more on their superior auto mode. and auto focus something often facing a back focus issue. But seing how much their improve in m4 aqua camera bring me hope For future updates. The pro can handle any type of sensor but for normal point and shoot user the upgrade for auto mode does help them a lots.

  • It’s a shame that Sony doesn’t let us take long exposures.
    Full manual control (exposure/focus) would’ve been awesome, especially with RAW capabilities…

    *let me just dream here for a while*

  • Abdul Ghani

    Its just not manual controls sony has to add they need to fix software processing no matter what pictures u take on what iso settings processing algorithm will be the same which is crap

  • Abdul Ghani

    Software algorithm for jpeg will be the same which sux sony needs to fix that first then give full lollipop features

  • Doubleyoupee

    Why did they make the viewfinder worse in newer Z series smartphones?
    On my Xperia ZL, the viewfinder is VERY smooth – in all conditions.
    On a Z3 compact, the FPS is way lower.

    On my Xperia ZL, the viewfinder is fullscreen and the buttons are overlayed.
    On the Xperia Z3 compact as you can see they are behind a black bar?

  • This is a thing many people seem to forget.
    Most people complain about the software, but you don’t need great software to take great images. Actually, I like taking my Sony Ericsson Satio out for strolls, setting it to Black&White mode to see what older cameras are still capable of. At some point in the near future I’ll be doing the same with my Xperia Z1!

    (to be fair, I am disappointed in how Sony couldn’t be far ahead of the competition here, not saying the software is all that great)

  • Snorky112

    what is the viewfinder ?

  • roeshak

    Got one thing from this video which was to use centre metering which helps to reduce noise somewhat.
    Also the metering options on z3 seem to have been changed back to the way it was before.
    After 4.4.4, a new option for face was added and the average option was changed to multi.
    I wonder if Sony change the z2s back to just centre, average and spot. Hope they do because there seems to be a problem with the way it is now. It’s blows out the bright and reflective parts of any image much worse than before. Probably why they changed it back on z3 so what’s the delay with doing the same on z2?

  • That’s ISO-200.

    It’s able to make dark images pleasingly bright, but you really shouldn’t expect any detail once you zoom in a bit. It’s a shame the camera can’t do this any better, but I’m at least glad that the Xperia Z1 and higher don’t really have any chromatic noise anymore.

    Chromatic noise on my older Sony Ericsson Satio was absolutely the worst.

  • Snorky112

    it’s still a good picture

  • Naresh Gundu

    If you want to know how to take some good snaps using manual mode then this is your quick guide.

  • The viewfinder is the screen that you get when you open the camera, that lets you peek through the camera basically. So essentially, the screen then lets you “find” the “view” to take a photo of.

  • Snorky112

    Phonearena is fan of samsung, litteraly everyone on the internet knows this

  • Kiwison

    It doesn’t change the situation here, I’m a fan of Sony and I can easily say that I have voted for note 4 in almost every picture for obvious reasons.. If you read the article you’d see that even PA was pretty surprised by the conclusion

  • i want lollipop for my Xperia T2 Ultra

  • Still no lollipop for Xperia T2 Ultra !!!

  • Battal Aljadei

    The ironic thing is that you’re believing in something better from Sony camera since the Z1 !
    Same camera, different CPU & GPU which’s the key feature in Image processing .

  • Another fanboy

    Are you sure?

  • jmaxim917

    Grand Central Station, NYC. How can I reduce the glare from the lights? The pic was taken without flash.

  • Rock Kickass

    Incidentally, is there much difference (if any) between the settings on the Z1 camera as opposed to the camera on the Z3? Many thanks.

  • Danny

    Sony Mobile should really update it’s camera software for the Xperia phones. Despite a 20.7 MP camera, it’s still not the best. Ironically, the two phones that can beat out the Xperia Z3/Z2/Z1 camera are iPhone 6/5 and Samsung Note 4, but both those phones all use Sony Camera and sensor, and with a smaller Megapixel than Xperia’s 20.7MP.


  • rvjaywaks

    is that a Xperia Z1 with lollipop?

  • Quark Gluon

    Clean your lens with micro fiber cloth or something.

  • IshuZ2

    20.7 MP?? Its just a show piece. Nothing else. We cant do anything with that 20.7 MP camera. No auto scene selection, no scene selection, in short.. A show piece.

  • IshuZ2

    Just give that 20.7 MP show piece some scene selection option. That will be much better. We have 20.7 MP camera. But what we can use, just 8 MP. Bravo sony bravo

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    More then happy with my current xperia. Plus most of the time user will end up in editing anyway.

  • Quark Gluon

    Here’s the first thing you should know, fullscreen or not, that depends on the aspect ratio you are using. 16:9 will fit the screen perfectly, while 4:3 will leave a black bar on the side. While 16:9 looks nicely fit to the screen, please remember it’s actually a crop from 4:3, so it has lower resolution.

    About viewfinder refresh rate, it’s because some firmwares (maybe your ZL) use auto-ISO on the preview regardless the ISO setting for the actual shot. While this is useful for framing/aiming, the resulting photograph will be different from the preview, escpecially on exposure value and noise level.

  • Tito Xae

    Step 1: Learn about photography
    Step 2: Learn how to use your camera
    Step 3: Take picture

  • Guest


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Funny, tell that to Samsung and Apple users who simply point, focus and shoot and wind up with much better pictures. Sony knows how to make great camera, hardware and software, if it can’t take a great shot without any changes then what’s the point? Samsung and Apple are praised for the great quality and the simple ease of just taking one shot and having that one shot be of much better quality than most phones can take

  • Quark Gluon

    Nice HDR! The sky is a bit too much to me though.

  • Tito Xae

    Simple, you should just buy samsung or apple then..
    There’s no stopping arguing..
    Talk less and do more.. editing except resizing..

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Glad you don’t work for Sony. Instead of solving a problem that they are more than capable of solving you just tell them to choose someone else. Brilliant!

  • Nadeer Suddoo

    Theres no other smartphone on the market that can outpass the xperia flagship. More to come with z4

  • gFan

    I am a SONY fan and I admit that SONY needs lots of improvement in camera department. I love SONY cameras but SONY smart phones are way behind the competitors. SONY I hate you what you are doing to the mobile division.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Exactly! Sony does well in every aspects of their devices. Camera being the only one they fall short. Hopefully the new camera sensor in the Z4 will have great software and OIS to make it the best mobile camera around

    Look at the Z1. When it came out it got tons of praise, but ever since then it feels like Sony is just re-wrapping the same thing. They were the best camera at the time and they can be again. Plus a design rehaul wouldn’t be too bad, the current omnibalance is good, even in the Z4 leaks, but it’s staring to feel a little stale

  • Nadeer Suddoo
  • Tito Xae

    I’ll take that as a compliment :)

    By the way, I’m using xperia z3 compact..
    The camera hardware is brilliant, but I have to admit that sometimes the Superior Auto S*CK, especially at night images appear overexposed..
    So I use manual mode most of the time, just like when I use my mirrorless camera..

  • Tushar

    Great! Which mode did you use? Just HDR from manual?

  • Nadeer Suddoo
  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Manual 8mp scn firework + snapseed.

  • Sreejit

    Pisa Cathedral & Leaning Tower of Pisa! Shot from my Xperia Z1.. NO editing.. :)

  • wawo

    Phonearena took that pictures. We are not sure if they took it fairly.
    How about doing it by yourself, use Note4 and Z3 then compare it by yourself.

  • I like how this website shares work of the Sony user community and not just the official news!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    i think with the current lollipop the auto works very well no more overxpose and noise level seem lower comparing kitkat. But the leak what m4 aqua had to offer in current update makes me a bit dissapointed. 52scn with auto enhances is a good offer from sony to a point n shoot user.

  • (C):stem


  • parental92

    Did you end shutter speed? You can adjust exposure compensation on manual mode.

  • parental92

    Yes the auto mode can be better, every thing can be better. But there is nothing horribly wrong with it. Yes full manual control will be nice, but if you know your way you can make the image better.

    Many people just moan without knowing what they’re talking about. To prove my point, phone arena took note 4 and dslr and one other camera and do a blind test based on that 3 devices. You know what, note 4even beat the dslr . . Why? Not because phone arena is a Samsung fanboy(which they probably are) but the note 4 photo were the one that really saturated. This proves that general public don’t know shit about camera. So FFS if you don’t know what chromatic aberration or barrel distortion means,don’t mindlessly complain. It’s a phone camera

  • Ritwij

    Still no Lollipop on my Z2 as well

  • Ritwij

    With RAW capabilities, we can process the image ourselves.

  • Ritwij

    No, just a theme.

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    I like his comment. I don’t think the problem is application.

  • Guest

    Manual mode is capable enough to take nice photos in my Z2. But expecting more from Sony to beat others.

  • Guest

    Manual mode is capable enough to take nice photos in my Z2. But expecting more from Sony to beat others

  • Thariq Mohammed

    Another one

  • great news for entire xperia z family.hope they will roll out Z and Z1 for lollipop next 24 hours

  • ozanyalcn45

    You can download and flash global lollipop firmware

  • Fiiliip

    Sony Xperia Z

  • skyxz

    One thing u need to know about phonearena is that they hate Sony smartphones. Its something I would expect from phone arena.

  • roeshak

    Trouble with viewing photos on Flickr is you can’t zoom into the photos to inspect them at pixel level

  • roeshak

    Phonearenna use superior auto. Can’t be too hard to see why the z3 lost kiddo. Sony needs to sort out the cameras point and shoot capabilities but if we’re talking about raw capabilities and potential, the z3 is better.

  • hmmm

    20.7 mpx camera,but such a bad software….no lollipop for z3 yet,no raw picture,no are you doing sony???and if z4 will have the same stupid camera,same senzor,then it will be a big fail…same camera just like iphone

  • roeshak

    trusting a site like phonearenna on anything Samsung related is a stupid move. They’re paid up Samsung trolls. There are other comparisons out there between z3 and note 4 on YouTube and the Web. Don’t just go with phonearenna. They’re paid up commentators!

  • Kiwison

    It is obvious that you’ve not checked the article since they both used Auto and Manual mode in there.

  • Kiwison

    I regularly follow mobile tech news, in fact everyday I log in to PA therefore I’m well aware that they like Samsung better than Sony but this does not change the situation over there, everyone in Xperiablog knows that Sony produces better cameras and even Samsung’s own lenses are produced by Sony but the software is not as good as Samsungs’, unfortunately.

  • Ritwij

    I know I can but that’s Sony’s job to update every phone, not our job to flash different region firmwares every time an update is out.

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, I actually believe that Sony’s image processing isn’t THAT bad as everyone makes it out to be. I recently found out that Xperia Z2 & Z3 has better ISO performance than all of the cameraphone (beating even lumia 930 & 1520) except lumia 1020 of course. But as we know, the auto mode destroys the good ISO performance.

  • crackinthewall

    The thing is, most stock camera apps have manual modes that are just as accessible as Sony’s. You don’t review phone cameras by how well they do in the hands of experienced photographers, you review them by the least common denominator: how normal people use them. Most people just use auto and that’s what Sony needs to improve on.

  • Orfeas Lampropoulos

    I owned satio, xperia p, xperia z1 and now z3. Guess the winner! SATIO FTW!!

  • ozanyalcn45

    you are right dude :D

  • The Xperia Z1 to Z3 are all good flagship camera phones. However, since we’re talking about Sony here, which has one of the best camera departments out there, I think we all expected a little more. If the camera really was as bad as people said, I wouldn’t be making YouTube photography tutorials. I’m trying to make people see that you can take awesome photographs with an Xperia flagship, despite not offering the best of the best.

    I may sound like I’m somewhat contradicting myself, but that’s because I praise the camera as well as criticizing. I really like how it’s a good flagship camera, but knowing that it’s a Sony camera phone I really just expected to see more. Especially in controls. And no, I really don’t believe Xperias use aggressive noise reduction. That’s only when you use “Superior” Auto mode – once you’re using Manual mode and you set the ISO yourself, then you’ll get some very decent photographs. I tried to make this very clear in my tutorial video.

    Finally, the Xperias have a very accurate colour reproduction as well. But this is then countered by the auto white balance setting which indoors barely gets the white balance right, and makes images look very dull. In the end I’d say that Sony has started with a great camera, but they need to finish it. They need to improve their algorithms for white balance detection and give us Manual users more control. But then again, photography enthusiasts are only a very minor part of the group that buys Xperia phones. The most common people just want to take photos that can tell them stories. They want photos that aren’t blurry. They want night shots that aren’t just black. And this is, I think, why Sony made their Superior Auto mode use such a high ISO. Because the majority of people would rather have non-blurred and clearly visible images, and they don’t care about noise.

  • Nadeer Suddoo
  • Nadeer Suddoo
  • Nadeer Suddoo
  • Sreejit

    Pisa Cathedral & Leaning Tower of Pisa! Shot from Z1..

  • Sreejit

    Pisa Cathedral & Leaning Tower of Pisa! Shot from my Xperia Z1.. NO editing.. :)

  • KentuckyHouse

    Are you supposed to be bragging on that image? Because, I can assure you, that image isn’t anything to be bragging about.

    I would expect a lot more light to be taken in by the Sony sensor and a lot less motion blur (especially the blue tower in the middle of the shot). While the reflection of the lights on the water is nice, you can’t even make out the shape of the buildings.

    The problem with the Z3’s camera isn’t the sensor, though. It’s the ridiculously complicated software and UI. Camera phones can be amazing in the hands of an experienced photographer that knows what they’re doing (and the Z3 can be one of those), but to the average user, it’s a nightmare. Menu upon menu, not being able to use HDR in either always on or auto, not being able to use HDR in Superior Auto, etc. These are all problems that could easily be fixed by a software update, but Sony doesn’t seem interested in that.

  • Faisal Armand

    Excellent words there..

    Unlike some of people here that say Xperia camera is a total crap, you are very fair. And oh, don’t worry about contradicting yourself, you’re clearly not. Because, as perfect as a camera can be, there HAS to be at least one weakness in it.

    Yes, lack of full manual control is close to a living nightmare for photographers like us. Especially those that likes to shoot in low light. I’m seriously disappointed in Sony

    In short and to summarize all of our points, Xperia camera has several things that’s enough to make it as the best shooter in smartphone world such as:
    – ISO performance second only to lumia 1020
    – One of the best colour reproduction
    – Great dynamic range
    – F/2.0 lens. In theory, this should enable xperia camera to shoot in low light without increasing the ISO

    But unfortunately there’s one major weakness that’s destroyed every plus points that Xperia camera has:
    – Mismanagement of auto mode (incorrect white balance, inefficient ISO & shutter speed settings)

    I would take having wide angle lens as one weakness too, but not as major as the bad auto mode.

  • roeshak

    The wide field of view also has a part to play in this. Of course a camera with a wider angle lens takes the picture from a more zoomed out perspective so fine details are harder to resolve than one with a narrower angled lens.
    Samsung also employs a lot of oversharpenning which they’ve reduced on s6 to improve lowlight performance.
    I agree that too many people fall for the image processing algorithm line of gsmarenna and phonearenna which is very simplistic and mostly wrong.
    If you take pics with high iso values which the auto mode does once the lights get dim, the sensor produces noisy images which the image processing algorithms try to suppress and so you end up with the oil painting effect.
    Now my theory is, because of the lack of optical stabilisation, the auto mode in lower lighting conditions cranks up the iso to ensure focus. Shooting with say iso 100 to 200 for lowlight produces cleaner higher quality images but because of the slow shutter, focus is hard to achieve without a very steady hand or tripod.
    You’re totally correct about the iso preformance of the xperias. Even at night time, iso 100 to 200 produce excellent dynamic range and contrast illuminating the scene adequately. That’s not something you’ll see on any other camera phones.
    The advice is simple, always shoot with as low an iso as possible. Just learn to hold the camera steady.
    I don’t think we’ll see any change to the way the auto mode or settings handle iso until Sony implements OIS.
    Another poor thing about the xperia cameras is the very limited full res mode. No hdr for example is ridiculous even though the sensors great dynamic range helps to compensate somewhat.
    The software needs to improve I agree but not as far as image processing goes.
    People who spend all their time looking at gsmarenna and phonearenna comparisons are wasting their time.
    Those two sites are Samsung paid up trolls who control their tests to favour the Samsung cameras.
    Of course if you’re going to compare full crops of long distance shots between 16mp samples taken with a narrow angle lens with 8mp samples taken with a wide angle lens, you can’t be surprised to see the former looking better.
    Samsung sets it’s cameras up for sharp details while Sony goes for all round performance.
    If you look at the hardware of the s6, you’ll find that Samsung has taken a leaf out of Sonys book and in doing so have improved lowlight performance. The s6 isn’t as sharp as the note 4 because it uses a wider angle lens and less sharpening but it’s better than the note 4 in lowlight and also has better dynamic range.
    The Samsungs however have auto modes that don’t crank up iso values like the Sony’s do and so produce better results.
    OIS would do the world of good for xperia cameras. It’ll allow Sony to use software that’s more conservative with iso especially when the sensors iso capabilites are very good.
    Sony’s avoided OIS for far too long and the competition have now stepped up their game so they can’t avoid this any longer.
    I’m certain if not the z4, certainly the z5 will have optical stabilisation

  • Faisal Armand

    Which is why I include lens fov in the weakness section.

    Great words, there.

  • Because of the lack of manual control, I actually recommend a separate camera application for night shots (note that I rarely ever find separate camera apps worthwhile): Camera FV-5.

    It has the option for “long” and “long+” shutter speeds. Although in the app it may look like you’re setting the exposure manually, what it does is use Night Mode instead. However, the app is able to use this Night Mode (ISO-200 at max, and lowest shutter speed) at full resolution (makes me wonder why Sony can’t). If I ever do night shots, I always use this app. It gives as much manual control as you can get, with Sony’s limitations.

  • Faisal Armand

    I’ve tried camera FV5 and tried the long & long+ shutter options. What it does is reducing the resolution to 2MP and making a chromatic noise mess.

    If you want to try, there’s an app called “better camera” it actually allows you to shoot night mode at 20.7MP. I’ve done a test, as a matter of fact. Comparing night scene in better camera at full res against stock camera app @Night scene 8MP.

    – both better camera app and stock app used ISO 50 & 1/2s shutter speed.
    – Better camera app uses image stacking method that blends 8 images together to get one image with less noise & pretty looking presentation.
    – The overall presentation of better camera app looked prettier with boosted contrast & saturation, look a bit unnatural I must say
    – Better camera app images has reduced FoV
    – At pixel level quality examinations reveal that better camera employed stronger noise reduction than the stock app, making images less noisy but swamping fine details in the process. Result from stock app was a tad noisier but with more fine details

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  • garygary

    Note 4 beat a DSLR? Because it has more saturated colors? You must be joking. Among others, i still have my first DSLR, a Canon 450D, released in 2008. I’m yet to see a phone camera that can come close to it. To beat it, maybe in the next decade.

  • That’s very weird of Camera FV-5. Both in Long and Long+ shutter options I get 20 megapixel shots. Long is basically Night Mode but then at 20 megapixels, whereas Long+ makes the image very orange, sets the ISO to 50 and always has an exposure of 0.8″.

    Are you sure you didn’t accidentally go into “open shutter” mode? This basically takes a video and merges all frames into one photo, to simulate (somewhat poorly) the effect of a long exposure. Because this does end up with a 2 megapixel image.

    I may look into your camera application soon. It doesn’t seem to offer much more, but then again most is due to Sony’s own camera limitations.

  • George

    I agree Sony Camera sometimes looses if we compare it to Note 4 but if you are using manual mode correctly you cane take decent shoots :)

    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]DSC_0153[/url] by [url=]Unlimate[/url], on Flickr

  • Sponse

    shot with xperia z1

  • Sponse

    another one shot by the xperia z1 (by me)

  • Sponse

    here it is

  • Kiwison

    well, nothing yet :(

  • [S]unjay

    …We know…

  • Timel

    Stop trying to defend about this Sony’s stupid mistake… You behaviour can’t help Sony get better but worse

    Who cares Manual Mode ?
    No one want to wast the time with Manual Mode on the Smartphone
    This the new era so everything gotta be smart, effective and easy to use, this is SMARTphone, do you get it? “SMART” phone

    Users just want to focus and shoot and then they got the greatest picture and if Sony still don’t understand the point so please! They should get out of the mobile market, Sony should not wast their time, their resource especially their money with smartphone product line because it’s clear that Sony will never win Samsung and Apple in this game if Sony do not change anything about smartphone’s camera and the software

  • Timel

    Then Samsung and Apple have a better vision than Sony because Samsung and Apple have move forward with the smarter camera, Samsung’s and Apple’s users can get great photos forme their smartphones without learning anything much before they use and that’s cool.

  • roeshak

    You’re just talking nonsense. Doesn’t matter how much or for how long you talk it, it’ll remain nonsense. It doesn’t matter how much iso you use he says!! What stupidity!!!
    If you want a easy camera to use, get an iPhone and stop the bullshit.
    The only thing I miss on z2s camera is the lack of OIS. I accept that it will never match the note 4 for sharpness because of the wider angle lens and Samsungs over sharpening.
    Even the s6 isn’t as sharp as the note 4 because Samsung wanted to improve overall image quality and low light performance.
    You know very little and speak so much. It’s a real shame that.
    If you can’t be bothered to educate yourself then get something that’s better for noobs like the iPhone or LG or Samsung devices.
    Xperia cameras don’t play well in auto mode. Deal with it and get over it. Your rants are just too tiresome and mindless for the most part!

  • Abdul Ghani

    you are another blind retard who cant see that sony ruined the algorithm almost all sites say in manual mode when crop there is compression and grain even xda and forms at sony mobile support form so only u think xperia camera is best in software dosent means all world is proof

    just examples

    plus people are buying iphone nokia shitsung and lg because it is easier to take pictures on the flow not tune in manual mode then set right settings and become a robot so that pictures dont go blur

    the fact sony auto mode is poop and manual mode is also poop

  • Abdul Ghani

    if i want to set manual controls i would buy a dslr or qx1 for that u think by setting a iso and scene in a phone u became a pro u are shit stop pretending like u are a pro

  • roeshak

    Do you actually know what image processing is? Your ignorance is staggering!!!

  • roeshak

    Where is your evidence that people are buying those brands because of their cameras. LG sells mostly cheap mid range to budget devices, Nokia don’t sell as many flagships as Sony does, almost every iPhone user I know complains about its photo qualit. Samsung is a bigger brand than Sony.
    Those forums you’re referencing are full of ignorant jokers like you talking a lot of nonsense just like you.
    Again I’ll ask you, do you actually know what image processing is? You certainly don’t have a clue if you think it’s the source of all the problems of the xperia cameras lol!

  • parental92

    read it again mate =,=a

    what i said was in the BLIND test, between DSLR , note 4 and one other phone. people TEND to choose the note 4 . this is prove that general consumer don’t know what a good picture is , they tend to choose the more saturated picture .

    that doesn’t mean at all that note 4 is better than DSLR, because it isn’t. i wrote that comment in response of people that moans to get RAW on a freaking phone camera.

  • roeshak

    Some samples I just took in SA and manual at full res.
    Start with indoors. Only light coming through window.
    SA indoor shot. Chose night scene mode
    Manual mode. Full res. Iso 100

    Daylight long distance shot.
    SA shot. Chose landscape scene
    Manual mode full res. Iso 50
    SA full crop
    Manual mode full crop

    SA messed up the indoor shot of the clock but did OK with the daylight shot. For an 8mp sample I think it did very well for details considering how far away the subject was. You’ll never get that from an iPhone. SA just struggles with challenging situations and low light.
    Manual mode at full res excelled in both photos. I just cannot see how this sort of quality can be considered crap. Look at the indoor shot and how almost noise free it is.

  • Abdul Ghani

    Are u blind or on drugs look at those pictures in laptop or pc they suck like hell can’t u see the grain the noise

  • Abdul Ghani

    You are prick who ignore alone while the world is angry at sony and u alone is happy with grainy painting pictures and for ur answer the processing is for converting images what u capture to jpeg with compression for digital images anything else u want to know.. here is my question where is the option to select what kind of jpeg image processing we want like old days normal fine super fine best options? The were given to my old sony erricson phones vivas pro satio and k200 and those phone pictures which i have are still better than z 1 2 3

  • Abdul Ghani

    U called people and xda devs fools hahahaha lool u alone right this is the best joke i heard from a fool lol u.made fum of urself

  • roeshak

    Who are this world who are angry with Sony. YouTube is full of videos all praising the xperia cameras. Pocketnow proclaimed z2/z3 the best cameras on android. So to CNET, the verge, stuff etc etc. Who are these people who you call the world? IIt’s very hard to take you seriously Bro!

  • roeshak

    Now I know you’re just a joker coming here to talk pure nonsense. Did you even look at the photos. What noise? Noise is kept almost under total ccontrol especially in the manual shots. Do you even know what noise is or are we just talking to a total idiot here

  • Abdul Ghani

    There are people who don’t understand that processing of jpeg of xperia is bad just ignore the fact and carry on

  • Abdul Ghani

    I love z2 maybe z4 but I know z4 hardware will be brilliant but software will ruin it

  • Abdul Ghani

    Uhhhh only for ur eyes its under control lol I looked them on my laptop they suck little crop poop is there

  • roeshak

    One wonders what it is you’re doing with the photos. Are you blowing them up on your pc to billboard size and then complaining about grain???
    There’s something definitely wrong with you. Somewhere somehow because those pictures have very good noise levels even after cropping.
    I think this joker just puts pictures on his pc and blows them up beyond reasonable proportions and then comes here crying for Sony to give him pictures from a smartphone that he can make full sized advertising billboards out of lol!
    A joker indeed!

  • Abdul Ghani

    U can call me joker because my sony erricson vivas pro k200 mobile pictures don’t have that kimd of noise in anyday time sunlight or low light anyway by calling me a joker doesn’t change the fact that sony processing image are crap and you are. Blind fanboy faggot

  • Abdul Ghani

    How many phones have u own my history with phone its uncountable and its camera and pictures in my library i have almost 15000+ pictures saved and now I am currently owning z2 z3 dual lg g3 s5 z1 note 4 I have them now in my house seriously though don’t teach me ur are blind fanboy faggot u always will be

  • roeshak

    And just because I know you’re one of those jokers who constantly keep saying Sony Ericsson devices from old take better pictures than Sony’s Z series.
    Here are the full crops of the same long distance daylight samples from the xperia S and z2.
    S full crop
    Z2 full crop

    S was taken with iso 100 because that’s isit’s lowest level while z2 with iso 50. Even with the S’s much narrower angled lens it did not do as well as the z2 did.

  • Abdul Ghani

    OMG u r xperia s vs z2 which is not erricson BTW fun fack my experiance my pet my cat made funny face and thanks to xperia s which had quick launch mode on within 2 second i took this picture and its software delivered pretty decent image in auto mode if i use z2 his my cats face will be grainy with painting effects so yeah xperia s was a better shooter in indoors and low light in software side not hardware because z2 hardware is miles better than xperia s but software xperia s is miles better than z2 auto and manual so stfu and stop being a blind fanboy faggot just by using scene mode and iso settings u dont become a pro z2 is not a dslr lol

    when i see my old phones images k200 vivas pro nokia n95 n86 and many mobiles i own those old days i dont see grain and paining effects just a simple clean image

    here is my question if u see a moment that will be gone in few seconds first u will turn on manual mode then select a scene then set iso and exposure then take the picture after the moment is gone or just open the camera and snap it before its gone?

  • roeshak

    It’s a waste of time arguing with you. I’ve got both devices and the S is a very awful lowlight performer because of the over sharpening employed in its image processing. That and its smaller sensor.
    The S takes some very horrible pictures in lowlight. Does OK in very good lighting but that’s where it stops.
    Do you really actually own any of these devices or are you just trolling this blog.
    By the way, the xperia S was a Sony Ericsson device just rebranded Sony. The z was Sony’s first device. Even the exif data would show you that.
    The lights are getting dim now here in London. Do you want me to show you just how bad the S’s lowlight capabilites are?
    To be honest what’s the point. You’re just trolling. I’m certain if that now lol

  • My problem is too much noise in lowlight.

  • Abdul Ghani

    the point is u cant show proof just a blinf fanboy faggot thats all u are plus i dont need u to show proof since i have 7 different devices..The difference between u and me is i want sony to improve the software processing like nexus u love what they throw right at ur butthole

  • roeshak

    Just so you don’t say we didn’t try to enlighten you.
    Here is the same low light scene from both S and z2. I wouldn’t take photos under low natural light indoors but to illustrate the point, here goes.
    Both cameras were set to iso 400 because the light is very poor so expect noise from both.
    S photo
    Z2 photo
    S crop
    Z2 crop
    S full crop
    Z2 full crop

    I could take more and more photos to prove the simple fact but with you, it’s a waste of time but you can’t say nobody tried lol
    The S has a much narrower lens so should do better for details but it’s lowlight performance is just not good.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i was right u are indeed a fanboy faggot what in mind u say that z2 pictures are good that crop cant u see the noise level and grain OMG blind blind ignorant fanboy ahhhh such a waste of time xperia s cant to that low light danm man u suck sonys cock all the time

  • roeshak

    That’s an extremely lowlight photo at high iso. I did say to you to expect noise. The reason for photos was to show you that S is worse in lowlight.
    There’s no smartphone camera out there that would do much better in those conditions.
    Taking pictures with only very low natural light from a window is bound to be noisy.
    You’ve got some serious issues kiddo.
    The purpose of the photos was to show you that S performs worse.
    As I said, S5,note 4,iPhone, s6 would have done even worse than z2 in those conditions. Those are very difficult lighting conditions. S struggled to focus and is full of chromatic noise. Z2 focused OK and is only affected by luminescent noise.
    Your mind just doesn’t function properly. That’s the only explanation for a lot of your comments

  • roeshak

    And for good measure. Same scene again with the light on. S couldn’t focus at all at iso 200 so I had to go up to 400. Z2 was fine with 200
    S photo
    Z2 photo
    S crop
    Z2 crop
    S full crop
    Z2 full crop

    So now, you’ve had very low light in challenging conditions. Now I’ve shown you both phones in moderate incandescent licht where S needed iso 400 to focus at all.
    Do you want night time photos, I assure you S will struggle even more under those conditions.
    You make a lot of unfounded statements without anything to back it up.
    Well I’ve shown you both phones in action. You can check exif info.

  • roeshak

    Well at least I’ve proved to you that the S doesn’t take better pictures than the z2. Let me what you’re other devices are. Maybe in time I can conclusively prove you wrong on those as well lol

  • garygary

    OK, i misunderstood your comment. BUT …
    I found that test. The interesting thing is that the images that are allegedly from a DSLR, REALLY the worst. They are out of focus and dull. You don’t have to be a photography expert to see that.
    So, there is two possibility:
    1. Those images didn’t come from a DSLR, or
    2. PhoneArena made those images look bad, in favor of Samsung.

  • Abdul Ghani

    no thanks I don’t need proof from blind fanboy because you would do anything to show z2 is awesome when its not

  • Matt

    What’s going on in this thread?

  • Lukasz Krol

    Seriously? I don’t know what you all are complaining about. Are you trying to replace DSLR cameras with smartphone cameras? Do you really think that “normal user”, who is viewing pictures either on a smartphone’s screen, or, eventually, on FullHD (or less!) monitor or TV, really can see a difference between picture taken by Z line xperia, or by Samsung, or by iphone? I agree that 3, 4 years ago, even 2 years ago, quality of photos taken by smartphones wasn’t great. But this days? Really, every high end phone from 2014 or 2015 is capable of shooting excellent normal-use photos.

    Are you in the 1% of people who are professional photographers? Or are you in the 20% of people who calls themselves professional photographers? Get a DSLR camera and stop complaining about minor differences in the level of details taken by different phones! Yes, MINOR differences! Really, in most of cases who cares about details in (let’s say) 3264 x 2448 resulution if most of people will be viewing it in 1920×1080!
    Take Galaxy S1, or S2, compare photos with what you get from Z3 or from Galaxy S5, S6. This is what we call huge improvement!
    Now go on, you haven’t started complaining about Superior Auto mode shooting “just” in 8MP yet. Just don’t forget that 8MP is about 4MB on your SD card, and 20MB will be 8, 9MB. Have you thought about how heavy will be 1000 pictures? And who needs 20MP? (Here you can loop to the top of this paragraph.)

  • parental92

    why are you so suspicious ? , do believe that images are coming from a DSLR. and i don’t believe that phone arena would rig their own test just to favour a certain brand, that’s just pathetic.

    rather lets see things more objectively. DSLR lens nowdays are designed to produce neutral colour. because they are intended to be post processed afterwards. BUT if you use automatic modes, which i quite sure theyre using, and shoot in JPEG , the camera will implement a tiny bit of saturation boost and sharpening according to the predefined settings. thats why it will look dull.

    and now the camera on phones are designed to be shared afterwards, they shamelessly use saturation and sharpening on their images. About the focus , plain of focus in DSLR are narrower, so it depends on the user to focus on a certain point at the pictures, you cant actually focus on all of them if your aperture wide open.

    so ive laid all the facts there ,personally, i do think we should divide the use of the camera.
    1. DSLR for professional or hobbyist
    2. phone camera for snapshots,and sharing

    i guess, the message im trying to get across is (to all people) STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT RAW , IF YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE USE OF SMARTPHONE CAMERA. ehm . . .

  • Faisal Armand

    Excellent pawnage there, bud. S simply can’t match Z2 under low light conditions

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    what about noises on low light?
    do same thing with other phones
    and lets see the differences
    hope u will know how to use camera
    if not u will never know differences
    we are talking between phones not how take a pic
    i dont see anything special in this photo

  • Thanousay Khamphoune

    hahhahaha really dude, samsung and apple taking better photos. First off samsung over saturates their photos to make the colors pop. It’s not even a true color. The sensors and cameras in apple phones are made from sony. Sony has a intelligence auto used to do the same thing, however the manual mode gives user more control. Besides, sony phones are waterproof. That means you can do slow mo, hd shots, anything you want underwater

  • Elysiumfire

    I think it is important to both understand and accept the limitations that mobile phone cameras function at. Mobile phone cameras are not designed to produce the same level of quality or detail that DSLRs can achieve, they are designed for ‘snapshot moments’ (something Apple are good at). Having said that, current mobile phone cameras are capable of taking excellent images, but one needs to learn the functions of the mobile phone camera and its software. This means pushing the camera on your mobile beyond the function of taking snapshot moments, and begin to use it in a more ‘considered’ way.

    Of course, once one learns the functions of one’s mobile phone camera, it is quickly made apparent to the user that the limitations are set by the camera hardware and software. Sony have delivered excellent camera hardware in their Z series, but have imposed limitations on it through software, the algorithms used are not the best, and do not provide the best results that the hardware can deliver. I’d love to see a company like Nikon deliver a mobile phone camera application (one specific to take control of the mobile phone camera, and not the one that allows the mobile to control their DSLRs), because their software algorithms for digital images is superb.

    From Sony’s perspective, I would assume that they have gone with a marketing philosophy to deliver an all round mobile camera that provides pleasing results only? Their sensor in their Z series is one of the largest sensors in mobile phones, and thus should provide a greater dynamic range and more detail in captured images. If Sony allowed the capture of RAW data from their sensor, it would open up a new level in mobile phone technology, but it would also step beyond the snapshot moment of mobile phone cameras. It will make the device less of a phone with a camera, and more of a camera with a phone, requiring a different approach to its use.

    Mobile phones are, first and foremost, communication devices…that is their primary function. As cameras and music players and game stations, these are secondary applications made possible through advances in technology, but should never supersede the mobile’s primary function as a communications device, and this is where the compromise exists.

    If you buy a mobile phone specifically for one of its secondary applications, such as the camera, you’d be better off buying a compact camera or DSLR, because you are not buying the mobile for its primary function of communication, and of course, companies like Sony, are not going to allow its mobile division encroach on the its camera division. So by limiting the ability of the camera on its Z series through software, no direct encroachment is made on its camera division.

    One thing Sony could do is make its mobile phone cameras the industry for its compact cameras, and focus its camera division on making better DSLRs and perhaps, affordable medium format digital imaging? This would give a boost to both divisions.

  • Luiz

    I agree thinking a “smartphone” should have a “not so smart” camera is to be a simple minded. Tricky adjustments must be left to the professionals. I own a Z3 and the phone is pretty good, but the camera is pure crap, either auto or manual. White exposition is impossible to balance. White balance is never right and it kills any picture. I had a Moto Max which took way better pictures with no interaction needed whatsoever. Iphone is the same. Shame on you Sony!

  • Vic

    Yet Sony makes the camera for Samsung and Apple phones…how ironic!!

  • Cesta Sol2

    nice model…….

  • Great sharing ,awesome post.

  • Balram Shah

    In early models Sony camera was producing too much color, now due to complains they have reduced color but they have made it to less colors. They don’t know optimum need of some effects .Disappointment with Photo quality of Z3+, Z5. Even contrast and Saturation is poor.

  • Balram Shah

    My friend bought LG G5 in $400 and i bought Z5 premium in $800 and yet he have double performance and his photo have better good looking color, better sharpness, better contrast. I was shamed in front of his $400 smartphone. Except design Z5 P is worst in front of that. I am very sad

  • Balram Shah

    Even in above photography tutorial, Photos have no sharpness, detail, color, even after he is so close to that Teddy bear.

  • Balram Shah

    1st learn to choose a better camera

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