Xperia J1 Compact Snoopy Edition announced for Japan

by XB on 30th March 2015

in Xperia - Japan Models

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_2Sony Mobile Japan will launch a Snoopy Special Edition for the recently announced Xperia J1 Compact. The Xperia J1 Compact Snoopy model will arrive with Snoopy-themed accessories including a leather pouch, clear plastic case and screen protector.

The phone will also include seven different Snoopy wallpapers and music from “Linus and Lucy with The Band.” All of this can be had for 62,800 yen + tax, when it launches on 20 April 2015. Shame it’s Japan-only.

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_1

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_2

Premium Snoopy Leather case

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_3

A Snoopy Screen Protector

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_4

Snoopy Clear Case

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_5

Seven original Snoopy wallpapers will be pre-installed on the “Xperia J1 Compact Snoopy Edition”

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_6

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_7

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_8

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_9

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_10

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_11

Xperia J1 Compact SNOOPY_12

  • zzz44

    Awesome… Fuck z4 :)) lets buy j1 snoopy … I want one whit sooby doo sony… Pls make one !

  • Kiwison

    Am I the only one coming here every time just to check if official global lollipop roll out is here yet?

  • Kravtiger


  • shhh

    I came here for Snoopy.

  • So making a Snoopy phone for Japan is more important to Sony than trying to release Lollipop as fast as possible on their flagships ? :|

  • u fanboy?

    I’m with u

  • Sadman Khan

    Almost all the D5803s have it. Shame how the D5833 still has to wait :(

  • Jacen23

    It’s live on the PC Companion here in Italy now (Z3Compact) ^^

  • Anel Mustafoski

    “Sony” is not more sony,
    I’m speechless what they are doing..

  • I thought it said Snoop Dogg at first

  • Well, I don’t understand why sony is making such phones like this – it makes their costs bigger, that’s why their revenue is poor then…

  • Kiwison

    lucky bastards :D

  • well come on….what’s the purpose of this phone rly?

  • Lucian

    Just received notification for Lollipop update on my unlocked Sony xperia Z3 Compact! Yaay xD

  • Jacen23

    well, I’ll let you know XD

  • jmaxim917

    Sony is all over the place.

  • [S]unjay

    You do realize that this is being done by different teams and this phone will not affect your Lollipop?

  • Jake Lew

    i came for snoopy

  • Battal Aljadei

    They’ve left Xperia Walkman & Xperia Active & Xperia Play and produced a Snoopy edition ?
    The mountain’s tried to give a birth, and then the birth was a mouse !

  • Amimanot

    Its to attract more customers really. And with japan having a huge market for cute stuff, it makes sense to release some special cutesy edition of a phone there

  • Dakota

    I think user zzz44 was displaying “sarcasm”

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins
  • jeff

    From what country is this?

  • I already installed it yesterday night for my Z3 Compact, notification from the update center.

    Smooth and perfect. The only thing I think is not complete is the unchangeable orange color in the brightness bar and throughout the entire place e.g the keyboard. Hope they will fix this in the future.

    Other than that, me like lollipop

  • Nuno

    Just upgraded my unlocked Z3 to lollipop, I never received the notification on my phone just connected the phone to pc companion and the update was available. Lollipop looks good but to me looks too much like Google and less like Sony. Also definitely miss the sony music unlimited and video unlimited as I am a long term sony user and lost all my music and videos. Performance is excellent faster than kit kat and the screen colors are really vivid, but still liked the kit kat look especially on the LTE and signal bar icons.

  • cyun84

    its live on my Z3 Tablet Compact too!

  • Abdullah Mohamed

    what about the Z3 Dual lollipop update ? or it is not from the Z3 Series -_- .. Sony buhhh

  • Ritwij

    Where is your device from?

  • cyun84

    I’m in Singapore!

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