Xperia C3 and T2 Ultra see Android Lollipop certified (19.3.A.0.468)

by XB on 3rd April 2015

in Android, Firmware, Xperia C3, Xperia T2 Ultra

wpid-img_20150402_205747.jpgSony Mobile has only just officially confirmed that Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is heading to the Xperia C3 and Xperia T2 Ultra and now it looks like the firmware might arrive soon.  A new update with build number 19.3.A.0.468 has been certified by the PTCRB for both handsets. This means that we could see the update arrive in a matter of weeks and perhaps even before some Xperia Z series handsets.  We will keep you posted on when it starts to roll.



Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • RamaKrishna


  • William Wijaya

    Let’s just see about it Z series, and other dual variant get’s certified.
    Maybe dual sim problem that delayed the release fot whole dual variant series.

    Btw OP the title is Xenia instead of Xperia :D
    Got a typo there maybe

  • Alexsandro Peres

    Eu quero é para o meu Z Ultra… Na ansiedade aqui! Hehehe Se vazar a ftf, farei a a instalação limpa via Flashtools! O bom é que o meu é a versão C6833!

  • Dion

    JAYSUS CHREIST calm your baaaalllwwws braaaaaawwww yuuu dont have patttiiient ? Whuts wrung with u

  • u fanboy?

    Sony has officially confirmed that after Z1 series, T2 Ultra and C3 will get update, last will be Z to receive Lollipop

  • i love sony

    i love sony

    i love sony

    i love sony

    i love sony

  • ????? ????????

    xenia ???

  • Aimen

    when for xperia z1 :(

  • Ibrahem Salah

    Z1 Lollipop has been certified

  • Sultan Albatati

    M2 and m2 aqua? It is sony most buy by user after z series. And m2 aqua is newer than C3 and t2 ultra. And what about t3?

  • Dion

    U mad?

  • ryq24

    Hope the update will fix some bugs like lagging on C3.

  • RamaKrishna


  • Xt

    Anybody noticed ‘Xenia’?

  • Kenneth

    Where to buy Xenia?

  • xenia?

  • Billy de Fretes

    spot on… daihatsu xenia ? next will be ayla, avanza… :D

  • sin

    Anybody got lolipop update in india for xperia z3??? Plz reply..

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Yep real “soon”, very likely it will be 2 weeks from now.

  • Yaroslav

    You also use M2 Aqua?

  • Wafi Azmi Hartono


  • Dion

    Well u aint that type of human that understands jokes then, why don’t you flash it, I already did it no problems better then waiting all the time

  • u fanboy?

    Check their Tweets you will find it, I think they tweeted it on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Dion

    Yeah I saw it 2 hours ago

  • Xenia is a new brand or what? Lol

  • raju

    Before 10th April z1lollipop release

  • Marcos De La Fuente Sánchez

    If they update these before Z1, I might explode

  • Patrick Jurdana

    Xperia M2 ???? Sony????

  • Amel_Marie

    I think none of us have it in asia.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    And as a Xperia z user I don’t care when I get the Android lollipop update, stop crying…. Your Xperia Z won’t explode just because it doesn’t have the latest Android version…

  • ??????? ?????????

    August 2014 – M2 Aqua
    July 2014 – C3
    June 2014 – T3
    Jaunary 2014 – T2 Ultra
    And E smartphone series:
    September 2014 – E3
    Jaunary 2014 – E1 (Announced with T2 Ultra)
    But E3 and E1 won*t update to Lollipop (Chance update to lollipop only 15%)

  • atif9969

    Is C3 Dual (D5202) Getting Lollipop any Idea anyone?

  • Jecht_Sin

    Sony is better not forgetting the Xperia M2, then. It has the same SoC of the C3. Just a smaller display and frontal camera.

  • Allenwtface

    we peobably want to know the exact date…I hate waiting!XD

  • Ibrahem Salah

    At least you know you will have it :D

  • Doretha Haskins

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  • Cris de Oliveira

    It’s happening! weeee o/

  • shane watson

    My phone is unbranded z1, when Sony released latest kitkat update for z1 I get update right after next day they release it. so can I get lollypop update same like that.I’m in srilanka

  • u fanboy?

    No problem, I have Xperia Z1 btw.

  • AmirMasood Shafiee

    How about T2 Ultra dual? D5322

  • Guest

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    Find Out,,.,



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  • Sultan Albatati

    Yeah i use this

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