Sony “Lavender” (E5503) on horizon with MediaTek chipset?

by XB on 8th April 2015

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sony-xperia-logoTipster @upleaks tweeted details of a new handset earlier today,  claiming that the Sony “Lavender” is coming soon running the MediaTek MT6752 (64-bit octa-core LTE) chipset.

The handset is expected to sport a 1080p display and run Lollipop firmware with a build number starting with ’29.X’. The handset,  codenamed ‘lavender’, will have model number E5503 with FCC Type Number PM-0861-BV. We’ll bring you more details as soon as we have them.

Thanks difwwh, gmfady and Keshav!

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    Whats about release of m4 aqua

  • Abdul Ghani

    Could be t series

  • Guest

    Hey SONY… I told you to don’t waste your budget. :(

  • maybe Xperia T4 Ultra ???

  • SlaughTerror

    The name reminds me of the I don’t remember the name but it was perfume looking smartphone of SONY

  • mawhob2222

    Xperia z4 compact

  • ash

    Exactly what i was going to say

  • Sadman Khan

    Why mediatek :'( I’d rather have a 720p z4 compact with snapdragon 805. It would actually be very powerful and with great battery life

  • mawhob2222

    But MediaTek with 64 bit is better than Snapdragon 80!?

  • mawhob2222

    Xperia Z2 D6503 = Xperia Z4 E6503

    Xperia Z1 compact D5503 = Xperia Z4 compact E5503

  • Timel

    I don’t warm them
    I wanna see Sony go bankrup. HahahA

  • Sadman Khan

    CPU performance yes. GPU performance nope. It will obviously cause more heating and reduce battery life compared to 805. I’m not talking about s810 which has heat issues itself

  • xl77

    “I just wanna see Sony go bankrup as soon as possible”
    Hahaha…truly impossible for this to happen

  • Timel

    I mean Sony Mobile actually … I’m sorry My fault (^-^)

  • Timel

    Sony has no idea or ability to make their own chipset like Apple and Samsung did? So pity!

  • Yash Meena

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  • Utsav Shah

    you stupid apple don’t make their chipset. it’s samsung who makes it for apple.

  • techielover

    these Days Qualcomm and mediatek both are same as both have heating issues so whats uncommon ??good move sony!!

  • Utsav Shah

    And it’s a pity that your samsung have to use sony camera sensors for their flagship S6 phones.

  • RandomName

    Ignorance at it’s best

  • A.o.D

    Sounds like a promising mid-ranger. But, model E5503 hints for a Z4 Compact. So it may be the first z series phone with mediatek chip

  • Timel

    You are unable to use proper grammar. Such a pity!

  • Cool, thanks for the heads-up. However, where’s Lollipop for my Xperia T?

  • Sultan Albatati

    Apple use their own chipset? Maybe you buy iphone from neptunus. Apple use Samsung chipset. Use sony lens. Samsung too.

  • Sultan Albatati

    Hahaha, sony is the best

  • Sultan Albatati

    I think also. Will be t4, but the model number will be z4 compact. Bcause same with Z1co

  • Geese Howard

    XD XD Well said, well said… XD

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Why is it important who makes that chipsets? All I care is that processor works good in class that is build for and no overheating. I know that GPU is better in Qualcomm but as long as my mobile phone works smoothly I don’t care for Made by Apple, Made by Samsung, Made by MediaTek, Made by Qualcomm etc………

  • kawawangpinas101

    Sony pls make a z ultra 2 with good camera and less bezel

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Exactly apple only design their own soc nothing else.

  • A.o.D

    lol..finally a sony ad on my local daily newspaper after months :p hope they do a hell lot of marketing this year!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    bugs detect… :-)

  • kido

    Xperia z3 compact is D5803 so this is E5503 so probably its not the z4 compact

  • A.o.D

    But the z1 compact was D5503. So E5503 might be the z4 compact or an equivalent phone who knows..

  • Azizi Nor Hadi

    i think mediatek is the best decision for sony rather than just using qualcomm
    but i think mt6795 is more better because mt6752 is the super mid 64 bit chipset
    mt6795 is the hi-end 64 bit chipset from mediatek
    E5503 might be the compact flagship as D5503 is z1 compact
    its kinda weird when u guys said mediatek always heating and bad graphic and bad battery
    my friend e4 with out dated mediatek chipset can survive 1 day with facebook whatsapp and clash of clans and also other light gaming
    my friend meizu mx4 with mt6752 was superb , gaming performance was the best
    little heating just when play games
    i believe sony could make more better with mediatek 64 bit chipset peace ~

  • Amir

    Wrong. this is just a mid range phone, that’s why the mt is mid range one. notice that the latest compact = z3c does not have that X5503 so all in all it is definitely not the next compact. just a mid range. sony would never use that mt for the compact line. compact will always use the most high end cpu.

  • kido

    Oh ok

  • Christian

    haha! Idiot!

  • echomrg

    “nothing else” you say? ;)

  • Ritwij

    But C5503 was Xperia ZR

  • Azar

    Guys, how can these 3 articles have the date as April 8 meanwhile they’ve been posted ages ago? I’m starting to get annoyed with these stupid stuff there!

  • gaga

    Ignore and flag, ignore and flag, ignore and flag

  • A.o.D

    That’s why I said, ‘or an equivalent phone’. I really hope it to be a mid-range phone, it will sell more then

  • Timel

    LoL! You’re fucking so stupid

    APPLE designs its own chipset

  • Timel

    And it’s such a shame that Sony phone’s camera always 100 times worse than Samsung

  • Timel

    I mean Sony Mobile actually, sorry for my fault (^-^)

  • kido

    Really??? Hahahaha!! #hater lvl 100

  • Takashi Fujiwara

    Probably not the Z series. i don’t think Z series will use MediaTek processor :-). even M4 Aqua use Qualcomm. Maybe E or C series

  • Timel

    I got you

    I know it’s pretty hurt for you to admit the truth
    So do whatever you want loser!

  • Timel

    Yes like…. why is it important who makes that camera sensors, All people care is that camera works good in auto mode.. blahahaha

  • Timel


    I love Xperiablog however

  • rus_media


    Bringing “Hope for update”
    …to your life
    Happy Patience

  • Snorky112

    no, apple makes its own chipsets based on samsungs exynos, it’s BASED on samsungs but it’s clearly different

  • Luis

    Problem is most consumers think the bigger the number the better or the latest. 1080p>720p, Snap 810 > 805

  • Nt.AFC

    Jealous guy invaded :D

  • arcu de triumf

    I bet it has over 5-5.5″ display. No more regular phones only phablets.

  • A.o.D

    Lol.. I actually lost hope for the update and waiting for the z4 instead

  • A.o.D

    Yup.. I hope its a mid-ranger

  • Tjaldid

    Xperia SP

  • mukul verma

    even htc m9+ uses mediatek processor. so sony should also use.

  • Probably not because if Z4 has a Snapdragon 810, Z4 Compact too ! (It was like that for all their compact phones so far at least) ;) !

  • [S]unjay

    Sony is updating every “Z” phone to Lollipop. That is 18 phones in total and much more than Samsung, HTC and LG are updating combined.

    Also, HTC, LG and Samsung won’t be updating most of their mid-range phones but you bash Sony over your mid-range that did not get updated.

  • [S]unjay

    Deep down inside, you know that Sony smartphones are better than your precious Samsung phones.

  • [S]unjay

    Sony is releasing too many mid-range phones. That really hurt them last year.

  • Sadman Khan

    That right there is the problem. Not everyone thinks rationally

  • Timel

    LoL your comment shows how much stupid you are

    At least APPLE designs its own chipsets while Samsung foundry has the best technology to produce chipsets but shitty Sony… nothing, Sony can’t create those advanced job Hahaha so pity

    a junk company like Sony is fucking ineffective.

  • Another leak! This time benchmark of Xperia Z4:

  • Timel

    Wow really ?
    I just dont get that why when have the guys talk something that hurt Sony’s ass, all brainless Xperia fanboys have to think those guys must be Samsung fans that’s so stupid! Maybe the truth is deep down inside those Sony Xperia fanboys are always jealous the successful of Samsung GALAXY

    And to be honest, Samsung television is the only Samsung product I have.

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  • Geese Howard

    Dude the point here is that Samskunk Sour Apple fanboy here thinks that both Apple and Samsung design and manufacture their own chipsets and every other bits and pieces of their phone.. XD LOL If that were the case, god wonders how much those phones will cost and what kind or premium price we as consumers have to pay! O_O

    So fucking hilarious XD

  • [S]unjay

    Just one question.

    Why do you visit this site daily if you don’t like Sony and want them to fail?

    I mean….this site is a congregation of Sony fanboys and it was intended to serve Sony fanboys.

  • Rizky Maulana

    z4 and z4 compat may with same spec line but cheaper than z3 compact ^_^

  • Guest

    ?????I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak10:



  • May Czos

    This processor is too slow for the Compact. Compacts have always been as powerful as full size versions.

  • May Czos

    Even Meizu MX4 has pretty poor graphics compared to competitors qith Qualcomm processors.

  • May Czos

    Please stop spamming.

  • May Czos

    I think it’s the T4 – midrange phablet. Midrange SoC and high resolution to keep decent ppi on large screen.

  • Gauri Verma

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  • Nitin Raval

    Will the C5 Ultra be like Xperia Z Ultra? (6.4″)

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