Xperia Z4 hands-on pics (including comparison with Xperia Z3)

by XB on 20th April 2015

in Hands On, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Watch Impress Z4_5Sony Japan officially launched the Xperia Z4 earlier today, planning for a summer release. Whilst we wait to see whether Sony launches the handset outside Japan, we thought we’d share some hands-on pics of the handset from the Japanese media. These include a number of comparison pics against the Xperia Z3, showing some subtle changes in design including a capless micro USB port and no magnetic charging pins. Check out the pictures below.

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_1

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_2

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_3

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_4

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_5

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_6

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_7

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_8

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_9

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_10

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_11

Watch Impress Z4_1

Watch Impress Z4_2

Watch Impress Z4_3

Watch Impress Z4_4

Watch Impress Z4_5

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_1

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_2

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_3

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_4

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_5

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_6

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_7

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_8

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_9

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_10

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_11

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_12

Z4 vs Z3 vs Z1_1

Z4 vs Z3 vs Z1_2

Via ASCII (1 & 2), ITMedia and Watch Impress.

  • Really disappointing… :/

  • Rock Kickass

    Still disappointed with Sony. I’ve waited to upgrade and in all honesty, I shouldn’t of done. I’m going for the Z3 or Z3c and hoping for a superb Xperia flagship to be released at IFA in September. They really need to blow me away with any future flagship. Let’s hope I’m right.

    I know there is rumour about something being announced in May, but to be honest I don’t see anything being released until IFA and even if they release the Z4, it’s not that much of an upgrade over the Z3/Z3c.

  • Very nice !!!

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    ahahahaha Shame on you, Sony.


    No NFC? O.o

  • Snorky112


  • Snorky112


  • japolis

    dont like that shiny shit, tho aqua green is nice

  • (C):stem

    Still better than the iPhone.

  • bilomar

    It’s nice definitely worth to buy it if you don’t have a z-series phone. But it’s not worth upgrading if you have a z-series phone. The aqua green looks sexy af

  • Mike Gonzalez

    this isnt worth of the Z4 name… it’s a revised Z3

  • Snorky112

    no its 10000x better than the Z3
    it just looks years ahead :/

  • Snorky112

    nfc logo is missing on the Z3 in the picture

  • Snorky112

    I’m waiting may because it’s just going to be so awesome :'( need it

  • excellent! Very happy to see they did not change much and simply made subtle improvements!
    will pick 1 up for when I am in japan, but I really hope they release unlocked version.
    great work Sony, oh and please make purple.

  • basteagow

    Am I the only one who feels that the corners don’t blend in with the edges very well?
    The finishes look completely different.

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    Disliked it? Gimme! I’d be happy

  • Ritwij

    This is not the Sony flagship for 2015, or atleast that’s what the reports suggest. Wait for May!

  • ZXcorr

    Gorgeous, as always. But very incremental from Z3.

  • Perhaps, regardless I like this one just fine.

  • jakobd.

    What about the camera on Xperia Z4 Take it the new sony exmor rs imx230 sensor on this Smartphone?

  • Kadir

    Z4 only for Japan?

  • rzero21

    where is the sim port?

  • Lunkz
  • Kiwison

    As a Z3 user I don’t see any reason to upgrade, but for a Z or a mid-range user it can be a good alternative

  • Omarion07

    Tbh I don’t see any other flagship being released this year apart from the Z4. There are rumours that the global version of the Z4 will be announced/launched late may/early June and it might get a bump in screen resolution but that’s about it. The Z4 compact and/or Ultra might be announced at IFA 2015 if such devices exist. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing a new flagship (i.e Z5 with a new design and completely upgraded hardware) before CES 2016 if not MWC 2016

  • Nik Technaudio

    Still not making full use of the screen, I’ve been using my z on 320dpi for ages now. And it looks soo much better.

  • Rock Kickass

    According to Android Authority, the real flagship may be announced next month!

  • Omarion07

    There will be an international version that will be released in late may/early june. It might get a 2k display instead of the FHD display of the japanese version.

  • Rock Kickass

    Z4 Ultra?

  • Omarion07

    same imx220 sensor in the Z3. But I expect the image processing software to be improved.(Hopefully)!

  • Abdul Ghani

    wait is the back full metal ?

  • Omarion07

    I think the international version will also be called Z4 (because of the Z4 tablet) and it might get a bump in screen resolution but that’s about it.

  • Omarion07

    They have to call it Z4 since they already called their latest tablet ”Z4 tablet”.

  • If Sony doesn’t do following next month then iam dissapointed :

    1- Use new Sony IMX230 Sensor
    2- Maybe a Fingerprint Sensor
    3- Maybe an OLED Display
    4- Better Camera Algorithm

    I still wouldn’t upgrade since I just bought Z3 a month ago but yeah thats a real Sony Flagship

  • Omarion07
  • George.B

    Too discreet. No-one except Sony fans will now that you spend 600-700 euro on a new phone :)
    But seriously maybe it is time for Sony to make a turn like Samsung. If they keep it in the same way I don’t see them to really become a force and an option in Android market.

  • Rock Kickass

    Yeah, sorry I read through your comment briefly and didn’t see that you had already mentioned the Z4 Ultra. Interesting times ahead though.


  • Omarion07

    Unfortunately you won’t see all of these improvements in one device before CES or MWC 2016. Nevertheless the Z4 looks like a promising flagship and I think the ”Camera processing algorithm” has already been tweaked in the Z4.

  • Omarion07

    Only the frame is made of metal (Aluminium to be precise). The back panel is made of glass.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I really love the glossy side and capless usb port. I’m going to buy this phone if it is available outside japan.

  • discreet as good as we move towards nobody really caring what another person uses anymore.

  • VictorMartino

    I’ll wait for IFA 2015, if a Z5 or whatever they call it doesn’t arrive by then I’ll probably just buy the Galaxy S6 Active.

  • Whatevaa

    Guys when is Australia getting Loliipop? i havnt got any update yet -_-

  • Timel

    – Improve camera processing algorithm

    – OIS

    – Built- in the great DAC and support WAV, DSD

    – JOLED Display

    – Fingerprint scanner embedded in the side-fitted power button

  • Shubham

    its so hard to identify, once its kept facedown! and honestly the open USB port ain’t gonna gel well with rest of the phone.. looks a bit odd! but a change welcomed!

  • hansip

    Yep if i have z3 in Japan, i wouldn’t bother this z4. A bit disappointed. Yes it’s shinier and thinner but battery life please? Plus usually Japan got better specced version all the time. So i doubt it that the international version will be better. Oh well, stick to z ultra until z5 then or maybe spend some on z3 when the price is lower.

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Actually Z4 is the perfection from Z2 and Z3
    Z2 for speaker placement and metal-frame looks and Z3 for soft corner metal frame offering for protection and ergonomics hand use

    Why do you guys get dissapointed? This is a major upgrade for Z & Z1 users, but maybe not Z2 & Z3 users

    Finally, Sony said they’re gonna release a global flagship at the end of May which will be a phone that we will want to see. Let’s hope the leaks come true!
    – Fingerprint sensor on power button with seamless design & updated UI
    -Top notch performance & awesome battery backup

  • Its Meh TBH

  • Shubham

    40000 mAh? that’s truck loads!

  • jag

    Im so gonna buy the aqua green z4!!! So please release the phone already!!!

  • NidouXperia

    what i like about it is how the aluminum frame is polished, it looks more chromed especially in the corners… i wished they did it on z3 as i bought one last week! damn sony! lol

  • Timel

    LoL sorry my fault

    I mean 4000 mAh haha

  • Faisal Armand

    So many people fall for the image processing algorithm

  • Jeff Martinez

    Hate to say it but you might already be looking at it…but Sony prove me wrong

  • Sealed

    The polished aluminum looks damn weird TBH lol
    and i kinda still prefer, aesthetics wise, the seamless design of the Z3 where the ports are sealed giving it a seamless look.

    Also, water sealed USB port doesn’t mean the port won’t be damage by dirt/grime, as compared to a sealed one. Of course depending on how you take care of your phone.

  • Angels

    Cinda i agree whit you but i have Xperia z2 And im not dissapointed in my phone. Ireally happy whit it. I didnt do the upgrade to Z3 because if i buy an new smarthpohone i want to use it for atlist an year. Bot for me the flagship is z3, z3 compact and z2. These are the flagship phones for sony.

  • P9

    even the Z4’s specs only this (yes , may not too much differ from Z3, I do cant fine any other phone bit it..
    5/5s/6 also not much different, also S4, S5, S6
    Sony also a company, they could make awesome thing but they also need some time, isn’t it?

    I’m Z user, and so happy to plan upgrade to Z4, hope it’s released inter.. Sony, best.

  • Sadman Khan
  • Sridu

    4000mah would make the phone heavy. In addition to display, processor, features, Weight also is an important factor when flagships are being compared :)

  • Akand

    According to Sony Japan website, Z4 is the last phone of Z series. So next phone is definitely going to be something new. I am hoping for Y series with Y design language.

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’ve got to be kidding or be such a stupid one, everyone knows Japan and US versions have the better specs and international version is weaker. There’s no way international one could have what you want. Perhaps Z5 or Z6. Let’s be a little serious.

  • Sridu

    It’s hard to believe that another Flagship device in May. Probably the work of spammers :). Japan is the single largest market for Sony which expects a flagship every 6 months. Sony sells second to iPhone in Japan. It makes no sense to have another flagship in one month and ignore Japan. The only reprieve could be the pricing for the Z4. Since there is too much of re-usability from Z3, the phone should be priced around $599 to strengthen its base.

  • ??. ????????

    I think is Y series next.. Have a Z1c, waiting for Y ultra :D

  • Sadman Khan
  • jakobd.

    OMG, what is new on this fucking Smartphone

  • Sibtain

    I love this phone! Just loving the ‘two-tone’ kinda thing with the Blue back and Chrome metal frame. Gonna get this phone once it comes to the UK. Although, what kinda disappointed me was that there is no ‘kick-ass’ feature of the device. Neither is there a MASSIVE design improvement from the Z3. Let’s just hope that this is only for Japan (*cough* Android Authority)

  • Yuki

    just “Xperia” -> “Xperia 2” -> Xperia 3 ->… No more stupid alphabet

  • Andrea

    but the M4 aqua ??

  • @faisalarmand:disqus Then please share what you think.

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  • aswani

    If they increase the screen resolution I hope they don’t decrease the battery. I’d rather a thicker phone with a bigger battery.

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    It’s impossible to get a battery that large into a body that is so small. 4000 mah is something you maybe can expect in z4 ultra…

  • Raj Singh

    Wow. That looks really nice.
    Wouldn’t want to scratch that metal though.

  • The Z2 still has the best design, those off color corners on z3 and z4 just makes em look cheap.

  • Guest

    New Amazing Way of periablog. ;

  • hmmm

    but such bad materials…only had z2 for 2 months.could not stand that stupid plastic bezels,that every time I drop the phone,there was a mark on it!worst xperia phone was z2!

  • Timel

    Bullshit! You’re so stupid. Impossible? Really? Are you sure?

    It’s possible man, it depends on Sony to do or not do.

  • Smellslikenirvana

    Not bad

  • Doubleyoupee

    No magnetic port.

  • aiamkesz

    It looks great, though! Best phone in the Z series yet.

    P.S. Using an Xperia Z. :)

  • Joe Black

    4000mAh is not even necessary. They could put the same battery as in Z3, and it would still be a great improvement in battery life.

    Arm8 generation SoC.

    Nuff said.

  • jamal Bindal

    sorry for the haters, but this looks beautiful (Z2 owner)

  • Kim Salinas

    z4 doesn’t have expandable storage?? or for docomo only?

  • Faisal Armand

    The thing is.. This. Xperia cameras with 1/2.3″ 20.7MP are actually far from a bad camera. It actually has strength that makes it the best camera out there (surpassed only by lumia 1020, and probably by Galaxy S6 as well) but it has one or two major weaknesses that destroys all the good things that xperia camera has.

    Here is the plus points:
    – ISO performance second only to Lumia 1020 (I can bring proof if you want)
    – Wide dynamic range for a smartphone
    – F2.0 lens that actually allows to shoot at lower ISO and still manageable shutter speed in low light conditions and also macro shots with excellent bokeh effect
    – The most accurate colour representation of any cameraphone

    But unfortunately, there is one weakness that destroys all the plus points that xperia camera has:
    – Mismanagement of auto software: when superior auto is used, the software picks:
    * higher ISO than neccesary, causing grainy & overexposed pictures (destroys the good ISO performance, wide dynamic range, and the purpose of F2.0 lens)
    * Cold white balance: accurate colours is already bad enough to many people as they like oversaturated colours and the cold white balance makes the presentation even more washed out (destroys accurate colours)

    And disturbingly, people use auto mode all the time and so is comparisons conducted by techblogs.

    Also, many people blamed Xperia camera for using aggresive noise reduction But people also forget the side effects of NR which is an oil painting effect. That seem to contradict my findings that:
    – There are quite a number of smartphones that have more pronounced oil painting effect than xperia cameras. Let’s say LG G3, iphone 6 & 6+, Galaxy S5 & Note 4, and even Lumia 930. I played quite often to flickr groups to prove this
    – Xperia cameras are already quite grainy even at ISO 320. Competitors has less noise but they have much blurry details at that ISO.

    think the reason why Xperia cameras produced less details than competitors such as Note 4 (in daylight especially) is because Xperia cameras have always use very wide angle 25-27mm lens: When you have wide angle lens, you capture much more in one scene but the image perspective is very zoomed out and therefore the detail resolving power is divided because the sensor has to deal with many objects on one scene. Note 4 uses very narrow 31mm lens, you get less objects in one scene but the image perspective is zoomed in and you get more details because the sensor doesn’t have to deal with many objects in one scene.

    As a matter of fact I have my own experience to prove this:
    – I did a outdoor landscape comparison of my Z2 and my mom’s Xperia T2 Ultra. I used full 20.7MP on Z2 and full 12.8MP on T2 Ultra. Z2 has 27mm lens and T2 has 30 or 31mm lens. In terms of detail, T2 ultra matched Z2 even though it has resolution difference of nearly 8 million pixels! Image processing wise, Z2 is quite on the sharpening side while T2’s NR is stronger. But why is T2’s detail is matching Z2? Because of the lens FoV that I talked about earlier.

    – I recently bought a Z3 and just compared it’s camera against Z2. And Z2 is better in every ISO range. Processing wise, both are the same.. But again, Z3’s very wide 25mm is just too much for a 1/2.3″ sized sensor.

    I think in the future sony should just use 29mm lens instead. Wide angle lens are only suitable for DSLRs or a camera with 1 inch sensor.

    Also, I have enough experience to propose theories like that. See my photostream.

    I’m a user that’s exclusive only to manual settings, so what I get most of the time is the plus points of Xperia camera

  • Snorky112

    it has, if you watch the sim tray theres room for a nanosim and microsd

  • Snorky112

    yea looks so awesome :'(

  • Snorky112

    No magnetic port finally, this shitty port looks so bad!!!!!! same camera since Z but always better in each new Z, so its ok, smaller battery but more battery efficient hardware overall so better battery backup, so it’s ok, definitely better than Z3

  • Snorky112

    nah worst was z1, and yea Z4 is the best Z out there, finally something really slim and beautifull, hopefully better software overall and it’s a killer

  • jag

    Z4 is still better than Z3 in any way but you can still buy Z3 if you want to. It is up to you anyways. And Z3 compact looks really unique and will be cheaper too… so go with it.

  • Snorky112

    M4 Aqua is for those who cant afford this one

  • Snorky112

    only the fool won’t take care of a 700$ phone

  • Snorky112

    copper looks sooooooo damn good

  • jag

    I won’t be betting on those leaks yet. The only best thing we can get from may announcement will be the 2K screen but all same design and specs.

  • fried_egg

    my z1 will be up for replacing start of september… this z4 doesnt fully excite (but nor does an iphone, htc1-m9 or gal-s6)… but i am starting to like the colour gold in the xperia range

  • Phil Edwards

    No reason to upgrade from xperia Z

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Who’s the stupid one here? Have you ever experienced the battery life in current z3 line up? It’s in a class for itself!

  • Mazin Hanna

    Which one is Z2, Z3 or Z4? what kind of fooling is this? I am not surprised of SONY downsizing.

  • ash

    thats cool

  • pytajnik

    basically the only things that sony need is a good camera, and by “good” I mean even better than the galaxy s6, and a good amplifier because it’s next to impossible to listen to the music on this phone, nothing more than that and we have the perfect phone.

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  • Srikant Boddepalli


  • people keep complaining to me this is beautiful dosn’t matter if the changes are subtle they are good changes on an already perfect design

  • IronTed

    Wow great analysis!

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  • jag

    You’re getting pro on this brother. Keep it up!!

  • jokensy

    The white version should be all black at the front like on Z,Z1 and Z2. That all white design doesn’t look good…

  • Kaostheory

    I’d be surprised if they used the Z4 in Spectre. The Sony leak mentioned that Mr Craig would have input on the phone. I’m expecting one of the prototypes for the Bond film. Is there no leaks from the filming?

  • Haldi

    i’m actually pretty happy with my Z2…. what COULD you possibly improve?
    Screen 4k? Yes maybe.
    Battery? Hell yeah 4Ah i’m in`!
    SoC? Uh… S810 isn’t really “better” newer stuff doesn’t yet exist.
    Camera? How? Now new world record breaking sensors announced, are there?

    What else could be something that we want to see?

  • Kaostheory

    The lack of magnetic charging is a disappointment. My Z1 has been going for over a year (recently got the Z3) and still going strong. Every other phone I’ve owned I destroyed the usb from dirt and charging within a year. If we must use the USB at least make it replaceable.

  • Haldi

    Why shoudl it be a Y series ? xD

  • John Kar

    Looks like an iPhone.
    How come only Samsung is trying to design phones that don’t look like an iPhone?

  • TheImplication

    I’ll wait for the Xperia Z5. My wish is simple: Power button with built-in fingerprint sensor, and USB-C port.

    The screen size, processor, waterproof feature, camera, version of Android etc will probably adapt to the market conditions at the time of the release e.g. what are the rivals selling, what has Google done to Android etc. Rather predictable.

    Power button+fingerprint sensor, and USB-C port. Simple enough for you, Sony?

  • TheImplication

    The bezels are still too big. If you already have ‘SONY’ printed on the back, surely there’s no need to print ‘SONY’ in front?

    At least HTC had a legitimate reason for large front bezels (BoomSound speaker grilles). What is Sony’s excuse?

    This was the perfect chance for Sony to do something truly special.

  • zetoze
  • Dean Weaver

    I thought new smartphones were supposed to be exciting & innovative – this is none of these….

  • Raphael

    After such a low-profile launch and evasive answers about markets, launch date, carriers and price for the Z4, it becomes clearer that Sony is about to withdraw from smartphone industry despite the recent declarations from Hiroki Totoki and his aides.
    Vaio division was sold in February 2014 just a few months after the quietest launch of a new Vaio line-up.

  • Dritan

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT, It’s the iPhone 6 wars with Sony instead of Samsung. God damn it!!!

    Having had said that, I’m now starting to deviate from Sony…. even the Bravia isn’t so hot either once you buy it and see how it constantly #fails. When will Sony get real god damn developers?!

  • jack

    good thing, the power button is not close the volume. bad thing, the USB port is so ugly.

  • Billy Gate

    The same old design is still better looking than the Galaxy S6, which is hideous btw.

  • Arvid

    those big ugly edges around the screen needs to be smaller.
    Especially top and bottom edges.

  • Akand

    I am just hoping because from the leaked designs Y design is more realistic than others. I also like it and hoping for it. Colour changing design is also good though.

  • Akand

    What???? Is it really looks like Z4??? Please share the link.

  • Akand

    alphabet makes sense because after 9 phones it will go to double figures and then it would look odd. Moreover, they have others ranged phones too.

  • Catalin-Mihai Vaduva

    I don’t like the oled display that much. The triluminous display its better. Better in the sunlight, my eyes doesn’t get so tired when I use a triluminous and the colours are more real.

  • Jacky

    What seems strange to me is the official sony mobile fb page is still promoting the Z3 today. I have a feeling that this z4 is only for japan only..

  • azzido

    Same design, same camera, same screen size = boring…
    I am oficialy skipping Z4, maybe with Z5 Sony will deliver?
    Who knows :/

  • Joephus

    How would you be able to scan the fingerprint with the side power button? Unless that side is the width of our fingerprint, the power button as small as it is would never work out to accomodate such a feature you speak of.

  • Broski Love

    Strong lack of laser guided projectiles

  • ka

    like is for Xperia Nesux, please

  • ZOD

    I Agree, the top and bottom bezel must be smaller than this.

  • jack

    yes, magnetic port is a must.

  • Ulysses Grant

    I will probably wait for Z5 to come out. Hope it would be a nice and convincing upgrade from Z2. My Z2 is still perfect and awesome to use.

  • Snorky112

    it is

  • Snorky112

    this guy must be trolling

  • Sigurjón Örn Ólason

    I like it, and will get it if my xperia z dies on me. If not, then…well, I wait until it dies on me.

  • Snorky112

    I t’s only your opinion, In my opinion this z4 is the most beautiful phone, and I hope it comes in europe, only thing I fear is snapdragon 810 overheating

  • zatchu

    I like the size of the top and bottom bezels it gives me enough room for me to hold it horizontal without hitting the back or close button’s and it make’s it easier for my grandchildren to hold it too. I had a LG G Pro with a 5.5″ screen and it was hard to hold without hitting those button’s and I had to buy a special case for it just so my grandchildren could hold it without getting flustered by touching the close button and then crying Pa Paw it turned off. Which is a hassle when they are in a car seat in the back while I’m driving down the road and having to reach back to fix it. It doesn’t happen with my Xperia Z3 they have room to hold it because of the bezels. That’s just my opinion with grandkids. So maybe the Sony people have grandkids too. LOL Just one way to look at it.
    Thank You, now I will shut up and thanks for reading this post. Zatchu?

  • Marlish

    A better review than phonearena :P

  • Roger Carp

    so shiny. PREECIOUSSS!!!

  • Roger Carp

    although, that usb port looks like an a hole on this phone. I think they should have kept the Usb under a flap and redesigned and moved the magnetic charger bellow, also including a damn magnetic adapter in the package.

  • Guest

    Don’t Feel alone.. xperiablog ;

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  • Ryan Paolo Mateo Seguira

    Ill wait for z5 if they didnt put the led notif. In the speaker lol

  • aiamkesz

    I agree. Superior Auto ruins it. I use an Xperia Z. I prefer manual mode because of the grainy pics “Superior Auto” captures by setting the ISO higher than needed.

  • CellDevPhD

    I really hope Sony upgrades the sensor and moves to the 820 with their international version. Hell, if they’d just move the touch sensors off the glass and onto the LCD that’s be progress.

    Keep it at 1080p, throw a better camera on there, 4 gigs RAM, and a Snapdragon 820 and I’ll camp outside Sony’s HQ for months waiting for it!

  • Nuggles McTiggles

    Am I the only one that cares about having USB C here? Currently rocking the Z3C. Guess I’ll be waiting another year…

  • penubag

    Does Z4 support 2 sim cards like in the rumors?

  • Usman Khalid Chaudhary

    The moaning and groaning over this device is quite fascinating. My take is as follows:
    Sony worked on this device under the former 6 month cycle and anticipated release was during MWC, planned for worldwide release. Just by looking at the cycle Z->Z1->Z2->Z3 is enough to make it obvious that it was the plan and the specifications reflect on this as well, just compare the Z2 and the Z3. This Z4 is a bigger step, though.
    Then came all change at Sony and the release cycle are slowing down but this device was already more or less finished and ready for shipment, certified and everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturing (serial production) had started in connection with MWC as well. The decision to postpone the launch must have been taken in the last minute more or less.
    Rather than scrapping the device altogether, which would be great stupidity since it has been ready (only Nokia under Elop could afford scrapping devices out of ideological reasons such as the N950), Sony simply decided to release it, clear the stock and sell it as a low volume product in Japan only in order to recover the development costs as much as possible while creating the Z5, which will be optimized for a yearly cycle.
    This Z4 is nothing else than the old strategy device, representing the same path as the Z3. Despite this, I consider it perfectly fine when it comes to specifications and it is perfectly well in line with other early 2015 flagships. Yes, they could have upgraded the camera and so forth but since this product is the result of their older strategy, they have reused as much of the Z3 as possible.
    The fact that they made a silent launch is a strong indication about things to come: Sony doesn’t view this device as their big thing of the year and is working on the Z5, which will be cutting edge and designed to last for a year before the Z6 arrives. The decision to implement a new strategy came that close to the MWC that it would have been impossible to develop a brand new device with heavily upgraded internals and get it out quickly.
    What is going to happen here (with very high probability) is the launch of the Z5 Compact, Z5 and Z5 Ultra at the IFA fair in Berlin and that Sony settles in for a release cycle where their flagships are updated during that event, a bit like Samsung did with the Note series. There seems to be rumors about a new Y series as well so it is perfectly possible that there won’t be a Z5 but rather Y Compact, Y and Y Ultra instead, marking a reboot with new design and everything.
    I don’t see any reason to bash and complain about the Z4, Sony isn’t considering it their flagship of 2015 (global market) and comparing it from such a standpoint is downright wrong. If it would have been their key product of the year, it would have seen a global launch AND a lot of fuss including launch events and everything. The silent launch says everything and should tune down the expectations.
    On the other hand, some of the bashing is quite funny, especially when the Galaxy S 6 is being praised at the same time. Sony is criticized for their use of Omnibalance, a design from 2013 (Xperia Z) while Galaxy S 6 with its “Designed by Nature” has a styling going back to the S III of 2012. There is nothing “new” about the general looks of that Samsung device, it closely follows the design of its predecessors in the same way as this Z4 is an obvious “Snapdragon 810-Z3”. If the Z4 design is so “boring” due to those similarities, it would be logical to mention devices with different design – not the Galaxy S 6.
    The same with the typical bezel complaints: Get a Sharp Aquos X – everything has big bezels in comparison. Interestingly enough, those who complain usually praise LG in most cases and seems to believe that the G2 and G3 is some kind of “standard”. Unfortunately not, Sharp Aquos X is the standard for bezel less design.

    What worries me the most is the fact that every time Sony releases a non-upgrade wastes resources that could be used in a more profitable manner developing a true flagship that could turn many heads and revive their mobile division.

    On contrary the other opinion could be that this is merely a Japan-only device that’s made as a reaction to counter Samsung’s Galaxy S6/S6 edge launch in Japan (plus Japan’s traditionally a two-device-per-year nation when it comes to mobile phones – their carriers market phones in two waves, spring and fall). There was no other new devices in their carriers’ pipeline so they want to steal the spotlight from Samsung. The slight upgrade isn’t that a big deal there because the Xperia brand equity is strong in Japan, and knowing there are no other new devices to entice students (that comprises the majority of phone buyers during the spring), Sony has to market something.
    But again going back to my initial point i’ll say considering the time it takes to develop, test and certify a device, it is pretty evident that the Z4 was a product before Samsung officially launched the S 6. The name “Z4” clearly indicates that this device would have been the world wide Z3 successor if the old strategy of Sony Mobile had persisted. The Galaxy S 6 has less to do with it – this is more about avoiding to waste money by scrapping an already designed and certified device just because of the strategy change (i.e. – we are going to 12 month cycles, lets scrap the Z4 altogether since everyone will expect a new device one year after Z3 and the Z4 will be outdated at that time). Better to simply make a silent release of the Z4, clear the stocks and then go straight to the Z5 or Xperia Y this fall in Berlin.If they would consider the Galaxy S 6 as their main target for this device, they would make a lot of noise – not just a silent release.Today, a couple of new devices including an “E6833” surfaced and it is evident that there is a new Xperia Y series coming, optimized for the new 12 month cycle strategy and it will bring many new things to the table. That “E6833” seems to be the successor of the Ultra.

    Or the z4 was already in the pipeline before they made the decision to get out of phones completely. if its only a Japanese launch, then they have pretty much given up. Sony, if Samsung and Apple were smart, probably cannot contractually use the sensors they make for them, so they are relegated to the old stuff. Doesn’t matter to them since they are quitting anyway.

    Still i believe Z4 clearly outclasses any other phone currently on the market? It’s the only flagship phone that is completely waterproof with no cap over the port! Why are we not celebrating that as a technological marvel which wasn’t even mentioned in the article. Furthermore, no one knows anything about the battery life but the article and everyone here is already bitching about battery life just because the battery is technically smaller. Did Sony not already prove their competency in this manner going from Z2 to Z3 which has a smaller battery but epically longer stamina?? And when it comes to the camera, there is absolutely nothing wrong with their sensor. Improvements can be made to the image processing (i.e., software) but to claim (as the author did) that Sony is somehow backtracking on their camera technology is absolutely baseless and unfounded and only proves that the author is not very knowledgeable on how smartphone cameras work. This includes OIS which Sony’s SteadyShot technology has proven countless times to be as good at image stabilization as any other device available. Moreover, by doing that, they don’t have to include that unsightly camera hump that every other flagship phone has right now, proving again that Sony does, in fact, give a Damn about form and design! Add in stereo speakers, dedicated camera button, DNC, Hi-Res audio, PS4 Remote Play, and the most comprehensive suite of camera apps available and it’s clear that the Z4 is the phone to beat right now! And you even get to keep your SD cards! PS: That aqua color is Damn sexy!

    Further for Sony to dazzle it HAS to leverage the Playstation brand more with the Xperia line. PS4 Remote play and a dedicated PSN app is fine, but that is a serious disservice to PS and Sony.C’mon, EVERY Xperia Z-class from at least the Z1 (Compact) just floors the PS Vita in everything – game devs should be aware of this.Where the HELL is Playstation Now for Xperia? In most places, internet is becoming usable for games streaming, this would have been a prime opportunity.Google Play Games and PlayStation can coexist just fine, but Sony won’t admit this to themselves – that is why they gave up on the earlier PS Mobile effort.Wipeout, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo? Original Playstation titles with ridiculous sale and mindshare cuts, but nowhere

  • Great Dude

    Although I don’t like the phones design to be repetitive, kudos to Sony for letting the edges in plastic that takes less damage since edges have more chance to take damage from falling phone.

  • Great Dude

    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts

  • Great Dude

    If qualcomm made their ultrasonic id fingerprint sensor ready then it can be done. I am not sure 100%
    Also it was said that Z4 will have it, we didn’t see on the Japanese version

  • Great Dude

    We know that the international will be somehow different from the Japanese Z4,but how much?
    Probably only 2K screen,but we shall wait and see.

  • Rock Kickass

    Not so sure. PhoneArena are now reporting a Z5!

  • Great Dude


  • Great Dude

    Actually most of us don’t care about USB C that much.

  • Great Dude

    As I said we shall wait and see.
    In the next month there would be an international version that Sony said it will be different.
    Either the difference is small and is just 2K screen as rumors said.
    Or the difference is big and the Japanese Z4 was just like that because of no time.
    About Z5(or whatever the next flagship will be called) it is still very early, you can’t know when Snapdragon 820 will be finished and also other aspects may affect that,

  • Great Dude

    There must be an international version to be announced on May.

  • Great Dude
  • Rock Kickass

    Totally agree. It’s just a matter of wait and see. I personally don’t think we will see an International Xperia flagship before September. I think Sony will continue with their bi-annual update/release in Japan and go with a annual update/release for the International market.

    My opinion is the Z4 is for Japan only. In May we will see an announcement regarding Z5. Z5 launched at IFA in September or just after. The only sticking point however, is I believe that the Snapdragon 820 won’t be ready until 4th Quarter 2015. So a September/October 2015 release would rule out a 820 chip.

    Again, the above is just my opinion. It’s anyone’s guess at the moment. I’m only slightly disappointed now compared to Monday when the Z4 was announced for Japan. Reading what I’ve read both on this blog and other sites, makes me a bit more optimistic.

  • John Kar

    Actually, Samsung’s AMOLED have surpassed all other displays in color accuracy.

    There is really no advantage in using IPS display over Samsung’s AMOLEDs except for lower cost.

  • RbbrDcky

    What the fuck!? Was everyone here paid by Apple and Samsung to collectively shit all over Sony?? Am I really the only person that thinks that this Z4 clearly outclasses any other phone currently on the market? It’s the only flagship phone that is completely waterproof with no cap over the port! Why are we not celebrating that as a technological marvel which wasn’t even mentioned in the article. Furthermore, no one knows anything about the battery life but the article and everyone here is already bitching about battery life just because the battery is technically smaller. Did Sony not already prove their competency in this manner going from Z2 to Z3 which has a smaller battery but epically longer stamina?? And when it comes to the camera, there is absolutely nothing wrong with their sensor. Improvements can be made to the image processing (i.e., software) but to claim (as the author did) that Sony is somehow backtracking on their camera technology is absolutely baseless and unfounded and only proves that the author is not very knowledgeable on how smartphone cameras work. This includes OIS which Sony’s SteadyShot technology has proven countless times to be as good at image stabilization as any other device available. Moreover, by doing that, they don’t have to include that unsightly camera hump that every other flagship phone has right now, proving again that Sony does, in fact, give a Damn about form and design! Add in stereo speakers, dedicated camera button, DNC, Hi-Res audio, PS4 Remote Play, and the most comprehensive suite of camera apps available and it’s clear that the Z4 is the phone to beat right now! And you even get to keep your SD cards! PS: That aqua color is Damn sexy!

  • Is that USB type C at the bottom? & IR Blaster at top?

  • Guest

    Every Time pajiba with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

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  • Afnan Muhammad

    No. Everyone already recognize Z series as Sony flagship just like Galaxy S series. Changing it will confused people. Not everyone read tech news like us.

  • Christian

    Great breakdown… That’s why I have never used Superior Auto on my Z1 since I bought it. (or only used SA to compare with manual, and therefore prove how worse SA is).

  • Faisal Armand

    Aaahh Z1. Yesterday, I helped my friend to update her Z1 to lollipop. The camera improved after update, the quality now is identical to Z2. The compression is also lightened up, 20.7MP images has an average file size of 9MB whereas previously it’s 5-6MB

  • Nuggles McTiggles

    How many personalities are you?

  • Nuggles McTiggles

    How many personalities do you have?

  • P9

    many reasonssssssss

  • P9

    +1 bro. Z4 is acually the best phone out there.

  • Great Dude

    Just Kidding:P

    Actually I said that because most people don’t know about USB type C,also it is not backward compatibility which make it like the apple light cables that are hated especially by Android users,because you will need more cables and they aren’t available everywhere.

    Most PCs and MACs don’t support it yet, micro USB flash disks don’t support them, it is like 4K better but most people don’t yet use them that is why they don’t prefer them on smartphones.
    Even USB 3.0 that is has backward compatibility on Samsung Note 3, didn’t make it to Note 4

  • Deadpool

    Por que quitaron el puerto de carga rápida?

  • Snorky112

    no, no

  • Snorky112

    yep I want it !

  • liampaulmassey

    I like the look of it and everything but they shouldn’t of removed the memory card feature

  • Arup R. Chowdhury

    I agree with Faisal, I have also used the S6 recently with its SONY sensor and its good but in absolute pixel peeping the 20.7MP SONY sensor wins. The 1020 that I also own may have ultimate resolution but I have to be very careful with its exposure or get ready for cartoon colors. It lacks HDR as well and focusing compared to my Z2 is slow.

  • Nuggles McTiggles

    Thank you great dude. I am humbled in your many presences. Not sure if I should say ma’am or mister, or something else.

  • Nuggles McTiggles

    Problem with USB 3 on note was it’s bulkiness. Typical Samsung clicking unnecessary spec check marks. The internal memory can’t even take advantage of it. The benefit of USB C will be it’s reversable plug and forward thought involved with it. It is USB 3.1 compatible. That means huge bandwidth and a lot of power. Cables will be a short term problem, but will be overcome quite quick simply due to the benefit offered. And because apple nuts will help make out popular. :)

  • Great Dude

    That makes sense why USB 3 didn’t make it on.
    In PCs you can put several ports, while in Smarphones it is hard.
    That is why I think that USB Cshould be available in much more PCs before coming to smartphones.
    If USB C will come with USB 2 like how HDMI came with USB2 on Xperia S, then it would be really great.
    Otherwise I think it will be a hard shot.

  • Wolfmachien

    would love to see OIS in the next one.

  • Al-Lafy Talal

    OMG!! Guys did you see the twe inputs in the bottom of the device, yes one of them is for the charger but i don’t know what the other input for?

    But hey! this is not my point, i mean how could it even possible for this device to be water proof while it has these twe inputs without cover?!?!!

  • Svnjay

    Troll harder next time.

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