Sony highlights Xperia Z3 waterproof features in latest promo video

by XB on 1st May 2015

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Xperia Z3 waterproofSony has released a new promo video for the Xperia Z3 to highlight the premium waterproof design. One thing that Sony always does very well is its promo videos, they always hook you in and are superbly crafted. The short aspirational video plays heavy on the waterproof part of the Xperia Z3, with a man in a slick suit whipping out the phone whilst it’s raining to video the drops, almost like he’s had some kind of epiphany. No doubt Sony is reminding people that the Xperia Z3 still exists given some of its key Android competitors have released new flagships. That’s not to give any disservice to the Xperia Z3 which remains a wonderful all-rounder.

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  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I’m a Z3 user! :-D <3 :-D <3 :-D

  • bilomar

    I Don’t trust that waterproof thing.

  • Joephus

    Did you not watch the video where they dip it in melted chocolate and baked it? The phone survived all that delicious mess.

  • Yes, Sony started a month ago the campaign: #ICan
    14 videos:

  • Snorky112


  • Paul Muad’Dib

    It is not water proof in conditions with salted water (soup, sea/oceanic water and so on). That’s a rule I’ve learnt since I had a Moto Defy in 2010.

  • Alex Norris

    I can catch a beauty ))) With your horrible post processing algorithms… No, thanks Sony, it`s hard way

  • bilomar

    Water is more fluid, and the USB cap is as loose as shit. I open and close that thing everyday. And the volume buttons made a clicking sound just when I touched It like these broken plastic. But it’s alright I can live without taking my phone under water.

  • Aiden Pearce

    i wouldn’t trust u jokers…a waterproof phone and you don’t cover it in warranty and your customer care execs tells customers not to take those ads seriously and what about your pathetic build quality..gaps,light bleed???
    i have a water damaged Z3 lying around, i wouldn’t bother to pay 29K just to fix it and make my total sum 79K on this my fellow z3 owners keep your phones safe!!!!

  • Aiden Pearce

    exactly..been a victim of this waterproofing…although my z2 was far better than z3 in terms of waterproofing…

  • Aiden Pearce

    Did Sony completely forget what Premium is ??

  • Raj Singh

    What’s the point?
    No one sees their promo vids, adverts or commercials.
    I don’t get why consumers are not bombarded by these commercials.
    Sony doesn’t know how to get into the psyche of people’s minds.

  • Raj Singh

    I’ve had various Xperias over the years. It works.
    I was in the heated outdoor pool at a hotel I was staying at the other day… my phone was on the charger in my room. I was like, “Wait a minute. My phone is waterproof.” Went back to the room, got the “phone” and used it in the pool, took some pics, put it on a towel by the side of the pool, did a few laps, had a few drinks, picked up the phone again, took some more pics. Got ready, went out for the night, took more photos. Got wasted, got laid. It was good. The phone was solid, reliable and kept me in touch with everyone and everything I needed.
    Can’t really do that with any other phone out there.

  • Raj Singh

    The Xperia Z2 recently proved its waterproof capabilities after “a man dropped his handset into the sea while water-skiing. The Z2 dropped into the water and sank to the seabed at a depth of around 10 meters. They tried to call the device a few hours later and found that it was still on and ringing, but far too deep to be able to retrieve safely with the equipment they had. SIX WEEKS LATER, a friend of the man went scuba diving in the same spot and managed to find the Xperia Z2 on the seabed, and brought it back to land. The rear glass of the device was shattered, but everything else was intact. After recharging the device, they turned it on and found to their surprise that the phone was working absolutely perfectly, despite its extended saltwater swim.”

    That story was posted on XperiaBlog.

  • Raj Singh

    As I posted above:
    The Xperia Z2 recently proved its waterproof capabilities after “a man dropped his handset into the sea while water-skiing. The Z2 dropped into the water and sank to the seabed at a depth of around 10 meters. They tried to call the device a few hours later and found that it was still on and ringing, but far too deep to be able to retrieve safely with the equipment they had. SIX WEEKS LATER, a friend of the man went scuba diving in the same spot and managed to find the Xperia Z2 on the seabed, and brought it back to land. The rear glass of the device was shattered, but everything else was intact. After recharging the device, they turned it on and found to their surprise that the phone was working absolutely perfectly, despite its extended saltwater swim.”

  • Raj Singh

    Says the character out of a game that was billed as premium yet ended up a dud.

  • joseph carmine nero

    I have washed my Z2 several times and also some random spills

  • HAWX

    Im 100% agreed with the author of this post. Z3 lacks only in camera compared to other non waterproof smartphones :)

  • Svnjay

    The Z4 has no flap.

  • bilomar

    The video is about the z3

  • rubinaish

    And yet they promote a feature that has been implemented in their devices since two years now. Yes, it’s a great one. But nothing new anymore, it doesn’t flash customers nowadays. They need something new, otherwise they’ll promote waterproofing for two more years, I doubt.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Z. But the wow-effect is gone.

  • zip

    Hopefully Sony will someday make an Xperia Play 2. Or a Z4 with an optional attachable Xperia Play like controller. Couldn’t care less about waterproof to be honest.

  • Sony Mobile insists it is ‘here to stay’ — despite rumors suggesting otherwise — and it is spending big on a global brand ad campaign

    Read more:

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Couldn’t be said more, design is great and battery life easily surpasses all current flagships.

    Hopefully Sony builds on this with the Z5, better camera, new and better design

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    “29K”, “79K”, what currency we taking here?

    And the Z3 is waterproof, all of my Xperia devices that are waterproof have been waterproof. You hear stories of all these phones bricking when wet, but that’s because no one cares whether or not you phone does what the seller says it’s supposed to do.

    I don’t like the idea that the older models before the Z4 forced to people to either open their USB flap often to charge and connect, which could ruin it’s effectiveness of keeping water out, or pay for a charger.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    With the Playstation integration between the Z3 line and models after I doubt Sony will make a Xperia Play 2. If anything they’ll work on Remote Play and getting even tighter integration

  • Joephus

    Dude just be glad it even has IP certification, don’t be so pessimistic. If you have a problem with the flap, then use the magnetic chargers, which IMO offers much more convenience other than not having to open the flaps consistently. At least they have magnetic chargers too!

  • bilomar

    Yup camera should be better everything else is great love this phone.

  • bilomar

    Dude I just said I don’t trust it. I wouldn’t dip it in water on purpose that’s all. If it’s keeping my phone alive when I drop it accidentally in water, good.

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Yup… The second day after I bought my Z2. I try to sink it into a pail that’s not 1 meter deep. And I saw water drops inside the camera lens, front cemera, proximity and light sensor. Sent to Service Center and wait around 3 months to replace the whole board.

  • HereIsJohnny

    Yeah waterproof indeed. then why is there many video showing their xperia died when submerged in water. (with the flap closed).

    and whats the point using it under the water or in the rain if you cannot use the touchscreen because the touch screen goes crazy if there is droplet of water on top of the screen.

  • xperiaDROID

    I tried washing my Z, even submerging it in the water (with the flap closed), and nothing happened.

    You guys must have dropped your phone and made the rubber worn out under the flap.

  • Fred E. Black

    My z3 usb flap broke off the 2nd day I had it..Can’t order the item from sony bologna, and non sony suppliers have it backordered…FAIL SONY!

  • HereIsJohnny

    Probably manufacturing issue like the different GAP on z2 so all is not equal.

    but admit it your touchscreen doesn’t work right when there is a droplet of water, and what more crazy is droplet of water in samshit didn’t register it as a click on screen. and yet a it does on a waterproof phone :(

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    I am a big fan of Sony and I am Oneplus one user.

  • JC

    I wash my sony z3 everyday and playing music while my phone is under the water…thats cool man!!!maybe you forgot to close one of the cover man…

  • Snorky112

    oh sorry the youtube videos you linked didnt work when I first read your comment now they showed up!

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    :/ my only wish for the xperia z3 is that it was released with the SD805 instead of the SD801AC

  • Timel


    The flagship smartphone has waterproof feature
    The flagship smartphone has a great and smart camera

    Which one people will choose?

  • They should air this on TV not just on their YouTube channel. I only came across this because XB shared it!

  • Eduardo Otero

    If I take a picture in a rain my “great and smart camera” will turn to a great and stupid paperweight. Even iPhone resist more in water than your “great” and “smart” camera.

  • Eduardo Otero

    The most people do not care about closing well covers then they are angry because their Xperia got wet.

  • anderson44

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  • Timel

    Hahahaha what? “take a picture in the rain” LOL

    that’s so funny, who da fuq really cares about this?????

    People rarely take picture in the rain, Sony is fucking bullshit
    So bitcH pleases! You should stop talking bullshit too

    But if people like you care so much about lame gimmick like “taking a picture in the rain”‘ You no need to worry about this at all man because the great smartphone like iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have the cool accessorie like waterproof case for you

    Waterproof is not even a big deal for the great phone like iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 Edge
    But how can you fix the issue about your Z3’s camera? The Z3 has a bad and stupid camera How? Go to the chruch and pray to your God Sony?

  • Eduardo Otero

    Hajahahahaha what? Spamming blogs? Lol
    That’s so funny who the fuck really cares about this?????
    People rarely care about spammers. Samsung is fucking bullshit
    So bitcH pleases! You should stop spamming with your bloody bullshit
    But if people like you care so much about lame gimmick like “spamming unofficial blogs”
    You no need to worry about this at all man because the great life has the cool accesories like getting a real life for you.
    Spamming blogs is not even a big deal for the great readers of Xperiablog.
    But how can you fix the issue about being a Samsung boot??
    The Samsung boots have many bad and stupid words? How? Go to the crunch and pray to your God Samsung?

  • roeshak

    What waterproof features?? The device is waterproof. Period! Nothing more. That’s Sony’s problem. They keep thinking that the waterproofing as it is now is a feature but in reality it isn’t, it’s an insurance policy more than anything else.
    Unless you spend a lot of time talking photos underwater, it’s not a feature. A feature is something users will get much use out of. If Sony wants to market waterproofing as a feature then then need to find a way to make the display usable at least when wet. That way they can market it as the phone you can truly use in the rain. That’s a feature. Until then, the waterproofing will remain what it essentially is, an insurance policy and you’re not going entice many buyers to pick up your devices by offering them insurance against water damage included in the price. That will appeal to some but it’s not going to set the marketplace alight. You’d think after 4 waterproof flagships with comparably modest sales they would have learnt that by now.
    But who are my kidding, it’s Sony were talking about here, they’ve always been in the business of doing things their own way even at the price of failure. Keep on trucking I say. I’m just glad that there are now other alternatives that appeal to me. S6 and the impressive g4 for example.
    As things stand z2 is probably my last Sony device after 6 very frustrating years!

  • I really hope that Sony releases a great phone this year with no flaws, including better camera and design and overall an actual flagship device which I will confidently buy and proudly show to my iPhone/galaxy friends… I really feel like Sony can do better than Samsung that’s why I switched over a year ago, so please Sony we believe in you common!

  • Timel

    Another reply of you that shows how much stupid you are, Sony fanboy.

    Even you don’t want to admit the truth but I gotta tell you something that the Xeria flagship smartphones will never have the great camera like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S and Note series have,

    Do you know Why? Because your Sony is just a chicken, Sony are too afraid that if they put the great cameras to their flagship phone then no one will buy their compact camera, that’s why Sony tried so hard to highlight about the waterproof feature, Sony is concealing about their

  • Emil Oskarsson


  • Snorky112

    you wouldnt see any difference anyway

  • theskig

    Also good for milk :) (it’s my good old Z)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    love it.. Waiting what next from upcoming z series flagship.

  • Timel

    me? Licking Samsung balls? When? About what?

    Are you drunk?

  • malinalaza

    Come on, man … Why don’t you just stop spamming this place? Can’t you see that nobody fell to that shit you are trying to sell? Do you really think we are idiots?

  • Eduardo Otero

    You are who try so bad to sell his truth and who nobody takes serious and I’m the stupid, I really like the way you think man.
    Now if Sony would be half of afraid of stop selling cameras, Sony wouldn’t sell its lens to Samsuck and Apple, do you know that Sony is half guilty that Samsung and Apple have so good cameras because its lens?? And yes the other half is Samsung and Apple software.
    Do you remember what happened to Galaxy S5 that had a Samsung lens?? It was so bloody horrible and nobody bought it and that’s why Samsung had to come back to Sony lens
    Besides any real photographer that want the best camera shall buy a real camera Sony, Koddak, whatever not the best IPhone clone. And yes Xperia has not the best camera and so, should I cry or what??
    Do you really believe someone will buy your bullshit? Has someone told you “thanks Timel you were right and now I’m happy with my expensive iPhone clone”?? No, everybody who has a working brain and want to have the best camera always will buy a real camera never a smartphone.
    And here everyone likes Xperia phone for any reason, even the most stupid one. So you the Sony hater are just a spammer.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Hey you should put out Samsung balls when you write because we can hardly understand your hate for Sony

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    Sorry, if being waterproof were such a killer feature, the Xperia phones (and other waterproof phones) would be flying off shelves.

    Waterproof: nice to have but ranks very low as a factor when most people decide on purchasing a phone.

  • brick

    Samsung is the gimmick company by definition. They always push weird gimmicks that don’t work as selling points for their phones, such as the latest one, the edge screen which is literally useless. I had the s4 and that phone was praised by paid reviews for its innovative use of sensors and guess what, most of those features didn’t even work most of the time or were totally unreliable. On top of that, Samsung is guilty of not updating their phones despite the new Android version, they never update the apps or introduce new features. The galaxy s4 i9505 is still not updated to lollipop here in Italy, I flashed a firmware from another region and all I got was the battery drain and even worse performance, no new apps and no new features. They also kept the underclock they introduced to make the phone obsolete and the phone lags like crazy after a few minutes of use,26414.html

    Samsung is advertised as the best and at first it looks that way but after a while you realize the phone is not worth a shit.

  • Rhys Davies

    I use the Xperia Z2, the waterproof feature was not something I bought it for, however I could not imagine using a phone without waterproof now, the fact that I don’t have to worry about my phone is great, instead of me working for my phone and alternating my life for it, I do what I want without a care.

  • rubinaish

    Taking photos underwater is not the only use, I think. As you mentioned, being protected against rain is another. And personally, I’m happy I can clean my phone under rinsing water, since it gets pretty greasy and dirty when using it every day. Others have to be afraid not to damage their ports and loudspeakers – I don’t.

  • roeshak

    You can’t use the display in the rain. Taking calls in the rain is something I’ve always done long before official waterproofing so no advantage to Sony there. Most devices these days will survive a dunk in water. Prolonged usage under water is the only advantage and something most would have very occasional need to do if at all.
    To turn their waterproofing into a marketable feature, the display needs to be usable at least in the rain!

  • sygys

    I have a sony z3. But im not happy with it. Before this one i had the note 2 Wich was far better. You can bitch to all the people burning down son. But they are kinda right about allot of things. The camera indeed is pretty poor.. even more of a problem is the lens coating wich scratches so easy that in a few months the camera is so full of scratches you will get blurry pictures. To keep the z3 waterproof you need to be very careful with the device a little bending will break the glue strip around the camera after wich water will get in. Sony z3 also has dead pixels on almost all their units. i had a few devices non without one. The keyboard on the z3 has tremendous lag while typing in the chrome browser even with android 5.0. My indicator LED is also wrongly placed and is burning from the lower corner almost invisible to see when looking right at it.

    The z3 has allot off issues indeed. and already told sony that this will be my first and also last sony smartphone ever… my next one will most likely again be a samsung.

  • sygys

    The z3 is far more delicate and bends easily when it does the glue cracks and water gets in. I already had to send in the z3 to get it replaced several times.

  • Anukul

    Beside the crooked color temperature (10000 Kelvin !) there is no big shortcoming in z3. A better screen to body ratio will be cool. z4 should be good enough for james bond…… nuf said.

  • Eduardo Otero

    I have never told Xperia be the best phones. Sony’s got actually very improvable things. I’ve more than a few months with my Z3 Compact. There isn’t any scratch on its lens and I haven’t bought any case and it is on my pocket with my keys some coins and others. It hasn’t bent and I don’t understand what you mean with thw glue strip in fact I have slept over my phone many times and I still use it on the rain and I haven’t had any water problem.
    And well there is only one reason for me to have it. It is the “compact” size in a powerful smartphone. More than 4.7 inches is actually a lot for me and Xperia Z1 and Z3 Compact have it. And that’s why I won’t turn to see any Galaxy or new iPhones that go bigger everytime.
    By the way I have never seen any Xperia (or Sony phone) with dead pixels and I have had Xperia Pro, SP, Z1 Compact and Z3 Compact

  • jeson|

    love the xperia,.[


  • Chitti- The Robot

    Unless you are a benchmark freak, there will be no difference in real world performance of both 801 and 805. I really love the way how 801 efficiently uses power.

  • nick

    Thats you being lucky buddy!!
    Trust me i wouldn’t put my phone in water unless its necessary and double checking flaps..still it the original poster said…i had similar case like him and i just dumped the phone because sony was charging me i decided not to fix it…

  • nick

    See buddy sony don’t cover water damaged phones in water. And not all their phones are waterproof but they know all lot of users have issues with these premium phones and still they don’t bother about premium devices and straight away ask to pay money if we want to fix them. Charging half the money we paid for the actual phone to fix? How justifying is that? They knowingly removed adp. Since they would be able to fix the phone instead of replacing it..but like this? Not at all good.

  • nick

    U might want to ask that question to ubisoft nt here buddy!!!

  • nick

    Dude its indian currency fyi.
    And i never used my usb port for charging from day one..unless i had to sync it with my pc once or twice in a month.
    Still i faced same issue. to see people in problem is gud untill it happens to you.

  • rubinaish

    I agree it does not work perfectly in the rain. But to be non-usable, it must be covered entirely of water. And that… does not happen very often in the rain.
    Still, I won’t dunk another device in the water.

  • Sony™PlayStationH®ME

  • jonyah

    I’d take a Z3 over a S6 any day. There more than just taking pics in the rain such as for people who actually go out side and are active. Lakes, beaches, heck shower selfies, haha.

    Timel, why do you spend so much time here when you hate sony? Are you here just to spam for other companies? I’m clueless as to why you’d spend so much of your time doing something pointless. Do you really have no life to speak of?

  • Pandaman

    Z5? what happened with the Z4? lol

  • Pandaman

    Waterproofness is useful so you’d be able to get shots like this

    Given it’s not taken with my Z3, but my old Nokia N8. The good thing is that the N8 also has flaps covering most if its ports to shield itself from some rain. Also, Xenon flash can be pretty useful at times.

  • Raj Singh

    That wasn’t a question. I was merely pointing out the irony of his criticism.

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