Xperia C4: Hands-on pics and videos

by XB on 6th May 2015

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Xperia C4 hands-on_10Sony officially announced the Xperia C4 earlier today, the company’s PROselfie follow-up to last year’s Xperia C3. It is a nice looking device, based on Sony’s OmniBalance design cues offering a 5MP front-facing camera with flash, 5.5-inch 1080p display, octa-core MediaTek chipset and 2600mAh battery. If you want to get an idea of how the phones looks in the wild, then check out some hands-on videos and pictures of the device below.

Xperia C4 hands-on_1

Xperia C4 hands-on_2

Xperia C4 hands-on_3

Xperia C4 hands-on_4

Xperia C4 hands-on_5

Xperia C4 hands-on_6

Xperia C4 hands-on_7

Xperia C4 hands-on_8

Xperia C4 hands-on_9

Xperia C4 hands-on_10


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  • Tsakane

    But the flagships are still going to have huge bezels.

  • Smellslikenirvana

    Looks good! Sony ftw!!

  • Robert Llobrera Jr.

    Nice and neat Sony! It’s very nice to see a mid range phone from Sony with a 1080p dispkay and a 2gb of ram.

  • laci_csk

    Go home troll.

  • Cool2B

    C4 going to have a good fight with Z4. Dont give up, Z4.. !

  • Akshay Ballal

    mother of all flaps!!!???

  • Killian Khoo

    It seems like Sony starting to produce no blueish screen ?
    The screen actually look great ~
    The color as of it as well ~

  • Tangent Lin

    Sony is working on a suicide plan.

  • Pranay

    Are u kidding me? Mediatek?would prefer snapdragon615…Flop phone and ill design…it just luks lyk my AC remote xD

  • Killian Khoo

    Please no Snapdragon 615 ~
    It is overheating ~

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    its a waterproof body .. I LOVE BEZELS :)

  • Pootis Man

    Credit goes to Hermano on Androidpolice in the comment section. This was too funny to pass up!

    At the airport:

    Friend: Hey! Is that a new phone bro?

    Me: Yeah, it is!

    Friend: Sweet! What phone is it?

    Me: It’s a C4!



  • Niels d. G.


  • shhh

    Just the way you type, no need to argue with you.

  • Snorky112

    luks lyk

  • ShinOrochiX

    +1, Unfortunately I have to agree. Like this Sony will have to sell off or find a partner for their mobile division in a matter of a few years.

  • Paolo Malgarise

    Too big to be a selfie phone…no way sony!

  • bilomar

    Flappy Phone

  • Boonerski

    It may be a phone for narcissists, but I like how Sony is starting to eliminate most of the bezel and keeping the phone compact despite what the 5.5 inch Full HD display might suggest. But I’d still go for a Snapdragon chipset over Mediatek’s every day.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I don’t know about that, it depends on how well the C3 was received. Selfies are becoming a big thing all over the world. Of course we should expect a 5MP camera in their next flagship, but we need to remember the middle to low end market. That’s what the C4 is aiming for, the middle to low end market who like to take a lot of selfies.

  • yuskhayru


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m curious as to why Sony announces these phones so early then sets the release date so far back. The M2, Z4 Tablet and now the C4 are already announced and now we have to wait to months before purchasing them. Plus, Sony isn’t really building the hype between the announcement and release, which is kind of one of the many issues they need to work on

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    This phone is sexy. Hands down. I like the way they choose to put 2 GB of RAM but dislike the 1080p resolutions => battery killer = It’s nowhere near T2 Ultra battery performance.

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    Xperia ZL was a flagship too but with slim bezels and with a very good screen-body surface ratio. Sony knows how to make them.

  • bilomar

    Aye dont kno Wut ur Problem is. He’s thypin norml

  • RegularContributor

    Looks worse than the C3, especially that ugly flap. I own a C3 myself and the photo quality is mediocre. ‘Superior Auto’ is horrible, you have to use Manual Mode.

    Oh, and there goes that Sony promise to release fewer devices and focus on a couple of high end devices each year. The C-series Xperia phones should have been discontinued: they’re too expensive for a low end phone and there are budget phones which can take better selfies, so there is no compelling selling point.

    Another thing: the Mediatek chip (MT6752) is somewhat of a downgrade from the Snapdragon 400 found in the C3. See the comparison yourself.

    The days of selling a product purely on the Sony brand are long over. The Japs still don’t get it.

  • Pootis Man

    I don’t know why either. Same thing with the z4. It was released/announced in Japan I believe about 2 week’s ago but I bet we won’t see it in the states for like 3 to 4 months.

  • Brian De Guzman

    well to be fair about the Z4 it is still yet to be announced outside Japan

  • Snorky112

    1080p on 5.5inch is perfect like the iPhone 6+

  • Svnjay

    Snapdragon chips are expensive and they have better CPU performance than Snapdragon chips.

    Secondly, Mediatek is more popular in Asia which is where this phone will be released and marketed.

  • Svnjay

    Sony should’ve done the M4 and E4, nothing more. We really don’t need this phone.

  • RegularContributor

    The thing is: yes, taking selfies is a popular thing to do, but no one buys a phone simply because it takes awesome selfies. HTC tried that gimmick once with the Desire Eye… it failed.

    I own the C3 myself and the photo quality isn’t even that great, especially in low light conditions. Unless things have improved for the C4, but it’s the same camera sensor as the C3, is it not?

  • RegularContributor

    We’ll have to wait for the Xperia Z5 later this year to see Sony have a divorce with the huge bezels of OmniBalance.

    Surely Sony can reduce the bezels to at least the size found on the LG G3?

  • Svnjay

    The Z4 has smaller bezels than the S6.

  • Svnjay

    The Xperia ZL has smaller bezels than the G3.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Based on what? Sony makes a midrange phablet to stay relevant in Asia and suddenly they’re doomed?

  • Pootis Man

    I know. But it’ll take a while to be announced in the states I presume. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I don’t know how many Xperia C3 Sony has sold, but they must have sold enough that they felt selling an improved version is worth it. Software could be different and the flash could either improve or completely blow out images.

    How many HTC Desire Eye’s were even sold?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Maybe a surge of products released at once means a surge of money coming in so it’ll look better? And that’s if the Z4 is released outside of Japan. Either way it’s a very unusual strategy, but I really want that Z4 Tablet.

    I hope the Z5 won’t be like this, announced months ahead of actual release

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The Z4 really throws me off. For Japan it makes sense, tech goes at fast pace there. But the Z4 for global release doesn’t make sense. The Z3 easily fits the bill for what the Z4 has to offer, and at a cheaper price. Minus the slightly slimmer profile, exposed USB port, LDAC software for Bluetooth music streaming, a better front facing camera, and 810 the Z4 is a very monitor upgrade over the Z3

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, of a chipper change means a cheaper price then what’s the point? Most users won’t know the difference between a MediaTek and SnapDragon chip anyway

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    True for the bezels, but the device isn’t water tight. If they’ve achieved bezels like this on their waterproof devices then that would be perfect.

  • Jacen23

    Why everyone is against the flap? Like you have to ever open it again after the first time. I can’t see any problem with it :)

  • spatch72

    Its a sad day indeed when even the diehard Sony faithful who visit this site daily scratch their heads in wonder at what Sony is doing this year. After all kinds of promises to cut back, they’ve already announced 4 new handsets and 1 tablet in 2015 — and they don’t even have a new flagship for international markets yet. There’s no room in their muddled product lineup for a C4 selfie phone. They should stick with the E4 for the low end, the M4 for the mid range, and the Z4 for the high end. That’s all they need, and even that might be too many. HTC isn’t selling very well, and how many handsets have they announced this year?

  • Pootis Man

    True. But in my case I’ve never owned a z series phone so the z4 is still a nice upgrade.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    As a Sony fan I really can’t recommend the Z4. The Z3 and Z3 Compact are both great, and much cheaper now. Or wait for the Z5. The Z4 is really for the Sony fan that wants to be on the bleeding edge of tech

  • Edo Winsyah

    Good job sony,you chose the right cpu & gpu to keep the price low,mt 6752 is as good or better than snapdragon 615

  • Battal Aljadei

    WTF is this? Antenna !

  • jacksnack

    i like non glass back

  • hmmm

    samsung is bringig RAW pictures on galaxy s6! WHAT ARE YOU DOING SONY??????

  • Brian De Guzman

    I highly doubt that Z4 would be released worldwide, and if they do it would probably be in another name but who knows, let’s see :)

  • Sola Hoi

    As a C3 owner I think the front cam is doing fine, but I expect a new 8MP sensor since this is the new standard offered by Chinese/Taiwanese makers. Now I have no incentive to upgrade which is a disappointment…

  • ssjdino

    You wanna tell me that not a single english speaking dude could have made a video… xD

  • Pootis Man

    Noted. Thanks for the advice.

  • rvjaywaks

    HTC Desire Eye is not for midrange. the specs and price are same with flagship. 13mp front and rear with SD801 water resistant. price same with HTC one M8.

  • Peete

    why don’t sony consider a removable battery? it’s a mid-range phone and not water resestant anyway

  • swarm10

    More Right things of xperia
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • RegularContributor

    RAW image capability on a low end phone? Are you daft? Wait for the Z-series.

  • laci_csk

    Sorry for the english people.

  • laci_csk

    No his a troll.
    This is midrange phone actually.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Facing flash is cool flasgship should also have it…

  • Boonerski

    Perhaps Sony already did. The Z3 Compact, in my opinion, has tolerable bezel size surrounding it’s 4.6 inch screen, with stereo speakers and is water/dust resistant to boot! Unfortunately this design hasn’t translated well to the Z3 but Sony’s getting somewhere…

  • Sarfaraz Habib


  • Paul Muad’Dib

    It will literally rape its battery. The battery management of android is worse than that from iOS.

  • Snorky112

    yea thats obviously why Z3 has 2 days battery life and the iphone not even 1

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    iPhone 6 Plus battery Test:

    Xperia Z3 battery test:

    Indeed, Z3 has a better battery performance but why not adding a 3000 mAh battery as the one from T2 Ultra?

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