Throwback Reviews Series – Let’s Immerse in Nostalgia!

by XB on 31st January 2014

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Sony Ericsson Z700No doubt this blog is all about the latest news around our beloved Xperia mobile phones. But isn’t it nice from time to time to reminisce? After all, today’s Xperia handsets all come with some history – and we are quite sure that a lot of you have your own memories and experiences when it comes to the pre-Xperia era.

That is why we came up with the idea to start a series of Throwback Reviews, looking back at some of the iconic mobile phones and accessories that laid the path to where Sony is today with the Xperia line. We will start at the very beginning of the Sony Ericsson era back in 2001 (actually even a little bit earlier than that, as you will see in our first episode), and make our way along all these years to the present. Every now and then, we will also make some stops at mostly unknown stations – to have a look at models which did not make it to the market.

Sony Ericsson Z700

Let’s start the ride with one of those never released phones – the Sony Ericsson Z700. 

Sony Ericsson Z700

Clearly a model which belongs to the Sony family, as it is very similar in design to the Sony CMD Z-7. It is unclear why the Sony Ericsson Z700 was never released. A logical explanation, however, would be that at the time of forming the joint venture between Sony and Ericsson in 2001, the T68 was chosen to be the one device that would launch under the new Sony Ericsson brand. Feature-wise, both phones are very similar to each other including a colour display and Bluetooth to name a few.

Now let’s move on and have a closer look at the Sony Ericsson Z700 in our first episode of the 2014 Throwback Review series:

Episode 2 of the Throwback Review series will cover the Sony Ericsson T68m, T68i and the beginning of mobile phone photography – the CommuniCam attachable camera. Stay tuned!

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