Sony confirms new update (14.5.A.0.270) rolling for Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra

by XB on 20th May 2015

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

2015-05-20 12.22.06A new Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware update for the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z Ultra will start to roll today according to Sony. The new update will move the build number from 14.5.A.0.242 to version 14.5.A.0.270.

The update is currently only live on Telus Canada for the C6906 variant only, but it should start seeding for the other Xperia Z1 variants shortly (along with the Z1 Compact and Z Ultra). A number of people have received emails from Sony regarding this update over the last 12 hours or so, so it should be too long before it rolls.

The changelog should echo what was seen with the other bug-fixing Lollipop updates that were released for the Xperia Z2/Z3 recently. See below for details. Once you get the update, please don’t hesitate to post some pictures and impressions in the comments below.

FTF firmware downloads for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop (14.5.A.0.270)

Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6902) India Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6903) Nordic Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z1: Xperia Z1 (C6906) US Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z Ultra: Xperia Z Ultra (C6802) India Generic – 14.5.A.0.270
Xperia Z Ultra: Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) Hong Kong Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z1 Compact: Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) UK Generic – 14.5.A.0.270

Xperia Z1 update (14.5.A.0.270) changelog

– Ensured the lock screen / notification bar doesn’t indicate “no service” when the device has coverage
– Added a Sony feature; bringing back the “close-all-button” in the activity menu, so you can easily close all apps at once
– Unblocked devices with server policies (such as Exchange Active Sync for e-mail), to enable the new Lollipop lock-screen notifications
– Ensured the LED light is lit across all sound modes – and no longer offset by “silent”
– Made the necessary fixes to enable the easy movement of content from internal memory to external microSD card (something we saw affecting a few devices)
– Improved messaging functionality in Ultra stamina mode – some conversations could not be opened before in Ultra stamina mode

2015-05-20 12.22.06 Xperia Z1_14.5.A.0.270

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • ashish choudhary

    What the heck sony now its high time we need update for Xperia z c6602. As soon as possible….plz start rolling it first.

  • Greg

    i have just recieved the update. It is downloading. only 18,4 MB. Greg from Hungary.

  • XperiaBlog

    Can you send us a pic of the About screen once downloaded? Contact us here:

  • mUSICA
  • Greg

    Of course (C6903). I have poor mobile internet 3G. But when its complete, I’ll send you through here if this is ok. You can download it from here.

  • Akash

    we people are eagerly waiting for the lollipop update but yet there is no sign of any notification on sony xperia z (c6602). This shows about sony’s committment towards their customers. Please fulfill the promise you people have made to us.

  • Donnced

    And when the heck sony gonna roll out the update for the older Z series???
    It’s about time!!!

  • Aleky2002

    Email received on Z1C

  • xperiaDROID

    Uh…what do you want us to see actually?

  • Min

    He’s mentioning that Xperia Z got their lollipop update. But as usual, rolling out gradually

  • arifkpi

    Me(Xperia Z User) right now

  • Uday

    source link please….

  • Min
  • Greg

    Sony Z1 (C6903) updated to Lollipop 5.0.2. See Screenshot below. Greg from Hungary.

  • mUSICA

    well the user also said hes updateing an will soon post the images

  • Min

    There you go

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  • xperiaDROID

    I saw his post on XDA just now, he did post some screenshots which seems legit, but he hide the kernel and baseband info in About Phone settings which looks fishy to me.

  • Robin

    Fuck you Sony.You are still not rolling lollipop update for older Xperia Z series.

  • u fanboy?

    Xperia z1 user here… On 5.0.2 my UI keeps redrawing itself after i close my browser or game.also after I minimize my browser and go back to it directly then it loads again.On kitkat it was not happening. Is anyone else facing this problem?

  • mUSICA

    yup..lets wait till tonight an see what gona happn on that post

  • It was happening for me a lot for a few days after I got the update. Now it’s very rare.

  • Jardany Estrada Nuñez

    I just watch this In Facebook about a minutes ago..
    And a man says that get it on xperia ZR..

  • Stanley Lu

    Xperia Z OTA Android 5.0 Rolling out now ! (Mines C6602 FYI)

  • Shravan SP

    How do updates for these phones just rollout without getting certified by that prtcb or something whereas for my xperia ZR, it gets certified but takes ages to release!!!?????
    Last year same time, i got the kitkat 4.4.2(.230) certified but got the update only on june :(

  • Uday

    update Screenshot ?

  • Greg

    I don’t have any problems yet. Still, when the update finished and my phone rebooted, it told me there is no service. I have solved this problem with going into airplane mode and back.

  • Min

    OMG I am refreshing my update center non stop now! ( I m using Xperia ZR too)

  • Shravan SP

    Atleast they’re providing something for it! V got 4.2,4.3,4.4.2,4.4.4 and now 5.0!
    Patience buddy.. Sony maybe slow but they’ll finish somehow

  • xperiaDROID

    It’s happening now, look at the latest posts here.

  • Fahim geyas

    Bro this is fake I have seen this on xda..

  • Shravan SP

    ZR user toooo :/

  • Felipe Orellana

    ZL user too :(

  • mUSICA

    i have the TW Fw ..also looks like TW Fw is getn it il just chek

  • Cyrus

    Already here in customized gr

  • Stanley Lu

    it’s real ~ Taiwan C6602 firmware

  • Shravan SP

    Yeah! Saw just now…
    But have to wait for a prerooted version :/ my device is rooted…

  • Unique Book Reviews India

    please update through pc companion bro and upload ftf please!!!!!its a request!

  • Shravan SP

    Awesome!!!! But wait! Approx 1.2gb of internal memory??? :O
    My ZR already has only 4.6gigs of user accessible memory :(

  • Dipen Patra

    Is this true?? No news till now in or How is it possible??

  • Stanley Lu

    Taiwan C6602 firmware

  • Uday

    you can use xperifrim to download ftf…mate

  • Min

    Xperiablog normally got their information from us or other sources while sony mobile blog always update their blog late :(

  • xperiaDROID

    It took like 6 hours for Xperiablog to post this Z1 update article. So, yeah. Just wait for a while, they need to wait for Sony to confirm this as well.

  • mUSICA


  • Shravan SP

    And you’re from??!

  • mUSICA

    india but usen TW FW

  • mok Jacwe


  • mUSICA

    Thats What i Got For MY Zr JUst Now :d

  • Ritch

    What about battery drain? It’s terrible on LP, do not make it from 0700 till 2300 anymore!
    Other than that i’m used to LP quickly, installed black theme looks great now!

  • Shravan SP

    I’m using generic fw.. No updates so far :/

  • Unique Book Reviews India

    OTA update we
    cant get through xperia firm mate :-(

  • It is normal behaviour if you’re playing games and Android does that to get your game more RAM or if you have a lot of apps running in background fighting for RAM.
    I did not do anything about it as it stopped. Let’s see if anyone else faced the issue.

  • Xperian

    I’m facing the same issue.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks Greg!

  • Mike B.

    I’m from Bolivia,South America, got my update about few minutes.

  • Mike B.

    Xperia zr user

  • mail

    i havnt seen anything new regarding xperia z update in xperifirm…..

  • mail

    why z and zr hv got different sizes even though they r xactly same firmware

  • mUSICA

    is it taiwan generic?

  • Dipen Patra

    The update is live over OTA ony. U won’t find in xperiafirm. Wait for sometime. I’m Also waiting For my XZ

  • Felipe Orellana

    yo tengo un ZL y en Chile no aparece nada, que variante usas?

  • Igor Helal

    Someone got the update for Z Ultra????

  • Alex

    Where did you find the black theme?

  • Alex

    Looks like I will be giving this a miss if it is anything like the first release of 5.0 on the Z1 Compact. I have already reverted back to 4.4.4 after finding Lolipop far too slow, cumbersome and a sight for sore eyes with regards to the the interface, which looked awful. I wish Sony would re-introduce things like Facebook Inside Xperia, which I have used since the X10, and their own dialer and messaging apps rather than stock.

  • Jaissal S

    So when the .270 update is due, we will receive an email? That is pretty handy.

  • Khillo81

    I face it sometimes on my Z1. I have noticed as someone else has noted that it is a RAM issue. When my device has been running for a few days on end, this issue becomes more frequent. Once I reboot the phone, it is resolved for a few days and then becomes more frequent. Either uninstall the apps you don’t really Need/use or prevent them from running in the Background when you don’t Need them. Good luck!

  • Khillo81

    I have received the email about the new Firmware for my Z1. It says that I could connect my phone to my Computer and update now or wait a few days and update OTA. I guess I’ll do the latter. Not in a hurry to update since I’m thankfully not facing the Problems that are supposed to be addressed by the update. To those who have updated: is there anything else you have noticed with this update (besides what the Change log says)?

  • Atle

    OTA Z1c norway

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  • Sarger

    Haha sure.. I am still on KK waiting for fcking T-mobile to release the update. (No, I wont flash it.)

  • Lino Dias

    I get mailed from sony about new update to my Z1 C6903, but after conect to Sony PC Companion stil NO UPDATE

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  • Maurice Phoenix

    Still No Luck For Me. Also C6602

  • loldesi

    how many MB in size ?

  • Atle

    don’t remember exact, but some what over 700MB.

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  • xperia

    Just update my z1

  • Philippe

    This is he going to resolve the connection sharing concern?

  • bosas200

    If i flashed from baltica to UK fw i will get ota when uk receives it or baltic?

  • bosas200

    Super vivid mode i saw in that video. Is it there in 270?

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  • Pingback: ???? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??????? Z1 ?Z1 Compact ? Z Ultra ????? ??? | ????? - ????? ????- ????? ???? ????? - ????? ???? ???? ?? - ????? ???? ???????? - ???()

  • ash

    It’s a normal behaviour of chrome. At recent ask me anything by google employees someone ask this question to them and they replied it happens for better memory management.
    So it’s not an OS issue not it’s sony issue.

  • Vahid Sanati

    lollipop was slow, producing heat and draining battery on first days of update for me (first update I mean). but as time passed it went more more smoother, cooler and longer battery life than ever not seen even on kitkat. you should give the os some time.even days!

  • Sandun Prabash Perera


  • Bruno Menezes

    Xperia Z1 C6943 with DTV (Brazil) is also receiving the .270 update right now.

  • Vasilis K.

    It seems the roll out started from Z1. Nothing yet for Z1C in XperiFirm. I hope we get it tomorrow…

  • John

    I’ve already got android 5.0.2 on my Z1 Compact for over 3 weeks.

  • Ritch

    Gizmobolt section themes post of march 29

  • Fadi Obaya


  • Ritch

    Gizmobolt section themes post of march 29

  • xperia

    via pc

  • xperia


  • Raj Singh

    I don’t think this addresses the memory leak issues with Lollipop on the Ultra.
    The OS on Lollipop is a bit laggy/buggy as well.

  • Ayad Fahos

    When will get upbdate. To z3 dual to get all close button and fix the bug

  • Xperia Z Ultra no give new up!

  • apolloa

    I am seriously loving all these updates Sony is throwing out it’s doors faster than fast flowing river!! Great stuff! My Z3 tablet sure is liking it :) I’m currently on 5.0.2 in the UK. Google are also now getting 5.1 up for the Nexus devices so I can’t see it being long before Sony launch that too.

  • ash

    You are on kit kat till now? Anyway we are talking about second lollipop update here

  • ash

    This is another update to fix bugs in that version but it’s still 5.0.2

  • ash

    It just started, will take a week or two for all world to recieve. So wait

  • MarcoLorenzo

    I would love to know how the hell they managed to release an update and forgot something like the Close All button in the activity menu. It’s like when my Xperia Z2 Tablet got updated and suddenly developed a problem with the screen rotate function (which was later fixed). Such carelessness, it’s no wonder their mobile division is in the red.

  • ash

    They didn’t forget, some people like me don’t use close all button as I see it un necessary. They initially didn’t added the button and after public demand they added again. Simple right?

  • ash

    Use for some day, and it will be smother after some days. Remember to reboot your phone everyday

  • MarcoLorenzo

    So you’re saying they deliberately chose to take out a function that existed in previous versions and wasn’t bothering anyone? Care to provide citation? And I suppose they also deliberately messed up the screen rotate function (and the screen unlock in an earlier version) with my Z2 Tablet? So they’re not careless, they just make poor decisions. Good to know!

  • Siyam Hossain

    Still no update for my z ultra. Waiting.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Got it. Yay! Australia.

    skipped .242 and when directly from KK to LP .270. They must have help .242 back to test .270 in Aus.

  • ash

    If you read how android world you would know that it’s not recommended to close all app at the same time. Android handles things different

  • amd

    Updated received for Sri Lanka

  • Juha

    Rolling in Finland Z1.

  • Akshay Joshi

    Please check this site to know if your region-handset has the latest update. Tip: Use the easy mode if you are unsure about your Custom ID etc.

  • Even

    Rolling Norway, finally.

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  • Bolfa Patriciu

    Pe ce tara ai pc companionu ?

  • Bolfa Patriciu

    Do someone has this update on z ultra ???

  • neenamoon

    ????1 hour work and get 77dollors with xperiablog Here’s Full INFO


  • eu am pe 3 UK firmware si am instalat prin PC Companion… ;) firmware este pus pe telefon Vodafone ROmania

  • Even

    That is for Z1 Compact, unbranded nordic combined.

  • Bman

    This update brought many annoying features. Especially the locking screen. First I have to pull up the unlock screen and after that I can unlock the phone. Close all button has really no effect at all, app switch screen has now even fancier, unneccerrasily heavy animation, color theme is from my second grade artbook and those new, bigger icons made my phone look like one of those handicapped models for elderly folks.


  • carlowithans

    Updating now via PC Companion.

    Using RU version.
    now on 5.0.2

  • Atle

    yes, not all places got it the first time around. And if you look at the build, you can see it is the new version, that is 5.0.2. I can only assume the person that asked me about the MB, was waiting on lolipop as well since i did specify country and model.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Update rolled out in India through PC companion

  • fried_egg

    and this one is being pushed onto EE Z1 handsets today

  • Cz Bg

    Will i get this update , i didnt get first one , i am on kitkit now … Somebody know ?

  • Kima

    Jel si video moju poruku? Ako rešiš da flešuješ, skini firmware za Hrvatski vipnet i njega stavi.

  • Cz Bg

    E tek sam sad video, hvala sad cu to da procitam :) hvala puno

  • Kima

    Pro?itaj pažljivo i ako rešiš da sam to radiš, prati upustva iz klipa, pažljivo korak po korak… Sre?no.

  • Miu

    yesterday my phone get this update via OTA and seems to be more smooty. nice “close all app” button. hi romania :)

  • Cz Bg

    Hvala :)

  • Eliot Hayworth


  • Eliot Hayworth


  • Move to Romania.. :))) Here all the internet speeds are over 8 MB. The slowest connection is 12 MB. You even have 1Gbps/s download speed. :D

  • Eliot Hayworth

    Lol, lucky you! I wish I could! :P
    Btw, have you got the update? How large is it anyway? I mean what’s the update file size?

  • Eliot Hayworth

    I seriously don’t get it. Why in hell are all XZ owners on this post? Like, most comments are by those Z owners. The least are by the Z1 owners. STOP WHINING ALREADY, ALL YOU Z OWNERS. Sony has already updated your shit to Lollipop. Now play with it all you want and refrain from spamming posts related to Z1 with your stupid shit! :/

  • jag

    It’s an android 101 thing as they’ve (expert brothers here in the forum) always explained. You may atleast know how the system works before you go rant in the comments section. It has been always like that since ics if i remember it correctly.

  • jag

    Also, the redraw of the icons and widgets in the homescreen is very poor. Somehow the home launcher is not active in the running apps? I’m not just sure if it was Like that last version (kitkat).

  • Sandun Prabash Perera

    new update is good. perfomance is improved. no bugs. but double tap to wakeup is nothing :/

    <3 thanks sony

  • Vasilis K.

    Can any Z1C user tell if they’ve removed the video recording at 1080p@60fps option has been removed from the camera? If not, does it actually know record at that fps? They were supposed to remove it in the next update.

  • nadim ahmad

    What is the size of update?
    And is it available ota?

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Never got it thru OTA, and it was a full file download (~700 mb) thru pc companion. Except for the close-all-button I do not see any change. The sound is still low on the speaker.

  • carlowithans

    I was able to record a video on Full HD 60 fps 1920×1080(16:) setting.
    cant confirm the fps though

  • mika58

    ???????? xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >?????????

  • Hüssëïn Hïshäm

    ???? sony z ????? ??????? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ?????????

  • nadim ahmad

    Thanks for the reply.
    I got my. 242 via ota.

  • MarcoLorenzo

    The sheer arrogance displayed here is just pathetic. God forbid someone criticises a company that you have no affiliation with other than owning their product. As a developer, I know more than most about how RAM, running apps etc. are handled on Android. But that doesn’t excuse them taking out a function that people can find useful and if not, could simply not use. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they simply forgot about it, just like how they forgot to put a restart button in the power menu for so long and the various other glitches they often introduce with a new firmware. If you want to keep taking it up your butt though then be my guest :)

  • Fawad

    Got 5.0.2 in my xperia Z and its draining battery very fast, around 2-3% in 5 minutes, lags a lil bit now and it won’t open its messaging app :(

  • Hendra Wijaya

    Xperia Z Ultra! for now HK only

  • Molham Staif

    Has anyone got the update in the middle east??

  • Lucas A. Baracat

    I’m trying to update my Z1 but my computer notifies that Sony pc companion stopped to wor. Help me :( thanks

  • pelka

    I see.. soo they waited with the update for CE1.. come on Sony!

  • Matúš Livora

    Any changes in that software ? like new launcher or something? it really bothers me thet they used old launcher on Z Ultra Lollipop … Z, Z1 got new one

  • Ibrahim Najjar

    downloading it now its very slow even i have 5 mb internet!!

  • Ionut Bogdan

    After this update my phone crashed 4 times and restarted… first time when this is happening to me on my Z1

  • jag

    You already know the answer but you still whine about it. Maybe you should try to make your own custom rom and do whatever you want. You’ve said it yourself, you’re a developer. Develop something cool for yourself then share it maybe and maybe others will acknowledge it.

    And IMHO, I don’t think that I am the one who looks pathetic here.

  • Hendra Wijaya

    I have not try it yet, because the flash file get error while i open in flashtool. Maybe i just wait for another country.

  • MuadDib99k

    Anyone experienced any issues with Z1 compact lollipop update?
    I’m holding back the temptation at the moment.
    The material flat design doesn’t look as flash as kitkat.

  • Ozzy

    What is your device’s CDA number?
    Mine is also seem to be RU version, to be exact 1276-7743.
    Xperiafirm shows the .270 update but yet I ain’t got it in update center.
    Did you updated ur’s on OTA or just flashed it?

  • panda

    When will the update available here in asia preferably malaysia?? z1compact user

  • Bob

    Ahh.. at last … :) Nordic Combined is here :) I changed yesterday my Z1 from Customized UK to Nordic Combined (which was originally) … smoother, faster, and the close all button… ! Good job, Sony

  • carlowithans

    To start, I was on KitKat, then flashed the RU version of Lollipop.
    flashed it to get to lollipop then used PC Companion to get to 5.0.2
    Mine is Z1 Compact D5503

  • frageniemals

    CE1 rolls…Source: Xperifirm…not via OTA right now

  • MarcoLorenzo

    Wow, can you be more stupid? Knowing the answer has nothing to do with my complaint. I complained because I think it was either negligence or stupidity that they left out a function that they hurriedly put back like several occasions in the past. The fact is, you can simply choose not to use the close all button. They didn’t need to take it out. It’s like taking out the option for installing from unknown sources just because it *may* lead to a security breach. Damn you are thick.

  • jag

    Whateve, smart guy.

  • MarcoLorenzo

    Exactly what I expected. Thanks for being predictable!

  • rapkoenig

    Z1h C6902 .270, have a problem with permanently switched on WI-FI in battery stats + unstable battery charging + heating device

  • 1.2 Gigs. :) But, I still see the redrawing bug….

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  • Ozzy

    What is the meaning of “r3d” part? Mine was R5C on 4.4.4 kitkat and now it’s R2D on 5.0.2 lollipop build .242. I’ve officially updated KK to LP via companion after the update message in the update center but this time no luck for me, even companion says device is up to date :( I refreshed the update center many times when I saw your comment.

  • carlowithans

    I honestly dont know, havent read about it yet.
    r3d, r2d etc…. i see those on the xperiafirm program, but i dont understand them.

  • paul t

    Rolling out on 02 in the UK on Sony Bridge of Mac.

  • MarcieJShell

    ???? $73.. per-hr @mi20//



  • Bob

    Try to reflash

  • Tweety

    Stigao mi upravo OTA upgrade sa .242 na .270 za Vipnet HR. Samo 16,9
    MB. PC Companion je za to vrijeme tvrdio da mi je .242 up to date. Bez
    veze. Customized CE3 ?e izgleda dobiti .270 me?u zadnjima u svijetu za
    Z1 compact dok je za Z1 dobio me?u prvima.

  • rapkoenig

    Z1 C6902 .270 – Disabled Wi-Fi don’t sleep

  • Tweety

    Prema podacima starim par minuta, izgleda da su CE1 do CE4 upravo dobili upgrade na .270.

  • Rolf Martin Schmidt

    Yes, just upgrading my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact to 14.5.A.0.270 / R5D with Sony PC Companion.

    Device: Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503)
    CDA: 1279-7579
    Market: Germany
    Operator: o2 DE
    Release: 14.5.A.0.270 / R5D
    Size: 1,26 GB

    Source: Xperifim

  • Vahid Sanati

    It’s there but records with 30fps.

  • Vahid Sanati

    actually your performance is slower than mine. I get 42000 on Z1C.

  • Igor Helal

    Did a full wipe or just flash?

  • My Z1 got it 2 days ago. Notification didn’t appear on phone like Lollipop update before but email, so need to connect the phone to computer and use PC companion.

  • Andy

    Got 14.5.A.0.270 this morning on Xperia Z1 Compact through PC Companion. I’m from Romania.

  • Geferson Gonzales

    ….hopefully xloud is back in this update…the external speaker sound is very low even volume is in max level .

  • mahesh

    When I get lollipop update in my xperia zr c5502

  • Vasilis K.

    Customized Greek for Z1C started rolling yesterday. Just installed it through PC Companion this time and it seems to work just fine as the previous one (227)! :)

  • Tweety

    z1 compact, customized ce3 available in pc companion. downloaded and installed.

  • Will Theodore Stronghold

    Any Malaysian Z1 users got the latest build?

  • dim

    43443 on antutu. Impressive!

  • xperia


  • xperia


  • Cool2B

    Nop. not available still… :( Xperifirm still show 242..

  • nadim ahmad

    Check via pc companion

  • nadim ahmad

    Are we getting xloud feature back?

  • Razvan

    Did the update, but seems that the noise cancelling during a call is bugged. It freze the voie during a call. Or is just my Phone?

  • bahar_b

    z ultra user in india finally get among the 1st in lineup receving *.*.*.270 lolipop update.

  • Riju Pal

    Any z1 user in india get. 270.? Plz rply…..

  • f!n41 3ch0 31!t3 4ctu41

    my xperia z ultra got update but from sony pc companion only not directly on the phone
    will this affect my rooted z ultra or should i unroot it first then update it

    love from india

  • Barbara Swanson

    My husband and I were trying to make a child for years, it wasn’t until we used the information from here ( http://tinyurl.CoM/getPregnant12 ) that we finally got it right!

  • Andy Liang

    You will lose root if updating the phone, as long as you haven’t unlocked your bootloader you are fine

  • f!n41 3ch0 31!t3 4ctu41

    my bootloader was unlocked but i figured it out by locking bootloader using flashtool then tried unrooting through super su app and then connect it for update and it work
    the only problem i have with the new update is the icon is very big in previous update icons were pretty good at size but this update just ruined it so i have to use aviate launcher

  • Rahul

    My Z1 Compact (U.A.E.) shows .270 update via Sony PC Companion, but i have still not updated to .242 due to its poor review/feedback i read earlier.
    Hence I’m still on KitKat 4.4.4.
    Should i go for .270 ? Kindly advise.

  • I faced battery issue after upgrading to .242; but after a couple of tricks, everything is smooth now. If you upgrade to lollipop, be ready for ‘larger’ icons.

  • It should be available via PC Companion.

  • Rahul

    @raheeladnan:disqus : Thanks for the response.
    Did the battery discharging issue got resolved by itself after couple of days or you had to do something? If Yes then what?

  • Clearing the cache (holding power button and volume UP together. Device shuts down with three vibrations) did the trick for me.

    After lollipop upgrade, my phone’s battery drained 50% faster, and normal restart & factory reset didn’t help. Luckily, I found the aforementioned trick somewhere. Battery lasts much longer than Kit Kat now.

    Overall, I am satisfied now; Fresh look, Apps and the ‘feel’ of using latest OS.

  • Bob

    just flash … Originally was Nordic Combined (KitKat), but no Lollipop was released that time.. so I flashed to Customized UK (Lollipop …. 242)… When this release coming out, I reflashed back to “original” Nordic Combined (Lollipop… 270).

  • jection45

    hjhjgj gj gj ghjhg jjj

  • seVen NG

    did u guy get update yet? malaysian z1 user..

  • Rahul


  • Try this for battery issue.

    Press and hold both Power Button and Up Volume Key; Device should shutdown with 03 vibrations (note three quick vibrations).
    Power up and it fixed all battery and heating issues. Lollipop tastes “sweet” now.

  • Smuti

    Never got the first update for my Z1C (14.5.A.0.242), but at least I got this one on the 22nd. As of now battery seems to be worse, did 2 factory resets. We’ll see in due time.
    Was really hoping we’ll get tap to wake on the Z1 series that they introduced on the Z2, eh. :(

  • Scorus Adrian

    How is the battery life now? Any changes? :)

  • Riju Pal

    What is the size of update in z1,plz tell?

  • I have upgraded mine to .270 and the device is so slow it’s nearly unusable. Anyone else having these issues?

  • Smuti

    Gotten an mail from Sony that the update is now available also as OTA.

  • Ken

    It’s eol for Malaysia user!?

  • Sonja

    I do not like lollipop. They don’t help me at Sony, I want my older version back!! Have a Z1…. what can I do?

  • Manoj Bhagat

    it was frustrating that I am unable to get the update for C6602 in Delhi :(

  • Leo Glag

    OTA in Croatia – today

    Welcome screen with notifications.

    Relatively nice make up, changed notification / quick settings area.

    All in all, for now, – not so bad… needs time to see what is better and/or missing…

  • Rahul

    Are you facing any battery drain issues after update?

  • Leo Glag

    I don’t think so, no.

    Not yet anyway….

  • Philippe

    The Tethering still does not work with this version 14.5.A.0.270

  • DE L TA

    Is there tap to wake feature in this?

  • Jaissal S

    Received the update OTA just this morning! Saw the update on PC Companion a couple of days ago though.

  • GeordieGadgee

    Just had the.270 update OTA for my Z1 (Vodafone UK). Just seeing how the battery life is and the overall speed over the next few days. Had to do a factory reset when Lollipop was initially installed, hoping to avoid that this time….

  • Tweety

    It works for me. Z1 compact with CE3 .270 firmware. I’m just using it to send this message. Actually I’m using it to the max by using 4G network in Croatia, downloading ISO file of an linux distribution, listening to music on youtube at the same time (can’t write message here and watch video at the same time :-) ), and upgrading Windows with a few patches. No problem at all.

  • Ariyadi Putra

    Already update on my Z Ultra to this version just now. But one thing that I dont like it is, all the icon on the home screen become bigger than before…unfortunately I cannot find how to adjust it… Sony, please give back the small icon…

  • Akshay Joshi

    try downloading a suitable previous KitKat version using XperiFirm (it may not be for your region, but at least you can have what you need) try this (though it says, installing Lollipop, I assume, that if you are able to download KitKat, then you should be able to install it by following the instructions here…

  • miske

    Yes that is a true. Do you now how to change icon sizze, because this is to irritate :)

  • daoud dimae Boulad

    Guys. After trying the new update, what is the feedback?

  • Saya Bisa

    why my internal on z1 has change from 32 gb to 16 gb

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