Sony’s “DirtyPhones” site promotes washable Xperia M4 Aqua by reminding how filthy your phone is

by XB on 12th June 2015

in Xperia M4 Aqua

DirtyPhones_4Sony has launched a website called, reminding users just how filthy your smartphone is. The landing page for the site sets the tone telling you that your phone “may be filthier than a public toilet”. It goes on to talk about the sheer number of germs and bacteria invading your phone including lots of scary stats.

As you may have guessed, Sony’s solution to these dirty phones is to simply wash the handset and at the same time promoting its waterproof devices such as the Xperia M4 Aqua. There is also a Germ-o-Meter survey you can take for fun, giving you an approximated germ count on your phone. Check out the site here to find out your score.














Thanks Shubham!

  • dragonsneeze

    With plain water? Is it really effective? Don’t think so.

  • Timel

    Finally! After all these years Sony markets whats one of their smartphones best traits..I can’t imagine going back to non-waterproof phones such as iphones and now even the standard galaxy, LG. Hygiene is a major reason I go for Sony’s waterproofing..

  • Matt


  • Sadman Khan

    It’s about as effective as washing your hands before or after a meal. Rather effective i believe

  • Niels d. G.

    I’ve never gotten sick from my handling phone, therefore, I don’t care

  • dragonsneeze

    Yeah but we wash with soap mostly, plain water may clean visible dirt but does not effectively get rid of germs, some of them slip away I know but still not hygyenic. So germs live on, and then what’s the point?

  • GigaSPX

    No mentioning of soap to wash with water. Need to clarify what would be good

  • Michelangelo Ceferino

    ?I say we take care of water, some countries need it, what do you think about that? ?

  • Ilya Panasenko

    Why does the manual say not to submerge it fully underwater? Isn’t it IP68 protected?

  • Aleky2002

    The germ-o-meter or whatever it’s called is inaccurate.
    I washed my phone like an hour ago and it says 1.74M

  • Great Dude

    Well here you wash it for your own health and hygiene, that is not wasted water.

  • Great Dude

    It is a good point, can it be washed with soap ?

  • Timel

    Don’t think too much, Okay?

  • Svnjay

    They should try getting this on Television.

  • Svnjay

    You don’t currently own any Sony phones and we all know that you love Apple and Samsung (-__-)

  • Svnjay

    Use soap.

  • dragonsneeze

    Well, they don’t recommend anything other than fresh water. If you ask they’ll probably say no. I’ll just stick with wet wipes I guess :D

  • Christian

    I wash my Xperia Z1 WITH Soap. No problem.

  • xperiaDROID

    Whatever Sony, germs are common around us. Just like those soap and shampoo commercials, “get this xxx soap/shampoo from us, you can get rid of 99% of germs”. You can never get rid of all the germs, only most of them. As long as you take better care of your phone, there’s no need to worry.

    BTW, my Xperia Z is also a washable phone. Oh wait, it’s discontinued. Never mind.

  • bahar_b

    very grateful to change to sony smartphone and met with the special page devoted to sony XPERIA users. that has not been turned on to the smart phone sony .
    “g maen jàùh-jáúh ?ã” ropl-ropl

  • Pickerpoc

    The way they advertise xperia is so persuade me to buy a new z3 compact.
    By the way they should definitely make a TV ads

  • mukul verma


  • Shravan SP

    Finally, looks like someone is supporting Sony?

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Hmm, i think pure water isn’t enough to kill all the germs around the waterproof phones. Sony need to develop a “water-proof” devices that can deal with the chemical, for example chlorine in the swimming pool to make it more endurable and more effecient to kill bacteria.

  • djsilentg

    how do you know if you have or haven’t?

  • Timel

    And Sony ^_^

  • dinesh

    Why they didn’t added the XPERIA ZR..ZR have same water proof technology while comparing with Z1, Z1C

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    I wash may z2 with soap and brash weekly!!

  • h2oflyer

    You don’t want too much soap, that increases the wetability and chance of.getting past the seals.

    I just throw my Z3 in with the dishes and rinse under the tap. Did the same with my Z2.

  • nik

    Off topic.. C4 dual priced at INR 29490 in India, almost same as Z2’s price here..

  • Timel

    Most people care about camera quality more that waterproof feature , for most people camera is more important than waterproof feature. Hope Sony will get the point, hope Sony realise before it’s too late that why most people aren’t interested in Xperia phones.

  • Somebody please explain Sony that evolution gave us antibodies so we din’t have to worry! ;-)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Xperia Z discontinued? Still sells on some markets (not here in Sweden though) And it still get updates :)

  • marcyff2

    he has been supporting sony for a couple of weeks. which is strange, i think there might be more than one timel on the website

  • Micro

    They can’t say it straight lol, but.. I used to wash my z1 under the tap along with all the ordinary dishes for almost 2 years, and trust me or not – it saw all the chemicals I have in my house I ever used for dishes. I also let it dry the same way haha ;) I love that phone. My buddy tried to prove something with his “waterproof” galaxy just once. Oh well… poor him. Just saying.. ;P

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Most of the germ elimination in washing comes from the actual rinsing, believe it or not. Soap definitely helps but just washing with water is good enough for the most part.

  • BoatSinker

    So you put your nasty, dirty phone in with your dishes? Gross.

  • h2oflyer

    I know, you lick your S6 clean!!

  • Timel

    or maybe Sony got smart and started paying me?

  • marcyff2

    Perhaps, you know why you things whatever the reason I ain’t really bothered by it

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