First firmware updates rolling for Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet (28.0.A.7.24 and 28.0.A.7.27)

by XB on 18th June 2015

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Xperia Z3+_28.0.A.7.24Sony Mobile is now rolling out the first firmware update for its newest flagship devices, the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet. The Xperia Z3+ (E6553) has seen two firmware builds released including version 28.0.A.7.24 and 28.0.A.7.27. The latter build has only been released in the UK so far, although the handset has not hit the region so far, so it looks like this will be a day one update for UK owners.

Build number 28.0.A.7.24 is out across various regions including Hong Kong and Taiwan where the handset has already been released. Once again, the update is also live across a number of territories where the handset is due to be released in the coming weeks such as India, Singapore, Netherlands, Russia, Vietnam and Turkey.

The Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533) has also seen firmware build 28.0.A.7.24 released in the Ukraine. The same build number is also live for the LTE version of the Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP771) in Hong Kong and Taiwan. So far. It is unclear what new features this update brings, but we’ll update the post as soon as we find out.

Firmware build 28.0.A.7.24 released for Xperia Z3+ (E6553), Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533)and Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP771)

Xperia Z3+_28.0.A.7.24

Image via ePrice.

Xperia Z4 Tablet_28.0.A.7.24

Firmware build 28.0.A.7.27 released for Xperia Z3+ (E6553)

Xperia Z3 Plus_28.0.A.7.27

Thanks Ben and poke612!

  • Yomi

    UK gets it when we don’t have the handset lol

  • mohsen

    im sure all problem of Z3+ will solve after 3 month

  • nfs2010

    I updated mine to .24. It certainly boosts the overall CPU performance. On the previous 28.0.A.4.8 build, my Z3+ antutu score was around 48K on the first run and then dropped quite a bit on each consecutive run from 38K to all the way down to 26K! After the update, I ran Antutu 4 times back to back – all the scores were in 51K-45K range. Good job, Sony

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Xperia Z3 vs Z3+ speed test

  • bilomar

    That’s good news. Hope 5.1.1 update gives z3 also a little boost.

  • i miss the old frame i miss it so badly i have the z3 but my old z1 feels so much more solid and perfect i miss that frame

    the frame of the z ultra was best of both world slightly rounded still flat why would they go backwards with this ugly round frame it makes me angry

  • Askalas

    How about heat? During benchmarking and when using the cameramodes that makes it overheat?

  • mohsen

    im not sure about whay u said. 45k is not good result at all.
    in previous video (about Z3 and Z3+ test), Z3+ have 46K in worst status and 51K in best status.
    im not interested by your range (45-51)

  • nfs2010

    I haven’t seen any app to close yet because of the device temperature. I ran multiple benchmarks consecutively without any issue, but haven’t tried to record long videos yet. I’ll try to record a long 4K video soon :)

  • nfs2010

    It’s a good score What I meant is this update pushed it even higher on the first run and the scores are very consistent (>46K) unlike the first firmware where I got 26K after 4 runs!

  • nfs2010

    It should. Z3 is already a very snappy device though.

  • Askalas

    Awsome mate!

  • Rob Willison

    I get a 53,400 antutu score after the update on my z4 tablet. I’ve generally been using the keyboard dock, but that said I’ve not experienced any notable heat issues or app closures at all since getting my tablet a few weeks ago. I also haven’t tested after 4K video, but still I’m extremely happy with the tablet thus far.

  • nfs2010

    Just did an indoor 4K recording. The camera app closed after 6 minutes & 28 seconds. Phone got warm (nowhere near ‘hot’), ran antutu right away, got 45K. Hope that helps!

  • Askalas

    Sounds good enough for me, thank you.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    This guy did 18 min of 4k video on same fw build:

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Some benchmarks after the update:

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