Google showcases 17 new Android Wear watch faces

by XB on 23rd June 2015

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Android Wear Watch FacesGoogle recently announced that Android Wear now has over 1,500 downloadable watch faces, which should make it easy to find a watch face to match your every occasion. It also presented 17 new watch faces from all over the world including Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Moomin, Bang & Olufsen, Muji, Kevin Tong, Cynthia Rowley, Lulu Frost, and Triwa. All of these are available on your Sony SmartWatch 3, just head over to this Play Store listing to pick your favourite. You can also see how some of these look on the SW3 in the pictures below.

New Android Wear Watch Faces_1

New Android Wear Watch Faces_2

New Android Wear Watch Faces_3

New Android Wear Watch Faces_4

New Android Wear Watch Faces_5

New Android Wear Watch Faces_6

New Android Wear Watch Faces_7

Android Wear Watch Faces

Via Official Android Blog and Marco Kao Blog.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I still like the kingdom hearts watch face I made its a gif too

  • Timel
  • Shehab Skull

    copied what ? the design ? I can’t see any similarity between them , go and sleep samshit fanboy :)

  • dragonsneeze

    They said so themselves sw3 was based on gear, probably to release it more quickly and that’s why sw3 is ugly. So… whatever.

  • Svnjay

    The Gear S was announced one week before the Smartwatch 3. Sony can’t make a smartwatch and unveil it in one week.

    Also, the Smartwatch 1 and 2 had rubber bands.

  • Andre Lemard

    Copied is the wrong term. All device manufacturers “copy” each other. There rarely is a device that is completely unique. For example, some people say that the bottom of the Galaxy S6 looks like an iPhone. Some people say the Apple Watch looks like the Gear. So really, it doesn’t matter who “copies” who because, all manufacturers do it.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Why are you here anyway? Once you said you are not Samsung fanboy. Now I think you are. Why? Because you are always comparing Sony with Samsung. If you are going to talk about copying, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge botton of device reminds me on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, left and right side reminds me on Sony XPERIA Z1 and Z1 Compact. Front side of Galaxy S6 reminds me on SonyEricsson K800. Sony has the least desing copies. Someone here said everyone is coping everyone. I don’t know what is your point except making mad people here. I am not mad because I am aware that Sony Smartwatch 3 reminds me on Samsung Galaxy Gear. And I don’t care because Smartwatch 3 is so better than Galaxy Gear. Go and swim with your Galaxy Gear if you are fascinated with it like I go with my Smartwatch 3.

  • TinaMBeal
  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I dont care when it comes to SmartWatches sony release thier first one before samesung LG moto so in all fareness I think they copied sony

  • Please ban Timel, mods….

    He is getting more annoying…

  • Timel

    What a stupid logic, I’m so speechless with brainless fanboy like you LOL

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Well im satisfied I like it if you dont then suit yourself your opinion im not brainless its only the truth you cant face

  • Timel

    Calm down bro
    Sometimes you need to accept the truth hehe

    Sony fanboys here are so obsessed with Samsung, they always compare Sony to Samsung everytime… That’s why

  • Timel

    Because you are blind and biased, try to think another point of view if those above smartwatch pictures were Sony Smartwatch, you’ll say the different story, you’ll very proud and claim that Samsung Gears definitely copied Sony smartwatch LOL

    And answered your question, yup I mean the design, for many people it’s clear that the Sony smartwatch 3 looks very similar to Samsung Gear watchs but Samsung Gear Watchs are 10 steps ahead.

  • Timel

    Why u only talk about Gear S? Hehehe

  • Svnjay

    The Smartwatch 3 curve resembles the Samsung watch but there have been so many curved watches that predate Samsung’s.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Maybe they are comparing Sony with Samsung because Samsung is supposed to be the best and you are maybe doing opposite because you think that Samsung is the best. In any case I think Samsung is not the best. So far I didn’t find the best mobile manufacture because on everyone phone sometimes is missing or it has flaw.

  • Timel

    No u got me wrong, I never ever think that Samsung is the best, I just think that Samsung is better than Sony sometimes.

  • Alexandr Slobodchikov

    Hello! Please take a look at my new Pin-up Girl watch face:

    – Three variants of the ambient mode.
    – Numeric date indicator.
    – The compass.
    – Watch battery and phone battery indicators.
    – Local weather indicator.
    – Supports round and square watches.

    Thanks for your attention!

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