Sony drops DUALSHOCK 3 controller support on Xperia Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet

by XB on 24th June 2015

in Games

Sony DUALSHOCK 3 Xperia ThumbSony Mobile has ditched support to connect a PlayStation DUALSHOCK 3 controller to its latest flagship devices, the Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z4 Tablet. When traversing the menus, you will now only find an option to connect the DUALSHOCK 4 controller, which arrived with the PlayStation 4.

This isn’t so much a concern for PS4 Remote Play, as you will (obviously) already own a DS4 controller, but for those that enjoyed playing mobile games using the DS3 this will be disappointing news.

The older Xperia Z series support both DUALSHOCK 3 and DUALSHOCK 4 controllers, however the worry is that when Sony brings out the next major update (Android 5.1) then there is a good chance that we could see DS3 being dropped. Would this even bother you? Let us know in the comments below.

The Sony Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet now only supports the DUALSHOCK 4 controller

Xperia Z3 Plus DUALSHOCK 4

The option to select either DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 remains on older Xperia Z series, but for how long?

Xperia Z3 DUALSHOCK series

Thanks Jozef!

  • Hassandroid

    I hope not.
    Sony wants us to buy a PS4 very badly.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Or…you can just buy a ps4 controller alone?

  • David Hvatov

    F/%king sony…

  • I was considering one
    … until I saw the price.

    No, I don’t own a PlayStation. And yes, it’s way too expensive to use it only as a controller for a smartphone. In fact, that’s where the PS3 controller comes in so darn handy…

  • dragonsneeze


  • Paul M

    this annoys me because I specifically bought an extra PS3 controller.

    and I am also annoyed that the blumote – the bluray remote control for PS3 – doesn’t work with Xperia phones… yes, I bought one of those too.

    Why, Sony, Why?

  • DBS

    It won’t “bother” me. It simply means I will no longer use it with my Z3C. I’m NOT buying a PS4 until Sony allows backwards compatibility like Microsoft just did with the XBone (and don’t come with the excuses that “oh it’s technically hard bla bla bla”. Sony is more than capable of pulling it off).

    So if anything, in the end, it’s Sony that’s losing because, guess what? They just removed yet another Xperia feature that could make people stay with their phones.

    They’re clearly not being run by very smart people.

  • GigaSPX

    PS4 controllers are thousands of times better than the DS3 ones. More comfortable to hold and better grip because of more space. Plus they’re less complicated to connect because you need a special cable to connect the DS3.

  • Johan

    I have a Playstation 3 and thus a Dualshock 3 controller. Beyond using the controller for the Playstation, I also use it extensively for my Xperia Z Ultra. I have no intention of buying a Playstation 4. So for me to continue using an Xperia device the way that I currently am, I would have to buy a separate Dualshock 4 controller.
    Now, I know that the Dualshock 4 has gotten a lot of high praise for being better than Sony’s old design (Dualshock 3 and everything before). Yet, I personally think their old design was superior to the new one.
    Let’s say that I could get over the controller design. The next Xperia phone that I buy would still have to be quite a bit cheaper than the competition (without any compromises), so that I could afford to also buy the Dualshock 4 controller separately. Even then it would mean that I would have two different controllers for two different tasks. When I rather have as few controllers as possible to handle as many tasks as possible.
    Sony, if this is not the final straw that makes me switch to another brand, it is at least getting very close…

  • Yali AA

    Then you will never own a PS4……. They have a different architecture and so on, they cant do it without adding components of the PS3 inside the PS4 to run the emulation!
    You can search the net and they will say the same thing.
    You can look at this video and they say what im saying:

  • haxona

    Lol, do you even listen to yourself!?!? What Microsoft did takes massive skills to pull off at such high level tha tthey did. They are emulating a full 360 system on a console based on components from 2012. There is some technical software wizardry in doing this that Microsoft sure as hell are pros on compared to other companies especially a hardware focused one like Sony.

    The Shuhei Youshida a Sony bos was surprised MS could even pull that off because it demands performance and skills that the X1 should not have.

    What Sony should be focused on however is to bring value to PS now so that it doesnt feel like a ripoff

  • DBS

    That, my friend, is bullshit. The architecture of the Xbox 360 is also different from the XBone. The kernel isn’t even the same. Yet Microsoft was able to do it by providing you with a “compatible” version of the game when detecting your 360 disc.

    Sony DOESN’T WANT to have the work, that’s the fact. They prefer to have you PAY for PlayStation Now and PAY again for the games you already paid for once. They’re just being lazy and greedy.
    Which is corroborated by the appalling lack of feature updates to the PS4 since launch and the fact that only 2 years later are they now providing a Media Player for you to be able to stream videos from your PC.

    And for all those reasons, I’m not buying the PS4. And if Sony never addresses them, guess what? Their loss. I’ll spare me 400€ and keep my PS3. As for next-generation games, I already have an XBone. And since I can now buy 360 games to play in it, I’m betting the 400€ I was willing to spend on the PS4 – would Sony address these things and stop screwing up everywhere – will give me for a hell of a lot 360 games.

  • DBS

    Yes you moron. Do you listen to yourself?

    “The Shuhei Youshida a Sony bos was surprised MS could even pull that off because it demands performance and skills that the X1 should not have.”

    1 – He wasn’t surprised, he was shocked because he realised how screwed Sony now was with Microsoft offering everyone a console that could play their old games.

    2 – “performance and skill that the X1 should not have”…because? Because fanboys assumed that the internals of the XBone weren’t as capable as the ones on the PS4? Where’s the surprise in emulated games on a console that runs bloody WINDOWS? Do you know for how long has Windows emulated games? Since the time when your computer had lesser specs than your phone.

    3 – Sony CAN offer the same service as Microsoft will. Actually, they already do. It’s called PlayStation Now. Ever heard of that? Yeah, that thing where you PAY to have it and then PAY to be able to play old PS3 games on the PS4? What sort of sorcery is that?!
    Oh right, Sony provides you with a copy of the game that runs on the PS4. Just like Microsoft provides you on the XBone. You’re NOT going to play from the discs of your 360. What they do is read the disc (which was enabled) and then take you to the store where they allow you to download – FOR FREE – an XBone compatible version of the 360 game which then runs on that emulator instead of the normal process.

    But you’re right. Sony should be focused on bringing value to the PS4. Which is something they HAVEN’T done for the past 2 years. Maybe the fact that the XBone is now a better console and likely to start selling better (specially because it becomes more appealing to 360 owners) will make Sony think twice about what they’re doing.

  • iGMX

    I don’t get comments like this. It’s frivolous. Will switching to “another brand” support any type of DualShock controller? If it’s so important, you can always skip the software update.

  • haxona

    Your entire comment is a joke, do you even know anything about Computer engineering or do you just like to throw up stuff??

    Running a PowerPC Game like every 360 – game is – IS not an easy feat, the possibility isnt even available on any emulation on PC because no one has cracked that yet.

    Shuhei was surprised because this is the first time anyone even comes close to emulate games from PowerPC, applications has been done before(Apple did that) but emulating games is totally different.

    I know very well that this feature will be a big one but the matter of fact still is that only companies with the skill of Microsoft in software development would be able to pull this off. Not to undermine Sony but they dont come close to Microsoft’s software track record, frankly no company comes close to the software record that Microsoft has.

    If you read my comment I clearly stated that “What Sony should be focused on however is to bring value to PS now so that it doesnt feel like a ripoff”.
    Dont come here and try to explain to me what PS now is when I clearly stated that I already know what it is and what the problem with Now is. And no you have two options on PS now:
    1. You subscribe to an “a la carte” method and get some predefined games or you can rent single games for the amount of days that you want to rent it for. The cost is outrageous and I agree on that with you.

    A good way to help the situation would be to make Now part of Plus but as of right now that is so far away from Sony’s mindset which is unfortunate.

    Next time read the full comment before you start bashing me on things you apparently now nothing about or things that I agree with you on.

  • Peter Durnell

    I have a question.

    I have both a Tablet Z and Z3C running Lollipop. Only the Z3C supports the DS4 in settings. Can I use a DS4 with the Tablet Z too?

    I too, bought a DS3 specifically for my Xperias so I find this annoying, too.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Oh, give us a break. Did you check in digital foundry how good is the b/c on Xbone? Even some of those very old and not demanding games are unplayable. And they are only 18 for now.

    MS promised 100 games for Christmas, but they also promised the cloud two years ago. Have you seen it? As they are already taking about legal issues running someX360 games in the Xbone.

  • GigaSPX

    Good luck trying Xbox controllers on their Microsoft phones. Oh wait…

  • kaostheory

    Have you ever used emulators? The xbone isn’t backwards compatible, emulation is different and I would be surprised if MS actually pulls it off without glitches. It will either die as most games won’t be able to be emulated or it won’t be the same quality as the original. This is not what Sony wants for their fans. Although I do think they could pull off PS2 emulation on the 4 and Xperias easier.

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  • Jecht_Sin

    You don’t know what you’re taking about. The X360 has a tri core CPU with two hw thread per core. That makes it relatively easy to emulate each thread into each Xbone core. Now try to emulate the Cell CPU with its central core and the 8 SPUs, which also has 300 GFLOPS three times the power of the PS4 CPU.

  • kaostheory

    Not sure why the negative comments. Sony has features not available on any other phones. The DS4 is a better experience and in the end is better advertising. Now bring Morpheus to Xperia!

  • DBS

    Oh I know very well what I’m talking about, buddy.

    “Running a PowerPC Game like every 360 – game is – IS not an easy feat, the possibility isnt even available on any emulation on PC because no one has cracked that yet.”

    It’s not *easy* but it’s possible. And both Microsoft and Sony have access to the means to do it alongside the developers of the games themselves. Does it require a lot of work? Yes. But then again, as far as I know, Sony employees aren’t paid to go the office and look at the clouds outside.

    “Shuhei was surprised because this is the first time anyone even comes close to emulate games from PowerPC, applications has been done before(Apple did that) but emulating games is totally different.”

    Again, because Sony never even bothered to try. And because it conflicts with their interests. Because the PS4 has been outselling the XBone, they had no interest in even bothering with it. And the little they bothered, they charged for it. Microsoft on the other hand has the incentive of wanting greater adoption of the XBone for a couple of reasons: 1 – Windows 10 and the unification of Microsoft’s platforms under it; 2 – Because the Xbone has to do well otherwise Nadella will continue to have a hard time justifying to some of Microsoft’s BoD member as well as investors the need to keep the Xbox division inside Microsoft (in case you’re not aware, many of those people want the entire Xbox division spun out of Microsoft into an independent and easily close-able company that doesn’t affect Microsoft’s market value).

    No, you didn’t mention ONCE the PS Now. You probably even forgot it exists since last I heard, it’s far from a success.
    But at least we’re agreed on the outrageous price. Because there shouldn’t be one if Sony is concerned in rivalling the XBone backwards compatibility. No one in their right mind will pay AGAIN just to be able to play their PS3 games on the PS4.
    And putting it alongside Plus is also a terrible idea because you’ll still be paying for your already paid games. The XBone will not require Gold for users to get their 360 games.

    Let us face it: the only real reasons why Sony won’t be doing the same aren’t technical, nor logistical. They’re financial. It’s Sony’s greed and refusal to offer the best to their consumers. This has been blatantly clear on their Xperia line and is clearly now also passing on to the PlayStation.

  • That’s it fuck you Sony my next phone will be a Nexus you are the worst

  • DBS

    “backwards compatibility” is what they’re calling it. Their naming convention, not mine.
    As for what you expect Microsoft to be able or not to do, we’ll have to wait and see. So far “backwards compatibility” is only available on the XBone preview program and even there it’s limited to certain regions.
    Once Windows 10 arrives and the Xbox One gets its makeover, we’ll see how well Microsoft has achieved it. And if it will die or not.

  • DBS

    I guess you’re not familiar with the concept of “technical previews”? I guess you’re probably one of those who also installs Android M or Windows 10 and then complain about the bugs.

    “MS promised 100 games for Christmas”. Exactly. CHRISTMAS. Not June. December. Come December you can judge what they achieved and how well or not they did it. Not in June.

    As for the legal issues, there aren’t any. Microsoft said they’re working to convince developers to allow their games to be put in the program. As you would obviously expect. The developers then say “yes” or “no” to it.
    And what reasons does a developer have to say “no” if what’s been offering them is the chance to actually sell 360 games they still haven’t sold to people on the XBone without the need to develop the game again for the new platform?
    It’s a win-win for the developers. Their 360 investment gets extended and even if the experience isn’t great, they can blame Microsoft for it and wash their hands. And the consumers don’t lose either because they’ve already paid for the game.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    So once you get a nexus you get to use PS3/4 controller? I never knew.

  • Guess it’s because of PS Mobile

  • Killian Khoo

    If you dont knw, Xbox360 is actually is same SoC like XboxOne which is x86.
    And PS3 is an ARM SoC while PS4 is x86 is completely different.

  • haxona

    You know I am not gonna answer to your post because of one fucking reason, you seem to have some kind of reading malfunction. I clearly freaking state in the last sentence that PS now should become a more approachble service.

    Its right freaking there so stop saying I never once mentioned PS now, I dont see them offering free games on PS now anytime soon but I can see them offer it as a part of PLUS and that IMO is a lot better than paying for a separete subscription for Plus and one for Now

  • Svnjay

    It is difficult to do PS3 backward compatibility with the PS4 due to the PS3’s cell microprocessor. It has an unusual architecture. Backward compatibility can only be accomplished through emulation. While Sony understands the cell microprocessor and it’s architecture, it will need a great deal of engineering to emulate it and your current processor needs to be 10x more powerful to emulate.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony, Sony Mobile, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI), and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) are all different companies… see the problem?

  • kido

    Don’t you dare drop the support for ps3 dualshock Controller on xperia z3 with android 5.1 please sony!

  • Deads

    Wow, ive read your posts and you obviously dont have a clue.
    Besides the obvious that it requires loads of work to function flawlesly and that any future patch could break it there is also another issue.
    Licensing, putting backwarts compatability on a console might mean that you have to pay certain partys a royalty fee PER CONSOLE.

    MS prolly doesnt have todo this because both the 360 and One use AMD GPUs.
    But the PS3 uses a nvidia GPU and the PS4 uses an AMD GPU. So if Sony added backwarts compatability to the PS4 odds are that Nvidia will want a fee per PS4 sold (and they can ask the same amount as that they got per sold PS3).

    Dont believe me? Look it up, this happened before with the Xbox 360 (why it wasnt fully compatbile with the Xbox) and PS3 (why they dropped PS2 support).

    Sony doesnt want to pay fees to AMD and Nvidia for every PS4 sold.

    And now you will probably say: Yeah but how come they have PS Now?
    Well, look up how PS Now works. Its a smart way to avoid those added costs, not just a stupid way to sell the same game again.

  • Matt

    Are you 12? I mean just buy xbox, don’t play that card. I won’t buy your product if you don’t do this this this. Look at the competition.

    If you want or do not want to buy a product you have to accept is weakness for it also have strong point against competition products.

    Like lollipop update no one cares if you want the old dark design. Material is here whether you like it or not. I like it. If you don’t just stuck without latest security fix on lollipop and stay on kitkat. Bickering won’t magically grow backwards compatibility on ps4. Let’s just enjoy new games that are coming for ps4

  • DBS

    You must be very daft. I already have the Xbox One. And I have a PS3. And I won’t buy or recommend the PS4 to anyone as long as it doesn’t do what I want.

    And I couldn’t care less about your opinion on it ;)

  • Robert Szombati

    It’s very simple; if you want to play games, get a ps4. Phones aren’t designed for high quality games amyway. Phones get hot while gaming and because of this, the glass on the back and front may break easily on the z2/z3’s. Use your phone for apps and a console for games.

  • Matt

    hmm interesting, so there you are trying desperately to get your opinion heard(by complaining). and yet wont accept any opinion in return. nice going !

    well if i were you , and i already have ps3 and xbox one, i wouldnt even consider buying PS4 , because i mean , how can you find time to play with all of them . . i seriously think that youre 12 now . . . its ok if you dont buy or recommend anything , it doesnt matter either way.

  • DBS

    I’m thrice that age hence why I don’t pander to brands.
    Also I’m not “giving my opinion”. I’m stating what I think and will do. It’s not open to discussion because it’s my money, no one else’s.

  • Warit P.

    The original Tablet Z only supports DS3.

  • Matt

    um . . opinion is by definition stating what you think . .

    ironically before you type the comment box on disqus, its says “join the discussion” :P moreover if this “stating what you think ” you’re doing not open to any opinion , than why you posted it there ? just pointing out that the logic is a bit flawed there.

    and i never says you gravitate towards and brand at all =,= if a product is good , then it is good. if its not good enough than be a smart buyer and pick a better one.

    trying to dictate a giant multinational company from individual perspective on the internet isnt a great way to go.

  • Peter Durnell

    Ok, thanks! I only use it for GTA (San Andreas) anyway. XD

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    The DS4 works pretty well on a PC too.

  • kaostheory

    Coming from MS always over promise and under deliver. I also expect 10 to not live up to the hype.

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  • Johan

    I will indeed skip the update on this phone, if this is true. However, if this change is made it will probably become standard for all future Xperias. So I am just saying that my NEXT phone might not be an Xperia. Becuase maybe I will find it easier to deal with no native Dualshock support and adapt HOW I use my phone, than paying for an extra controller that I am not particularly fond of to begin with. Heck, there is even the option to get Dualshock 3 support on ANY phone, if you are willing to root and pay for an app (way cheaper than a Dualshock 4 controller). You might say that if I adapt to not using any Dualshock or fix it through the root solution, I could keep buying Xperias because they are good in other ways. Well, this is not the only thing that makes me consider other brands. That is why I wrote “final straw”, to imply that there are other issues burdening them, while other brands are starting to appear more attractive. The native support was just a bonus that came with xperia devices, that now is being removed…

  • Johan

    See my response to “iGMX”.

  • Aleky2002

    THE X1?

  • Aleky2002

    The XBONE has a dedicated GPU

  • haxona

    Xbox One :)

  • Xyor

    If the PS4 is selling. Why bother to add backward competibility? PS3/XBox 360 both sold well without it. As far as I see this move from Microsoft is more an act of desperation. Lol

  • ZXcorr

    Ikr… this DBS person is so daft

  • haxona

    The guy obviously reads and knows what he is talking about /s
    Its laughable when I see people go head first into a discussion with information they dont even know how to interpret themselves!

  • haxona

    No man seriously you should also not talk about things you obviously dont know a shit about as evident by your comment!

  • haxona

    None of the consoles have “dedicated GPUs” they are APUs which basically are SoC where the CPU and GPU share the same ship

  • J Cav the Great

    Yeah..I’m cool with it. I have both DS3 and DS4s at my disposal.

  • J Cav the Great

    I’m not reading all that???????

  • skrug

    So you bought an Xbone before it had backwards compat?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Microsoft used the words “backward compatibility” just for marketing. The only advantage Microsoft has over Sony is PRICE as emulated X360 games are free while remastered PS games aren’t. I don’t plan on buying a PS4 myself but it seems that people prefer 1080p/60fps remasters over 720p/30fps emulations and Sony’s milking that.

    Yeah, it’s pretty douchy that they pulled DS3 support. Seems that Sony really cares way too about its console’s future. More so than its mobile customers.

  • imparanoic

    ps3 dual shock ( real one) joypad as cheap as US$15/HK$100/gbp8 second hand, ideal for emulators, even better using a spare one at home, I have amazing 6 dual shock 3 ( 3 for ps3 – but one don’t connect wireless, 1 for psp go via upscaler to tv, 1 for my xperia z2 and 1 for z tablet), one was recently purchase as it was really cheap and I authenticated to see if they are real, sold seen as, just need a quick reset and hey presto it was working

  • imparanoic

    more than the reason why I will stick with very stable and good 5.0, all of the emulators still work as well

  • imparanoic

    it’s not just the hassle of rooting and a third party app, the hassle of remapping buttons and d pad, changing keyboards for joypad controller, search and connect Bluetooth, so much hassle, especially when you install new game, I had to do this with my older phone with wii classic controller and wii remote
    ps3 dual shock support, two simple steps, (connect one cable, and press one button twice on the option)once installed, all you have to every time, press ps button and hey presto, instant gaming in 1 second

  • Daniele

    I think you can. Yesterday i tried the ds4 on my xperia z that does not support the ds4 in settings but it works perfectly. You need to press the playstation and the share button and then, inside bluetooth settings of your xperia, pair the controller.

  • Unknown

    I dont see the point in backwards compatibility, I didnt buy a PS4 to play PS3 games

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    the bumping car part s too hard for me…shame this mission is on first city, I never get to the second city
    EDIT i don’t like missions, i like to kill ppl and explode while in a car,

  • Darren Johnstone

    I never even knew it did, and Sold my older DS controllers when I bought the PS4.

  • Aleky2002

    Oh, i thought you meant the PS4 had the X1 SoC

  • marcyff2

    Yes but the emulation is currently running at 20 to 25 fps dropping to as low as 15fps. meaning that at some points you might actually see frame skips.

  • marcyff2

    you know there are apps that provide you that compatibility right?

  • Paul M

    interesting, so there’s an app that will allow me to control my smartphone using the Blumote?

  • charbel aoun

    i still have a PS2 lol

  • marcyff2

    no for the ps3 controller. I don’t know about the blu ray thou

  • imparanoic

    I have ps2 original, 2 ps 2 slim, one at office with hori lcd screen
    I also ps1 and ps one with screen

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Sadman Khan

    For the ps3 controller use Sixaxis. And you must have root.

  • Timel

    I don’t understand why Apple and Google can effectively run their whole company by without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony did and One of the big problem about Sony/Kazuo Hirai was that he built a corporate structure at. Sony that didn’t allow for enough collaboration. Divisions were just that divisions and he couldn’t see the value of allowing them to work together more efficiently and creatively, that’s why OneSony plan will never truly happen or hard to happen. so Sony needs to change their old vision and their old tradition, seriously and quickly!

    I think these Sony’s subsidiaries including Sony Mobile, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Visual Products, Sony Creative Software, Sony Network Entertainmentand they’re all supposed to merge into Sony Corpration, become one company, a devices and services company.

    Sony Group including
    1) Sony Corporation (consumer electronic devices and services)
    2) Sony Semiconductors (processors, camera sensors)
    3) Sony Pictures Entertainment (movies and TV series)
    4) Sony Music Entertainment (record label and music publishing)
    5) Sony Financial Holdings (banking and life insurance)


  • Well I wont have it anymore when I update and when I get a PS4 controller they might as well drop support for it too

  • Paul M

    I tried asking the dev if it supported blumote, I think at the time it didn’t.

  • DrKrFfXx

    PS4 is too weak to emulate the Cell processor.

    Aside from that, have you seen the tests on the X360 emulator? Games that were running close to 30 fps, run AWFUL on the X1.

  • DrKrFfXx

    The X360 has a PorwerPC cpu. Not an x86

  • FaddaHax

    C’mon Sony! I wasn’t expecting such a thing from you! You think now people will buy more Dualshock 4s? No they ll just buy a cheap Bluetooth gamepads for Android. I want to play with my old good dualshock 3! Return it to my Z3+!!!

  • Mick Wolf

    It would still be good to do, I dont want to have a bunch of consoles all hanging around my TV, sure ill have it still but not all together in the same place.

  • funklord

    So, now I need a new controller, mounting bracket, and cable just to play games on z5.
    Sony is probably the most sneaky, consumer unfriendly and most costly mfg I’ve had to deal with, after Microsoft.
    It would’ve literally taken them 5min to copy the driver to the new kernel.
    Fuck you Sony.

  • Jaytee Thomas

    hmmmm, 1080p/60fps remaster or 720p/10-30fps emulation? that is a no brainier, it is sad we lost DS3 support with z3 but i can still use the control wireless on the pc and retro Pi, the DS4 i can use wireless on everything without buying a special receiver. sad that is not possible with the XBone controller and sad MS tried to lock it to the spyware infested Win 10 only, reminds me of when MS tried to lock games to consoles and to use your game online at a friends house they wanted you to pay a fee, i’m starting to get microsoft and apple mixed up, we might see microapple in the future :-P

  • Jaytee Thomas


  • Jimmy Crasto

    Y did sony drop ps3 controller support…..thats so rude of Sony…. I have used almost all android fones ranging from lenovo to samsung….Sony had the best features of staying with the fone for a long tym…..i am a sony user from last 3 years and i change my fone every year….every year different brand but dis year i again opted for Sony….. Coz its reallu different wen u use a sony android fone…..but da best feature wch i lykd was support for ps3 controller….. After da marshmallow update my Xperia z3 dosent support ps3 controller thats so annoying for me… lollipop it excepted both controllers ps4 and ps3 so i dint had any problem aftrr da marshmallow update everything is ruined….. I lykd to play games on my controller coz am a heavy gamer…..but now my dreams are destroyed by da illogical idea from sony……so bad dint expect dis at all.from sony……

  • João Manuel Périco

    FUCK YOU SONY !!!!! I NEVER BUY YOUR CELLPHONE AGAIN !!!!!!! One of the few qualites you remove of the device !!! Just to remember, you sold this device to me saying that i could conect this with my dualshock 3, and did this Now WTF ??????

  • forced me to go buy a ps4 controller for my xperia z2 tablet… and it doesn’t even work as well… the sony tablet driver support does not work as well as the SixAccess Controller software on rooted devices

  • RuThaN

    Yeah Sony and their software skills, Xbone has backwards compatibility and Sony did feature removal and bought useless Gaikai and renting your games you already own with Playstation Now..

  • imparanoic

    does any one know, can you use a dual shock 4 touchpad on a xperia phone?

    I have a dual shock 4 (unopened) and z3 phone ( used only for emulation), currently usingh ps3 dual shock 3 on it on 5.1 firmware z3

    but my main phone is xperia z2 ( no gaming)

  • imparanoic

    also i wonder if the wireless audio works on dual shock 4 work on ps4 remote play with xperia phones? can the wireless audio jack be used for emulation or other android games

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