Sony E5663 specs leak: 4.6-inch 1080p display, 13MP front camera, 3GB RAM

by XB on 26th June 2015

in Rumours, Xperia M5

Sony logoSony Mobile may shortly be offering a very attractive compact flagship smartphone if these latest specifications are to be believed. We have seen the Sony E5663 model number before, but this is the first time we have an idea of the specs. The Sony E5663 has appeared on a couple of benchmarks suggesting the model will have a 4.6-inch (1080 x 1920) display, which betters the 4.6-inch 720p display of the Xperia Z3 Compact.

It will be powered by a MediaTek MT6795 chipset (1.9GHz octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor and PowerVR G6200 GPU). As a quick reminder, this is the chipset that is capable of 480fps 1080p video. Other specs include 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

Interestingly, the benchmarks suggest that the Sony E5663 will sport a 13MP front-facing camera, the highest megapixel front camera we have seen up until now in a Sony Xperia device is 5MP. The device will also feature a 21MP rear camera.

The Sony E5663 model number suggests that this device is destined for India. The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual and Xperia C4 Dual launched in India with model numbers E2363 and E5363 respectively. Note the ‘63’ in the last two digits across both model numbers. The Sony E5663 has recently appeared on Zauba, the Indian Import Database site, adding further credence to this rumour.

We have seen no other variants appear for this E56XX device so far, could this be exclusively landing in India? There were rumours that some devices might see an India-only launch, although that chatter was around the budget line rather than what looks like this MediaTek-powered flagship Xperia compact. Wherever it ends up, we will bring you further details on this handset as we hear more.

Sony E5663 on GFXBench

Sony E5663_GFXBench

Sony E5663 on Geekbench

Sony E5663_Geekbench

Sony E5663 on Zauba (Indian Import Database site)

Sony E5663_Zauba

Thanks Tony!

  • AsadMulla

    Nice. But needs more than 16gb storage.

  • Timel

    the number of pixels in a camera doesn’t say much about the quality of the image.

  • Timel

    More megapixels doesn’t always mean a better camera.

  • Wahyu Putra Waskito

    wew, z3+ compact, is that you?!

  • Wolfmachien

    Another disaster waiting to happen. Great specs except for the Mediatek processor and why no gyroscope?. Don’t you know what happened to xperia C, Sony?

  • Timel

    LOL It’s so ridiculous, this is 2015 but Sony flagship phones still stuck with 16gb storage, what a stupid company

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  • Timel

    It’s clear that Sony Mobile wants to go bankrupt

  • jmaxim917

    It should be a 4.7″ screen to directly compete with the iPhone 6.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD CAN YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU S*UPID PIECE OF SH*T? Im getting really tired on your trolling on this site. Samsung, LG and HTC cant even match the specs of the “old” z3c so why do you even bother to complain on Sonys compact devices? Clearly you cant put in a s810 soc in a phone that small. And honestly if we are going to compare this phone against the other companies “mini phones” the compact series from Sony have always kicked their asses. Just wanted you to say what phones Sonys compact phones do compete against.

  • Timel

    Chill, let’s say that I am working full-time, if you know what I mean..

  • IlGrinta17

    How do you get paid?

  • apolloa

    Mediatek???? What a shame, I feel the Snap Dragon 820 would be a better chip, maybe the Z5 will feature that one?

  • Confruggy

    These are prototypes! Sony imported them to India to test them there and this one of them.

  • Svnjay

    Samsung pays him.

  • Timel

    Calm down, dumbfucker, my above comment was taking about the camera, you can mad at me but the truth is more megapixels doesn’t always mean a better camera, more megapixels doesn’t always mean more quality.

    I mean I want Sony to improve the camera software as well

  • IlGrinta17

    I know, that’s what I wanted to know

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Are you freakin kidding me right now

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Z5/Z5 Ultra/Z5 Compact=Snap820

    E56XX is another flagship phone

  • kido

    Hang on, that’s an imx230 sensor size back camera, with a picture size of 5344 x 4016 :p

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    I don’t even know what happened to Xperia C….

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Z5 Compact will be E58xx, not E56xx

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    I don’t think this is Z5 Compact, because Z5 Compact is E58xx, Z5 is E66xx, and Z5 Ultra is E68xx.. Based on POSTEL

  • Timel

    It’s ridiculous Hahahahaha

    This 2015, but Sony flagship phones still stuck with 16gb storage LOL

    What a stupid company, no wonder at all if Sony Mobile will go bankrupt in soon.

  • kido

    No gyro?? ;(

  • May Czos

    It’s definitely not Z5 Compact but some other mid-high range model. This Mediatek has average single core score and pretty rubbish GPU. For gaming – Z3 Compact would be much faster.

    I’m still waiting for a proper Z5C with SD820, 4GB of RAM and FHD display.

  • May Czos

    Average user doesn’t care about the processor. It’s fast and works (and I’m not Mediatek fan because of rubbish GPUs). GFXBench says there’s no gyroscope in almost every Sony’s smartphone.

  • apolloa

    What’s that got to do with my comment?

  • apolloa

    I wouldn’t call it a flagship with that SOC! We will see I guess.

  • Timel

    Calm down, dumbfucker I think your Sony fanboyism is seriously lil, of course you can mad at me but if you ain’t blind you’ll see that my above comment was taking about the fact of camera, the fact that more megapixels doesn’t always mean a better camera, more megapixels doesn’t always mean more quality… 13mp font facing camera and 21mp rear camera they will be the same shitty camera if Sony doesn’t improve the camera software.

  • May Czos

    SD820 will probably be much better. But it doesn’t mean that top end Mediatek is a shame for a upper-midrange device.

  • May Czos

    E5663 is not a flagship. Z3+ is and it has 32GB of storage.

  • May Czos

    o,1″ really makes no difference.

  • Timel

    It sounds like a high end device and this is 2015, there’s only Sony Mobile that stil stuck with 8gb / 16gb storage LOL

    This is so ridiculous hahahaha

  • Abdul Ghani

    i am just gonna grab popcorn and read the experts who think that they know the power of cpu+gpu results

  • Timel

    What’s wrong with Mediatek? Mediatek Helio X20 is so cool

  • Niels d. G.

    *2.5 GB RAM

  • Timel

    What’s wrong with Mediatek?
    Mediatek SoC like Helio X20 is very epic and cool

  • May Czos

    It may sound like one but it’s not. Z3+ is a flagship and Z5 models are going to be flagships. Lower and cheaper devices have 8/16GB which is still a norm.

    PS. Samsung S6 mini is going to have 16GB as well.

  • May Czos

    GFXBench shows lack of gyroscope in most Xperias.

  • May Czos

    Meizu MX4 has the same GPU and basically the same display resolution. Graphics performance is really mediocre.

  • Timel

    Are you sure?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    How does a cheap Mediatek processor make this high end? Are you 5 years old or something? I have a feeling you don’t know your SoCs.

  • Abdul Ghani

    have u played on mx4 ? because i used a lenovo phone a7000 180 dollars mark and it ran all games eg. modern combat 5 and alphast 8 smooth

  • May Czos

    That’s 3 GB of RAM. GFXBench always shows lower number.

  • May Czos


  • Timel

    Ops! You’re right ^_^
    MT6795 is a low-end chipset

  • May Czos

    any people have and that’ a fact. MX4 i slower and it shows in the most demanding games at full details. Lenovo A7000 has lower resolution display. It really makes a huge difference.

  • Abdul Ghani

    trying to be expert did u know samsung and iphone uses arm and mali gpus try harder without actual proof u have nothing i have played games on e9+ it has 2K display works flawless retard

  • Timel

    It’s all in your head LOL

  • Timel

    that’s why I’ve always called people like you a brainless fanboys

  • Svnjay

    How am I a brainless fanboy?

  • Bur

    Pleaaaseeeee have ois and full manual camera (new camera app plz).. Im sick and tired of the shitty Camera app and software

  • Abdul Ghani

    this phone will have excellent battery life great performance gaming and daily life usage and most importantly no heating

  • kido

    Oh ok ..Lol

  • Naail Zahid

    This is xperiablog, where they hate change. Don’t expect anyone here to give mediatek a chance.

  • Thomas

    If it has a micro SD card slot (like my Z3 Compact does), then you can add a 32GB card for about $20, and a 64GB card for just over $30.

  • Abdul Ghani

    well with people with actual brains will buy this phone i dont like fake experts just sit at home and wait to troll

  • Naail Zahid

    I might actually have to agree with you Timel, xperia phones can get 50 mp and they will still be crap thanks to horrible post processing.
    I’m guessing the two “kings” of xperia cameras will be downvoting my comment like hell.

  • Timel

    more megapixels doesn’t always mean a better camera, more megapixels doesn’t always mean more quality… Finally , the 13mp font facing camera and the 21mp rear camera of E5663 will be the same shitty smartphone camera(as previous models) if Sony still do nothing or doesn’t improve the camera software.

  • Timel

    Ops! Really?
    MT6795 is a hi-end chipset actually ^_^

    And you should know that Mediatek doesn’t always mean “cheap” idiot , I believe that the E5663 will be much better than the pure shit phone like Z3+, at least MT6795 is much better than SD810, Qualcomnn is bullshit now, bullshit like some sony brainless fanboys here.

  • Rafay

    xperia lavender leaked Previously with 13mp front camera and mediatek cpu, so this may actually be the same model

  • Timel

    Wow! so interesting, a first Sony bezel-less smartphone ^_^

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Something difference between this two model. Model number and Display size.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    In short. make it better or equal to LG G4 =*=

  • Abdul Ghani

    actually this could be the mini version

  • kido

    More megapixels = more detail …The photo size 5344 x 4016 seems to indicate the sony imx230 sensor which is a relief change from the imx220 found in the flagships since z1. The imx230 is supposed to have better built in hdr and 192 focus points. So hopefully fingers crossed this camera phone will deliver a truly sony Camera experience.

  • kido

    Yes ois is a must. Sony depends too much on increasing the iso level for brighter low light shots which coupled with the high mp count creates images with high levels of noise. So ois will allow slower shutter speeds which should allow more light in and thus brighter images with low noise.

  • Timothy Crayon

    XPERIA Z3+ is much better than LG G4, and the sucksung S6 EDGE

  • Bur

    It does mean higher quality in hard details, but the software in Sony camera’s make it just slightly better than 12mp, it washes too much details out.

  • Bur

    Indeed. I used the slow shutterspeed of the G4 in my hands and it was way better than the high iso forcing on my Z3 compact. The LG was very sharp, z3 washed out and ugly ;(

  • Abdul Ghani

    the 2 kings of xperia camera of z2 users will down vote u

  • Akand

    Maybe they are brainless fanboys. But you?? You worst brainless hater. You actually don’t know what to praise and what to criticise. You like almost nothing from Sony. So why do you cry here? I never told you paid agent, still I don’t. But you’re actually a brainless woman like hater.
    This E5663 is obviously an excellent device, even if it comes with same shitty(as a say) camera. You know why? Because of its price tag. You fool.
    Have you ever praised Sony’s new Smart Bluetooth Speaker?? Isn’t it an excellent and innovative gadget?? Think honestly. If this smart speaker were from Apple or Samsung, you idiot would have told it’s a very interesting innovative. But unfortunately this fucking awesome gadget is from Sony and you bloody idiots (even tech sites) didn’t publish or praise about it.
    **If you’re not a paid agent, then be wise when you criticise about something**

    **Don’t think that I am a blind fanboy of Sony. Yes, I am a great fan but also criticise when it’s really applicable. That’s why I am still waiting for the right upgrade.**

  • kido

    Yeah ironic is it that sony a camera manufacturer cannot pull its shit together in their top camera phones.

  • DBS

    Irrelevant as part of the apps are still installed in the flash memory, not the SD card even after Lollipoop.

  • Akand

    I’ll wait untill IFA on September. If there nothing comes, then this is going to be my next phone. Even if it is an India exclusive, I will import it anyhow. This gonna be a mind blowing compact device with fair price tag.

  • ryq24

    And again it will be overprice. Disappointing a lot of Sony loyalist who will continue to move away and buy a cheaper but with same specs phone

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  • mohsen

    benchmark is 2K less than Z3+

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  • Thariq Mohammed

    I assume that there may be different models for different regions

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  • Mohd naeem

    Man atop complaining, Mediatek is good this score is close enough to the s6 and better than everything else lg g4, m9 etc

    Also they may use a new camera sensor (IMX230) which is awesome for autofocus, hdr,4k
    Son in terms of hardware there’s no problem at all

    And. I think they will yse SD 820 in their nezt flagship devices

  • Mohd naeem


  • Timel

    Stop taking bullshit, I love Smart Bluetooth Speaker so much, at least it is much cooler and worth the money than the shitty smartphone like Z3+

  • Timel

    MT6795 is a hi-end chipset actually ^_^

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  • Timel

    I still think this is a hi-end device and it’s freaking ridiculous that Sony still stuck with 8GB/16GB internal storage LOL

    Sony Mobile is the worst mobile company, that’s why Xperia phones are always unsaleable.

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    1920 * 1080 on 4.6 inch screen!!!
    thas 490 ppi!!!!!!

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  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I can’t believe how long it still takes the camera app to load even on the 801 xperias by the time I’ve opened it my shotis gone

  • Mac

    If its the Z3+ compact. Then, I hope the global verison is having 32gb internal. Might be a upgrade from my z1 compact then.

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  • Timel

    Xperia camera software is freaking laggy

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  • Timel

    No, I will pity more than this

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  • Timel

    You look so pity bro
    Calm down, don’t cry

    My trolling? How?
    If you’re not blind you’ll see that my above comment was talking about the fact of camera, I said “More megapixels doesn’t always mean a better camera, More megapixels doesn’t always mean more quality.Hopefully Sony will learn from the mistakes of their previous smartphone cameras” I mean Sony will still stuck with the same shitty camera if Sony don’t care about camera software, Sony must improve sensor and camera software, increasing megapixels help nothing.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    a bright lens can help too!!!
    It should have f/1.8 lens

  • Vuyo Ncube

    IMX230, big front facing camera, UHD video, super slow motion video, 1080 on a midranger…not bad.

  • zaid

    Butthurt much?? I see you commenting on every post about Sony why not go back to your overpriced iPhone or shitsung

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The MT6795 has worse single core performance than a SD801, was built on an inferior 28nm process, doesn’t support LPDDR4 RAM nor LTE Cat 10 and uses a GPU from two years ago (not even comparable to the SD800, see pictures below). Read my comment thoroughly ensuring that you know what all these numbers and letters means because clearly you don’t know what “high end” means. This is a midranger. A pretty good midranger but a midranger nonetheless. It’ll be torn to shreds by Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung. Oh wait it already did. Before it was even unveiled.

  • May Czos

    Sensor size is more important than the lens and Sony’s flagships has bigger sensors than most competitors.

  • May Czos

    MT6795 has powerVR G6200 GPU (not Mali) which is fairly old. Samsung and Apple both use more powerful versions of Mali and PowerVR GPUs, with 6-8 cores. Mediatek has older models with 2-4 cores.

    MT6795 vs. Snapdragon 800 in the Z1:

  • May Czos

    Yup, nice sharp display. HTC One M7 also had FHD display 2 years ago.

  • Akand

    How funny!!! You think you are too brainfull, huh??
    Your comments always show that you’re criticizing Sony only watching or reading reviews of other brands. You have no practical experience about other brand products.
    Of course G4 and S6 have far better camera.
    Except camera LG can never defeat Sony in other field.
    S6 defeats Xperia in real life performance only this time, and it’s not for Sony, it’s Qualcomm’s fault.
    Have you ever praised Sony for its most superior flawless real life performance?? I think you didn’t because you know nothing except several benchmark scores.
    As far I know, you are a Z1 user. Tell something about your Z1 experience and S4 experience. Z1 can always outperform S4, Z2 can easily S5.
    Don’t judge devices as their benchmark scores. If you have friends who use other brands, take their phones for a while and experience yourself. If you don’t have such opportunity then go to shops and take you time.
    You should think wisely. Even being a hard criticiser, you like the Smart speaker. But search around the tech sites. Nowhere you’ll see any praising publication of Smart speaker. This is how tech reviewers neglect Sony. But in real life you will never get more than 5% of Xperia users who are complaining instead of praising about performance of their Xperia devices.
    Sony’s only lacking is in camera section. Look, they have changed the sensor in this E5663 device.

  • Felix

    13MP front camera?

    I currently use a Huawei P7 with 8MP front cam, and front camera pictures come out looking perfect already. More megapixels = more detail, but why would you need more detail when taking pictures of your face 50 cms away from the camera?. 5MP is more than enough.

    Also, 4K front cam video? This phone will just be there for the specs.

  • Abdul Ghani powerVR has 3 types of g6200 gpu 2 core 4 core and 6 core iphone 6 only 4 core

    so ur showing me old 2 cores benchmark which is almost 2 years old now in 2015 why would sony use a 2 core powerVR g6200 gpu its obvious itll be 6 core version like the htc e9+ which has 4 core i think because it plays all games smooth and its 2k so please dont try to be an expert

  • Snorky112

    I’d prefer 720 and more battery life but FHD is nice too

  • Abdul Ghani

    i hate people with the mind claiming that mediatek sux its chinese brand and dont see how good mediatek has become since the launch of their x10 and x20 chips with new gpus support x20 is way advanced than 810 and x10s performance is almost upto 808 or more and has extra features like 480 fps 1080p recording and more which snapdragon doesn’t have and soon the x20 chip will have this beast

  • Shubham Mutreja

    No its JDI disply!

  • Vasilis K.

    Next time better take a breath and use some fullstops. This way we’ll get what you mean

  • Shubham Mutreja

    1/2.3 sensor with f/1.8 lens with OIS will be f**ing awesome!!!

  • Abdul Ghani

    so u are mediatek hater ? because everything is clearly mentioned on my post

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  • May Czos

    But it’s nearly impossible to make for a mobile device.

  • May Czos

    Sharp from sharpness, not SHARP (display manufacturer).

  • May Czos

    Display resolution has almost nothing to do with battery life. Size and brightness are much more important.

  • May Czos

    There are three tyoes of 6 series PowerVR GPUs. 6200 means two cores (second digit). Mediatek MT6795 has 2 core PowerVR G6200 GPU. Iphone 6 has 4 core G6430 which is 2x faster. MT6795 gaming results in E9+:

    They’re rubbish!

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Dude this phone doesn’t have the X20 in it. Why are you even talking about the X20? It’s not in production yet. The X10 isn’t bad but its GPU doesn’t come close to any flagships. A two year GPU is obviously going to lose.

  • I was hopeful when I saw the GeekBench scores. They’re basically the same as the 801 in the Z3 compact (slightly worse single-core, better multi-core, might even out). But yeah, that graphics score. :(

  • Abdul Ghani

    those are just benchmarks have you played with x10 chips ? i did i know it runs smooth with games ( i played on lenovo a 7000 and htc e9+)

  • Edit button=Edit ;)

  • Abdul Ghani

    those arent gaming performance those are just benchmarks what a retard seriously i said i played on lenovo a 7000 and e9+ all games runs smooth specially gta san andreas and alphast 8 and modern combat 5 now shove those benchmarks in ur ass

  • Amir

    4k will only bring benefit to quality. sure, it does not matter as with back camera but it can only be a good thing. there is nothing bad to criticize about it. eventually all camera will be 4k so it is natural evolution. great.

  • May Czos

    Those are benchmarks that are imitating real games (they actually are grahincs from real games) that’s why they’re pretty reliable.

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  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Perhaps another model of the lavender

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    A Snapdragon 600 phone can run smooth with games too. What’s your point? I’m strictly comparing the X10’s graphic performance to flagships only because you think the X10 is comparable to flagships in games (where GPU matters more than CPU). It’s not. It’s good enough for many people but will lose even to my Z1’s Adreno 330 GPU. Your subjective experience won’t make cold hard numbers go away. I’m sure your eyes can tell the difference between 30 fps/medium graphics and 60 fps/high graphics. Mediatek is getting better IMO; I’m hoping they announce custom ARM cores and a Radeon GPU before 2017 that can match Nvidia’s Tegra X1 in a smartphone thermal envelope. AMD’s beefy compute performance on 16nm FF+ will come in handy for Vulkan optimised games too.

    What flavour is your popcorn? If it’s fruit chutney or lightly salted, I’d like some too :)

  • Timel

    Not much ^_^
    Oh and I don’t think iPhone 6 and S6 are overpriced

    I think Sony Z3+ is a overpriced phone
    Certainly Z3+ is not worth the money at all, shitty camera, shitty cpu, slow and laggy performance. Z3+ may be very amazing for the small group of people like some brainless fanboys here

  • Timel

    Good selfie camera? LOL
    What about its rear camera?

    Z3+ is just a toy

  • Timel

    I don’t think Sony will make the great smartphone camera

    Whatever hopefully Sony will realise why most people don’t buy Xperia flagship smartphones

  • azzido

    It should come with Snapdragon 808 instead of this poor mediatek!
    Ultra should wait for Snap 820 and 4GB RAM as well as Xperia Z5 with new design, camera and audio :)

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  • May Czos

    Here you go, real world gaming performance. Real Racing 3:

    Meizu MX4 with Mediatek MT6595 (slightly lower MT6795) with the same PowerVR G6200 GPU (FullHD display)

    Samsung Galaxy S6, Exynos 7420 with Mali-T760 GPU and QuadHD display (2x more pixels)

    Mediatek is pretty unstable around 40 fps. S6 is very stable and after some very short time settles at 60 fps. The difference is massive.

  • Abdul Ghani

    which cpu owner is buying nvidia mobile and amd mobile gpus ummm no one such a retard u are vulkan for mobile lol seriously u are just pure troller like posted before ur one of those people who thinks eh mediatek chinese brand it has to be bad …………….. anyway mediatek dont have to go long way they already announced and gonna release x20 soon and has proven one of the best cpu plus new gpu inside mali t-880 new generation chip

  • Great Dude

    To your early comment , Lumia 1020 is slower than other smartphones, 5 seconds between 2 shots.
    Lumia 1020 as a camera is also better than iphone 6 ,LG G4 or SGS6, so saying that “even old phone like Lumia 1020 have a better camera software than Z3+” isn’t fair.

  • Great Dude

    Let’s wait and see how the battery of Xperia Z4v will do?
    Since it is the only QHD Sony smartphone.
    Also Sony claims similar battery results as Xperia Z3+

  • Abdul Ghani

    u nuts display has everything to do with battery life second comes the software

  • Alvin

    Ummm.. Z3+ lags? Did You even experienced the phone yet? You even don’t like z3+ that’s why I know you don’t have it but you just make a piece of junk out of this site

  • Alvin

    Just ignore and report:)

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  • Abdul Ghani

    meh dont belive this shit like i said already tested alphast 8 and modern combat 5 on z2 lenovo a7000 e9+ all were smooth but e9+ was superior in all games plus spoiler alert didnt over heat at all like the z2

  • Timel

    Z3+ is laggy and slower than S6 edge, iPhone 6, LG G4. I’m not trolling you, this is the truth.

  • Timel

    So funny

    you can’t even bear to see my comment because the truth hurts you so bad.

  • Abdul Ghani
  • May Czos

    Display’s size anb brightness – yes. Resolution – no (ok, there is a minor difference but it’s negligible).

  • Abdul Ghani

    resolution also yes

  • May Czos

    I believe they may have looked smooth but your eyes are not professional testing equipment. In a year from now, on highest detail difference can be visible.

  • Abdul Ghani

    ohhhh u are professional and have pro eye my god just stop trolling mediatek
    also u can get this on mediatek
    but not on snapheater 810

  • Timel

    Qualcomnn’s fault?

    It’s a Sony’s fault actually, Sony can’t even design their own mobile processor.

  • May Czos

    The difference is negligible. So not really.

  • Abdul Ghani

    after reading the fake experts on phonearena and xperia blog i guess they like overheating phones z2 heats z3 heats z3+ is a frying pan (while gaming). Now mediatek found solution for not to heat and its performance is good while gaming my personal experience on lenovo a7000 just about 30 minutes it was not hot like z2 because z2 heats up after 10 minutes of gaming and on lenovo a 7000 gaming was smooth so i guess there are retards on his world wont understand mediatek is good !!!!!!

    waiting for this features in lavender

  • May Czos

    I don’t have professional eye but I just showed you a result from professional test. You’re the troll, blindingly defending Mediatek despite the evidence.

    Noone applied 480 fps in a device yet. As a testing sample of SD810 was running 4K display. It’s just a theoretical possibility.

  • Timel

    You shouldn’t expect anything too much with some sony brainless fanboys here. Some sony fanboys here are so annoying and obstructive.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i guess u are right brainless experts sitting on the net without actual physical proof

  • Akand

    Sony should follow them of course. But I think Sony won’t do it because it’s too risky for them. Sony always tries to maintain high quality of its products, that’s why production costs of Sony gadgets are high. If they want to develop their own SoC, then it would be more costlier than using Snapdragons. That’s not the real problem for Sony.
    The biggest problem for Sony is the media/tech reviewers. They always advertise other brands like Apple and Samsung. And they always neglect Sony. For the bloody media, online readers like us think that Samsung or Apple is the best. But in real life it’s 40-50% is true.
    Do you remember when Apple launch Apple Pay, and all media told it’s an excellent innovation but what was the reality?? NFC payment has been used a long before Apple Pay. Google Wallet uses NFC payment about 2 years before Apple. Still media told it was an innovation!!! Ridiculous!! Isn’t it??
    Apple watch is the last SmartWatch, but still told it’s an innovation. How funny world it is!!! Curved is an innovation but it’s not that much useful feature.
    Virtual Reality is another field to be mentioned. Sony has also Holographic glass. But again media discriminated Sony.
    Sony is undone here. Sony is seeing media, being paid are discriminating. That’s why they will never take such big risk to develop their own SoC, while they have cheaper and better option (Snapdragon). SD810 was a failure but SD820 will surely take the crown again. Unless overheating issue, SD810 is still superior SoC.
    However, SD801 is the perfect processor for mobile devices. You know, Intel i5 processors are dual core. More cores doesn’t mean always better since if you increase the number of cores, you must increase amount of RAM rationally. For octacore processor, you must have at least 4 GB RAM for true octacore experience.
    I think Sony is on the right track except its image processing unit. If they can overcome image processing issue, even Apple won’t be able to outperform any Xperia device.
    So if you want to improve Sony, you must push Sony to improve image processing section and the whole UI to make like What’s New App. That’s enough to kill allzzzzz.

  • Timel

    And r u a mediatek fanboy?

  • DJZ

    Please no glass back :(

  • Rafay

    I don’t think that this model is z4c…. Have a look at the price of each imported unit which is 12k inr (200 usd) as per the source, so it is safe to assume that its a midrange device, and may be sold at double the price of its declared value eventually when its released.

  • Timothy Crayon

    I know the truth is making you suck!

    Face the truth, TIMEL, dun stay at such low level….. uneducated and uncivilized ……

    Or dun post your idiot speech at here anymore.

    This is the last time we warm you, you are as annoyed as shit ( or the taste of KIMCHI like sewage)

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  • Billy Gate

    We want OLED. We want better battery life. We want it now!

  • Cvcv Cheringal

    India – Only launch ?
    32 GB on board storage , 3100mAh or above battery,OIS and Manual camera settings would be a good change from usual specs. Compact size phones are always accepted in India..

  • BeatrizGRapoza
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  • Timel

    Wow congrats!!!!
    Finally Sony has a good selfie camera Hahahahahaha

    you look so proud about it lol

  • Timel

    There are only two reasons that Sony will not making mobile processor

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Heres proof for ya:
    Guy checking temperature, s6 heats more than z3+

  • Pingback: Sony rešio da nas obraduje novim Compact modelom | Nova Srpska dijaspora()

  • Shubham Mutreja

    oops sorry!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    sony is able to put 1/2.3 sensor in 6.9mm thin z3+
    but samsung has 1/2.6 sensor in 6.8mm and has sticking out camera!!
    i think sony can do it!!

  • Timel

    People believe what they want to believe

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  • harmsi

    That’s not the full story.

    I have two Motorola devices with 8 GB internal memory (Milestone 2 and razr i). They don’t emulate an internal SD card, so the whole 8 GB is used for system/data/.., but a SD card is necessary for taken photos and stuff. Never had problems with space for apps.

    Then there are some Sony Xperia devices with 16 GB internal memory. One huge partition is for the internal SD card (photos, videos, music,..) leaving the data partition with 2 GB total capacity -.-

    So 8 GB is totally ok with me (even in 2015), but then the full capacity must be available for apps and stuff, and there must be a SD card slot for the non android related data.

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  • Aleky2002


  • May Czos

    Optical image stabilization needs some space.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    It’s tragic. If you’re the CEO what will you do ? Choose to throw away the Cybershot series, Xperia series or keep both survive ?

    It’s not so easy to choose.

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  • Pingback: ????? ??????? E5663 ???? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???? 4.6 ??? ????? Full HD()

  • Timel

    Making the smartphone with real awesome camera (like Nokia has always done), it’s too hard for a company like Sony?

    Like i said, Sony must think in long term, sony must adjust to reality that smartphone is changing consumer behavior and Sony is definitely not stong enough to stick with cybershot camera forever! Sony cares point and shoot camera but dont foget that companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG no need to cares point and shoot camera market. Sony is going to be left behind if Sony dont creat the world’s best camera for their Xperia flagship smartphone next year.

    The time is running out for Sony mobile ladies and gentlement!

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  • ImpassionedRule

    Why more MediaTek garbage?

  • ImpassionedRule

    That’s because MediaTek can’t deliver.

  • ImpassionedRule


    This SoC is based on a 28nm A53, which is just a powerful version of the A9 that doesn’t support out-of-order execution. Inferior to SD600 and the A15s they’re based on.

  • ImpassionedRule

    Not even fucking released, troll.

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    “which cpu owner is buying nvidia mobile and amd mobile gpus ummm no one such a retard u are”

    Nvidia uses mobile Nvidia GPUs, unless you were asking a rhetorical question. Last time I recall, the Tegra X1 is the god of mobile graphics. You do realise Mediatek have a AMD Radeon licence, right?

    “vulkan for mobile lol seriously u are just pure troller like posted before ur one of those people who thinks eh mediatek chinese brand it has to be bad”

    I said nice things about Mediatek and you called me a troll anyway. How is Vulkan for mobile a bad thing? Do you even know what Vulkan is?

    Please work on your punctuation as well, sir. It’s difficult to read your sentences without full stops and internet slang.

  • Abdul Ghani

    no company will use nvidia and amd gpu because they heat like frying pan (tegra x1 too)and its chip cost is more expensive than qualcomm . htc once used nvidia tegra once it failed and that tablet was burning hot and its cost was extremely high .vulkan there is no mobile version of it its for pc gpus.

    u didnt say good about mediatek u said they have a long way to be good and i said they already made x20 with top end gpu with mali-t880 and tests shown that chip under 10 minutes load of gaming only goes around 35 degrees

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  • Takashi Fujiwara

    8GB may suit you but for The Full Story is, it’s not enough for most people :-)

  • Pingback: ????? ??????? ???? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???? 4.6 ??? ????? Full HD - ???? ???????? | Security Egy()

  • harmsi

    So you’re saying MOST people have more than ~ 7 GB (without OS, recovery and stuff) of apps? Do most people play multiple big games like GTA, or how are most people able to fill up that much space with apps?
    Offline maps and music streams can be cached on an external sd card with the apps I know, so games and a ridiculous amount of apps are the only way I can imagine that kind of memory usage. I don’t say it’s impossible, I just don’t think that MOST people will have this problem.

    But when someone compares two devices, one with 8 GB and one with 16 GB internal memory, he/she assumes 16 GB provides more space for apps, but in my experience it doesn’t (or depends on the devcie) because what really counts is the size of the data partition.

  • ramuk

    As expected samsuck whore like timel are shit. Eat shit whore.

  • kaostheory

    The more tech you add, the more ideas on how to use it are created. Eventually phones will be able to take 3D video (built-in). What if you could take a selfie but have all the detail of what’s behind you and have it all in focus? Actually I think the next step is to be able to take a pic and have it include all the focal lengths in one shot.

  • InF3rN0

    Suppose that’s true ,that sony mobile is going bankrupt soon, would that make you happy or sad? I still don’t know if you are a paid troll, a bitter sony user who wants sony to make a better phone and can’t find a more polite way to express yourself or just a bitter person who likes to troll for fun like if other people annoyance were feeding you. Whichever is (maybe another one I cannot figure out), there are better ways to express yourself without being offensive to other ppl. Don’t hideyourself in that fake diplomacy you try to do, it doesn’t fool anyone .


  • Josefa Reser

    <-************** G00gle pay 85$ per hour my last pay check was $9500 working 102 hours a week online. My Elder brother friend has been averaging 14k for months now and he works about 36 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do..clik at this go to tech tab for more details…..If you think this could be for you then find out more here

  • Naail Zahid

    Works fine with me. Im playing every single game with no issues on my HTC one e9 plus (which includes gta San Andreas in high quality) and I’m even enjoying gaming on the Xperia e4 as a backup phone… So your point is subjective, not fact

  • Vuyo Ncube

    “no company will use nvidia and amd gpu because they heat like frying pan (tegra x1 too).”

    You missed the part where I said the AMD GPU should be manufactured on 16nm FinFET+ (with better microarchitecture) to reduce heat and power consumption. Nvidia and AMD GPUs are expected to double their performance per watt next year on FinFET nodes. Also, the Tegra X1’s Maxwell GPU when underclocked produces a lower TDP than A8x’s GPU with the same performance. It’s fairly likely that a low power Arctic Islands GPU from AMD will run cool enough in a Mediatek processor while offering high compute performance. Please read my comment again in case you missed that.

    “htc once used nvidia tegra once it failed and that tablet was burning hot and its cost was extremely high”

    And Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is $300 -_-. You pay $50 over a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 for much better graphics, a stylus, PC game streaming, front facing stereo speakers, an extra app ecosystem and relatively fast Android updates.

    “vulkan there is no mobile version of it its for pc gpus.”

    Vulkan is compatible with all OpenGL 3.1 ready devices ranging from smartphones to PCs. As you can see in the picture below, Mediatek and other smartphone chipset manufacturers are contributing partners to the new low level API. You dimwit -_-. As an addendum to pull your head out of the sand, Microsoft’s DirectX 12 is compatible with smartphones.

    “u didnt say good about mediatek u said they have a long way to be good and i said they already made x20 with top end gpu with mali-t880”

    The X20 uses the T-880 MP4. Assuming the T-880 has an 80% performance advantage per core over the T-760 as stated by ARM, the X20 should perform 20% better than the Galaxy Note 4’s Exynos 5433 (T-760 MP6). This is an excellent result by 2015 standards and it could trade blows with the SD810 in graphics. I clap my hands to Mediatek.

    Unfortunately however, the X20 is due for late 2015 / early 2016. Around the same time as the Snapdragon 820 which will be built on a better process node (14nm FF vs 20nm planar), have a better modem (refined second generation LTE Cat. 10 modem vs. first generation integrated LTE Cat. 6 modem), better LPDDR4 RAM, better graphics (SD810 sucks but the Adreno 430 was still a beast. Adreno 530 should be unstoppable), better video decode (4K/60fps versus 4K/30fps), native biometric support and native digital noise cancelling support on the Zeroth Computing platform carried over from the SD810.

    Mediatek is certainly good but it has catching up to do.

  • Nuno

    Hope this phone is the Z4 Compact, I am patiently awaiting the Z4 Ultra. I like the new Z3+ but I prefer a bigger screen.

  • kaostheory

    I’ll give it to you the S6 is faster, fingerprint, IR blaster, and better camera overall, but since having a waterproof phone (taking it whitewater rafting next weekend) noise canceling built-in (that really quiets down my power tools) hdmi (since I cut the cable my phone is my new media box) and fm radio (best choice for music during the day, doesn’t consume data or battery like lte) sd card that I don’t want to throw out and use for media that I can throw in a old phone or tablet. Unfortunately Samsung almost had a good phone but fell way short.

  • Nuno

    So far so good I find my Z3+ very fast and not laggy at all. It feels good in hand and eventhough it looks like the Z3 its very different. Now I use a note 4 for work and the Z3+ is much faster, and my wife has an iPhone 6 and u cant compare it its different O.S but I can assure the Z3+ is much faster, dont forget iPhones dont multitask like android phones.

  • Andre Lemard

    Because phones with MediaTek processors generally much cheaper than those with Snapdragon processors. They’re normally mid range/lower high range phones. It makes sense if the phone is going to be sold in India, where mid range phones sell quickly and cheaply.

  • May Czos

    1000mAh in a compact? Full size flagships have less.

  • May Czos

    For OLED display you’ll have to wait until 2017/18. Sony devices have excellent battery life.

  • May Czos

    Gimmick function that noone’s going to use.

  • Battal Aljadei

    More pixels, is that what Sony all about ?

  • iosvsios

    Yeah. This is I guess what is called “cannibalizing” their own marketshare, something Apple never shies at. And why their new product lines are often successful.

    Sony shouldn’t care whether people buy Cybershot cameras or Cybershot-quality smartphones, they would be making $$$ either way, and assuring future customers by providing them something of quality!

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  • antonio cesar

    yes, especially when apps like facebook uses about of 450mb (apk + dex) on ART

  • Pingback: 13 MP frontales, 21 MP traseros y 3 GB de RAM ahora en el Sony E5663 - TierraAndroid()

  • Shubham Mutreja

    OIS will need only horizontal space not vertical i think
    as sensor/lens only moves in 2d plane

  • The internal storage killed it. Why sony, why??

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Your reality distortion field is broken. The ‘expensive’ Shield Tablet you showed me on Amazon is doing just fine for a whopping majority (see first picture below). Plus there were complaints that the tablet was cheaper from different stores. For example,

    I’ll give you the bad battery life and heat. Power hungry Cortex A15s and old Kepler microarchitecture were the culprits. Mobile Pascal and Arctic Islands would perform a lot better though.

    “X20 chip is not 20% faster lol its kinda a god now because it beats all competition even the s6 in cpu and gpu performance.”

    Show me the evidence, please. I didn’t find any GPU benchmarks for the X20. So the simplified maths is all I can work with:

    Let T-760 performance per core = y

    Therefore, T-880 performance = 1.8*y (as reported by ARM, assuming same clockspeed and load)

    T-760 MP6 performance in the Exynos 5433 = 6*y

    T-880 MP4 in X20 = 1.8*4*y = 7.2*y

    Performance ratio = 7.2/6 = 1.2 times performance or 20% advantage over the Galaxy Note 4. This is a great result by Mediatek so I don’t see what makes me a troll. All I’m saying is that Qualcomm isn’t sitting still. If the X20 is aimed at the SD810, the SD820 will aim above that.

    Wow, so to summarise our conversation:
    I called the X10 a midrange SoC because of the cold hard numbers. I didn’t say it was crappy nor terrible. It’s good but not for flagships. You got butthurt.

    I liked that Mediatek has a Radeon licence and hoped they could work on viably fitting a cool enough GPU into a smartphone in the future and leverage Vulkan for great gaming performance (knowing that old Nvidia Kepler GPUs were nearly viable in tablets). You still got butthurt. You don’t like your own brand’s business deals? You don’t want nice things to happen to Mediatek?

    I commended Mediatek for the strong GPU performance the X20 might have, yet acknowledged that Mediatek is up against stiff competition. You didn’t present any evidence for the contrary and got butthurt anyway.

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  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Because it wouldn’t make Z3+ more sellable if 32 GB isn’t a selling point of Z3+

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Your suggested spec would be too much for a user that only look at prices.

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  • HAWX

    By bitching in Xperiablog.

  • HAWX

    Hey why don’t you make your own processor? Are you poor? Are you inexperienced? Why don’t Sony produce their own space ships? Omg they should be really poor and ignorent :((

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  • Finalfeeling

    Cry cry cry…

  • Finalfeeling

    Cry cry cry,poor boy.

  • Finalfeeling

    Cry cry cry,poor Timel.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Finalfeeling

    Cry cry cry…..

  • Finalfeeling

    Timel,cry again.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze


  • Abdul Ghani

    Me butthurt lol next joke please I know the performance of mediatek because I own 2 of them e9+ and lenovo a7000 I have played all high end demanding games on it works flawless without heating the device . I don’t believe of shit benchmarks its just numbers looks at amd fury x in benchmarks its top tier card but failed to beat 980ti in real gaming performance so I repeat again I don’t believe in benchmarks get a life and praise the heating chips if u want

  • Timel

    Samsung S6 doesn’t has waterproof feature(few people care this) and SD card slot

    While Sony Z3+ doesn’t has great and fast camera, great display, great SoC, great DAC, great performance.

    Most people will choose S6 edge over Z3+ anyway

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  • kaostheory

    Actually when I show people what the Z3 can do they want it or buy it. Lots of people want the waterproof feature but don’t even know it exists. Haven’t found one person yet that does’t want it, except you. The 810 isn’t the best chip but the Z3+ has one of the best screens, better camera than the iPhone and is only slightly worse than the S6. With all the extra features mentioned above it’s still the best overall. Have fun at your computer bashing Sony, I’ll send you some pics of the whitewater trip!

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Yes your Mediatek devices can play demanding games just fine. The MT6795 is good for practically all games. You seem to think I denied that. Does “flawless” mean “60fps” or were you just being subjective however? Because 30+ fps on Real Racing 3 looks OK in my eyes.

    Your Fury X/980 Ti example doesn’t stand up given that AMD overhyped its new cards just for marketing purposes using preliminary internal benchmark results rather than unbiased third party benchmarks. The other difference is mobile GPUs don’t receive special drivers for specific games thus standardised third party benchmarks reflect real life gaming performance considerably better on phones than on PC. You comparing apples to oranges.

    Shill out uh um I mean chill out. I never called Mediatek bad.

  • Tara5922
  • Timothy Crayon

    Ha ha, An idiot like you is very annoying.

    Face the turth again, rear camera (sorry again) not as imagine as you thot,

    you are a frog inside a well, never have chance have a glance to the outside world. So poor, living in the state like you……low education level very limited sense and even nonsense……

    Can you reply in an another language other than English??

    Useless. Wasting resources in the Earth…..

  • Sylvia6548
  • I like, looks good thanks

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