Sony contemplating India-only budget Xperia phones

by XB on 27th April 2015

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india-flagSony Mobile may be planning to launch entry-level Xperia smartphones exclusive to the Indian market according to a report by the Economic Times. Kenichiro Hibi, Sony managing director, has said that India is one of the few countries seeing rapid growth, even outpacing China. Therefore, this requires a separate strategy to that adopted by Sony Mobile Global.

“Sony may not globally have models in the Rs 8,000-10,000 range, but we have to launch such models in India to survive in this tough market where there are almost 100 smartphone brands,” said Hibi. These phones could even have a ‘Made in India’ tag, with Sony thinking about manufacturing the phones in the country.

Sony currently has a 10% smartphone market share in India and is targeting the 15% mark. It wants to try and emulate the success seen on the television side, where Sony has a 30% share. Sony recently launched smaller and cheaper 22-inch and 24-inch TVs, helping to boost market share. The company hopes to adopt a similar strategy on the smartphone side within India.

Via ET Tech.

Thanks svnjay!

  • Great idea ! That way Sony Mobile will make more profit and future flagships will be better :)

  • Great Dude

    Kudos to them.
    Supporting people with low budgets with quality phones is great.
    They said it will be made in India, I hope they would stay with their good quality.

  • Yey!! Made in India could mean more jobs as well.

  • A.o.D

    That is what sony needs to do as entry-level is the biggest selling segment in India. It would be great to see budget friendly sony phones in India to compete with the likes of xiaomi, micromax, karbonn, etc which are taking over the market. Sony will definitely sell more as it is a well known brand in this country, they just need to bring out something better than the E4 but at the same or at a lower price.

  • Svnjay

    Sony is already well known in India and surpassed Apple as the 2nd largest smartphone vendor in India.

    With Sony’s popularity in India and the fact that budget phones are in high demand in India, this may be a great plan.

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  • Reza

    Lucky India, hopefully sony will do the same for Indonesian market as well.

  • poenyaku

    No,for Indonesia they need to fix the service centre issue first…

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Sony is back motherf**kers

  • eur3kasizm

    i like the new stratergy where demands is different according to market. But just don’t leave out the flagship from any market. make flagship to be available internationaly.

  • suryaz

    Yes sony try to make a piece just moto and provide software update

  • Reza

    Kalo masalah servis mah bukan cuma sony aja Man, ade gw bli ipin 6+ baru 3 hari udah defects layarnya hang trus dibawa ke trikomsel katanya nunggu 1-2 bln utk diganti unit baru padahal itu defects bukan di servis, so????

  • ryq24

    Sony should realize their biggest rivals is not iPhone and Samsung but cheap Chinese and Indian phonemakers. This move if push thru could be a good start if they want to improve their market share.

  • Wolfmachien

    That was a year ago. Now its nowhere near the top 5. With Micromax and Intex taking the second and third spots after Samsung, I have to ask, Who buys that shit? Those phones are just re branded cheapest quality Chinese ones that even the people in China think are beneath them. I wonder who designed the appalling Yureka phone with its disgusting design. Toddlers could have done better with their crayons.

  • Timel

    Future flagships will be better? How?

  • japolis

    made in india > made in china

  • Timel

    Sony should do the same for Chinese and ASEAN market

  • Great Dude

    I don’t remember any bad cheap products from India.

  • Guest

    Sony should do the same for Chinese market and Western asian market as well

  • Geese Howard

    Is that even a question? It’s a Sony that’s how!

  • Timel

    Sony = less improvement, going worse and worse and worse

  • If Sony makes more profit, they can invest more in research and development ! Therefore, their future flagships could be more innovative and better…

  • R Yanuar Frudiana Yudha

    Don’t compare sony service with another that also have a bad service.

    Bandingkan sama yg lain. Gue dulu punya lg optimus Black, bermasalah di mesin, ke sc nya, cuman 5 menit langsung diganti mesin nya. Gak pake satu hari, minggu, bulan. Dan gak ada acara perlu telepon2 ke SCnya buat nanyain barang kita udah selesai atau belum, udah gitu biasanya gak diangkat pula.

    Dan gue pernah pake samsung galaxy mini, speaker rusak, hari itu juga langsung diganti.

    I love sony, since it still with Ericsson, I had k530i, x10 mini pro, xperia z. But I know, Sony service center is very poor in Indonesia.

    Service center terburuk di indonesia:
    1. Sony mobile
    2. Htc

  • Svnjay

    Only in your mind.

  • Moonlight


  • Afnan Muhammad

    Sony should stop making budget phones. I want Sony to promote themselves as high end brand. In fact I prefer if Sony make only Z series. 5 model per year. Z, Z Compact, Z Ultra, Tablet Z and Tablet Z Compact. Budget phones is the reason behind Mobile division loss. Z series is doing well. Quality over quantity.

  • Shubham

    c’mon are you high? Sony is not apple you see! where just flags rule! and where were you when they launched E4? Sony concentrates on quality.. so it will be tough for others brands in india to match up to it’s quality! moreover, if they earn more money.. its sony who is benefitted! They’ll utilize that money in R&D and other things!

  • Timel

    LOL only on my mind? Hahaha
    what makes you so blind like this fanboy?

    But I got you, sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Timel

    If Sony made only high end devices Sony will not able to make much money because no one will buy their flagships, you don’t get it? Sony’s flagships are great for fanboy users but ain’t great enough to fight with Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S/Note series for normal users

    Sony has no new innovations to allure people that’s why Sony should run away from high end segment and ditch to only low end.

  • student099

    Every Time xperia with you
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  • Reza

    Wowwww that’s all I can sat

  • Afnan Muhammad

    For low budget phone Chinese manufacturer are much better than Sony. They offer high end specs at same price with Sony entry and mid phone.

  • Afnan Muhammad

    High end phone more profitable than entry model. Sony cant compete with cheap Chinese smartphone. They offer much better specs at same price.

  • Svnjay

    Didn’t the S5’s battery life go from decent to sub-par while the Z2’s industry leading only improved with the Z3?

  • adneon0

    Its so saddening to see a great company like sony now trying to adjust to the market !!

  • Shubham

    In India the thing is import tax is 12.5% if they manufacture it here.. they’ll be free from tax! so that will help them make better products at almost same rate as current low budget phone!

  • Danny

    I don’t think Sony should get rid of entry, low-end and mid-range smartphones and just stick to High-end Z series. Mainly, because I think not everyone can afford the Z series, but still want a Sony phone, especially in developing nations. Frankly, I don’t like the E series phone. The M4 Aqua seems like a big hit, even I want one. mid-range region based, there are C3 and T series, the High end Z series is the big winner, so it should be a worldwide series.

    btw, does sony makes it own CPU Chipset that can be used in smartphones? instead of Qualcomm and Mediatek, if Sony can make it’s own line of CPU and use it in one of it’s smartphone models, I would try that out. Or even Renesas

  • Wow great news for Sony fans in India. Here in Pakistan, Sony mobile is barely present. I wish they improve their strategies here because there are a lot of potential customers who can easily be diverted to Sony if the marketing, promotion & pricing done right.
    Right now, if we want to buy a Sony phone, we purchase imported phones having no local Sony warranty but the International which is useless for us.
    I just wish that might happen in Pakistan some day. :)

  • Adhi Suryana

    Cevat atau tidhak tergantung ketersediaan sparepart broh, kalo nggak ada tetep aja nunggu lama, kemarin Xperia Z gw service cuman makan 1 hari, kebetulan aja sparepartnya ada, kalo nggak ada semua service center kasih tau tunggu sampai 1 minggu lebih tergantung dia order dimana.
    Kalo untuk jumlah, memang SC Samsung lebih banyak dari Sony dan HTC, tapi kl menurutku HTC memang yang paling parah dari ketiganya wkwkwk (soale gabung dengan SC huawei)

  • Adhi Suryana

    Agree with you, the fact is even when the price is so low Chinese brand usually have high rate of production issue, like screen bleeding, uniformity issue, bulging battery less than 1 year, Sony must concentrate to make flagship only, they can’t complete with the price, if they use Grade B hardware to make it cheap it will hurt their brand (considering they also selling 300k projector, soundsystem, AV receiver)

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